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Saturday, August 25th, 2012

In our opinion it’s never too late for some good sex education – and it’s even better when it’s not just about sex, but about the love and desire we all feel too – after all, it all goes together to make for a fabulous life! So we’re super-psyched to be bringing Christina Spaccavento out this week for the first of our Summer Workshops – Love & Desire: Stronger Relationships, Better Sex.

This workshop is designed for EVERYBODY – whether your in a relationship or single, whether your into boys, girls, or both – the human body is something we can all talk about. Tickets are selling fast, and we have a maximum of 50 places for this workshop. You can get you tix online or in-store.

So What’s It ALL About?…….

Ever wanted to know why libido changes?

Or how to understand your lover’s needs better?

Do you want to know more about love & desire?

This informative and practical workshop led by Christina Spaccavento –  Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor – will explain the basics of sexual desire in relationships and provide easy and accessible techniques that lovers can use to keep the fire burning within their relationships and themselves!

Plus, a Q&A where you’re encouraged to ask Christina anything!

The Details

When: Tuesday 28th August 2012

Time: 7PM – Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start.

Where: MaXXX Black – Level 1, 264 King Street, Newtown

Tickets: $20 (including booking fee)

Tickets are available: at the counter in-store, or you can phone us for mail orders OR



About Christina

Christina is a qualified Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor. Her understanding, warmth, humour and experience has made her popular with singles and couples alike from across the social spectrum.

Christina has made contributions to media including National Geographic, Marie Claire & Body+Soul. She works with couples & individuals on a broad range of sexual issues, and holds a Masters of Sexual Health from the University of Sydney, is the Acting CEO of Impotence Australia and is a Board Member of ASSERT NSW.


Tristan Taormino Appears At MaXXX Black

Friday, April 20th, 2012

For the very lucky 50 or so people who got a ticket, the Expert Guide To Female Orgasms workshop, presented here over Easter, was a fantastic evening – and we have to thank Tristan Taormino for making it so much fun!

Tristan’s books and products have long been part of the MaXXX Black mix, but to have this international sex expert, writer and producer here in person was a genuine treat for all of us.

On the night we spent just over 2 hours learning even more about the female orgasm, and every morsel of information was delightfully presented. Tristan makes talking about sex fun, easy and educational, and we sincerely hope she’ll visit us again on her next trip to Australia.

Until then, remember we are always here to answer your questions about sex, love and life, and we stock Tristan’s maarvellous books should you want to do a little ‘study’. Believe us when we say that learning from Tristan is nothing like normal school. Far More Fun!!

Many thanks go out to Tristan herself, but also to the MaXXX Black team who worked hard to create a magical evening for all of us!


Thursday, September 15th, 2011

There’s going to be lots on offer this Summer with workshops for adults on all kinds of topics – from tantra to boudoir technique to seduction and bondage – whatever you’ve been aching to learn more about now is the time to explore!

So what’s coming up?


One of the best known sex and kink educators in the WORLD will be touching down in Sydney very soon for a tour of the East coast. Midori will be bringing a series of workshops to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and you don’t have long to secure a place in one of her upcoming workshops:


JOYSTICK SECRETS (How To Thrill Your Man)

Every woman is born with a sense of how to turn her man on, but some ladies have that little something extra, something that makes men weak at the knees. Joystick secrets takes you into a world where you learn techniques that are so simple to learn, but make so much of a difference to you – and the man you choose to please.

And knowing for certain that what you do really works is empowering, thrilling and very sexy. Why not become simply unforgettable?

An Intensive practice class for women only, it teaches you techniques with hands, mouth and more. Learn how to make him moan and writhe in unbelievable pleasure.

Joystick Secrets will definitely give you the sensual tricks to blow his mind and make the pleasure last…

When: Monday 3rd October 2011 (Long Weekend),  1.00-3.00pm (2 hours)




Reveal your inner vamp, one teasing move after another. It’s all easy to learn!

From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!). This is not some gym work-out class. It’s not a class about on-stage performance. It’s a turn-on-your-lover in the bedroom class!  This is a class for the rest of us who want to look better while wiggling out of our clothes and turn on our lovers using simple moves.

Walk away with the know-how to looking sexy & confident taking off anything. Learn floor moves, chair moves, standing moves, bed moves and some saucy sex skills tips too!  You even get the tips on the lap dance that’ll make them sizzle and rivet their attention upon you.

Only available in Sydney, Monday 3rd October, 4 – 6 pm.


SPECIAL: You can combine the Joysticks Secrets and Bedroom Body Moves for a special price of $99.



Midori will also be holding a series of kink workshops on virtually every topic! These are the perfect way to explore your kinky side and learn even more about what turns you (and the ones you love) on.

For full details of each workshop as well as ticket prices and bookings, please visit the official website by CLICKING HERE, or on the title of the workshop.


This class empowers you with better ways to understand and express your desires to find more fulfilling play and effective scene planning.

Wednesday 28th September, 7-9pm.


What you will walk away with is the knowledge to create your own scenes, deliver them with confidence, and empowers you to become the Top you want to be.

Thursday 29th September, 7-9pm


Midori can help you to figure out your bottoming style, and to use it to make your Top happy. Tops sometimes need ego strokes and aftercare, too!

Friday 30th September, 7-9pm


Dynamic Passionate Moves is a hands-on movement class using rope in an entirely innovative way… Learn to dance, stretch, seduce, power-exchange and connect at a deeper level using the rope in a whole new way.

Saturday 1st October 11am – 1pm


Here’s a class for fun-loving, wicked tops and for bottoms who enjoy a challenge.

Saturday 1st October 1.45pm – 3.45pm


Whether you’re an expert or have only taken one rope bondage class, this experience will help to make your rope play more confident, smooth and intuitive.

Saturday 1st October 4.30 – 6.30pm

MAKE EM BLUSH, MAKE EM SQUIRM (erotic humiliation play)

Are you trying to better understand this difficult subject? Have you questioned yourself on your desires or ability to make another squirm? Or have you ever secretly wanted to be put on the spot or shown how really naughty you are? Then this class is for you!

Sunday 2nd October 11am – 1pm


In this presentation Midori will discuss the different types of military vs. interrogation scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your chosen roles, and how to do it all safely. Scenes will be demonstrated right before your eyes!

Sunday 2nd October 1.45-3.45pm


Midori will share with you her secrets of the feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, practical exercises, techniques, fashion, how to discover what makes your partner weak-kneed, and more. This class is not limited to a gender, but for all who harbour the powerful woman within!

Tuesday 4th October 7 – 9pm


Improve your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class. You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type. Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse.

Wednesday 5th October 7 – 9pm

Events: ACON After Dark is back – ON NEXT WEEK!!!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

What do you do when the lights go out?

‘After Dark – Lesbian sex and sexuality uncovered…’

MaXXX Black and the ACON Lesbian and Same Sex Attracted Women’s Health Health Project are bringing you an exclusive night of titillating informative fun and fantasy for women who love women!

Held in the glamorous MaXXX Black premises in Newtown, this event promises the answers to those delicate questions about sex, fantasy, play and more.

The night will include free champagne, nibbles, free party bags (including an extra special mini vibrator!), an interactive sexual health workshop, rope bondage demonstrations and your own personal guided tour through the unbeatable range of MaXXX Black goodies for women (generous discounts are available for this night only).

This event is for over 18s only and has limited places (with what’s on offer are you surprised?), so RSVPs are essential if you want to get in for this exclusive experience!

What, where, when?

What: After Dark – Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered
Where: MaXXX Black, Level 1, 264 King Street Newtown
When: Wednesday September 21st, 6:30pm to 9 pm.
Cost: FREE- entry only with RSVP
RSVP: Click here now!

More info

Contact: Annaliese Constable, Lesbian and Same-Sex Attracted Women’s Health Project Coordinator
Phone: (02) 9206 2007

New Workshop! Tantric Lovers by The Love Coach

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Jacqueline Hellyer, The Love Coach, is Sydney’s very own sexpert and her workshops have helped hundreds to discover, rediscover and explore intimacy, sex and pleasure. We are very excited to announce that she has added an all new workshop to her popular workshop calendar.

Tantric Lovers – Zen and the Art of Making Love, is a one day workshop that is all about connection, sensuality and connection.

Jacqueline Hellyer

This workshop focuses exclusively on the Tantric/Taoist/energetic aspects of sex and sexuality. Consider it ‘Zen and the Art of Making Love’.

Whereas Luscious Lovers is held in a luscious wine bar, Tantric Lovers is run in a luscious yoga studio.

This workshop is about deepening trust and openness, so a range of activities cover breath, feeling and moving energy in the body, sharing energy, communication between couples and connected touch.

The first Tantric Lovers workshop was run recently and was an absolutely gorgeous and moving day.  To let the participants describe it in their own words (better than me telling you how wonderful it is!):

Jacqueline has done it again! What a way to reconnect for Valentine’s Day. I’m so glad that we invested our money in this course, rather than chocolates and roses! The course helped us remember the importance of completely “being” with each other – not just physically, but on a much deeper level. We will take this into the bedroom and practice the art of real love-making, not just sex!”

“Loved it – my love life has SOOO shifted to another level….you showed me in an amazing way, how I was able to tap into a field of energy that I didn’t realize existed when it comes to lovemaking and intimacy which shifts the whole experience to another level. I am now better able to remain focused and present to the whole experience.”

“Thank you for such a unique and positive experience. It’s very refreshing to interact and see so many couples still so deeply in love after so many years. Today society puts too much focus on divorce and negativity and not enough time on teaching couples the amazing re-connecting techniques that we learnt in your wonderful workshops. We loved every minute of our Tantric Lovers experience. It was such a beautiful experience to be surrounded by so much love. Thank you for filling up our love bank!”

“Thank you very much for running the workshop. It was fabulous! It was a great day spent expressing and learning to express even deeper our love for each other. It has had a lovely positive effect on our relationship, and this boosted love has extended out to all other relationships in my life. It’s brought a spark to my life for ‘communion’.  And with the basket of golden-egg goodies (exercises) we received on the day, I feel resourced-up to explore what was previously unknown and a little intimidating. “

Upcoming Tantric Lovers Workshops

22 May 2011   –   Yoga To Go, 106-108 Crystal St, Petersham   –   10am to 6pm

Click HERE to go to Jacqueline’s website for full details.

Advice: Quantum Intimacy – The Workshop

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

End the Battle of the Sexes with this one day workshop for couples:

On Sunday 28th November, Frances Amoroux ( the LoveCoach) will be holding her Quantum Intimacy: New Man, New Woman workshop for couples – right here in Sydney.

From Frances:

Why do we presume there is a ‘battle between the sexes’? And if there is one –  is it natural, is it necessary, and could there be ways to end the war???

Much of our attitude to the differences between the sexes has been shaped by millennia of of a ‘Dominator’ ideology that clearly defines the roles of men and women…and therefore how they relate to each other.

Do we just throw up our hands in horror hoping to go back to the good ole days, or take it as a warning signal that its time for a change?
…to explore, and perhaps embrace the new wave of feminism
… the New Egalitarianism.


In this time of quantum change, relationships ain’t what they used to be, and many of us, are both confused and frustrated… and curious and excited.

We can either stay frozen in confusion – either giving up, or moving from one relationship to the next –  or utilise them as a crucible for inspired growth and transformation.

In this workshop we’ll explore these important questions:

• What is it to be a man or a woman in today’s world?

• How can we nurture and empower ourselves and each other as women and men?

• What is the growing edge for women… for men?

• How can we develop a more rich, vibrant and healthy sex life at every stage in our lives?

• How to use relationship as a crucible for spiritual growth

• How can we be more inclusive of the many different forms of relationships emerging?

The Details:

WHEN:              SUNDAY, November 28

TIME:                10:00am till 5:00pm

WHERE:             Toxteth Hotel    345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe SYDNEY.  (02) 9660 237  Upstairs in the Media room   Map

PRICE:               $125 early-bird before Nov 22 – after that date, $150

WHO FOR:         Singles, Couples, Moresomes, anyone over 16.

BRING:               Notebook and Pens.

BREAKS:             Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided.

Lunch: At the pub or there are plenty of eating places in the area

PRESENTER:       Frances Amaroux (your Love Coach)

Find out more by following this link.

FOR MEN: New Workshop from Jacqueline Hellyer

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Get The Sex Education You Never Had

Our resident sex expert Jacqueline Hellyer is running a workshop JUST FOR GUYS!

Let’s face it, you never did get very good sex education, you’ve had to figure it out yourself, but how well have you done? You want to be the best lover you possibly can be –  a blackbelt in the bedroom.

I’ve actually got a blackbelt, so I like the analogy. And the martial arts are surprisingly like sex, in terms of feeling and flowing with the energy of your partner.

Think of this as the sex education you never had.

We’ll be looking at sex from a scientific point of view as well as an energetic point of view, using Taoist and Tantric concepts which are really applicable to sex in the modern world.

You’ll learn to embody the four ‘C’s of the true Blackbelt in the Bedroom: connected, confident, creative and in control.

Experiential activities develop:

  • Breath, Presence & mindfulness
  • Lasting longer
  • Circulating sexual energy
  • Sensory awareness
  • Sexual creativity
  • Holding the space

Click on the date to book:

Blackbelt in the Bedroom 30 November 2010

Time: 6pm-9pm Cost: $97.00 per person
Venue: The Dome, Surry Hills, Sydney
(corner of Cleveland and Crown Streets, in the Crown Hotel.)
Download flyer.

Planned dates for 2011:
28 February
9 May
8 August
14 November

If you need more information, please feel free to contact Jacqueline, and she will get back to you to answer your questions.

Here are a couple of photos from a recent Info Evening:

You can read testimonials from previous attendees at our events section HERE.

Luscious Lovers – A Workshop for Couples

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Deepen Your Connection and Heighten Eroticism

Luscious Lovers is a one-day workshop for couples designed to:

  • enhance the physical aspects of sex
  • deepen intimacy and connection
  • expand eroticism
  • surrender to playful sexual freedom!

Jacqueline’s workshops are always comfortable, classy and sleaze-free.  There is no nudity,  just a lot of good practical, luscious information and activities to deepen and enhance your love life as a modern couple.

Couples of all ages and stages of life attend this workshop, some are new and others have been together for decades. Some come because they are looking to improve their relationship, others just want a fun and sensual day out together.

Jacqueline co-presents this workshop with Lachlan Burnham, a professional massage therapist, who in addition to being her ‘man prop’ leads the massage section of the day.

Common concerns (particularly from men) about attending are:

  • It will be too New-Age-ish – well it’s not at all It is kept very modern and understandable – no hippy fluff;
  • It will be embarrassing doing stuff in front of other people  –  you don’t do anything in front of other people, everyone is focused on themselves, and you don’t do anything more than hug;
  • You’ll have to talk about yourselves: you don’t have to share anything except your first name.

In fact at virtually every workshop at least one of the men publicly thanks his wife for ‘dragging him along’!

Upcoming Luscious Lovers Workshops

Click on the date below to book:

Luscious Lovers 20 November 2010

Download flyer for 20 November
Venue: The Dome, in Surry Hills, Sydney
(corner of Cleveland and Crown Streets, first floor of the Crown Hotel.)
Cost $497 per couple.
Time: 10am to 6pm

Still want to know more – watch this clip from Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes:

Testimonials From Previous Attendees:


“Inspired, oohhh yeah, what wonderful timing for us just the injection we both needed.”

“I loved the experiential nature of the workshop – it was brilliant and acted as a stimulus to reconnecting.”

“No-one felt intimidated – it was relaxing and natural to partake in the activities.”

“Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed last Sunday immensely. Happy to say that we really connected that day and had some of the most amazing sex when we got home!!!!

“WOW! THANK YOU for making the day really special for us and highlighting some of the simple things we can do as Luscious Lovers.”

“From me a huge hug and big big thank you for the wonderful content, presentation and most of all the love you shared with us.”

“My husband says he’s so pleased I made him attend. Since Saturday we have noticed a real shift in our energies towards each other almost like switching from AM to FM radio, the difference is that noticeable.”

“Thank-you to my wife for dragging me here today. It has turned out to be exactly what we needed.”

“We really enjoyed the workshop, so much so that we raced home afterwards and got it on! Grrrrrrrrr to say the least – Lol.”

“It was so good to take time out to reconnect.”

“My partner and I feel closer since doing the luscious lovers class with Jacqueline.  Before this my partner said he felt a lot of pressure to live up to a macho male image but when he saw how much other men were willing to give the gentle tantric caressing to their partners, he’s started to initiate this at home.  For me, this class has given me the courage to experiment with light bondage, food and toys more without him feeling like he’s not enough.  Instead he’s discovered lots of women love this! Now I can bring my fantasies to life instead of keeping them only in my mind.”

“It was so good we’re back to do it a second time!”

Jacqueline Hellyer: 3 Kinds Of Sex Couples Need To Have

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I like to divide sex in a long-term relationship into three types:

Cup Of Tea Sex – simple and comforting
Sensual Sex – luscious and bonding
Spicy Sex – exciting and adventurous

Cup of Tea Sex…

is that nice snuggle under the covers, nothing unexpected, nothing wild. You know each other, you know what works, you have a satisfying time. No great fireworks, but it’s good. Like a cup of tea: simple, warm and comforting.

But a sexual diet of just Cup of Tea sex is pretty dull. And if there’s not a good connection, it will feel empty.

Sensual Sex…

is when you take the time to create a gorgeous atmosphere and take the time to enjoys each others’ bodies in a sensual and loving manner. In this way the sex becomes very connecting, very bonding, very deep. This is the essence of Tantric sex, and with practice can lead to ecstatic states of being.

Which is wonderful and wholesome, but can do with some spicing up at times.

Spicy Sex…

is when you push your boundaries and do things that you find a real turn on (if a little intimidating!). What that is will depend on you and your own desires.

Spicy Sex could be as simple as introducing a sex toy to your sexual play, or starting with a slow striptease. It could be planning a weekend away and then visiting the vineyards knowing you or your partner has no knickers on. It could be visiting a sex store and bringing home something new and unusual (now how does this bondage tape work…) It could be visiting a swingers lounge. It could be having a nude dinner party, either the two of you alone or inviting friends… The possibilities are endless.  But keep in mind that Spicy Sex doesn’t just ‘happen’, it requires your creativity and your intention.

Now, given the reality of modern lives, it’s unlikely that every sexual encounter is going to be Spicy Sex. (Apart from the time involved, it would be like eating gourmet food all the time, which can get a little wearying.) Depending on your circumstances,  Spicy Sex could be an annual weekend away,  or it could be a monthly ‘challenge’ where you take it in turns to create a “Spicy Saturday In”.

However, if you think Spicy Sex is the great aim, you’ll have trouble getting there without the Sensual Sex. Because as I’ve so often written about before, I believe that for a couple to be open enough with each other that they can be real about their desires, they have to be truly open to each other, and you need sensual connection for that. I encourage couples at least once a week, to have a sexual encounter that focuses on the sensual. Start with a bath, light candles, play music that moves your soul, spend time touching each other, hold each others’ gaze as you move slowly together in intercourse. Experience the ecstatic sensations of the valleys of sex, rather than the intense peaks. Feel the yumminess of it all. Experiment with blindfolds or restraint to heighten the sensory arousal, add sensory elements of taste, sound, touch and smell. Really lose yourselves in the experience.

So, maybe you could aim for Spicy Sex once a month, Sensual Sex once a week and Cup of Tea Sex once or twice a week. I can’t be prescriptive though. So let’s say plenty of nice Cup of Tea Sex, regular Sensual Sex, all interspersed with some Spicy Sex.

Having said that, the three categories don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A late night quickie under the covers is Cup of Tea Sex, but it can also feel very sensual if for example you light a candle by the bed and look into your partners eyes as you make love.  Or a quickie in the bathroom while your kids are having their porridge can certainly have elements of  Spice (a la naughty teenagers trying not be caught). Ideally a Sensual Sex session will be highly erotic and you can swing between the intensities of the peaks of sex and the exquisiteness of the valleys.

It’s all good! So allow for all types of sex in your life, from the simple to the spicy (whatever that is for you) and you’ll keep your sexual connection strong and your life so much more satisfying.

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality. In addition to her private clinical practice, she is the ” I’m the Sex Coach” for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines; a published author with a growing web presence and she runs the Tantric Fusion workshops.

Jacqueline Hellyer: Valuing The Masculine

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Just as in my last post I wrote about how we undervalue the feminine in our society, I believe we get the masculine just as wrong.

Since we’ve had a few thousand years of not valuing the feminine, in place we’ve had an unnatural, overly arrogant masculine. A masculine more defined by the ability to dominate and control than one defined by true strength and openness.

So there has been a complete imbalance in society with a weak feminine and dominant masculine. With the social changes over the past decades, many people are changing. But just as I pointed out in the last post that now too many women have rejected the weak feminine, but have instead adopted masculine traits without honouring and expressing their feminine; so are many men these days rejecting the dominant and negative masculine, but unfortunately instead are embracing an overly soft, let’s face it, fairly insipid energy.

So many people are confused by how they should be, and I believe this is because we have polarised the masculine and feminine so strongly. No woman wants to be a pathetic doormat, but is the only alternative to be an arrogant domineeering male clone? No self-aware man wants to be a macho shit, but is the only alternative to be sensative new age wimp?

Not at all. But it is only when we understand the masculine and feminine energies as equal complements, yin and yang, that we can embrace both of them within ourselves, and through that within our society.

Both are strong, both are soft, both protect, both nurture. But the essence of each is different. That is what every man and every woman has to find within themselves to become whole.

So many of my female clients complain that their man is not a man, and so many of my male clients confess that they don’t really know what it is to be a man.

The essence of a man is to be strong on the outside and soft on the inside. It is his place to go off and fight dragons and save damsels in distress, but it is equally his place to come home and honour his woman, to write her poetry, bring her gifts and love and adore her. In this way she knows she can depend on him, yet he also opens himself to her, lets her inside. In doing this, he allows her to let go and show her real self too.

If he is too much the wimp, she’ll have to do the holding herself, and won’t be able to let go. If he’s too much the macho shit, she won’t be able to get inside him and they’ll stay separated.

These are variations of dynamics I see all the time. But once the man ‘gets’ it, and the woman ‘gets’ it, then magic starts happening. Particularly sexually.

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality. In addition to her private clinical practice, she is the ” I’m the Sex Coach” for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines; a published author with a growing web presence and she runs the Tantric Fusion workshops.