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Sexy Doppelgängers

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Glass Sculpture-Shiri Zinn Glass Dildo

Sex toys have come a very long way and have now evolved to the point where some toys look like actual pieces of art or every day objects. Here are a few sexy doppelgängers I have come across. . .



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Serviette Holder-Lelo Alia Vibrator

Jimmyjane Back at Max Black

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Jimmyjane has landed back in store at Max Black and we are very excited!

On the deluxe end of Jimmyjane we are happy to announce the arrival of the Form 2 clitoral vibrator, the Form 6 internal vibrator and the newest Hello Touch finger vibrator! Form 2 and Form 6 are so sexy, svelte and oh-so-powerful and Hello Touch is a finger vibrator of the next generation!

You can also expect all the Usual Suspects such as the ICONIC Rabbit, Bullet, Pocket and Smoothie. All sleek and white this is a range of classic vibrator styles. The ICONIC series is very well-priced and great for beginners or for someone who just wants to pick up a quick little gift.

If you are local come in store and delight your senses. Otherwise you can check it out on our website.

Tasty Treats!

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Here are a few morsels of delight for you to indulge in this Sunday. . . where two of my favourite worlds meet- sweets and vibrators of course!

Tasty Treats-Iroha Midori Macaroon

Tasty Treats - Shiri Zinn Cupcake

Tasty Treats - Iroha Yuki Marshmallow

Tasty Treats - Iroha Sakura Heart Candy


The vibrators in Image 1 – Midori Vibrator by Tenga Iroha , Image 3 – Yuki Vibrator by Tenga Iroha and Image 4 – Sakura Vibrator by Tenga Iroha are all now available at Max Black.

Stronic Eins – a whole new kind of simulation stimulation!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

German brand Fun Factory has definitely raised the bar in the toy industry with this entirely innovative never-before-seen motor technology of their Stronic series! To put it mildly, I certainly did not say nein to reviewing the Stronic Eins.

Warning-this is NOT your traditional style of vibrator. But, if you are looking to try something entirely different I definitely suggest having a play with the Pulsator!

Instead of offering traditional vibrations, the Stronic Eins delivers a fun thrusting, back and forth movement for a more realistic experience. To get technical, the motor contains solid metal which moves in a hollow body to produce deep frequency pulsating thrusts. It is a completely unique experience.

Because of the thrusting movement the toy does need to be held in place, however only lightly as you should let the toy take you on it’s personal joy-ride! As with most Fun Factory products, this toy is made from a beautiful thick and soft silicone which always feel luscious on the body. Plus it has all the perks of a deluxe toy being beautifully designed, rechargeable, water-proof, lockable and has many easy-to use stimulation modes- just scroll through using the + and – button.

With 10 different stimulation modes, the toy has a lot of different styles of fun thrusts to offer! Personally, I think that the fifth mode is the most interesting as it starts with a purring rev-up and then delivers a slow rocking thrust!

Plus I love that they have an Emergency OFF! (or as I prefer to call it the Emergency ON!)button- the ‘FUN’ button.

In terms of pleasure, the G-spot is stimulated in a different way to other vibrators as the back and forth movement against the G-spot increases your arousal and continues to build.

I always believe different toys cater to different moods, the Stronic Eins definitely serves its purpose when you’re wanting a bit more action or something a bit more dynamic out of a toy.

The main reason why this toy does not receive a 10/10 rating from me is because the slightly raised mound on the toy designed for clitoral stimulation does not really offer much in that department. I would suggest to use this toy in conjunction with another clitoral toy or if Fun Factory could add a vibrating tickler to this toy in the next generation, it would be THE toy that stole the show!

However, for a purely internal toy it is a truly fun and one-of-a-kind experience and is one that I think every girl should try once(if not more)!

I would also suggest that this toy should be used by intermediate or advanced vibrator users as it is quite different from your standard toy. For first time or beginner players, I would recommend starting with a traditional vibrator and then adding this to your collection later.

Stronic Drei and Zwei

                                                                     STRONIC ZWEI                 STRONIC DREI

As for the boys you haven’t been forgotten! The Stronic Zwei is the latest addition from Fun Factory’s Stronic series to be released-so imagine this same concept but back-door friendly.

And COMING SOON. . . is the Stronic Drei ,which is designed for those who like that extra ribbed feel whether for back-door or vaginal penetration.

Step to the side oh mighty vibrator, there’s a new toy in town. Introducing, The Pulsator.

The Stronic Eins and the Stronic Zwei are now available at Max Black.

Boys, never fear the vibrator…remember every Super Hero has a side-kick!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

So, boys listen up! There’s a huge MYTH that needs debunking. You know, the age old story where girl meets vibrator, girl and vibrator become best friends and then boy is forgotten.

I would like to argue quite the opposite! Just as you boys may enjoy a little solo-playtime, whether you are involved with someone or not, so do us girls. And I hear you shouting out,

“But then she would spend all her time with her toy not me!”

But think about this, there is nothing that will EVER replace the feeling of the real deal and you can never emulate that sense of touch, embrace or intimacy with a toy. Also, has anyone ever seen a vibrator open a car door for you? I know I haven’t. And if you have, please send documented evidence as Max will need to get those vibrators in stock ASAP. But seriously, never fear . . .you boys are not going anywhere!

Who’s to say you can’t play with these toys together, in fact I encourage experimenting with this. Why not take the steering wheel and drive? The toy is but an object that YOU are directing, YOU are the one that is behind this pleasure-inducing session. A toy shouldn’t lead to the destruction of your sex-life, it should rather lead to the seduction of your sex-life.

And remember, every woman is wired differently. Some women orgasm from penetration, some do not. Some women only orgasm from clitoral stimulation and some women only reach orgasm with the help of a toy (and the list goes on!). So, boys we are certainly not saying that you are not skilled, but perhaps introducing a toy to the bedroom could enhance and heighten playtime together, making it even better, or creating an orgasm-enhancing situation which is always a win!

They say behind every great man is a great women, well flip it and reverse it, and I say behind every great women is a great man (with a vibrator-wink!).

JD- Lelo Smart Wand

Armed with the right toys you can transform yourself into a Super Hero of the bedroom. I mean could you imagine Johnny Depp armed with the LELO Smart Wand? That makes me double weak in the knees and is definitely the equation for a Bedroom Super Hero. They always say dress the part, so boys why not accessorize with the right toys and your birthday suit and play Super Hero for a night.

So, instead of eying down that vibrator as your arch-nemesis why not turn foe to friend and make that toy your wing-man! Remember every superhero has a side-kick.

JeJoue Vibes – Back in Australia, and back at MaXXX Black

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

A few years back we had just one JeJoue vibe on our shelves.

Then they went away.  Away to France and Europe and over to the USA (all that research!) – and now they are back in Australia with an all-new range of delicious adult toys – and of course they are now available at MaXXX Black.

After some serious redevelopment of the motors, battery (the whole range is rechargeable) and even some subtle design changes – the new look JeJoue are fantastic fun that will give the big toy producers LELO and Fun Factory a real run for their money.

JeJoue are passionate about discovering and creating desire, and have been inspired by individuals and partners wanting to discover sensual experiences.  That’s why they design and develop toys that will help to give you the confidence to create luxurious and enticing experiences that are all about you (and your partner too).

We have four new toys in-store this week, with a new model for guys coming in very soon. But right now you can get:

Je Joue Fifi Rabbit Vibrator


A New kind of Rabbit.
Perfectly contoured with unique vibrations from the 3 motors (one in each ‘ear’ plus the shaft) FiFi gives you simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation … when and how you want it.

Je Joue Ami Kegal/PC Exercisers

Ami Kegal PC Exercisers

The collection of weighted Ami balls are a progressive, three step ‘tease as you tone’ exercise set.
Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls incorporate the best of medical and pleasure product knowledge to create Kegel balls which allow the user to find their perfect start point and progress their PC strength in a pleasurable way.

Je Joue MiMi Rechargeable Clitorial Toy


The perfect discreet or first-time vibe.

Small, beautifully designed and discrete, Je Joue MiMi Massager has been designed to complement and both enhance couple and solo play.

Je Joue Uma Rechargeable G-Spot Toy


Contoured to fit your body’s natural curves, the powerful Je Joue Uma Vibrator is the perfect first toy for internal, external or G-spot pleasure whether together with your partner or performing solo.

See the whole line on our webstore by clicking HERE – or come into our Newtown outlet to see them in person.

New Toys: The PicoBong Range is here!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

We first heard about PicoBong many months ago, when the colourful summer-themed range of vibes was still a twinkle in LELO’s eyes. Yes, that’s right, PicoBong is a new brand of toys from that wonderful toy maker LELO. Since it’s now been in-store for a couple of weeks, we thought it might be time to introduce you to the whole range….

Who Is Picobong?

From the team behind Swedish designer brand LELO, the new PicoBong brand builds on its flagship’s extensive experience and knowledge of creating high quality, sophisticated products, but with younger men and women in mind, and for those looking for a more affordable price.

With a wide-spread network of creatives that span across California, Shanghai, Sydney (that’s MaXXX!) and Hong Kong, PicoBong embodies a global charisma and the very latest in style trends.

PicoBong reckons they’re paving the way for a 21st century sexual revolution advocating healthy, safe and responsible adventurism, personal awareness and discovery of self (and others).  Like Lelo, the PicoBong team believes in promoting greater personal sexual exploration and acceptance. According to the company they “promise to marinate you in wit, shock you with a risqué sense of humour and keep you on your toes with an endless cache of innovation”.

So what do they look like?

There are six products in the range, each coming in fun colours and perfectly packaged for a cheeky gift.

With dual vibrations, multiple uses, and endless enjoyment – Mahana features two vibrating pleasure points and a unique form that offers extra versatility to those who let their imaginations run wild.
Honi Mini Vibe in Cerise

Sometimes the smallest things can give the most joy – but don’t be fooled by Honi’s petite frame, because it packs a wallop and offers you a world of pleasure on a string.
Kiki Vibe in Blue

THE C-SPOT VIBE – Right on target, when pleasure is the aim – Kiki’s curved pleasure point with flattened tip allows users to apply focus and pressure directly to the C-spot.
The Finger Vibe – Fun at your fingertips – Ipo is a cute little finger vibe that lets users focus vibrations where they are wanted most, turning ev ery touch, tickle, and stroke into a singular sensation.
Koa Ring Vibe in Black
Couples Ring – Koa is the ideal toy for couples; a flexible accessory for him, a mighty climax for her, and style that borders on fancy dress – has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
Tano Plug Vibe in Purple
Plug Vibe – Tano is a specially-designed pleasure plug that puts users directly in the rumble seat. They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman – and she just might be holding a Tano Plug Vibe!

What Makes Them Good?

Powerful and Near-Silent Motor

Housed inside every PicoBong™ is a daring little motor which certainly packs a wallop! Not only is the motor strong enough to knock your socks off, but it does so in the quietest way. Perfect for those with nosy roommates.

12 Vibe Patterns and Multiple Speeds

An amazing 12 different vibration patterns can be enjoyed over multiple speeds, providing a spice-based cliché concerning variety and life!

2 Hours of Play from a Single AAA battery

Each PicoBong™ requires just one AAA battery for 2 hours of bliss.

Made with Body-Safe, FDA Approved Silicone

PicoBong™ toys are made with the highest levels of quality and safety in mind, which is why we only use body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic.

Easy-to-Use Control Interface

With an exciting array of possibilities for every toy, who needs confusing buttons or dials?! PicoBong’s™ 2-button interface is easy to operate and totally user-friendly, ensuring nothing gets between you and a good time.

Fully Waterproof to a Depth of 1 Meter

Not only are PicoBong™ toys easy to clean, but they are also ideal accessories for the bath, shower, swimming pool – even a babbling brook, if that’s your thing. PicoBong™ toys offer versatility that is perfect for use whenever, wherever and with whomever’s got your fancies tickled.

Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty

Every so often, a lunar eclipse occurs. Just as often, a PicoBong™ toy can sometimes go wrong. In case something has slipped by, PicoBong™ offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all toys.


The Picobong Range is available online (click one of the pics or links above to go right there) or in-store NOW!

Flores, Triole & Allegro – 3 New Toys From Close2You

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Right now we’re looking at literally dozens of new toys that are being released in time for Summer and the looming Christmas period. Beating all of them to the punch however is Germany’s Close2You, which has launched 3 new vibes at MaXXX this week.

It’s been a while since Close 2 You have released new products, so we were quietly excited to see them for the first time – and we were not dissapointed. All-new shapes, better motors and improved materials mean that Close 2 You’s latest offerings are on par with some of the better silicone sex toys out there.

So what’s in store?….

Close 2 You Triole

Resembling a corkscrew this three-pronged dual-motor vibrator is gently curved and ribbed at the tip and shaped for creative play at the other. The end of the toy makes it especially easy to grip, manouver and thrust.

It’s not a super-speed vibrator, but rather one that offers strong grumbly rumbly vibrations without getting too loud. Designed for both p-spot and g-spot play this is an ideal couples’ toy – and one that is so much fun to fool around with.

Rechargeable (international charger with supplied local adaptor).  Silicone. Suitable for use with a water-based lubricant.

Close 2 You Allegro

Drawing on the music imagery that Close2You has always used, the design features a silicone cleff and buttons embossed into pure body-safe ABS plastic. It’s like a perfectly formed pebble that fits into the palm of your hand. On the under-side is the ‘massage ball’ which with a little lubrication will slide and glide over the body and target vibrations where you want them.

If you liked the Fun Factory Layaspot, you should definately include this in your toy collection.

Just like the Triole, the Close2You Allegro is fully rechargeable using the supplied charger and adaptor. Suitable for use with silicone and water-based lubricants. Splashproof.

Close 2 You Flores

The first rabbit-style vibrator from Close2You is definately something new in the way of dual-stim massagers. It still features that fantastic soft-ribbed head (we love that close2you does that!) but with a second vibe that will rest on or near the clitoris.  It’s shape is a little different – the clitoral vibe makes an F Cleft and the vibe is a quarter note! Gotta love those musical references.

It takes just 2 AAA batteries to get Flores going – and it uses those batteries in a very efficient way – maximising the time you get to play, even on full speed.

So click on the pics above and go take a look at the full specs – you may have just found your new best friend.

SPECIAL: New We-Vibe Toys on SALE!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

We love the new line of toys from We-Vibe. All the quality and appeal that we’ve come to expect from the We-Vibe sexperts, but wrapped up in an all new, very travel-friendly little body.

To celebrate the launch of the We Vibe Tango and We Vibe Salsa vibes MaXXX Black is offering a very special introductory price.

We Vibe Tango

We Vibe Tango

We Vibe Salsa - Ruby

We Vibe Salsa - Ruby


Normally $115.00, both vibes will be on sale from today for only $99 each!


So what’s so good about them?

  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper Quiet Vibrations
  • 2 Hours of play on a Single Charge
  • Seamless Design
  • Charger Included!
  • 1 year Warranty

If you’ve been looking for a fun little vibe you can pop in your bag (or pocket), or you just want a bullet that is better than almost everything else out there, now is the perfect time to pick up one of these great toys.

Click the images above to go to the webstore!

Product News: Evolved Vibes Selection Now In Store

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

We are always on the lookout for new toys that fit three very important rules:

  1. They must be Phthalate & Toxin Free.
  2. They must have quality parts and technology.
  3. They must be fun, attractive, and easy to use, clean and store away.

With rules like that you can imagine it’s pretty difficult to find new products for our shelves that don’t fall into the ‘deluxe’ or ‘expensive’ categories. In fact, out of tens of thousands of possible products, we only stock about 800 toys in-store – the best of the best you might say.

So when Evolved started hitting Aussies shelves last year we tried out a bunch of their models and were delighted to be able to select four of them for our 2011 collection.

All are made from phthalate-free materials, have superior motors, are battery operated, come with their own storage containers  and, most importantly, they are affordable too!

So here they are….

Crupier Roulette Edition by EvolvedCROUPIER ROULETTE $90

If you’re looking for some action, then the Roulette Edition™ is the odds on favorite to deliver unique satisfaction. You’ll also be able to parlay your action with the Roulette’s flexible shaft and tip, and true multi-speed wheel controller. And while the design might look like a little much this is an easy toy to enjoy, especially with a water-based lubricant.

Honey Bunny - rabbit vibrator by EvolvedHONEY BUNNY RABBIT VIBE $75

Sweet yet powerful, stylish and functional, the True Love Edition™ blends contemporary design with classic sensuality. We love that it doesn’t have tons of modes and its more compact design  means its easier to use, clean and store away – especially since it comes with a metal storage case.

Silicone Bliss Vibrator by EvolvedSILICONE BLISS $80

Part of a new line of vibrators made for women called Fleur De Lis, Silicone Bliss is the first of the new Evolved Novelties vibes to come to MaXXX Black. It is wonderfully well-designed with graduating contours sculpted to fit the natural contours of most women. For this reason it offers additional comfort – so it’s a good first-time vibrator.

Fleur De Lis Seduction Vibrator by EvolvedFLEUR DE LIS SEDUCTION $50

This sensuously shaped slim multi-speed vibrator is made from 100% phthalalte and latex-free materials yet still offers superior texture and feel, especially when used with a good water-based iubricant. featuring 3 speeds, an easy-to-use push button control (in the base) and a waterproof case, this is a perfect vibe for pleasuring you, and your loved one.

Welcome to the world of Evolved Novelties, MaXXX Black Style!