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Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Meet Matsumoto, the Inventor of TENGA Products

“My heart was saying “I want to create something that doesn’t exist, that needs to exist, that people will enjoy.” ”

For those of you who have not already discovered TENGA, it is a premium Japanese male-oriented adult brand currently on the market. TENGA produces some of these most discreet and beautifully designed male masturbation cups and sleeves distributed now to over 40 countries.

Matsumoto, the creator of TENGA products, originally graduated from a mechanics college and started his career tuning luxury and vintage cars and later worked as a car salesman. However, he could not negate the desire to create and spent his time outside of work trolling various types of stores from DIY, car accessories to electronics stores researching products and one day stumbled into an adult store.

“I hadn’t been into one of these stores in years! I had always found sex toys to be funny so I thought I’d take a closer look. As I walked into the sex toy area though, I felt somewhat uncomfortable; “There’s something wrong here…” “

Matsumoto felt that what was so strong about products with the Made in Japan label was that there was a feeling of ‘safety’ in the quality of manufacturing, customer care and customer service following a purchase. However, he felt that this feeling of safety did not translate to adult products where often at the time the products had no company name, brand or even contact details and were usually very obscene. Something normal like masturbation only seemed to be catered to one very specific group and not to everyday person.

“I believe pleasure products were originally made to relieve human needs; people need to eat, sleep and relieve sexual urges.”

So, Matsumoto went forth starting from the bottom up to put all his efforts into creating various proto-types. Matsumoto recalls his humble beginnings when he would assimilate objects like a shampoo bottles for the SOFT TUBE cup prototype or toy hammers for what became the ROLLING HEAD cup prototype, or most of his materials would be purchased at the 100 Yen shops.  He worked tirelessly throughout the day, until the morning hours for about 1 year and half developing his product and trying to get it out in the market when he finally reached the point where his funds were running low and he was not working any other job.

Then one day he received a call from the Soft on Demand Company to pitch his products and was found. One year of product development and he had his first line of the TENGA standard Red Cup series ready for market. The original 50,000 pieces to be produced were already on reservation and he could not seem to keep up with the high demands from the second lot of production onwards. TENGA exploded and they even had an interview with “Forbes” and were published in many domestic and international magazines. This was the beginning of TENGA.

Matsumoto later went on to develop different versions such as a hard or soft cup which was inspired from the ‘“Hard”, “Medium” and “Soft” bristles varieties of toothbrushes or how beer has “Bitter” and “Light” varieties.

Matsumoto truly believed and strived towards creating an adult-toy that was well designed, well manufactured and that anyone could use. He strongly believed in creating a product that would make people happy.

“Everyone in this world regardless of background should be able to enjoy it and be happy.”

And we are thankful Matsumoto did, because TENGA is one of the hottest and classiest male adult brands on the market today!

Max Black is definitely a big fan of not only TENGA but now also Tenga Iroha their female brand!

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SPECIAL OFFER: Tenga Onacups: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

Friday, November 4th, 2011

We LOVE the Tenga Onacup line of men’s products. Sexy, fun, discreet and disposable these ‘simulator’ sleeves are the perfect men’s treat (or very cheeky present).

Right now you can get a FREE Tenga Onacup when you purchase two others from the range. That’s over $25 saved!

Offer is only available in-store and we’ll be running the special until we sell out! How good is that?!

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NEW Toys For Boys – The TENGA Flip Air!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

These 4 fantastic additions to the best-selling TENGA men’s pleasure line is engineered so every guy, no matter what size he is, can have the best.

Available at both our online and Sydney stores from today theseries gives us boys a choice of two different textures/feels in four sizes. Sound complex? It’s not really, so here’s how it works:

1. Flip Air Lite Solid Black

Suitable for smaller to average guys up to 5.5″ long. A firm silicone body and heavier texture give a super-snug fit while providing intense stimulation.

2. Flip Air Lite Melty White

The smaller white Flip Air is a slightly looser fir than the black version, and guys who consider themselves an average length and girth will love this one. The Melty white toys have a super-soft and sensual interior.

3. Flip Air Solid Black

The same design interior as the Flip Air Lite, but made in a bigger scale for medium to longer men who have bit more girth.

4. Flip Air Melty White

Again, the same design as the Melty White Lite, but on a bigger scale, suiting larger guys with a wider girth.


These are amazing toys – lightweight, phthalate and latex free, and with a deceptively sleek design they remain discreet to store away.We’ve had guys asking about these since they were first announced in January, so it’s fantastic to have them in now! Just check out this pic of the Solid Black:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new addition to men’s toys that has us excited – but Tenga’s Flip Air is certainly one of those.

Click on the titles above to see them on our website.

Easter is far more delicious at Maxxx Black!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Easter is here, so why not make the most of this time off with yourself or a loved one?

We at Maxxx Black are open all our regular trading hours to make sure that while the bottle-o’s are shut and your work is locked safely away in your desk, you can make this long weekend full of “oooh’s” and “aaah’s” with very little effort indeed.

Want to keep within the Easter spirit?

Ladies… come and make one of LELO’s cute clitoral massagers, either Lily or Nea, yours.  Shaped similarly to your Easter delights, this pleasure object promises to fulfil your desires more than any chocolate egg could.   Not to be underestimated by its tiny and discreet size, this beauty is shaped to perfectly fit our lady bits and has a unique tip that will tickle all the good under your hood.  In either sensual silicone or the porcelain-like finish of phalate-free ABS, Lelo have us eating out of their hands time and time again.

Gentlemen… treat yourself to the thrilling sensation of the TENGA Eggs.  Don’t be fooled by size or the hard shell – inside you’ll crack open a soft, wonderfully textured sleeve that will fulfil all your pleasuring needs this Easter.  Whether its for sexy solo time or at the generous hands of another, it’ll bring this pleasurable experience to a whole new orgasmic level.

Want to tantalise those tastebuds while you’re in the chocolate mood? Try our Heavenly Body Sauce or Body Paint in three deliciously tempting flavours: Milk Choc Fudge, Chocolate Honeycomb and Chocolate & French Orange.  Turn your lover into the ultimate human-sized Easter present and neither of you will be disappointed!

Feeling the bunny fever?  Nothing screams satisfaction like the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl and every other variation of this successful toy in the Vibratex range.  Want to know what Charlotte (Sex in the City) raved about for an entire episode?  Experience it for yourself!  Not to mention all our other delightful bunny shaped clit-ticklers we have in store.

So end the hunt and pop into Maxxx Black this Easter weekend and let’s give you something to repent about!

Yours in decadence,



A very good egg

Lelo Lily...what a good egg.