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Empowerment, Inspiration and Creativity in sex and all aspects of your life

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

As a counsellor specialising in sexual and relationship issues one would think that I hear all sorts of outrageous stories about my clients’ sexual experiences. And I do. Some would think it’s the dream job; talking about sex all day- what more could I want? And, well, yes it’s true, it is my dream job and I love it. But aside from all of this I also hear endless stories about individuals and couples that are looking for more in aspects of their lives that don’t seem to have anything to do with sex. They don’t just come to sessions wanting to heat things up in the bedroom but they often talk about issues that go much deeper.


Believe it or not a lot of the work I do involves the exploration of issues that go right to the core of my clients’ sense of existence on this earth. Deep huh? Yep. And they occur on multiple levels. The first level is clients’ dreams for their romantic relationships such as wanting a richer and deeper sexual connection with their partner, improving intimacy and exploring with their partner. The second level involves deeply personal issues such as the development of self-esteem, self-exploration (in whatever form that may take!), greater consciousness, spirituality, assertiveness skills, the search for happiness and even finding inner peace.  And the third level deals with life skills and challenges such as reaching financial security, finding the dream job, achieving a balanced lifestyle, good health, pursuing studies, hobbies, travel and friendships. It’s a lot to deal with and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all struggled with some, if not all of these issues in our lives.


What I’ve found is that for many of my clients (and myself included!) to feel truly empowered, inspired and creative in their sex lives they often need to work on many of the aspects just described.  I’ll give you an example. John presents for counselling with erectile dysfunction. His wife complains that they don’t have sex any more and even when they try he struggles with his erections. Hmmm…seems a simple case of Erectile Dysfunction. But when I dig a little deeper, John reveals that he has been working 60-hour weeks in the same job for 15 years. When asked why he keeps doing it he answers “because, well, what else is there to do?” 6 months ago he was diagnosed with depression and his doctor warned him that if he didn’t change his eating and exercise habits he would become a candidate for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. After some time working with John and his wife, he was able to feel strong enough to change his work schedule, invest in his health, make more time for his family and have a healthier, more fulfilling and connected sexual and relationship with his wife. It took some time and lots of dedication, but John is a happier man for it now.


We all have room to grow, evolve and become more empowered, inspired and creative. For more information on how check out my new workship ‘Lovin your Loving’.


Signing off.



MB Summer Series – Ready To Learn Some New Tricks?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Ever since we ran our first ever workshops with ACON here in Sydney we have had constant requests to present new education events. Well, we listened. We went out there and we found some of the best therapists, authors, health professionals, organisations and individuals to create a whole new series of workshops – and the first two have already been HUGE successes!

We kicked of the Summer Series with Christina Spaccavento, a fabulous local sex therapist and relationship counsellor who came along to present Love & Desire – a workshop designed to help couples learn more about the way love and desire actually work – not just the emotional stuff, but the very physiological changes and reactions that take place. We loved having her here, and there will be much more to come from Christina very soon.

Christina ( is known for lots of work already – she can be seen on the Taboo series on National Geographic as on of the sex experts, but her name and wisdom also pop up in lots of publications (Marie Claire, Body & Soul) and even on SBS radio! So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of her next workshop here at MB – in fact, tickets are already on sale, but you’ll have to go to to get more details for now.

We also should shout to Alan Patriarca from InTouch Massage in Camperdown. Alan is widely regarded as a soft tissue specialist because his 27 (yes twenty seven!) years of professional health-care experience in multiple modalities has crafted a man of incredible care, passion and knowledge of the human body.

He was here just a couple of weeks ago with his new workshop The Power of Touch. Designed to help us understand more about the importance of touch on an everyday basis, this workshop was not only entertaining, it really opened our eyes up to how much touch can change our relationships – and not just the intimate relationships we have either.

He finished off with a fantastic one hour tutorial on massage techniques that participants are getting LOTS of use with. Sometimes knowing just a little bit more about something can totally change the way you approach it, and Alan was absolutely inspiring.

Coming up at MB we’ve got LOTS of new workshops planned. In October there will be Christina’s next workshop, and just after that we’ll be announcing workshops from The Today Show’s Nikki Goldstein and celebrated author Stacey DeMarco (‘Witch in the Bedroom’ and “the No Excuses Guide To Soul Mates”).

So, are you ready to learn something? Let us know if there’s a workshop topic you’d like to see us cover in future!


Tristan Taormino Appears At MaXXX Black

Friday, April 20th, 2012

For the very lucky 50 or so people who got a ticket, the Expert Guide To Female Orgasms workshop, presented here over Easter, was a fantastic evening – and we have to thank Tristan Taormino for making it so much fun!

Tristan’s books and products have long been part of the MaXXX Black mix, but to have this international sex expert, writer and producer here in person was a genuine treat for all of us.

On the night we spent just over 2 hours learning even more about the female orgasm, and every morsel of information was delightfully presented. Tristan makes talking about sex fun, easy and educational, and we sincerely hope she’ll visit us again on her next trip to Australia.

Until then, remember we are always here to answer your questions about sex, love and life, and we stock Tristan’s maarvellous books should you want to do a little ‘study’. Believe us when we say that learning from Tristan is nothing like normal school. Far More Fun!!

Many thanks go out to Tristan herself, but also to the MaXXX Black team who worked hard to create a magical evening for all of us!

Lost & Found: your G-spot

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

A recent study from the King’s College, London is claiming that the G-spot is a myth, or at the very least subjective. As we are lovers of all things G-spot related we thought it might be nice to set the record straight. Here is an excerpt from an article outlining the methodology the scientists used to come to their conclusion:

“The scientists at King’s College London who carried out the study claim there is no evidence for the existence of the G-spot – supposedly a cluster of internal nerve endings – outside the imagination of women influenced by magazines and sex therapists.
In the research, 1,804 British women aged 23-83 answered questionnaires. All were pairs of identical or non-identical twins. Identical twins share all their genes, while non-identical pairs share 50% of theirs. If one identical twin reported having a G-spot, this would make it far more likely that her sister would give the same answer. But no such pattern emerged, suggesting the G-spot is a matter of the woman’s subjective opinion.” –

 Oh dear, It appears those silly scientist’s don’t exactly know what the G-spot is. It is not simply nerve endings, rather, the G-spot is a collection of glands and ducts that surround the urethra that have already been anatomically proven to exist.  
By defining the G-spot as nerve endings alone, it appears that what the researchers really wanted to know is “do all women experience sexual pleasure from G-spot stimulation?”. The G-spot is not a magic button which, once you find it and press it,delivers an instant orgasm every time. And there is no one specific way to unleash the amazing orgasms your g-spot has waiting for you; like most things it takes some experimentation and a little knowledge. Questionnaires can be a perfectly sound way to do research, but it may not accurately reflect women’s G-spot pleasure potential, particularly with all the misconceptions and myths about the G-spot that are out there.
That’s why Maxxx Black LOVE information and when it comes to your sexual pleasure, the more the merrier!

We highly recommend getting your hot little hands on this book for some essential G-spot education…







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