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New Latex Fashion Arrivals

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Our latest delivery from Honour Uk & Skin Two brings even more rubbery goodness to the shelves of MaXXX Black’s Rubber Room.

Our latex fashion collection has been a smash hit with Sydney-siders and thanks to all of YOU we will be expanding the range throughout summer 2011/12. To start with we have had a BIG order of new garments arrive just in time for Halloween.

In addition to all the pieces we have had in previosuly (yes, we’ve topped up the stock levels so you won’t miss out) we’ve got a whole bunch of NEW latex including three kinds of skirt, new jeans and even men’s tops PLUS a host of accessories from Matt Bylett.

Matt’s even added a few more bespoke dresses and tops for those who want something truly unique.

So if you’re thinking vixen, vamp or villain for Halloween you absolutely must check out our latex gear – after all, real vampires wear latex! At least that’s what we’ve learnt from watching True Blood.

And coming soon….

Over a dozen new styles from Honour UK and Skin Two will be touching down in the coming weeks. It will include our first pieces of very sexy latex lingerie. Stay tuned.

New Latex Arrivals from Honour UK & Skin Two

Friday, August 5th, 2011

It’s out! The latest delivery from Honour UK and SkinTwo Clothing is now hanging in MaXXX Black’s Rubber Room – and just in time for Inquisition too!

So what’s new?

We’ve got over a dozen new styles in store for both men and women, and for the first time we have some brilliant colour latex too.

In-store you’ll find the new Night Nurse outfit as well as two fabulous dresses in Honour’s perfect latex Pink.If a dress is not waht your after check out the new boned corsets, skirts and underwear – you’re bound to find something shiny, sexy and oh so rubbery!

Also in are new men’s items – new styles of shirt, tops,  jeans and shorts – all in classic black and perfect for the parties on this weekend.

As always, the MaXXX Black Rubber Room is open 7 days 10am to Midnight.

Introducing: Honour UK Latex & Fetish Fashion

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Established since 1988, Honour is now a world leading brand in its field, a fetish fashion field abundant in fantasy clothing, adult apparel, high quality latex and specialist equipment.

The story started in their Waterloo shop in London, from which Honour sold mostly lingerie. A market for more kinky clothing soon became apparent and so they began to stock more and more fetish clothing and accessories. As they continued to expand their range, they began to also manufacture their own clothing and are now considered connoisseurs in this craft.

Honour latex is famous for not only quality materials, but also their ability to keep on top of the very latest trends with garments that look hot, feel great and are sure to impress in and out of the bedroom.

MaXXX Black is proud to bring Honour UK to Australia as a collection for the first time.

From June 30 2011 we’ll have regular deliveries of their amazing garments and accessories including catsuits, leggings, tops, gloves and more for both Men and Women.

Honour UK – Turning Fantasy Into Reality.

Product News: Introducing Skin Two Clothing

Friday, July 1st, 2011

The iconic latex label responsible for the world’s most read fetish and BDSM magazine have been leaders in latex fashion for over 20 years now.

Skin Two started in a cellar in Soho, London in 1983. There were just a few of them then – an underground fetish club. Little did they know at the time, but it really started something. This was the first of the modern generation of fetish clubs. People came from far and wide and now the Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend is the world’s most famous BDSM/fetish event.

In 1984, Skin Two Magazine was founded by publisher Tim Woodward and photographer Grace Lau. The first issue was just 16 pages and we printed only 1,000 copies, in black-and-white, stapled together. Skin Two Magazine is now a big and stylish glossy quarterly, sold around the world in outlets like Tower Records, Borders & Amazon.

Their finger-on-the-pulse attitude to BDSM and fetish fashion led Skin Two to launch a clothing label in the early naughties.  Re-launched in 2005 the Skin Two Clothing brand has become synonymous with cutting edge fetish fashion and unmistakable quality.

MaXXX Black is proud to bring this label to Sydney, and our initial collection will include men’s and women’s catsuits, leggings, tops and much more.

PRODUCT NEWS: Honour & Skin Two Latex Arrives @ MaXXX Black!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The wait is over.

Our new latex collections from Honour UK & Skin Two Clothing have arrived in store!

Our all-new rubber room is being decked out with all the rubbery awesomeness these two world-famous fetish labels can offer. Alongside the bespoke garments and accessories from Rubber 55 will be a little bit of everything for the latex lover – from catsuits and gloves to men’s jeans, leggings and tops it must be said that MaXXX Black is…

Sydney’s New Home of Latex & Fetish Fashion.

The MB Rubber Room will be open:

Sunday – Thursday : 10am to Midnight

Thursday & Friday : 10am to 6pm

Stay tuned over the next few days for more details about the new labels, and all the goodies we have in store!

Rubber55 NEWS: New Items In Store NOW!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

What better way to start our day than to find a big box of latex fashion fabulousness on our doorstep!

Yes latex lovers, the 2nd of 3 shipments of Rubber55 gear has arrived.

On display from today the MaXXX Black Rubber55 Collection expands to include:

New Glove Sizes

Hotpants (pictured)

Top (pictured)

Frilly Knickers

Even more rubbery goodness will hit the shelves on SUNDAY afternoon when the brilliant Andy & Karen from Rubber55 touch down in Sydney for a 10 day tour.

While everyone’s eyes turn to London for the royal wedding, our eyes will be fixed on the UK’s king and Queen of Latex.

Of course we’ll be updating you all with every new arrival!

Rubber55 is here!!!!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

How Exciting!!!

The very first delivery of latex from Rubber 55 has just arrived.

We have already unpacked this gorgeous gleaming latex delivery and it has pride of place in a dedicated new section of the store.  So, do you want to know what’s in the first round?

In store RIGHT NOW there are:

  • 5 different styles of hoods (male & female)
  • 3 styles of gloves to suit both male and female
  • 4 Strap suspender belt
  • Solid Black and Semi-Transparent Black Skirts.

The second round (and the one that will complete our Rubber55 Launch Collection) is getting sent from London tomorrow. So in just a couple of weeks (quicker if Royal Mail can get it out of London despite the wedding) we will have even more latex love that will include hotpants, tops, stockings, leggings and more. Some of this is even being hand-delivered from London on the 23rd April. How Posh.

And to give you a little sneak preview, we’ve also placed another order that will include the amazing dresses and catsuits that only Rubber 55 do so well.

I know how badly you all want latex and believe me Rubber55 latex elves are working overtime to get all this happening. Remember, every Rubber 55 piece is made by hand – from the latex material’s creation through to the cutting edge work of some very talented British fashion makers (we love you Andy & Karen).

So do try to be patient with us, I promise it’ll be worth it :)

Product News: Rubber 55 Update

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

We are literally counting the days until the arrival of London’s Rubber 55 latex fashion line.

We know there are lots of rubber lovers out there who are just as excited as we are, and today we are very excited to let you all know that we are expecting the first shipment of Rubber 55 around the 26th March.

Coming in the first shipment will be the Rubber 55 ‘Classic” range.  There will be something for everyone, and we have selected pieces to please the majority of latex enthusiasts. There will be 4 different styles of hoods, leggings, stockings, short and long gloves, suspenders, tops, and a couple of bottoms.  This first range will all be in classic, shiny black!

With the amount of interest we have received since the announcement of Rubber 55 coming to MB, we suspect this first collection to sell out very quickly. We’re thrilled with the support and feedback you’ve all given us so far because the better this first collection is received the sooner we can expand the line and bring even more wonderful latex goodies to Sydney.

When Rubber 55 does arrive we’d like to encourage all of you latex fans to drop in during the week, during the day if you can manage it. This will ensure Heidi can help you and give you the advice you need to get the right fit. Our staff are currently undergoing the funnest training ever in order to get ready for the latex invasion. As you know MaXXX is the most popular adult store in Sydney so avoid the crush on a Friday and Saturday so you get the attention you need.

Keep checking the blog and our facebook page for details as they emerge. This launch is going to be huge!



Gallery: Rubber55 Latex – Coming Soon To MaXXX Black (NSFW)

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

We thought we’d tease you just a little with a taste of what is about to hit the shelves here at MaXXX Black.

Rubber 55 is due late March 2011.