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Sweet, delicious romance – Fae’s Top Five

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I must say it has been inspiring, the amount of customers who have been shopping in our Romance section the past couple of weeks.

Is there something in the air?

I mean, people come into MaXXX Black and drop a fortnight’s salary on huge bags of bondage gear, latex, kinky toys and a few deluxe vibrators and I don’t bat an eyelid.

But when several customers in a row come in to buy some massage oil for their beloved it really makes me go all a-flutter!

It is heartwarming to see that we’re all being good to each other, in a way that is playful, sensual and loving. It has definitely inspired me with these romantic gift ideas for myself… I mean,  for my partner.

For Massage

1. Massage candles. A scented candle that melts down into a deliciously warm, pourable massage oil. Oh yes, I bought this for you darling. Massage me now, please.

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue

2. Chocolate body paint. I’ve always thought this is just a cheeky way of getting to have a second dessert, only this way you’re not being “a greedy pig”, you’re in fact being “raunchy”.

Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer

3.  Kissable body powder. Mmmmm, she’s all sparkly. Oh wow, she tastes like strawberries….

Etherea Silk Cuffs

4.  Silk handcuffs. These are so sensual to be tied up with, and softer than the time you got arrested.

Flirty Little Secret Luminizing Body Butter With Pheromones

5.  Body butter with pheromones.  Yes, pheromones. This rich, creamy lotion not only smells divine, but has a mysterious way of making people fall at your feet. Look out!

– Fae Fox

NEW PRODUCTS: Introducing Bijoux Indiscrets

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

If you love to have that little extra something sexy to make you feel amazing Bijoux Indiscrets has what you looking for. They have body jewels, exquiste handcuffs, massage gels, massage kits, candles, masks, ticklers, bath sets, nipple decorations, and strip tease kits. All of them are high quality products and they are so much fun to play with!

Bijoux Indiscrets Regard IndiscretFounded by Marta Aguiar in Spain, this European company is devoted to providing erotic novelties and sensual seducation products for lovers. Unlike some of the world’s biggest toy producers Bijoux Indiscrets believe in Fair Trade procedure and do not tolerate any violation of human rights in the manufacturing of their items. They even have avery considered environmental policy that conserves energy, minimises production pollution, and limits the use of natural resources to sustainable sources.

And if all that ‘green’ isn’t enough to make you think about bringing Bijoux into your budoir, a quick look at what’s on offer is all that is needed. Bijoux at MaXXX Black will be the biggest new line of budoir and body products to ever launch in our store, and we’re very excited to be able to offer them to you!

From silky smooth massage oils to body bling, and the sweetest feather, pearl and organza restraints you’ve ever

Bijoux L'essence De Boudoirplayed with, there is something here for every couple. We particularly love the hat-boxed gift sets, which come complete with everything you need to make tonight truly sexy.

The first few products are already online HERE and also available in-store. Click the links to visit the Bijoux Indiscrets page on our main site.

New In Store: We-Vibe 3

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The We Vibe family of products have been a must-have range here at MaXXX Black ever since they fist debuted.  The We Vibe 3 is the ultimate new toy for couples, and if you haven’t come in to see it yet, you’re missing out on all the fun….

Introducing the We-Vibe® 3
The #1 Vibrator for Couples…Now has 3 times the excitement!

More Power, More Fun

The We-Vibe® 3 brings 40% more enjoyment power to the same compact comfortable design as the We-Vibe® II. Easily experiment with different vibration modes until finding just the right one, and then let the dual stimulation zones take the vibe to satisfying new heights of mutual pleasure for both partners!

Try to Control Yourself

Now there’s at least one remote you won’t have to fight over! Worn while making love, the We-Vibe® 3 comes equipped with a convenient wireless remote control. And the wireless charger base that doubles as a discreet, perfect-for-travel storage case. We-Vibe® 3 brings the good vibrations of the world’s #1 vibrator for couples to a whole new level of fun!

Make a Splash with Your Partner

Like all our products, We-Vibe® 3 is body-safe and eco-friendly, and now it’s completely waterproof, too! You can bring more playfulness into the shower or bath – and share more wet and wild passion than ever before!

How it Works:

6 Sexy Ways To Make Valentine’s Day HOT (and romantic)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

MaXXX Black knows Valentine’s day. It’s a little bit of love, a little bit of lust and a whole lot of romance – so let us indulge you and your lover with these irresistable ideas…

1. Set The Mood

Never understimate the power of ambience. The right lighting (make it subdued), soft music (that isn’t cheesy – avoid Kenny G at all costs) and soft, sexy frangrances not only make your space the perfect place for romance, but they’ll get you and your special someone in the mood. We like to think of it as before-foreplay, and it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed.

Flickering Massage Oil - Fresh Lily & Musk

Candles, massage and a glass of your favourite wine or bubbly will certainly start things of right. If you really want to please this year why not indulge in LELO’s stunning Flickering Touch 24k gold-infused massage oils (pictured) or better yet their new massage candles.

Light the wick, breath in the warm sensual scents and then use the warm high slip massage balm to massage your loved one – the combination of soft light, warm glow and sensual touch is sure to get them swooning in no time!

2. Be Pampered

Tickle Me Intimacy Love KitWhat would Valentine’s Day be without that feeling of being pampered silly? Of feeling special and sexy ALL OVER? Good thing we found Booty Parlor, the beauty parlour for your love life.

With products like pheremone-infused caviar body scrub, melt-in-you-mouth chocolate body fondue, and delicious kissable body shimmers they make your whole body the place to play and leave you feeling confident, sexy and glowing.

If you just can’t choose though Booty Parlor makes it easy with the new Seduction Kit ad Tickle Me Intimacy Kit (pictured) have all the little elements you need.

3. Get Sensual

LELO Personal Moisturiser - 75mlThe right lubricant makes everything better. It increases sensitivity, makes your bodies more tactile and makes your play smooth and sensual. Plus it can help your play last for hours & encourages repeat performances 😉

Choosing the right one for your night is essential, one that isn’t sticky,  gluggy or dries out it sooo important. Premium ingredients with no parabens or glycerin is also important for play that is healthy. Our absolute favourite at the moment is Lelo’s Personal Moisturiser. With a long-lasting water-based formula it’s good for all kinds of play, kind to your toys, and even kinder to your body – plus it’s the perfect size to pop into your bag for that naughty hotel getaway.

4. Adventure

Intima Silk Blindfold by LELO

Spice things up and take your lover on a new adventure with a few simple tips.

A blindfold, silk cuffs and soft, sexy props can transport you both to somewhere new and exciting, and you won’t even have to leave the bedroom.

Lelo Accessories have the perfect little bits and pieces to do just that. Silk, natural feathers and suede materials combine to give you the adventure you’ve always wanted.

5. Raunch

We-Vibe 2 - RubyA toy or two in the budoir can turn a simple bout of love making into the raunchiest of fun-filled nights of passion! And with hundreds of different kinds of toys out there you are bound to find one that will make you both very happy.

Our pick for Valentine’s Day though is one that is brilliant for both of you. The We-Vibe is the first and only vibrator that is worn while you make love. This little c-shaped gem has helped over a million couples inject some raunchy intimacy into their relationships.

6. Afterglow

Whew! Well after all your preparation, pampering and passion, there is only one thing left to do – bask in the afterglow of your romantic liaison.

There is nothing quite like the closeness of two bodies that have shared something special, so cuddle up, spoon in and breathe.

Pop into MB, talk to our fantastic staff and pick up all the little things you need to make your Valentine’s day wonderful.


Friday, February 4th, 2011

We’ve waited and waited, coveting the gorgeous little packages and dreaming about their contents for so long we could hardly contain oursleves when BOOTY PARLOR products arrived in-store this morning!

In case you haven’t heard about these seductive and romantic treats for the body and budoir here’s a little excerpt from the company:

Booty Parlor, the beauty parlor for your love life, was conceived on the premise that confidence is the

Dana B

sexiest thing a woman can have. We believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy, desirable and satisfied and so, our award-winning products, from Pheromone-laced skin creams and perfume, to our aphrodisiac lip glosses, kissable body toppings, and flirty bedroom accessories, are designed to boost a woman’s confidence and inspire her to create sexy experiences in her days—and nights.

A-list celebrities adore our innovative products and exquisite packaging, and the media has embraced our empowering philosophy. Our products are featured regularly in countless television and print outlets, including VH-1’s “The Fabulous Life of…,” Loveline with Dr. Drew, Geraldo At Large, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, Playboy Radio, Glamour, Allure, Self, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and across numerous lifestyle blogs.

Founded in 2004 by married couple Charlie and Dana B. Myers, Booty Parlor products are sold in many of the world’s leading boutiques and finest hotels, including Victoria’s Secret in New York, MaXXX Black in Sydney, the Mondrian Hotel Hollywood, and in numerous spas across Europe.

Endorsed by the likes of Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Love Hewitt the products have taken on a cult-like status in Hollywood, with Lionsgate television even signing Dana B to a development deal for a new reality series.

So what’s in our store for valentine’s?

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll find at Booty Parlor MaXXX Black.

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue

MELT – The Chocloate Body Fondue

A luxurious dark chocolate paint made especially for the body.

Get creative and frisky with this jar of delicious body paint and use the brush to create art you can eat!

Tickle Me Intimacy Love Kit

Tickle Me Intimacy Love Kit

Sweeten your sexiest curves and show ‘em exactly where you want to be kissed with our naughty-but-nice Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer – designed to make your skin taste like spun sugar.

Skin Honey - Vanilla Honey Chai

Skin Honey – Vanilla Honey Chai

Skin Honey is Booty Parlor’s delicious, kissable three-in-one body topping, massage gel and personal lubricant. Infused with an exotic cocktail of aphrodisiac ingredients and flavors, this edible elixir will nourish your skin and light up your libido.

All the girls here are beside themselves testing the new range, and we are delighted to have it in store in time for Valentine’s Day. There is sure to be rush on them so come in to see them yourself or order them from our website.

Better yet, why not drop some subtle (or not so subtle) hints to your lover for Valentine’s Day!

Fun: How To Write A Romance Novel

Monday, December 27th, 2010

1. Choose a setting

Remember that your setting sets the mood for the entire piece, and can, if you’re feeling particularly literary (or just want to seem like you know about books and stuff), serve as a metaphor for one or more of your characters. Your best bets are:

a) A mist-swaddled small town with a cast of off-beat townsfolk.—excellent for harboring a dark secret.  A good choice if you want to go for an “American Gothic” feel.

b) The wind-ravaged highland moors, which call to mind rugged long-haired warrior types and sweeping tales of passion.

c) A genteel manse in the antebellum South; like the mist-swaddled small town, these are good, “normal” covers for all kinds of steamy intrigue, though be warned that a Southern manse is always in danger of burning down in the story’s climax. Extra points for combining settings A and C.

d) A ship on the high seas. A bunch of seamen for our nubile young heroine to play with. I mean, do you really need me to spell this one out for you?

2. Choose your female lead

She has to be beautiful, of course, but not in such a way where she is aware of her beauty. It’s especially good if she’s got some sort of complex about her appearance, so that the male lead can assure her of how gorgeous she truly is. Any major differentiation between your female lead and any other female characters should also be based primarily on looks. Extra points for making her, despite all her rippling woman-bits, a virgin. In such case, she should have a skanky antagonist. Since this is a romance novel, her main character points should go no deeper than her looks, while her personality can be summed up as one of a few types:

a) A spoiled, sheltered heiress used to a life of luxury and entertainment. She’s not a bad person, but her lack of real-world experience makes her squealy, squeamish and easily offended by most people, places and foods. Her interests can be little dogs, shopping, and whining about how no one gives her what she wants.

b) A fiery-tempered noblewoman who rebels against the societal expectations of her day. Her interests can be sexual curiosity, walking around without enough petticoats and complaining about having to embroider things.

c) A conservative, sexually repressed woman who avoids courtship and marriage like the plague. Her dowdy, dull clothing, of course, must conceal a super-hot physique underneath. Extra points if she has a bunch of boy-crazy sisters of whom she disapproves.

d) A down-trodden yet beautiful servant girl who dreams of true love and a life outside cleaning up pig shit. This character type is the most purely “good” in that she can usually be seen nursing sick children and/or animals in her spare time, and, since she’s uncorrupted by money, has no ambition other than love.

3. Choose your male lead

He is, of course, just as physically attractive as the female lead. Extra points if you use the words “devilishly,” “wolfishly,” or “mischievously” when describing his facial expressions. He should compliment the female lead accordingly. Since these kinds of romance novels are typically aimed at women, and attempt to recreate some kind of female masturbatory fantasy, it is imperative that the female be chosen first, and the male chosen to suit her character’s needs.  He should also be, like, really, really, rich. If it’s fitting with your setting, he should be a Lord or a Baron of something. This list corresponds with the above. Feel free, of course, to make any necessary adjustments, but be careful not to stray too far from the formula. Then people might have to start thinking, and no one wants to do that while reading a romance novel.

a) A clever, quick-witted sort who knows how to survive and thrive, especially in bizarre scenarios. He enjoys sneaking around, associating with shady characters and surviving unlikely circumstances. He’s a good match for the spoiled heiress because of his real-world experience; he gets to save her a lot, as well as dispense wisdom about adaptability and reserving judgment of others.  He seems like an average person, which makes the heiress have contempt for him, but in reality he should be heir to vast stores of money and/or property.

b) An equally fiery nobleman who also eschews noble daintiness in favor of big game hunting and eating large joints of meat. This character is perfect for getting in screaming, dish-throwing matches with the fiery noblewoman character, and can stand up to a lot of abuse. This one doesn’t have to be particularly smart, as long as he can wield a mutton drumstick, a mace, and a fiery noblewoman with the same ease. Despite his contempt for book learning and refined culture, he should be the holder of vast stores of money and/or property.

c) A morally ambiguous stranger with a wild streak who lives without society’s rules, which he’ll refer to as “oppressive.” He likes to do things that would make a conservative, repressed woman blush—drink, smoke, gamble, and talk about past sexual exploits, all preferably in the company of the repressed woman herself. Of course, he is secretly in possession of vast stores of money and/or property.

d) A good and kind nobleman who is capable of looking beyond society’s obsession with class and noticing the smokin’ hot milkmaid (or whatever she is). Like the servant girl herself, this character is also the most straightforwardly “good,” Extra points if his character’s struggles involve trying to stay morally afloat in a corrupt society. Needless to say, he has access to vast stores of money and/or property.

e) Extra points if any of the above characters are vampires.

4. Your characters must now interact

Typically, the best way for them to meet is by chance. Base this event off the setting of the story, and go from there. The important thing about your characters’ interaction is that they must not like each other at first. In fact the whole first third of the novel should be dedicated to explaining how much your characters don’t like each other. A good template to follow is this: he thinks she’s spoiled, boring, stupid, flighty and annoying, and she thinks he’s rude, uncivilized, arrogant, shocking and annoying. Of course neither of them can stop thinking about the other. This template works well for the A, B, and C type characters, but for the D types you can follow a very straightforward love-at-first-sight formula. Extra points if he has to fight against the urge to suck her blood.

5. The conflict

The conflict should threaten to separate the love interests for all eternity, and/or threaten any and all vast stores of money and/or property. Mention can be made of other consequences of the conflict, like widespread death and destruction, but try not to make it too much of a bummer. This is, after all, a romance novel.

a) Hero betrothed to another woman. She should be the antithesis of the heroine, including in how she looks and dresses. She should be attractive in a sleazy kind of way, but nowhere near as good-looking as the heroine. If your heroine is morally upright, chaste and demure, the woman to whom the hero is betrothed should be morally depraved, sluttish and have no social grace.

b) Heroine betrothed to another man. Similar to the above, this man should be everything the hero is not. If the hero is brave, true, and noble, this other man should be weak, corrupt and plotting. Extra points if he is twice the heroine’s age and still lusts after her.

c) Civil unrest. This can take a lot of forms. It can be an invasion by a foreign country or feuding clan, a semi-historical event (the kind that result in Southern manses being burned down), or a natural disaster. This provides a good emotional backdrop, excellent scenery opportunities, and a feeling of the epic.

d) Society. This works especially well if your hero and heroine are from two different backgrounds, in terms of either class, upbringing, or nationality. In this scenario, society, who can be personified as a domineering parent or other figure of authority, will try everything to keep the male and female lead apart.

e) Extra points if any of the above parties are a rival clan of vampires.

6. The sex scene

This is what everyone is really after, so you should be putting most of your energy into this part. Typically, the hero and heroine have sex for the first time somewhere in the middle of the book, after they’ve realized their burning passion for one another, but prior to the resolution of the conflict. As stated earlier, the heroine is typically a virgin, while the hero is typically not. Despite her sexual inexperience, however, the heroine is still somehow the best lay he’s had in years. The actual sex should be written in the most uncomfortable combination of the explicitly pornographic and the flowery euphemism that you can stomach. Parts of the female anatomy, for example, should be described in floral terms, but be sure to work in something about “folds.” Remember—the heroine’s breasts should levitate unnaturally, even if your story takes place before augmentation procedures, and the hero should have a terribly impressive penis.  The sex itself can be derived from most porno, and we can see here a shift from the female fantasy to the male, namely in that the heroine experiences a mind-blowing orgasm after what seems to be about three minutes of sex. For maximum effect, be sure to include the following vocabulary and phrasing: smoldering, throbbing, puckered, quivering, man/womanhood, maiden, maiden barrier, waves of pleasure, heaving, swollen, member, ecstasy. The more of these kinds of words you pack in, the better the sex.

7. Resolution.

Romance novels end in an upbeat fashion, and the protagonists always get what they want. Here are a few examples of a good ways to wrap up your story:

a) The hero’s true (rich) identity is revealed, and the heroine, who has come to love his fairmindedness and sense of adventure, marries him and enjoys his vast stores of money and/or property.

b) The feud between rugged highland clans is settled, and the hero and heroine get married and carry on their clan’s tradition while enjoying the vast stores of money and/or property.

c) The other man/other woman to whom the heroine/hero is betrothed is neatly dispatched, say, by going to prison for his unlawful dealings or realizing the error of her promiscuity and joining a convent, leaving the hero and heroine free to get married and enjoy the vast stores of money and/or property.

d) The civil unrest is resolved or diverted or the natural disaster ends, and the hero and heroine get married and use their vast stores of money and/or property to build a new manse in the style of the one that burned down.

e) Society learns not to look down upon the noble-hearted milkmaid, and she is allowed to marry the nobleman and enjoy his vast stores of money and/or property.

f) The heroine becomes a vampire, too.

g) A cliffhanger. Plan a sequel.

So hopefully this guide will help you on your way to becoming a hugely successful writer of the romance genre. And don’t stop at just one. With these easy steps, you can crank out an endless stream of saccharine drivel for years to come. All you need now is some steamy cover art, and you’re all set!

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Guide: How To Give Good Massage

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Couples, if you don’t already do this, massages are such a good thing for a relationship.  It’s another great way to bond with your significant other.  “A couples massage is a wonderful gift to share with each other. Not only will it strengthen the bond between a couple, it can reduce stress for both the giver and the recipient,” says Aubrey Rogers, owner of the City Magnolia Day Spa.

As for what to do in order to give an effective (and sensual) massage, read on…

Set the Mood

Setting the mood helps you get intimate and the same can be said of massages. “The basics for a good professional massage include dimming the lights, relaxing music, essential oils for aromatherapy, a great massage oil or massage candle, a comfortable surface (lay a towel on the bed) and a soothing vocal tone from who’s doing the massage,” says Aubrey.

Use Relaxing Strokes

When you’re giving someone a therapeutic massage, be sure to use slow, relaxing strokes.  “It’s important to maintain contact when giving a massage. A break in contact equals a break in relaxation,” explains Rogers. “All massage movements should move in the direction of the heart, increasing the circulation of the blood.”

Don’t Forget the Oil

For a good basic massage oil is a must! Use massage oil and not body lotion when giving a massage to your partner.  Massage oil is designed to stay on the skin longer and provide a better glide along the body.  Consider pure oils like jojoba, or blended massage oils that can also come with essential oil blends which takes care of the aromatherapy as well.

Pure aromatherapy oils can also be used, however as these oils penetrate directly into the blood stream, caution should be taken when using pure essential oils. Lavender and peppermint essential oils are good all-purpose oils that most people can tolerate.  (remeber lavender is a sedative).  However, as with anything, if someone is pregnant or has any major medical concerns a doctor should be consulted before application. Some women can react badly to grape seed oil when pregnant so make sure the oil you use is good for the body as well as the play.


A great massage is what everyone should strive for, not just a good one. What is necessary for a great massage are the same things that are required for a great relationship.  Communication and chemistry are both important.  Talk to your partner (calmly and in a limited fashion, of course).  Ask if the pressure is good, where he or she would like you to focus on, and what feels best.  The communication will not only make the massage feel great, but will strengthen your bond.

Take Your Time

Every massage can be a sensual experience in that it stimulates all of your senses simultaneously. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and enjoy the experience.  A massage between couples should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Don’t try to do therapeutic work because deep tissue work is best left to a massage therapist. If you are inflicting pain or discomfort it will completely break the mood, so just focus on long, smooth strokes and read your partner and how they are reacting to the massage.

Coming Soon: The Perfect Foot Massage & 6 Steps to a Sexy Massage.

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Review: Love Yourself! Massage Candles

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Ok, so we know massage is the PERFECT (Guys… PERFECT!) way to create a sensual mood, to help partners relax, and is a great technique for everything from sexual dysfunction to increasing intimacy and communication between partners.  After all, what better way to intimately become acquainted with your partner’s every inch of flesh than slathering on some oil and putting your hands to work?

It’s no wonder then that massage candles are becoming increasingly popular, and Fun Factory’s Love Yourself! products are a pretty special new range.


  • Orchid – light, sea-breeze fresh scent with maritime accents, topped up with the flowery scent of orchids and lilies.
  • Aphrodisiac – an oriental, aromatic extravaganza of sandlewood refined with mandarine, bergamot and musk.
  • Vanilla – a sweet vanilla scent refined with cinammon, white blossoms, cloves and ambergis.

How it feels:

  • Cool – without lighting the wax/balm is still fairly soft and feels less like wax and more like a luxurious lip balm for the body. It glides onto the skin and is easy to spread with just a little friction from your hands to warm it up. Using it cold can be great if you want to massage just a small area outside of the bedroom.
  • Warm – light it up, let it melt, and then gently pour the contents onto your partner’s body. Besides the obvious attraction of dripping wax, temperature and the whole sexy ritual itself – when the wax is warm it spread far more and you’ll get more than a couple of sessions from each jar.


  • It’s Fun Factory so you know the ingredients will be good. In addition to mango butter and vitamin E the wax balm is made up of Jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and olive oils to deeply enrich the skin.

Our Verdict: we love em. The texture, the light fragrances, the cute jars, and the way you can pop the silicone cap on to prevent loss of the scent and protect the candle from dust is fantastic!

Check out the whole range HERE.

Six Sizzling Summer Reads. #4

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Best Lesbian Romance 2009: Radclyffe

Who says romance is dead? Certainly not the authors of these powerful stories of lesbians in love — and sometimes in lust. Best Lesbian Romance 2009, edited by the award-winning author of such books as When Dreams Tremble and Turn Back Time, presents the juiciest, most seductive love stories written today. Putting a new spin on the subject, these stories explore the underlying emotions and complex relationships that help define love between women. Radclyffe has assembled a remarkable collection of stories that carry the reader on a journey that tugs at the heartstrings, titillates, and blissfully explores the pleasures of Sapphic lovemaking. From a shy glance across a crowded room, to a casual meeting at a dinner party, to an accidental encounter on a street corner, this delightful potpourri collection of romantic interludes showcases the many ways love can be both lost and found. From the poignant intimacy of discovering love and cherishing loved ones to erotic encounters involving sensuous leather play and steamy hot tub sex in the midst of a snowstorm.

Contributors include Jennifer Fulton, Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Rakelle Valencia, and Alison Tyler.

A first rate anthology for fans of LesFic romance!

Making Love Better – Kama Sutra

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

kama sutra

The first name in romance and intimacy products, Kama Sutra, has arrived in-store!

This luxurious line of holistic massage oils, body products and romance kits are perfect for couples who want to create joyful experiences of intimacy and tenderness. Add a sensual dimension to your love life and spoil someone special!

Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit  Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove Box