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Hot & Sticky (or why I love nipple pasties) by Fae Fox

Friday, April 27th, 2012

[Introducing a brand new author to the MaXXX Black Blog – the fabulous Fae Fox. She’ll be whipping you into a frenzy over all the things she loves, so stay tuned for regular posts!]


So….I loooooove nipple pasties. You know, those gorgeous sparkly adornments that you stick on your nipples using eyelash glue?

Whether they are cone-shaped, star-shaped, heart-shaped, sequinned, tassled or covered in diamantes, these babies are the ticket to instant pin-up glamour.


1. They have a classic, burlesque look that makes it impossible not to strut while you are wearing them.

2. They are pretty much like being completely topless, but just a smidgen more stylish ie: you can rock these without looking like your average drunken party-flasher, or The Girl Who Forgot Her Top.

3. They give your boobies a perky, flirty look which oozes sex appeal whether you are big or small in the bust.

4. We all know that hiding our eyes behind sunglasses can add mysterious glamour; well so does covering up our delectable nipples with shiny things!

5. You don’t have to be a tassel-twirling boob-gymnast for pasties to work for you. A lot of pasties don’t even have tassels – no twirling necessary. Just stick’em on, ¬†and stick’em out.

6. Which will inevitably have all those poor suckers begging: What lies underneath, and can I please put it in my mouth?!?


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