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New LELO Generation 2 Has Arrived – Ina 2, Mona 2 & Elise 2 In-Store Now

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

It’s Spring, the sun is finally out, and that means that new toys are arriving – and one of the most exciting releases of the year is upon us – LELO Generation 2 has arrived!

Sporting an all-new motor, improved design and new waterproofing amongst other upgrades, the Gen 2 Lelo Vibrators are going to be a very popular plaything with women and couples worldwide- especially all those devoted Lelo owners who’ve been waiting for a tech upgrade in these best-selling pleasure products.

We can hear you ask, ‘what’s so new’? Oh, it is our pleasure to tell you….


LELO Gen 2 is packing a whopping 100% increase in power from an all-new motor – go on, pick up your elise, turn it up to the highest level, then double it – that’s the power in these amazing vibes. Best of all they are still whisper-quiet even with the new strength.


Not just splashproof, WATERPROOF. Lelo know you sometimes like to relax i nthe shower, or the bath, or a spa, so they’ve impreoved the silicone exterior and recharge connector to make it totally waterproof. Play anywhere, anytime and cleaning is now easier than ever!


The rechargeable battery inside Gen 2 not only manages to feed that stronge new motor, but also last even longer. You’ll get up to 4 hours play from the new vibrators with just 2 hours on charge. Good for your play, good for your wallet, and good for the environment.

Now for the toys….

Introducing MONA 2

MONA 2 has an updated shape and g-spot focused design that makes full use of the new power while feeling a little more generous in the size department.

Introducing INA 2

INA 2 is very ver yexciting. They’ve been listening to women in over 20 countries and as a result the clitoral stimulator has been redesigned entirely. It’s now thicker and more flexible whilest feeling a litle softer to the touch. The longer stem shape means that every woman can now enjoy simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Introducing Elise 2

Elise 2 has a new all-over silicone shell – from the base to the tip, and twin motors (one in the tip and one near the base) for maximum impact and divine resonance!! They’ve also upped the number of modes from 5 to 8 so you have even more ways to vary your play.

There’s even a cute little video of the new INA 2 on LELO’s youtube channel – we’re also sharing it on ours at where you can catch the videos for Mona & Elise also. But since you’re here already why not just press play on the video feed below?

Men’s Sex Toys Just Got Interesting…

Friday, July 30th, 2010

For the last few seasons we’ve heard more and more guys talk about how since women have become the main purchaser (years ago men bought for their girls) of sex toys and adult products the range of men-specific toys has gotten smaller.

NOT SO! – guys pay attention cause over the next few weeks we’re going to show you a dozen new products that not only feel awesome – they’ll change the way you look at a guy’s sex toy forever.

This Week:  COBRA LIBRE by Fun Factory

The Ferrari of Men’s Pleasure Objects

Fun Factory Men's Massager - Cobra Libre

Cobre Libre

Forget everything you thought you knew about masturbators.  Gone are the tacky sleeves, pumps and “realistic” toys that have dominated since the 70’s.  Gone are the blow-up dolls of yesteryear – they thankfully remain a bachelor party and college dorm room kind of a thing.

Instead major manufacturer Fun Factory has devoted some of their incredible engineering power to creating a signature vibrating massager for men – and it is one hell of a toy! From the moment you fire up the twin-engine motors and lube up the interior you are assured of the best ride this side of Berlin.

The interior of Cobra Libre is made from premium medical-grade silicone, and with a little water-based lubricant is slick, smooth and velvety to touch. Just inside the opening is a small bump, designed to put pressure on the most sensitive spot a guy can have – the gland just under the penis head. By stimulating this area with one of the nine different vibration modes, and the addition of great suction in the end of the toy, your man (or you) are certain to reach climax.

Cobra Libre Men's Vibrator

Cobra Libre - Side View

It sounds great, it looks hot, and it works the way it says it will.  Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

To see the official video click here:    Cobra Libre Official Commercial


Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen let’s all put our hands (or legs) together for the newest addition to the store, the Fun Factory Ellove. This baby has the elegance to attract and the power to keep its owner in toe curling satisfaction. Made from super soft, high grade silicone and silky to the touch the Ellove will have you IN love.

Still with the ergonomic design that Fun Factory are renowned for the Ellove takes vibration to a new level with the addition of the ‘turbo booster’. What is the ‘turbo booster’ I hear you say? Well my friends it is exactly how it sounds……TURBO. The ‘turbo booster’ is a button located just near the main controls that will increase the vibration ten fold and add that extra power you have been looking for. The combination of the extremely powerful motor and its turbo function means this fabulous piece of German engineering will be a welcome addition to any bedroom. Come in and have a little peek at our new darling. You won’t be disappointed in what she has to offer!

For those who like to get technical the Ellove features:

An easy to clean silicon surface.
Curved tip to pamper the G spot.
Eight vibration levels.
Three interval programs.
100% high grade silicon.
100% waterproof.
Intense vibration shaft.

Fun Factory has done it again! Bringing us new and innovative designs with supreme functionality.

Fun Factory Ellove Turbo Vibrator