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Christina Spaccavento: Male Fertility? Men Don’t Have A Biological Clock…Right?

Friday, August 24th, 2012

The risks to female fertility are all fairly well known, but what about our men folk? How much do we really know about the effects of our busy urban lives on the respective family jewels? Believe it or not, the modern man is just as vulnerable to fertility problems as his female counterpart!

There are a number of factors that can affect sperm health including lifestyle factors, environmental factors and even our choice in clothing. So what can men do to improve the potency of their punch?

If you’re a smoker, quit! Studies have shown that the concentration, motility, and morphology of sperm is affected by the toxic mixture of chemicals in cigarettes like nicotine, carbon monoxide, cadmium, and other mutagenic compounds [1].

Paternal smoking has also been associated with an increase in DNA damage to spermatozoa as well as higher incidences of birth defects and childhood cancer. And, if this isn’t enough, smoking is also widely recognised as a major cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Yes boys, the more you smoke, the higher your risk of impotence.

Eating a healthy diet rich in zinc and omega 3’s and regular exercise are also winners for the little fellas. Moderating alcohol intake will also alleviate ‘the brewer’s droop’, something most men will experience after a few too many.

Then there’s that invisible monster that is increasingly plaguing our lives; stress. If you’re working long hours there’s a good chance that your mates downstairs may be starting to feel a little out of their depth. Increased stress levels place heavier nutritional demands on the body to cope and sperm are way down the nutritional priority list when stress levels are high.

Environmental factors can also be major contributors to your sperm’s health. Industrial chemicals such as pesticides and synthetic oestrogenic substances that have crept into food can have negative effects on reproductive health. Going organic might not be a bad idea, but if you still buy from the supermarket, it’s essential that you wash your fruit and veggies well before eating them.

Statistics show that looser fitting underwear assists in maintaining optimum scrotal temperature, whilst reducing risks of overheating that can lead to sperm damage. If you’re looking to increase your fertility then it could help going back to the traditional boxer. And those tight jocks that look so good may be doing a little too much smuggling, so make sure you have some down-time in your more relaxed long johns.

But all jokes aside, fertility issues can become at times quite distressing when you’re trying to have children.  Many men even start to feel like what should be an unlimited love fest becomes a job.  If you find yourself in this sort of situation, getting some help from a Sex Therapist can give you and your partner some valuable support.

Christina is one of the very talented sex therapy professionals that MaXXX Black recommends. For information about sex therapy and counselling we encourage everyone to read our Community Links page.


1Zavos PM, Correa JR, Antypas S, Zarmakoupis-Zavos PN, Zarmakoupis CN. Effects of seminal plasma from cigarette smokers on sperm viability and longevity. Fertil Steril 1998;69:425–9.

NEW Products: Fleshlight Renew & Fleshwash Now In Store

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

New to MaXXX Black are two products designed to keep you or your man’s fleshlight toys in peak performing condition.

Fleshlight have become the world’s number one selling men’s sex toys not just because they’re a little bit blokey, but ultimately because of the patented material and pattens on the inside sleeve of the toy – that’s where the fun is you can say. This highly realistic ‘cyberskin’ style material is brilliant, but over time and with extended use the surface of the Fleshlight and Fleshjack toys may become a little tacky, which can sometimes be made worse by using cheaper lubricants or soaps with the toys.

So Fleshlight introduced us to their clean and care line, and we liked it so much we brought it into the store…

Fleshlight Fleshwash


Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is a must for any Fleshlight owner. This 4oz spray-on cleaner uses the powerful anti-bacterial ingredient, Triclosan to fight bacteria and keep your Fleshlight clean and sanitary. Fleshwash is recommended to clean Fleshlights and other sex toys. It is non-irritating to skin, not tested on animals, non-greasy, alcohol free, and safe for use on latex, silicone, and Superskin.
Buy Now By Clicking The Image

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Over time, your Fleshlight sleeve may start to lose some of its softness.
This is due to the Fleshlight powder naturally being worn away after multiple uses.
Keep your Fleshlight feeling like the first time, every time by using this powder to renew and restore your Fleshlight sleeves to their original softness.
To Buy Now Click The Image

Available in store and online from today.
Look out for tomorrow’s article….How To Care For Your Fleshlight.

Advice: Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms Too…

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Pursue something that will benefit both of you – discover your guy’s multi-orgasmic response! While a bit of an ambitious venture, the rewards are great, especially in that the ejaculatory control he must develop will make for longer, sweeter sex and increased sexual confidence in the sack. Not a bad way to improve intimacy, eh?

Now the whole process of becoming multi-orgasmic really boils down to a male’s interest and ability to explore his potential for such. There are some really good resources out there, like Mantak Chia’s The MultiOrgasmic Male and, that will get him well on his way to cosmic bliss. There are, however, few reads focusing exclusively on what female lovers can do to help him in this cause. So here’s what you can do to assist him in his efforts…

Understanding His Response
First things first, you need to know what’s going on with his body before you can be of any use. As he becomes aroused and erect, he’s passing through the excitement phase of his sexual response cycle, no problem. But it’s the next part that involves the ultimate control challenge – the contractile phase or emission phase.

Here, as his prostate contracts and empties semen into his urethra, he has to make a major decision: To carry on and enjoy the immediate gratification of ejaculation, or slow the pace and postpone maximum fulfillment, in hopes of multiple orgasms.

If he decides to hold off, he’ll stay in this contractile phase, experiencing a series of prostate contractions, a.k.a. pelvic orgasms or “contractile-phase orgasms.” In continuing to hold off, he’ll need to stay as close as possible to ejaculatory inevitability, that point of no return, without shooting a load.

What You Can Do
Before participating in any male multi-o partner exercise, both of you need to realize that this quest is not about pleasuring in the immediate sense. Some orgasmic sacrifices will have to be made for long-term benefits, and it’s important that neither of you become frustrated with the process or each other. Be sure to talk to each other about what’s expected of one another, reviewing the resources he’s using together.

Next, determine words both of you will use to signal when you should stop and start stimulation. Furthermore, use a condom, as this can help him maintain an erection and postpone ejaculation, making the process a bit easier for him. Lastly, during most sex acts and in many positions, you can push on his Million Dollar Point, the indentation on his perineum just in front of his anus, while asking him to contract his PC muscle. Doing this when he’s about to ejaculate can help to stop the ejaculatory reflex.

Where to Begin…
Giving him a hand-job is the best place to start. Using an un-lubricated hand, stimulate his penis, asking him for pointers on how he’d like to be stroked. As he approaches the point of ejaculatory inevitability, he needs to tell you to stop. After his arousal levels have fallen, he should ask you to resume.

Repeat these simple steps several times over several sessions, eventually using lubricant when he’s ready. More advanced stages of this exercise involve slowing the pace or changing your stroke rather than stopping entirely. Naturally, the two of you will graduate to having you provide the same kind of stimulation, only with your mouth on his penis, repeating the same start-stop steps.

In eventually advancing to intercourse after a series of manual and oral sex sessions, sit on his thighs and rub his erect penis on your inner thighs as he takes deep, relaxed breaths. After teasing him for a bit, take a break, then play with his penis again, this time against your pubic area. After another rest, rub his erection along your outer vaginal lips, pausing to put the head of the penis close to the opening. Continue to repeat these steps until he can go through the entire exercise without anxiety or the need to ejaculate.

Once at that level, place his erect penis at your vaginal opening. After a few seconds, place it about one inch into the vagina. Continue doing so, moving slowly, until he is completely inside of you. You need to stay still and let him be there for 15 minutes. If he loses his erection, contract your vaginal muscles (PC muscle) tight enough to get him hard again.

With practice, you’ll eventually be able to work to a sexual position that involves slow thrusting, slowly increasing movement and always letting him feel in control of the pace. Do not start thrusting to satisfy yourself! Repeat in different positions, eventually with both of you moving.

Note: Every man has the ability to develop his ejaculatory control and to possibly realize multiple orgasms. Furthermore, it’s best achieved in a positive, relaxed atmosphere. Multiple orgasms are not going to happen if you’re out for a quickie, or if you’re feeling rushed and stressed. This is a process that involves time, effort, and dedication. The results should be well worth all of it.

Author: Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright PhD – first published on bettersexnetwork.

SPECIAL OFFER: Tenga Onacups: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

Friday, November 4th, 2011

We LOVE the Tenga Onacup line of men’s products. Sexy, fun, discreet and disposable these ‘simulator’ sleeves are the perfect men’s treat (or very cheeky present).

Right now you can get a FREE Tenga Onacup when you purchase two others from the range. That’s over $25 saved!

Offer is only available in-store and we’ll be running the special until we sell out! How good is that?!

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Product News: NEXUS male g-spot massagers are back at Maxxx Black!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

You asked for it and so Nexus, makers of some of the finest men’s pleasure and health products, is back at MaXXX Black!

NEXUS prostate massagers and vibes are designed specifically for the male body. For guys, the g-spot is actually the Prostate gland, and whether its for health or pleasure its an area that ALL men should be looking after.

Prostate massage is an age-old form of procuring a healthy prostate and achieving deeper orgasmic pleasure for men by helping a man reach a male g-spot orgasm. The Nexus range of male g-spot massagers are stimulating devices for the male g-spot (sometimes we call it a P-Spot).

It works by stimulating this walnut sized gland, which is called a prostate massage. Prostate massage has been used for centuries for two purposes – intense sexual pleasure, and improving the health of the prostate gland.

All products in the Nexus range are designed to do both of these things with ease, but most are used by our customers as a fun, and deeply pleasurable, adult toy.

MaXXX Black has already introduced 4 of these fantastic toys with even more coming in the next week or so – just in time for the summer season!

In Stock right now are:

(click the pic to see the link)

Review: Men’s Fleshlight Vibro Touch

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

The Fleshlight Vibro Touch is the latest in the Fleshlight range of Men’s pleasure toys to hit MaXX Black – and boy do they pack a punch!

Vibro Touch Texture

Fleshlights have undergone a steady evolution since they were first introduced and although the exterior shapes have generated a lot of interest, particularly when the Fleshlight Girls were launched, it’s the inside of the soft Superskin inserts that do the trick for me. Aesthetically It might be nice to know that you’re slipping inside something that was modelled on the labia of a porn star but it’s the ingenious textures inside that really make these products stand out.

Vibro is made out of the same patented Real Feel Superskin, a material that is incredibly lifelike, and still packaged in Fleshlight’s trademark discreet flashlight casing.

Vibro Touch features the ‘touch’ texture insert and 3 vibrating bullets. Each of the Vibro Fleshlights have three little pockets located on the back face of the insert which you insert up to three vibrating bullets into. These little bullets are surprisingly powerful but remain very quiet.

I was a bit concerned that with the vibrators installed that the whole Fleshlight would be rocking and rolling but surprisingly that isn’t the case. Even with all three vibrators on you can put the Vibro down on a hard surface and it really doesn’t move around much at all. The vibrating bullets also stay securely in their pockets during use, and  won’t fall out even with the most vigorous of play.

The Vibro Touch’s inner canal is similar to that of the STU and the Speed Bump but instead of bumps it has hundreds of little tiny “fingers”. I started out by warming up my Vibro Touch in the sink, like I do all my Fleshlights, by giving it a nice bath and getting it nice and warm. It is essential you give any Fleshlight toy a good wash before the first use as you’ll want to remove any powder/starch from the inside of the toy.

Fleshlight Vibro

Then its time for some lube. Lubricant is the other must-have – and you can use any water-based lube you like. Just use it.

Now, I recommend starting by not using the vibes. The “touch” insert is freaking amazing! Add even one bullet and those hundreds of tiny ‘fingers’ tingle and buzz away – and as you add bullets to the sleeve the sensations get deeper, more intense and incredibly stimulating. Another added bonus of the three vibrators is it makes the opening a bit tighter, which is never a bad thing.

The “fingers” inside of the Vibro Touch are angled, when you push inside you slide smoothly in but as you pull back the fingers kind of catch on you, especially around the head of your penis, and the vibrations just wiggle those little fingers all along the length of you.

The Vibro Fleshlight is bound to be a hit and absolutely goes on my favourite toys list. For guys looking for a vibrating pleasure toy that will satisfy ALL of you (not just the tip) then this is a home-run. It doesn’t try to ‘simulate’ anything, it’s a whole new experience in itself, and one he’ll want to return to again and again.

NEW Toys For Boys – The TENGA Flip Air!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

These 4 fantastic additions to the best-selling TENGA men’s pleasure line is engineered so every guy, no matter what size he is, can have the best.

Available at both our online and Sydney stores from today theseries gives us boys a choice of two different textures/feels in four sizes. Sound complex? It’s not really, so here’s how it works:

1. Flip Air Lite Solid Black

Suitable for smaller to average guys up to 5.5″ long. A firm silicone body and heavier texture give a super-snug fit while providing intense stimulation.

2. Flip Air Lite Melty White

The smaller white Flip Air is a slightly looser fir than the black version, and guys who consider themselves an average length and girth will love this one. The Melty white toys have a super-soft and sensual interior.

3. Flip Air Solid Black

The same design interior as the Flip Air Lite, but made in a bigger scale for medium to longer men who have bit more girth.

4. Flip Air Melty White

Again, the same design as the Melty White Lite, but on a bigger scale, suiting larger guys with a wider girth.


These are amazing toys – lightweight, phthalate and latex free, and with a deceptively sleek design they remain discreet to store away.We’ve had guys asking about these since they were first announced in January, so it’s fantastic to have them in now! Just check out this pic of the Solid Black:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new addition to men’s toys that has us excited – but Tenga’s Flip Air is certainly one of those.

Click on the titles above to see them on our website.

For Her Pleasure: Sexilicious Tips for Guys

Friday, June 3rd, 2011
Original article courtesy of BetterSexNetwork

Every month, men’s magazines are packed full of articles on how to be a better lover, how to maximize her pleasuring, and how to have the best sex ever. With so much information coming your way, it can be a bit overwhelming to identify what’s truly good advice versus what amounts to no more than rubbish. In helping you in your better sex efforts, making things more ‘sexilicious’ for your female lover (and ultimately you), boils down to the following…

1. The Clitoris. The more you know, the better. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.  Many men roughly fumble their way down a lady’s panties, hoping they’ll strike gold.   So learn some tricks, or at least get to know this part of her really well. First, know where to find the clitoris and what it feels like. Ask her to guide your hand in showing you what feels right. She’ll feel a connectedness in your concern.

[MB: Our recent article on the clitoris may shed some light on the topic – CLICK HERE to read it]

2. Have a silky smooth lubricant, like Astroglide, handy. This is key: It can make all of the difference in the world. Third, skillfully play with her. Rub her clitoris in an up/down or circular motion. Vary the pressures and ask her what feels best. Lay off every now and then if the sensations get to be too much for her. As your working her clitoris, massage her pubic area. Insert a finger (or more) into her vagina, using a circular or thrusting motion. Tug at or stroke her inner lips to further get her going!

2. Go Down Boys! Exude sexual confidence by becoming a cunninlingus expert. Oral sex is where it’s at for most women. Start by kissing her all over, working your way to her clitoris. Suck on it, lick it – vary intensities. Harden your tongue and use quick darting motions to stimulate the entire genital area – her inner lips, vaginal opening, rectal area – and once you’ve struck gold, maintain your tongue rhythm in that spot. Ease off every now and then when she can’t take any more. Indulge yourself in her treasure. Moan like you can’t get enough. Insert a finger into her vagina or anus for more stimulation. Kick things up a notch by sucking on a menthol as you’re going to town, or do a shot of mint Schnapps for the sensation it provides. One last tip: Shave – your baby smooth skin is going to feel much better than brush burn on her inner thighs.

3. Develop more control. The longer you can hold off, the likelier she is to orgasm (and more than once) during sex. Since some men tend to cum before women, you need to let her sexual response cycle catch up with your own. Increase orgasm intensity by learning to control your ejaculation using Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor muscles.

4. Make friends with a vibrator. Instead of being threatened by this mechanical device, be empowered by it. Your lover will be most impressed as you take charge of her orgasmic potential, working a vibrator up and down her clitoral, mons, and anal area, in a circular motion as you hold her and feel her body shudder from ecstasy time and time again. Or send her to the moon the next time you have sex and dare to work the vibrator on her clitoris as your thrusting her!

5. Don’t forget about the rest of her body. As the body’s biggest organ, our skin is ignored all too often. Rather than take a cooking class to meet women, take a massage class to keep women. In the glow of candlelight, treat her to a rub down with baby oil. Pay special attention to her back, her shoulders, her neck, and her feet. Give her light kisses and tell her you can’t get enough of her. She will be putty in your hands.

Author: Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright PhD.

Advice: Love, Lust & The Male Body

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

The male body is beautiful and full of wonderful surprises. But we tend to focus on his penis and let so many other elements of his anatomy (and sexual response) slip past us.  It’s important to explore his body every now and then in ways that don’t focus on his penis and penetration. That goes as much for boys as it does for girls too, as quite often we see men in store who haven’t really explored themselves beyond traditional penis-centric sexual expression.

So what do you do?

Start with a little massage and touch. Gather up supplies, like silicone lube, massage products, and maybe a blindfold. If you don’t have a blindfold, just use your thigh high stocking or a necktie. Blind folding your lover while mapping their body for signs of sexual response can really help your lover relax and give in to sensation in new ways. By removing the visual component, which us men are sometimes too reliant upon for stimulation, you allow him to concentrate on the physical. His physical, and what you’re doing to it.

Your main tools however will be your breath, lips, fingers and hands. Give yourselves 30 minutes of pure touch and tease before you even get to the region around his penis. Nibble on his ears, kiss his neck, and massage his muscles. If he is enjoying it, keep going. Watch for even the subtlest response like the rate of his breath and the tension in his muscles.

If he expresses reservation or flinches along the way, respect those responses as well and move on to other areas of his body. This can be a perfect lesson in learning to trust each other. You’ll also learn what kinds of flirty touches you may be able to use on him in the future, like blowing a little air on his neck while he’s reading or tucking your hand in between his thighs during dessert at the restaurant!

As you move on to his shaft, remember the most responsive area on his penis (for most men) is the frenulum – on the under side of his penis, where the head meets the shaft. That’s the perfect spot to flutter your tongue or gently use a vibe against.

And then the entire underside of his shaft from head to testicles is also very responsive. The simple reason for this is that most of the day and night a man’s penis is soft and relaxed. The underside of his organ sits against his warm skin, while the top and sides of his penis and balls are rubbing against clothing and bedding. Consequently the protected nerves on the underside of his shaft and head are closer to the surface of his skin and more sensitive to touch.

Moving on down the shaft, I have to ask if you have you ever held a guys balls and sort of cupped them and pushed them up into his body? If you ask him why he likes it he will say something like, “I don’t know. Just keep doing it!” That’s because there is also more erectile tissue in his body than meets the eye.

The average man’s external shaft is about five to six inches long. If he’s an average guy, he’ll have another 3 or so inches of erectile tissue that goes deeper inside his body. We call this the root of the penis. One way to stimulate this deeper erectile tissue is by cupping his balls and pushing them up into his body, as the root is directly on the other side of his testicles. This subtle cupping action will bring a great response because the root of the penis is more sensitive than his shaft.

If he’s fully erect, you can walk your fingers back a little bit, just behind his testicles but before you reach his sphincter, and you can feel end of the root of the penis at his perineum. There are also eight muscles that come together at this point to create his pelvic platform, making this area profoundly responsive to touch for many men.

Keep in mind that some guys will get a little shy as you get close to their butthole. If your guy tenses up and expresses fear as your fingers move in this direction, take him seriously. Leave your hand right where it is, but stop any movement. You might want to say to him, “I promise not to touch your butt.” And then don’t touch his butt! Let him learn to trust you.

If he is relaxed in your hand, use the pad of two or three fingers to give him a gentle circular massage. You might try pushing up into his body a little with your finger pads as well. This perineum massage will, in turn, put pressure on his prostate from the outside of his body. Depending upon how close he is to orgasm, this may take him right over the edge.

For more information on his incredible body, male orgasms and how to get most out of him, I highly recommend reading The Multi Orgasmic Man. For some tips and tricks that focus just on his member and the surrounding areas, I suggest Dr Sadie Allison’s wonderful Tickle His Pickle.

10 Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

All men want to be healthy, and in many cases, they try and take care of themselves by watching what they eat, getting exercise on a regular basis, and managing the stress in their lives. But many men are unaware that they can also take care of their sexual health and prevent problems before they occur.

Here are 10 tips for men to keep in mind for maximum sexual health:

  • Eat a healthy diet – Many men are surprised to learn that what they eat can affect their sexual performance, but it does.  By eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and low in fats, you will keep your “sexual” system in good working order.  Strive for plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, whole grains and low-fat milk.
  • Get regular exercise – Men who live a “couch potato” lifestyle may soon find themselves with sexual problems.  By “getting up and moving” you will be taking an active role in maintaining your sexual health.  Check with your physician, and then start a program of regular exercise that includes walking, cycling, tennis or whatever you find enjoyable.
  • Stop smoking – Many doctors agree that smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men.  Studies have found that a major of men who suffer from ED are smokers, and that smoking can also reduce sperm count and quality.  Smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to the penis, making it difficult at times to maintain an erection.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake – While you may enjoy the buzz you feel when you drink alcoholic beverages, you are putting yourself at risk for ED.  Alcohol may make you feel sexier by lowering inhibitions, but it also reduces libido, causes erection problems, and often times impairs the ability to have an orgasm.
  • Learn to manage stress in your life – Stress can leave you feeling exhausted, worried, uptight and very nervous, and can also lead to sexual problems as well.  If you allow stress to manage your life, instead of the other way around, your life will soon feel as if it is out of control.  Learn stress management techniques, find ways to handle anger and sadness, and you will be doing your part to maintain your sexual health (and your sanity).
  • Do Kegel exercises – Usually associated with women, Kegel exercises can increase sexual enjoyment in men as well.  Kegels are a way to strengthen the muscles that connect the base of the penis with the tailbone.  These muscles act to control the flow of fluids through the urethra, so by learning how to control them, you can delay ejaculation to heighten your orgasm.  To learn how these muscles feel, try stopping the flow of urine the next time you urinate.  These are the muscles you need to tighten, so to do Kegels, just squeeze the muscles, hold them for a few seconds, and then relax them.  By contracting these muscles, you gradually build up their strength, and your pleasure.
  • Use lubricants – As men grow older, they often experience a gradual loss of sensitivity in their penis.  Lubricants can help men with this problem to gain a freer range of motion, and increase sexual enjoyment.
  • Have a yearly check-up with your doctor – It is no secret that men do not like going to the doctor, but if you want to maintain your overall (and sexual) health, you should make sure that you have a physical at least once a year.
  • Avoid illegal substances – Unfortunately, some men will take illegal drugs to get high, thinking that it will enhance their sexual experience.  But it most cases, it has the opposite effect.  If you want to avoid ED, then avoid illegal substances.
  • Maintain a positive attitude – Medical studies prove that men who have a positive attitude towards life also enjoy a problem free sex life as well.  So, adjust your attitude to a positive one, and enjoy the benefits!

Overall it is important that men become more attuned to, and confident with, their bodies, aware of their desires, needs and fantasies, and respectful of what their bodies are capable of doing. It all adds up to happy healthy men who just happen to be good lovers too!