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MB featured on über blog

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

It’s no secret that Max Black has a thing for latex, and of late we’ve been developing a taste for the world’s finest lingerie too. So it’s not a surprise to our loyal fans that we’ve partnered with Berlin brilliance Tres Bonjour to bring their incredibly hot latex lingerie to Sydney – and it was one of the stand-out favourites at our Peekaboo Fashion Launch in May.

What has come as a surprise is the wonderful article our new lingerie and latex pieces helped to inspire at lingerie magazine

The beautiful Pixie popped into MB a couple of weeks ago to run her very respected eye over our collection and introduce MB to the Couture Lingerie world. It’s a lovely article and we can only thankPixie from the bottom of our hot little hearts for the post – we love you Pixie!

See the article for yourself here and make sure you click around if lingerie is your thing – you’ll love it!

Boys, never fear the vibrator…remember every Super Hero has a side-kick!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

So, boys listen up! There’s a huge MYTH that needs debunking. You know, the age old story where girl meets vibrator, girl and vibrator become best friends and then boy is forgotten.

I would like to argue quite the opposite! Just as you boys may enjoy a little solo-playtime, whether you are involved with someone or not, so do us girls. And I hear you shouting out,

“But then she would spend all her time with her toy not me!”

But think about this, there is nothing that will EVER replace the feeling of the real deal and you can never emulate that sense of touch, embrace or intimacy with a toy. Also, has anyone ever seen a vibrator open a car door for you? I know I haven’t. And if you have, please send documented evidence as Max will need to get those vibrators in stock ASAP. But seriously, never fear . . .you boys are not going anywhere!

Who’s to say you can’t play with these toys together, in fact I encourage experimenting with this. Why not take the steering wheel and drive? The toy is but an object that YOU are directing, YOU are the one that is behind this pleasure-inducing session. A toy shouldn’t lead to the destruction of your sex-life, it should rather lead to the seduction of your sex-life.

And remember, every woman is wired differently. Some women orgasm from penetration, some do not. Some women only orgasm from clitoral stimulation and some women only reach orgasm with the help of a toy (and the list goes on!). So, boys we are certainly not saying that you are not skilled, but perhaps introducing a toy to the bedroom could enhance and heighten playtime together, making it even better, or creating an orgasm-enhancing situation which is always a win!

They say behind every great man is a great women, well flip it and reverse it, and I say behind every great women is a great man (with a vibrator-wink!).

JD- Lelo Smart Wand

Armed with the right toys you can transform yourself into a Super Hero of the bedroom. I mean could you imagine Johnny Depp armed with the LELO Smart Wand? That makes me double weak in the knees and is definitely the equation for a Bedroom Super Hero. They always say dress the part, so boys why not accessorize with the right toys and your birthday suit and play Super Hero for a night.

So, instead of eying down that vibrator as your arch-nemesis why not turn foe to friend and make that toy your wing-man! Remember every superhero has a side-kick.

Australia’s Sexual Stylist – The Original & The Best at Max Black

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

A Max Black Sexual Stylist session is all about creating a more confident, vibrant and happy you. Our sex lives are so important to our everyday well being, and at various stages in our lives, this part of our life can become neglected. Before you know it you may not have the confidence you once did – or perhaps you want to discover the pleasure you always heard about….

You turn to Rachel Zoe for fashion inspiration, Donna Hay for cuisine; Napoleon for makeup styling and Donatella for home décor… but what of your sex life?  Welcome to Max Black, where Australia’s first and only Sexual Stylist, Heidi Zuegn is changing the sex lives of Australian women.

She’s an expert at helping you add that special something to your sex life, and together with the team at Max Black, we’ll help you to have renewed confidence, understanding and inspiration in the bedroom. Our team has been helping women have more fulfilling and nurturing sex lives for the over 7 years, so we know how to make a difference!

It all starts by making a time for a complimentary consultation with Heidi herself. Your time with her starts in Max Black’s Velvet Lounge, a private, comfortable and soft space that was purpose built for the many workshops and special events that happen at MB through the year. Heidi will ask you what your personal goals are for your sensual life, including what you want to explore, what has interested you before and what you might want to achieve if  you’re a couple, so that she can determine what will work for you.

Heidi can then advise you on everything from basic anatomy and function (sex education 101 – sometimes so important) to which toys and romance items will help you to get toward your sex life aims. You might find yourself talking to her about enhancing self-confidence, or how diet ad exercise can affect your sex life, or even ways to create the time and space to enjoy sex with your partner.

Heidi also loves latex and burlesque fashion, and Max Black has two beautiful rooms devoted just to that. If you want to explore dressing up she takes great delight in helping you to create a look that makes you feel and look fantastic.

Together with advice on putting together a great toybox with products that will best suit you, techniques and tips for their use, and even book recommendations, having a sexual stylist session can result in a fantastic sexual makeover! And if you need referrals to workshops,  a sex therapist or other health professional, Max Black can help there too.

If you’re interested in having a complimentary sexual styling consultation with Heidi Zuegn, or organising an interview, please get in touch with us by calling 02 9557 0122 or emailing us at