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New Products: Organic Flavoured Lubricants from HYDRA!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Anyone who has shopped with MaXXX Black knows just how much we LOVE natural personal lubricants. Free from the chemicals, additives and crap that so many supermarket brands have in them, natural and organic lubricants deliver a healthy, sexier, and safer experience  –  and now they’ve just gotten REALLY interesting…

From Intimate Organics (makers of one of our most poular lubes, HYDRA) comes six new lubricants, all with unique and even delicious new flavours. Forget the usual peppermint and cherry, the team at IO have created flavours and aromas we actually want to taste…

Of course we’ve already had a little taste test, and the falvours are not only genuine, they’re lovely!

The fragrance of each evokes the flavours before they even meet your lips, and since this whole range is Aspartame-Free, that yucky aftertaste is a thing of the past. They gently warm your skin for a few second on contact too, so they’ll never feel cold or clammy – just smooth and sexy, the way lubes should be.

Click on the links or images above to see the line on

Swiss Navy Launches NEW Lubricant – Candy Cane Flavour!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

You know the holidays are descending upon us when the very best brands start releasing their seasonal products – and 2011 is going to be a bumper year for new and interesting (andvery fun) adult products.

The first we’ve seen land in store is the all-new flavour from Swiss Navy water-based lubricants.

To celebrate the silly season they’ve introduced Candy Cane Flavour lube!

Made from the same high-quality ingredients and glycerin free this new lubricant captures the classic flavour of the peppermint candy cane and reinvents it for some sexy grown-up fun.

Get your santa costume on and grab a bottle of Swiss Navy for a yuletide you’ll never forget!

NEW PRODUCT: Mixgliss Lubricants From France

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

We’ve done it again – MaXXX Black is proud to be the FIRST store in Australia to launch MIXGLISS – a beautiful range of natural lubricants made in Provence, France.

We’re passionate about lubricants – not just because they make everything more sensual, fun and sexy – but also because we’re seeing more and more personal lubricants that are good for us too. So when we came across Mixgliss we were absolutely delighted!

Created in Grasse en Provence, France’s world-famous capital of perfumery, Mixgliss is a combination of specialised natural alchemy and truly original frangrances, flavours and styles. Utilising plant-based ingredients, essential oils and natural preservatives there are 10 (yes, TEN) new kinds of lubricant for you to try.

So what are they? Well, lets split it up into the different kinds and go from there….

1. NeutralLUB water-based and FLUID silicone based are the two “naturally neutral” choices. NO flavour or scent, just pure slippery goodness.


2. Silicone Scented – With the same great silicone base as FLUID, the two frangranced silicone lubes are just lovely. WILD has a hint of musk and PURE has a wonderful orchid perfume.

Mixgliss WILD - Musk Silicone Lubricant

Mixgliss PURE - Orchid Silicone Lubricant

3. Water-Based Flavoured – Treat yourself to a flavoured lubricant made from natural ingredients and featuring flavours that no-one else can make. KISS tastes like Wild Strawberries and SWEET has the delectable flavour of Tutti Frutti Bubble Gum!

4. Water-Based Actives – If you like to play with new sensations, or just want to ramp up the fun why not try a cooling or warming lubricant. FRESH is a lightly cooling lubricant with natural extracts of peppermint and rosemary. HOT is a gently warming lube with natural extracts of cinnamon.

Mixgliss Fresh -  Cooling Peppermint Lubricant

Mixgliss Hot - Warming Cinnamon Lubricant

5. Water-Based Health & Wellbeing – The latest formulas from Mixgliss are BIO and RELAX. BIO is made from 100% organic plant extracts, which makes it ideal for those with sensitivities, vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants a totally natural experience. RELAX is the first water-based anal lubricant we’ve ever stocked. In fact, we think it may be a first anywhere. Designed as a relaxant as well as a great lon-lasting lubricant, RELAX can make your experiences more comfortable and enjoyable with less mess.

Mixgliss BIO Natural Lubricant

Mixgliss RELAX - Anal Lubricant

Every type is available right now from our website (just click an image above) or in-store. Priced at only $20, each 50ml flip-top bottleis presented in a beautiful little box – making it stylish in the bedroom and cute as a button for a cheeky little present.

Product News: LELO 150ml Personal Moisturiser is Back!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

After a very long wait LELO’s amazing personal moisturiser is finally back in store in the 150ml bottle.

So why are we excited?  Well, it has to do with three things:

  1. This is by far one of the best personal lubricants available anywhere – glycerin and paraben free and so so sexy!
  2. The 150ml bottle is a beautiful black glass cylinder with silver leaf print and a stunning circular cap topping off the pump action applicator.
  3. It was so popular the first time it was in Australia (December 2010) that we sold out of THREE MONTHS worth of reserves.

So it’s no surprise that we are delighted to see it back on the shelves, and our bedstands!

Follow the link HERE to find out more.

MaXXX Wants You To Play Safe This Weekend

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Heading out this weekend?

Got a party planned?

Be good to yourself and others by being prepared to play safe.  If it’s not on, it’s NOT on, but that doesn’t just mean condoms – remember dams, gloves and lots of good quality lubricant. And it’s not just about the boys, it’s for all the girls too!

We’ll be here as always with knowledgable staff who are happy to help you find the perfect combination for your play – we’ll even take you through different lubes so you find the sexiest one. Remember that using the right lubricant will help prevent condom breakage and slipping.

Plus we have the right sort of condom for every occassion with over 18 types instore.  For those using strap ons or toys condoms will be essential if you’re having a party. And don’t let that latex allergy get in the way – we have the best latex-free condoms on the shelf!

If you need more information about safe sex practices you can pop into the store for information on products or why not click onto for the latest campaigns and health info. They even have great instructions for ways to slip one on this weekend.

Play Safe.


NEWS: Study Proves Lube Makes Sex Better!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

A lot of people keep a tube or two of lubricant in their dresser and only use it for certain acts or when the oven isn’t quite preheated (so to speak.)

But we at Maxxx have always believed that a good quality lube should always be an essential part of play time. That’s why we weren’t at all surprised when a study from Indiana University revealed that “the use of lubricants in our study (of 2,453 women) was associated with higher ratings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and low rates of genital symptoms.”

The study trialled different types of water and silicone based lubricant to come to this conclusion, though researchers found fewer genital symptoms and pain when used specifically with a water based lubricant.

“”These findings help us to reinforce to sexually active individuals that not only are lubricants important to safer sex but that they also contribute to the overall quality of one’s sexual experiences,” says Debby Herbenick, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Here are some of the findings:

  • More than 70 percent of the time that lubricant was used for vaginal or anal intercourse, study participants indicated that they did so in order to make sex more pleasurable; more than 60 percent of women indicated this was the case during masturbation.
  • More than one third of the time that lubricant was used for vaginal sex, anal sex or masturbation, women indicated that they used lubricant because it was fun to do so.
  • Sizable proportions of women also indicated that they chose to use lubricant in order to reduce the risk of tearing, particularly for anal intercourse.”

So when it comes to lubricant we should all be having a slice of the fun (why miss out because you think you “don’t need it?”)

At Maxxx we stock all different kinds of lubricants, from completely organic and glycerine and paraben free varities (that won’t irritate or alter the female PH), to luxuriously silky and long lasting silicone lubricants.

So why not add a little bit of extra fun to your play time? You’ll be taking care of your sensuality and personal health.

(There are dozens of great lubricants to suit almost everyone – Click Here to see our range)


Legendary lubricant…Sliquid!!

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Let’s talk about lubricants for a moment. Not using lube is like not putting oil in your car. Things run alot smoother and can go for longer with the right type of lubricant. Even if you have no problems getting naturally lubricated we highly recommend using lube as well. There are many types of lube on the market and are generally separated by what they contain. Silicone lubes are fantastic for doing the do and extended play but not compatible with silicone toys. If you have silicone toys we suggest water-based lubes only. When you combine silicone toys with silicone lube the particles bond and you will find the top layer of your toy starts to degrade. Silicone lubes come in various consistencies and it is always recommended to try it out and find the one you like most. It is certainly a personal choice and no one lube will be suitable for everyone.

 Water-based lubes are lighter than silicone and may not last as long but they don’t leave a sticky residue and sometimes feel a little bit more natural. We stock a fantastic range of water-based lubes that can be used with all toys. We pride ourselves on locating the safest and most luxurious products and this extends to lubricants as well. Just recently we have acquired the brand Sliquid which is a very exciting product. Sliquid comes direct from the US and is “created by sensitive women, for sensible women”. Sliquid is an entirely paraben and glycerin free product. For the health conscious customer this range is perfect. Just like your beauty routine for moisturising, exfoliating and cleansing it is only natural you take care of your most treasured body parts with the same attention to detail. Using cheaper lubes with chemicals and oils can increase your chance of thrush and vaginal infections. So keep everything nice in your lady garden and choose the right lubricant.


Sliquid is totally vegan friendly and has a wonderful waterbased lube as well as a silicone lube and even a silicone/water hybrid lube. Just recently they brought out their gorgeous Organics range which are all blended with certified organic botanticals and perfectly balanced to help heal and rejuvenate your most intimate areas. Using  Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Hibiscus to name a few these products are the ultimate in earth friendly and body safe lubricants. We currently stock the organics range as well as the waterbased and hybrid lubes. So come in and give Sliquid a try!