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Libidex Latex Has Landed + New, Bigger Rubber Room Opens!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

We’ve been talking and teasing about the arrival of our first Libidex collection for a little while now, and if you have an interest in latex fashion you have no doubt heard about it. Well, the wait is finally over with the very first shipment of Libidex hitting MaXXX Black this week. And to celebrate we’ve given the Rubber Room a big makeover!

The Rubber Room is now located in a new space, doubling the floor size and giving you even more room to enjoy the rubbery selection. Heidi and Bruce have been working very very hard to create the biggest Rubber fashion selection in Sydney, and it’s amazing!

The first Libidex shipment contains men’s tops and leggings, plus dresses, tops and skirts for women. For the first time we have metallic colours in stock, and there are new latex stockings in-store too – in CLEAR TRANSPARENT latex!!

It’s the first of many though, and the next shipment (due in just a couple of weeks) will bring an array of Libidex corsets to the shelves of MaXXX Black.

So get into the Rubber Room here at MB, and see for yourself the best collection of latex fashion in Australia. But make it quick – there are limited sizes available.

Libidex Is Coming To Sydney!!!!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Throughout 2011 we were very very proud to bring latex back to Sydney. We found Rubber55, got Honour & SkinTwo in-store and managed to get designer Matt Bylett to create a latex collection just for us. Plus with Vivishine and Vividress on our shelves, your latex (and future latex) has never looked better.

Well, the shiny revolution continues in 2012 with the official launch of a Libidex collection in Australia – right here at MaXXX Black.

We are beside ourselves with excitement – Libidex at MB means lots of new styles, colours and trims, and with new items coming in from other brands it looks like our Rubber Room might need to expand. We’ll keep you posted.

We know we’ve been chatting about Libidex fora few weeks now on Facebook and in-store, so letting you all know when they’re due would be kind right? Well, keep an eye out for the official launch announcement around the end of Feb. Our Libidex latex range is being expertly put together in London, and we expect it in just a couple of weeks.

Keep it Shiny!