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Friday the 14th – It’s all about film…

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

If you’re a lover of independent film then this week is your week to step into the inner west for a special treat or two. Max Black is proud to be a part of these two great (and LOCAL) film events…



1557138_554591184669661_3221973565837278717_oStarting From Now – Series 3 Launch

This six part online drama follows the entangled and messy lives of four strong, lesbian women in Sydney.  Starring Bianca Bradey, Sarah de Possesse, Rosie Lourde, and Lauren Orrell.  Created and directed by award winning film maker and writer, Julie Kalceff.

With over 3 million views on Vimeo (and counting) Starting From Now is one of the most successful queer online series to come of out Australia, and we are so proud it’s local not just to Sydney, but to Newtown! Join the cast, director and writers at the official Series 3 launch.

Doors: 6.30pm – 11.30pm   |   Tickets: $25 + booking fee

Buy: Sticky Tickets  |  Website:

Can’t make it to the launch – download Series 3 from Vimeo On Demand from Friday 14th November at or catch up with the first 2 seasons at



evil_girls_2-600x400Love Hard – Screening at Pervfest

LOVE HARD is a work of docu-portraiture from local filmmakers Sensate Films about BDSM and intimacy. In its inquiry into the loves and lives of 5 subjects, it presents unique, articulate, and thoughtful perspectives on how kink can function in our lives – as a practice of art or intimacy, as a mode of expression or release, as an iteration or an obliteration of self, as a way to play, a way to fuck, a way to love, a way to be ordinary.

LOVE HARD + Live Q&A with director Gala Vanting and cast
Doors: 8.30pm/Start 9pm  |  Tickets: $15/$10 + booking fee
Buy:   |   Website:



CLAUDE Play Packs now distributed at Max Black!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Max Black and Claude have joined forces to bring free kinky play packs directly to women who play with other women. Is that you? Next time you visit Max Black you can pick one up!

Max Black is stocked with play packs which have lube, condoms, gloves, cleaning product for toys and surfaces and of course no kit would be complete without some info about safe sex, looking after yourself, your partners and your toys. Blood play packs are also available with the same contents as the above kit and also a sharps disposal bin, alcohol swabs, needle tips, cotton wool balls and of course we’d never distribute this kind of stuff without some information about how to keep yourself safe and free from blood borne viruses.

If you can’t make it in to Max Black but you’re a woman from NSW you can order your free play pack on the Claude website ( While you’re there check out the badass site which celebrates women into kink, defiance, art and sex.

Claude is pumped full of all the good stuff – music, bravery, health info, free stuff, videos, interviews and everything that sits on the edge. One more thrust and Claude would burst!

October Adult Workshop – The L Word – Sexuality of the Modern Queer Woman

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

It’s time for a BRAND NEW workshop – and this one is just for queer women…

This new workshop will look at the ins and outs of sex and relationships for the modern queer woman.

Presented by Sydney sex therapist Christina Spaccavento, the aim is to examine some of the big issues women in the community have constantly been asking about; female anatomy and the female sexual response cycle and orgasm, female sexual desire, communication with your partner, how to negotiate roles in same sex relationships, keeping it fun in the relationship and gender identity vs sexual orientation including coming out.

If you want learn more about your sexual and romantic relationship with your female lover, come along to an informative and interesting community event at Maxxx Black.


Learn about how to better please your lover.

Find out how to communicate better in your girl on girl relationship.

What do we mean when we talk about gender and sexuality?

Do you want to explore different types of sexual play with your partner?

Plus, a Q&A where you’re encouraged to ask Christina anything!


The Details

When: Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Time: 7PM – Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start.

Where: MaXXX Black – Level 1, 264 King Street, Newtown

Tickets: $20 (including booking fee)

Tickets are available: at the counter in-store plus you can phone us for mail orders OR CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE

About Christina

Christina is a qualified clinical Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor whose understanding, warmth and experience have made her popular with singles and couples alike from across the social spectrum.

She works with couples and individuals on a broad range of sexual and relationship issues and holds a Masters of Sexual Health from the University of Sydney, is the Acting CEO of Impotence Australia, Director of the Australasian Institute of Sexual Health medicine and Board Member of ASSERT NSW.

Christina regularly conducts sexuality workshops for health professionals and the public and has appeared on the Taboo National Geographic Documentary series as an expert therapist as well made various contributions to media such as Marie Claire, Body and Soul, Reader’s Digest and SBS radio in the areas of sexology and sexual health.

Visit Christina’s website to find out more a

Events: ACON After Dark is back – ON NEXT WEEK!!!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

What do you do when the lights go out?

‘After Dark – Lesbian sex and sexuality uncovered…’

MaXXX Black and the ACON Lesbian and Same Sex Attracted Women’s Health Health Project are bringing you an exclusive night of titillating informative fun and fantasy for women who love women!

Held in the glamorous MaXXX Black premises in Newtown, this event promises the answers to those delicate questions about sex, fantasy, play and more.

The night will include free champagne, nibbles, free party bags (including an extra special mini vibrator!), an interactive sexual health workshop, rope bondage demonstrations and your own personal guided tour through the unbeatable range of MaXXX Black goodies for women (generous discounts are available for this night only).

This event is for over 18s only and has limited places (with what’s on offer are you surprised?), so RSVPs are essential if you want to get in for this exclusive experience!

What, where, when?

What: After Dark – Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered
Where: MaXXX Black, Level 1, 264 King Street Newtown
When: Wednesday September 21st, 6:30pm to 9 pm.
Cost: FREE- entry only with RSVP
RSVP: Click here now!

More info

Contact: Annaliese Constable, Lesbian and Same-Sex Attracted Women’s Health Project Coordinator
Phone: (02) 9206 2007

Six Sizzling Summer Reads. #4

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Best Lesbian Romance 2009: Radclyffe

Who says romance is dead? Certainly not the authors of these powerful stories of lesbians in love — and sometimes in lust. Best Lesbian Romance 2009, edited by the award-winning author of such books as When Dreams Tremble and Turn Back Time, presents the juiciest, most seductive love stories written today. Putting a new spin on the subject, these stories explore the underlying emotions and complex relationships that help define love between women. Radclyffe has assembled a remarkable collection of stories that carry the reader on a journey that tugs at the heartstrings, titillates, and blissfully explores the pleasures of Sapphic lovemaking. From a shy glance across a crowded room, to a casual meeting at a dinner party, to an accidental encounter on a street corner, this delightful potpourri collection of romantic interludes showcases the many ways love can be both lost and found. From the poignant intimacy of discovering love and cherishing loved ones to erotic encounters involving sensuous leather play and steamy hot tub sex in the midst of a snowstorm.

Contributors include Jennifer Fulton, Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Rakelle Valencia, and Alison Tyler.

A first rate anthology for fans of LesFic romance!

After Dark

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered:
A joint eXXXpedition between MaXXX Black and ACON

Gorgeous girls, sex education, cupcakes and champagne anyone? I can safely say that your darling MaXXXie is not adverse to any of these, separately wonderful, but when put together…. Oh, yes! Give it to me hard, you bad girl!
The night started with all the red hot chicks from ACON and spunky MaXXX staff looking their absolute seXXXiest, readying all the essentials for the amazing night ahead of us, polishing all the glasses, making sure there were new batteries in the toys, beautifying the shop and of course checking the champagne and cup cakes for poison.
Fashionably late, oh no not these girls, fashionably early. The evening was to start a 7, but as early as 6.30 our seXXXy eager beavers were arriving ready to start their night of fun and informative sexual education.

First up there was champagne, mingling and like at any good party, checkin’ out the goods. Then the magnificent Siri from ACON began her eXXXciting interactive workshop. “Fisting!” “Growling Out!”. Gosh did we have a feisty bunch on our hands! This was an exercise where all the lovely ladies yelled out what two (or more) women could do together either on the street or in private. And those were the two first ones they came up with! Oh, you naughty girls! It must have taken about 45 mins and running out of anything else wonderfully rude to finally come to kissing and holding hands. Ha Ha, my type of girls!

Then after a little break, more champagne and some baby cupcakes, there was my favourite game, What’s in my box? Ooops, I mean What’s in the box? The group of lusty girls were broken up into small groups and given a mystery box, where they had to identify the contents and make up some scenarios where they could be used. So, what was in your box, I mean the box? I hear you say. Well, many things, some girls were left with a confused look on there faces and some were had that telltale smug grin of knowing. I sure did enjoy prancing around the room looking in all of their boxes….
A big thank you to some of the more experienced girls, who practically gave us a full demonstration on how to use what was in their mystery box. It was greatly appreciated!

The night finished as well as it started with rope bondage demonstrations, a big thank you to Mistress Jadis and submissive fleur. You are always such a hit! Oh and to the girls that got up and involved in the rope bondage, I saw everything!

Then it was our turn to do some education about the wonderful products that we have here, at your favouritest ever shop, MaXXX Black, and as a wonderful addition to the night, we launched your new favourtitest new web site. Yes that’s right, we are taking over the world wide web. So we look forward to seeing all of you either on our seductive new site, or in at the one and only MaXXX Black.

So from all of us at MaXXX Black thank you to everyone that come along, having such a gorgeous and fun bunch of women made it the eXXXciting and rewarding evening that we were all looking forward to!

Till next time, stay safe and Merry Mardi Gras….