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McGrath Foundation 10th Anniversary

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

McGrath Foundation 10th Anniversary - Maria Venuti & Lelo

Check out our gallery from the McGrath Foundation 10th Anniversary gala fundraiser! Max was a proud supporter on the night and our very own Bruce and Heidi walked away with a LELO box hand-crafted by the fabulous Maria Vanuti.

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New LELO Generation 2 Has Arrived – Ina 2, Mona 2 & Elise 2 In-Store Now

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

It’s Spring, the sun is finally out, and that means that new toys are arriving – and one of the most exciting releases of the year is upon us – LELO Generation 2 has arrived!

Sporting an all-new motor, improved design and new waterproofing amongst other upgrades, the Gen 2 Lelo Vibrators are going to be a very popular plaything with women and couples worldwide- especially all those devoted Lelo owners who’ve been waiting for a tech upgrade in these best-selling pleasure products.

We can hear you ask, ‘what’s so new’? Oh, it is our pleasure to tell you….


LELO Gen 2 is packing a whopping 100% increase in power from an all-new motor – go on, pick up your elise, turn it up to the highest level, then double it – that’s the power in these amazing vibes. Best of all they are still whisper-quiet even with the new strength.


Not just splashproof, WATERPROOF. Lelo know you sometimes like to relax i nthe shower, or the bath, or a spa, so they’ve impreoved the silicone exterior and recharge connector to make it totally waterproof. Play anywhere, anytime and cleaning is now easier than ever!


The rechargeable battery inside Gen 2 not only manages to feed that stronge new motor, but also last even longer. You’ll get up to 4 hours play from the new vibrators with just 2 hours on charge. Good for your play, good for your wallet, and good for the environment.

Now for the toys….

Introducing MONA 2

MONA 2 has an updated shape and g-spot focused design that makes full use of the new power while feeling a little more generous in the size department.

Introducing INA 2

INA 2 is very ver yexciting. They’ve been listening to women in over 20 countries and as a result the clitoral stimulator has been redesigned entirely. It’s now thicker and more flexible whilest feeling a litle softer to the touch. The longer stem shape means that every woman can now enjoy simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Introducing Elise 2

Elise 2 has a new all-over silicone shell – from the base to the tip, and twin motors (one in the tip and one near the base) for maximum impact and divine resonance!! They’ve also upped the number of modes from 5 to 8 so you have even more ways to vary your play.

There’s even a cute little video of the new INA 2 on LELO’s youtube channel – we’re also sharing it on ours at where you can catch the videos for Mona & Elise also. But since you’re here already why not just press play on the video feed below?

Giveaway: 2 FOR 1 Tickets to see Hysteria the movie!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Hysteria the movie is due to hit cinemas on July 12th, and if you’ve been anticipating it’s release as much as MaXXX then you’re going to LOVE our special offer in partnership with LELO.

Simply purchase any LELO vibrator at MaXXX Black (online or in-store) and you’ll receive a special 2-for-1 movie ticket to see Hysteria at a participating cinema (all major cinemas).

We’ve been waiting for this movie since we first saw the play The Next Room, on which it is based. It’s fun, it’s a little bit sexy, and it’s all based on the very real history of one of the modern world’s most enduring technologies – the vibrator!

About The Movie

Director Tanya Wexler’s new film HYSTERIA looks and feels like the classic, sumptuous Victorian period piece we’ve all come to know and love, but the heart of the film is an irreverent, hilarious and surprisingly modern story.

“We knew that we’d have to find a unique tone,” says Wexler, “Because while it might be a 19th Century story, it’s a subject that still makes us blush in 2011. The fun was in creating a kind of lush, Merchant Ivory reality on the surface, but with a hilarious, unbridled comedy running underneath it.”

Set in the 1880’s, just as a flurry of newfangled gadgets and inventions was forging the world as we now know it, the film follows the historic creation of the best-selling domestic appliance that dared not announce its true purpose: the electrical vibrator. What emerges is more than a playful comic romp; HYSTERIA is a feisty love story and a trip into hidden history, an exploration of women’s passion and a celebration of the forward-thinking spirit that has always kept human progress buzzing.

With a cast led by Academy Award® nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal (CRAZY HEART) and leading man Hugh Dancy (MY IDIOT BROTHER), the film’s Victorian past resonates with questions that still preoccupy us today – about sexual attitudes, men and women, and how to lead a truly satisfying life.

NEW Products: LELO’s Magic Wand is Smarter than Hitachi, and in-store now!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

It’s been a long time in development, but LELO’s answer to the most popular sex toy of all time has arrived at MaXXX Black.

The leading global designer of intimate massagers and accessories, LELO, is launching the brand’s first personal all-over massage device, the LELO Smart Wand™ massager. Including LELO’s patent-pending SenseTouch™ technology, fostering comfort, relief and control, LELO’s Smart Wand™ massager is available at MaXXX Black Sydney and through


LELO’s Smart Wand has us all in a flutter for three very important reasons:

1.  Shhhhhh Quiet – unlike almost every other wand vibe out there, Smart Wand is exceptionally quiet for a wand vibrator.

2. Waterproof – this wand is not afraid to dive. Ready for play in watery depths, Smart Wand is just as much fun in the shower, bath, spa, pool, stream, bay or anywhere else you’d like to be submerged.

3. SenseTouch – It might sound like a big fat marketing gimmick, but the technology inside SenseTouch is more than just hyperbole. With a little practice you and your partner will be wondering why all toys don’t come with this as standard.

4. It’s Pretty – Aesthetics are important. Ask any woman who has been the recipient of a bright green jelly dildo and she’ll will gladly point out why the very look of this award-winning toy is enough for her to say ‘yes’ again and again and again.

A world first for all-over body massagers, SenseTouch™ technology is a revolutionary new way to enjoy massage, where vibration-strength is triggered the moment the wand touches the body. Vibrations increase the longer the massager stays in contact with the body; enabled by the touch-sensor in the massage tip, the effect mirrors a more professional technique, where power grows steadily to bring relief and relaxation at a pace that’s right for each individual.

LELO’s Smart Wand™ massager delivers the benefits of a spa-grade massage, helping to soothe achy and sore muscles in the back, neck, shoulders or anywhere else. Designed to aid in minimizing muscle stress and relaxing muscle tissue, helps promote good circulation, an elevated mood and increased flexibility.

The massager delivers the high-powered, discreet performance LELO products are renowned for. From downtime during business trips to relaxation at home, the waterproof and rechargeable massager can even be enjoyed in the bath or shower.

LELO’s Smart Wand™ massager comes in two sizes, including a medium size which is perfect for travel and all-over massaging while on-the-go. The large size Smart Wand™ massager is more powerful than any other rechargeable massager on the market, perfect for deeply satisfying all-over body massage.

Made from the smoothest FDA approved body-safe silicone, the silky surface creates a soft, but firm touch while the enlarged SenseTouch™ tip allows for even technique and massage. The LELO Smart Wand™ massager delivers up to two hours of relaxing stimulation through eight different massage strokes.

Through LELO’s commitment to providing intimate well-being products that physicians trust, the innovative company has attracted a customer base of loyal, forward-thinking enthusiasts who are leading a movement that supports personal health as a necessary component of overall well-being.


PROMOTION: Who wants a gift?

Friday, May 4th, 2012

The weather is getting cooler and we know more and more of you are heating things up at home, so it’s the perfect time to show you all a little love.

For a limited time only, every purchase of a LELO Sensemotion product will receive a FREE bottle of the luxuriously flavoured Intimate Organics Strawberry lubricant.

Naturally flavoured, and made with certified organic ingredients, Intimate Organics STrawberry is nothing like the weird-tasting lubes on the supermarket shelf. Plus it’s Aspartame-free (no after-taste) and 100% Paraben-free too. That means no matter who you are you should have many happy hours playing with this delicious alternative to traditonal personal moisture products.

So it was a natural choice as a special gift with purchase.

We absolutely love the LELO Sensemotion toys – the first vibrators with motion sensor remote controls. They bring tactile fun, movement and play to the bedroom and they have become a real favourite with couples shopping with us in our Newtown store.

There’s three of these remarkable little toys to choose from – all you have to do is pick a favourite:

Oh, and if you’re quick you can pick up the ODEN for just $199, a huge saving of almost $50, plus you’ll still get the free gift!

See you in-store soon!

New Toys: The PicoBong Range is here!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

We first heard about PicoBong many months ago, when the colourful summer-themed range of vibes was still a twinkle in LELO’s eyes. Yes, that’s right, PicoBong is a new brand of toys from that wonderful toy maker LELO. Since it’s now been in-store for a couple of weeks, we thought it might be time to introduce you to the whole range….

Who Is Picobong?

From the team behind Swedish designer brand LELO, the new PicoBong brand builds on its flagship’s extensive experience and knowledge of creating high quality, sophisticated products, but with younger men and women in mind, and for those looking for a more affordable price.

With a wide-spread network of creatives that span across California, Shanghai, Sydney (that’s MaXXX!) and Hong Kong, PicoBong embodies a global charisma and the very latest in style trends.

PicoBong reckons they’re paving the way for a 21st century sexual revolution advocating healthy, safe and responsible adventurism, personal awareness and discovery of self (and others).  Like Lelo, the PicoBong team believes in promoting greater personal sexual exploration and acceptance. According to the company they “promise to marinate you in wit, shock you with a risqué sense of humour and keep you on your toes with an endless cache of innovation”.

So what do they look like?

There are six products in the range, each coming in fun colours and perfectly packaged for a cheeky gift.

With dual vibrations, multiple uses, and endless enjoyment – Mahana features two vibrating pleasure points and a unique form that offers extra versatility to those who let their imaginations run wild.
Honi Mini Vibe in Cerise

Sometimes the smallest things can give the most joy – but don’t be fooled by Honi’s petite frame, because it packs a wallop and offers you a world of pleasure on a string.
Kiki Vibe in Blue

THE C-SPOT VIBE – Right on target, when pleasure is the aim – Kiki’s curved pleasure point with flattened tip allows users to apply focus and pressure directly to the C-spot.
The Finger Vibe – Fun at your fingertips – Ipo is a cute little finger vibe that lets users focus vibrations where they are wanted most, turning ev ery touch, tickle, and stroke into a singular sensation.
Koa Ring Vibe in Black
Couples Ring – Koa is the ideal toy for couples; a flexible accessory for him, a mighty climax for her, and style that borders on fancy dress – has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
Tano Plug Vibe in Purple
Plug Vibe – Tano is a specially-designed pleasure plug that puts users directly in the rumble seat. They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman – and she just might be holding a Tano Plug Vibe!

What Makes Them Good?

Powerful and Near-Silent Motor

Housed inside every PicoBong™ is a daring little motor which certainly packs a wallop! Not only is the motor strong enough to knock your socks off, but it does so in the quietest way. Perfect for those with nosy roommates.

12 Vibe Patterns and Multiple Speeds

An amazing 12 different vibration patterns can be enjoyed over multiple speeds, providing a spice-based cliché concerning variety and life!

2 Hours of Play from a Single AAA battery

Each PicoBong™ requires just one AAA battery for 2 hours of bliss.

Made with Body-Safe, FDA Approved Silicone

PicoBong™ toys are made with the highest levels of quality and safety in mind, which is why we only use body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic.

Easy-to-Use Control Interface

With an exciting array of possibilities for every toy, who needs confusing buttons or dials?! PicoBong’s™ 2-button interface is easy to operate and totally user-friendly, ensuring nothing gets between you and a good time.

Fully Waterproof to a Depth of 1 Meter

Not only are PicoBong™ toys easy to clean, but they are also ideal accessories for the bath, shower, swimming pool – even a babbling brook, if that’s your thing. PicoBong™ toys offer versatility that is perfect for use whenever, wherever and with whomever’s got your fancies tickled.

Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty

Every so often, a lunar eclipse occurs. Just as often, a PicoBong™ toy can sometimes go wrong. In case something has slipped by, PicoBong™ offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all toys.


The Picobong Range is available online (click one of the pics or links above to go right there) or in-store NOW!

NEW TOYS FROM LELO: SenseMotion Launches at MaXXX Black Adult Store

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The new range of LELO Insignia toys featuring world-first SenseMotion technology have arrived and are now available at MAXXX Black.

We are delighted to present Lyla™, Oden™ and Tiani™ – 3 wireless remote controlled couples’ massagers that boast settings never seen before in products of this kind. What they allow is for the user to control vibration speed and intensity with movements from the palm of their hand, using advanced technology similar to what you see in the Wii remote and iPhone. These fantastic new products are available to order now!

So what’s so great about SenseMotion?

No other massage products feature built-in SenseMotion™ technology, allowing users to interact with their Pleasure Object through movement alone, all via stylish wireless remote.

No other products of this kind include motors in both massager and controller, allowing users to feel the sensations their partners are experiencing up to a range of 12 meters / 39 feet.

No other remote-controlled products feature superior wireless capability alongside waterproof versatility in both massager and controller, for near limitless possibilities.

No other company offers the same level of quality assurance, after-sales service and war ranty coverage that comes standard with every LELO purchase.

No other company’s products match the new Insignia™ in terms of functionality and design – it’s as simple as that.

And what do they look like?

LYLA™ – World’s Most Advanced Egg-like Massager with Wireless Remote

Lyla™ is the premium egg – like massager in the world today, to be enjoyed externally or worn internally for a range of thrilling sensations. Featuring LELO’s pioneering SenseMotion™ technology and a wireless remote with a range of up to 12 meters/ 39 feet, powerful vibration patterns are adjusted by the controller with a simple tilt of the hand. Meanwhile a discreet motor inside the controller mirrors Lyla™’s vibrations to show what a partner is feeling. Wonderfully quiet, fully waterproof and rechargeable with a beautifully smooth silicone design, Lyla™ brings an array of untold possibilities in couples’ play

TIANI™ – World’s First Wearable Couples’ Massager with Wireless Remote

Tiani™ is a landmark creation for couples the world over; a luxurious addition to your love life that can be worn by women during intercourse or for an intimate hands-free experience. Featuring revolutionary SenseMotion™ technology with a wireless remote, a simple flick of the wrist will adjust vibration patterns at any time you choose. More than this, the waterproof silicone design and smooth flexible form brings absolute comfort to both partners – making a great experience even better, while setting a new standard for couples’ massagers in the world today.

ODEN™ – World’s Most Advanced Couples’ Ring with Wireless Remote

Oden™ is the most sophisticated couples’ ring ever made, featuring an industry-first with SenseMotion™ technology and wireless remote that allows you to change vibrations with a tilt of your hand. Delivering more intimacy and control than ever before, the unique and flexible design is coated in the smoothest silicone to bring greater comfort to the man, while the near-silent vibrations allow for intimate enjoyment by both partners. Fully waterproof and rechargeable, with motion-control settings and all the guarantees you expect from LELO – no other couples’ ring offers this kind of sensual experience.

Click on the pink links above to see the complete range on our website.

Sex Toy Review: Lelo Ina, A Different Kind Of Rabbit Vibrator

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Despite the Ina’s deceptively understated design, its function and shape have everything to do with maximum sensual satisfaction. Lelo is a company whose design aesthetic is consistently the perfect marriage of beauty, quality and functionality; with the Ina they have developed a luxurious dual action vibrator with a discreet, sophisticated look and the most intricately choreographed stimulation modes on the market.

Description and Materials

A newer member to Lelo’s Femme line of adult pleasure objects, the Ina is a multi-talented dual action vibrator with a shape that’s reminiscent of the traditional ‘rabbit’ vibrator. The Ina is made of a combination of materials: a velvety, phthalates-free high grade silicone that’s draped over a rigid body, and a shiny ABS plastic for the handle. The massager is a mid-sized vibrator that stands at 7.8 inches long with an insertable length of 3.5 inches. The available colors to choose from are a vibrant red, purple, or lime green.

The Ina’s S-shaped dimensions are practically identical to the Mona with the exception that it has a clitoral stimulator attached to its tapered middle. With such a lightweight (4.6 ounces to be exact), ergonomic design, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is extremely easy to maneuver. It’s powered by a rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery, which affords up to 4 hours of play time from a mere 2 hours worth of charging; it also has a 90 day long stand-by period. There’s also a very useful self-locking feature that’s designed to prevent accidental activation.

How it Works

The massager contains two individually operated motors, one at the clitoris and one located near the g-spot, controlled with an intuitively designed, built-in interface. The 4 button control pad easily regulates speed and stimulation modes, giving the user precise control over sensations. The eight pre-programmed pleasure modes are the crowning glory, ranging from continuous, soft flutter … to intense pulsation. A few of them are so elaborately synchronized that the sensations oscillate, heighten and pulsate between the pleasure points like a finely tuned harmony.

Packaging & Storage

The packaging is nothing short of spectacular. The outer casing is a cardboard sleeve with an attractive, yet understated, design and sports a color scheme that complements the color of your Ina. Sliding it off reveals an elegant gift box, reminiscent of one that normally only encases precious jewelery. Also included is a luxurious satin pouch for safe-keeping, a multi language user manual, and a charger – as well as Lelo’s one year warranty agreement.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Lelo Ina

Proper care and maintenance will greatly increase the function and lifespan of this product. First, only use water based lubricants since silicone based varieties can potentially make the toy’s surface permanently tacky. Secondly, wash the toy before and after every use with hypoallergenic soap and warm water, making sure to rinse it off with hot water and patting it dry with a lint-free towel. However, take care to avoid submerging the toy into water; it is not waterproof and getting the inside of the DC socket wet may damage its operation.


Now we get to the good stuff. Thanks to Lelo’s ingenuity and excellent engineering, the Ina has eight of the most finely tuned stimulation

modes ever. Not only are these options impressive, they can also be turned up to high levels of intensity, answering the call of buzz-hungry users who need a tad more throttle than a run-of-the-mill vibrator can offer. However, sensitive users need not be intimidated as the Ina is still capable of offering the precise control and gentler speeds that Lelo is known for.

The shape of the body is absolutely ideal for tantalizing the g-spot and the shaft’s rigidity offers more control and adjustability. Another positive point is that the vibration is well distributed throughout the body of the toy, being most concentrated at both pleasure points – but without spilling over to the handle (that would inadvertently give one’s hand too much vibe).

One downside of the Ina is that it is not waterproof, and at the price it’d be nice to have the option of shower play. Another smaller drawback to consider is that the clitoral stimulator is a tad stiff and presses quite firmly against the erogenous zone; luckily, its hardness does relax a bit after repeated use.


Despite the fact that the Ina is quiet powerful, it is still among the quietest vibrators available on the adult toy market. When set to higher speeds, or the more complex program modes, the frequency is somewhat audible emitting a medium pitched frequency, but its sound is hardly enough to distract or irritate.

Lelo Ina

Long Term Appeal

Those who love the function and feel of a dual action vibrator will be nothing less than thrilled with its performance. Rest assured that the Ina, like most other Lelo pleasure products, will consistently keep you very satisfied.


The cost of the Ina is on the higher side. However, its dependability, performance and innovative construction make it well worth the investment in the end. And as a consolation, you never have to pay for batteries.

Final Thoughts

You’ll have no regrets saying, “The Ina is ‘a-mine-a’.” Its unparalleled pleasure modes, gratifyingly sensual ergonomic shape and superior construction make this adult plaything a top rated pick. We rate it at top-notch 10/10.

Product News: LELO 150ml Personal Moisturiser is Back!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

After a very long wait LELO’s amazing personal moisturiser is finally back in store in the 150ml bottle.

So why are we excited?  Well, it has to do with three things:

  1. This is by far one of the best personal lubricants available anywhere – glycerin and paraben free and so so sexy!
  2. The 150ml bottle is a beautiful black glass cylinder with silver leaf print and a stunning circular cap topping off the pump action applicator.
  3. It was so popular the first time it was in Australia (December 2010) that we sold out of THREE MONTHS worth of reserves.

So it’s no surprise that we are delighted to see it back on the shelves, and our bedstands!

Follow the link HERE to find out more.

6 Sexy Ways To Make Valentine’s Day HOT (and romantic)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

MaXXX Black knows Valentine’s day. It’s a little bit of love, a little bit of lust and a whole lot of romance – so let us indulge you and your lover with these irresistable ideas…

1. Set The Mood

Never understimate the power of ambience. The right lighting (make it subdued), soft music (that isn’t cheesy – avoid Kenny G at all costs) and soft, sexy frangrances not only make your space the perfect place for romance, but they’ll get you and your special someone in the mood. We like to think of it as before-foreplay, and it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed.

Flickering Massage Oil - Fresh Lily & Musk

Candles, massage and a glass of your favourite wine or bubbly will certainly start things of right. If you really want to please this year why not indulge in LELO’s stunning Flickering Touch 24k gold-infused massage oils (pictured) or better yet their new massage candles.

Light the wick, breath in the warm sensual scents and then use the warm high slip massage balm to massage your loved one – the combination of soft light, warm glow and sensual touch is sure to get them swooning in no time!

2. Be Pampered

Tickle Me Intimacy Love KitWhat would Valentine’s Day be without that feeling of being pampered silly? Of feeling special and sexy ALL OVER? Good thing we found Booty Parlor, the beauty parlour for your love life.

With products like pheremone-infused caviar body scrub, melt-in-you-mouth chocolate body fondue, and delicious kissable body shimmers they make your whole body the place to play and leave you feeling confident, sexy and glowing.

If you just can’t choose though Booty Parlor makes it easy with the new Seduction Kit ad Tickle Me Intimacy Kit (pictured) have all the little elements you need.

3. Get Sensual

LELO Personal Moisturiser - 75mlThe right lubricant makes everything better. It increases sensitivity, makes your bodies more tactile and makes your play smooth and sensual. Plus it can help your play last for hours & encourages repeat performances 😉

Choosing the right one for your night is essential, one that isn’t sticky,  gluggy or dries out it sooo important. Premium ingredients with no parabens or glycerin is also important for play that is healthy. Our absolute favourite at the moment is Lelo’s Personal Moisturiser. With a long-lasting water-based formula it’s good for all kinds of play, kind to your toys, and even kinder to your body – plus it’s the perfect size to pop into your bag for that naughty hotel getaway.

4. Adventure

Intima Silk Blindfold by LELO

Spice things up and take your lover on a new adventure with a few simple tips.

A blindfold, silk cuffs and soft, sexy props can transport you both to somewhere new and exciting, and you won’t even have to leave the bedroom.

Lelo Accessories have the perfect little bits and pieces to do just that. Silk, natural feathers and suede materials combine to give you the adventure you’ve always wanted.

5. Raunch

We-Vibe 2 - RubyA toy or two in the budoir can turn a simple bout of love making into the raunchiest of fun-filled nights of passion! And with hundreds of different kinds of toys out there you are bound to find one that will make you both very happy.

Our pick for Valentine’s Day though is one that is brilliant for both of you. The We-Vibe is the first and only vibrator that is worn while you make love. This little c-shaped gem has helped over a million couples inject some raunchy intimacy into their relationships.

6. Afterglow

Whew! Well after all your preparation, pampering and passion, there is only one thing left to do – bask in the afterglow of your romantic liaison.

There is nothing quite like the closeness of two bodies that have shared something special, so cuddle up, spoon in and breathe.

Pop into MB, talk to our fantastic staff and pick up all the little things you need to make your Valentine’s day wonderful.