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Sexy Doppelgängers

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Glass Sculpture-Shiri Zinn Glass Dildo

Sex toys have come a very long way and have now evolved to the point where some toys look like actual pieces of art or every day objects. Here are a few sexy doppelgängers I have come across. . .



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Serviette Holder-Lelo Alia Vibrator


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

There are days when it seems like we have the best job in the world – days like today.

Inside our delivery boxes this morning was the VERY FIRST shipment of LELO Insignia pleasure objects in Australia – and we got to open them!

These are the most hotly anticipated toys of the year with sensual styling, functionality and quality that is second to none – plus they have to be some of the sexiest vibrators we have ever had the PLEASURE to play with.


LELO Alia - Compact and Versatile. Perfect for couples play. Ideal to enhance oral pleasure.

So what’s so great about the new range? Hmm, where do we start?

There’s the new designs – gleaming metal meets silky, seam-free silicone in a variety of budoir colours (yes even the guys will love these) plus each new design features the ‘ring’ which will make handling and play oh so much easier and tactile.


LELO Isla - Deeper pleasure that is built for men and women alike!

Ergonomics – The ‘ring’ is a fundamental change we’ll see lots of other companies copy as it allows for a more natural hold on the toy, making for more comfortable and targeted handling. LELO have also ensured the new infinate control panel is positioned in such a way that when the thumb is put through the handle the index finger rests easily on the controls.

Then there’s the new motor – LELO did an overhaul of the already great motors in their toys to deliver vibrators that are higher frequency, deeper feeling and whisper quiet.

How about the battery? Like all LELO products the Insignia range is fully rechargeable – so no more battery shopping (or remote control raiding). The new battery charges faster too and holds it’s charge for almost 30% longer!

Insignia are waterproof! These are LELO’s very first rechargeable waterproof toys – so now you get the eco choice and you can play where you like.


Lelo Soraya - The most luxurious rabbit vibrator ever made?

It comes with jewellery. Yes, each Insignia vibe comes with a pretty little infinity pin. Makes us feel like we belong to a very exclusive group of men and women who are in the ‘know’.

It’s Beautifully Packaged – every Insignia comes in its own gorgeous presentation box that makes us feel like we’ve gone shopping at Chanel or Tiffany’s. MB will also giftwrap any Insignia purchased for Christmas too so it’s the Holiday gift that comes ready to give (and please).

Simply put – They feel awesome, they look amazing, and every staff member at MB has one on their Christmas list.