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NEW PRODUCT: PalmPower Bodywand + Accessories

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

For generations now the Hitachi Magic Wand has been a benchmark for high-power body wands that are mains-powered. The intensity of the deep rolling vibrations was unmatached for almost 30 years, and while we’ve seen lots come and go, the PalmPower bodywand by BMS practically blows it out of the water!

This little wonder is so good, our first delivery of PalmPower wands SOLD OUT in just afew days, and the second case was practically sold before it got here. We have of course brought many more in to keep up with demand.

PalmPower Massager (not for sale in North America) bigger version

This new silicone massager has an unprecedented intensity for such a small massager – imagine all the power of your Hitachi (plus a little more) packed into a wand that’s less than a third of the size!

Powered by a new motor made by PowerBullet USA, the silicone tipped wand can be gently adjusted from light and rumbly to OMG! And, thanks to the forward-thinking peeps at BMS, this wand has accessories that are not only fun, they’re affordable!

PalmBody Wand Accessories

The PalmBody set features two silicone caps that are designed to massage and nuzzle different parts of body. the cheeky ‘fingers’ and ‘arms’ are easy to cup around muscles, erotic points and more.

Just $25! Click Here to see it at our store.

PalmSensual Wand Accessories

The PalmSensual set has another two heads, with more obvious applications. There’s a rabbit-style head for dual stimulation of the clitoris and g-spot as well as a G-Spot head that is perfectly shaped to rock back and forth along the sweet spot!

Just $30! Click Here to see it at our store.

So if you’ve been looking for a massager that can do so much more than just soothe tired muscles, the PalmPower Wand is a fabulous choice. It’s Phthalate-Free, made from sexy silicone and at under $100, a fantastic bargain too.

New Product: Wand-A-Struck Mini Magic Wand

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The Wand-A-Struck is the little baby brother of Desire Australia’s smash-hit massager The Wand-A-Lust, better known as the Aussie Hitachi Magic Wand. But don’t be fooled by it’s smaller, more portable and lighter body – this mini wand generates as much power as the larger version and delivers it in a concentrated and brilliantly powerful way!

It delivers super duper strong vibrations to every part of your bod. It is so effective it can be used a massage tool as well as for more ‘fun’ applications. If you can use this at full strength, you are amazing!

The Wand-a-Struck also features the advantage of being made for Australian mains-power requirements, so no bulky transformer Рsimply plug in and experience one of the most powerful vibrations on the market.

Small and light enough for travel pop the Desire Wand-A-Struck into your overnight bag and surprise the heck out of your playdate!

See it on our website HERE!