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Gallery: The Nike High Heel – For Good or Evil?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

MaXXXie loves a good fashion fix, and in searching for new trends and outfit ideas we happened to stumble across some heels with a difference – NIKE High Heels! Morphed into a sexy pair of stilettos, High Heel Nike Jordans are a line of all-star pumps that would score some major points with the fashionista set.

Now, we haven’t made up our mind about these. On one hand the unique look of every pair is awesome, but then the whole sneaker with a heel is completely out there! But we pass no judgement – they are fab purely because they are so different.

Enjoy the Gallery…..

Costumes and Control

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

As you can see from the fabulous online store, here at MaXXX Black we have a huge selection of gorgeous products, designed to enhance any loving that you may be getting (or giving), so that everyone has the amazing orgasms they deserve. But, what you may not know, is that we also stock so much more in-store, including a saucy selection of outfits for you to dress up in while you’re playing with your favourite toys. And, because we’re a thoughtful bunch, you can even beautifully accessorise your new costume with one of the new diamante chokers, leg-lengthening platform stilettos, or just match your new look to your favourite sex toy.

Seriously though, remember the last time you went to a fancy dress party – how much fun was that?! Or for those of you out there who already play dress-ups when your getting down and dirty, I know you’ll be having a wee smirk to yourself already. And, the added fun factor with dressing up is that it is almost impossible not to get into a little role play, however tongue in cheek. For example, the hottest police officer in town will always catch her man with our glamorous diamante handcuffs, and if he’s been really naughty, a thorough frisk and a shake down will have him sorted in no time. If he’s been really naughty, some super tight bondage and an interrogation should put an end to his wicked ways (if you want). For bondage hints and tips you simply must check out ‘Bondage for Sex’ by Chanta Rose or ‘SM101‘ to make sure he obeys.

Queen of Hearts Costume PVC Nurse Costume Leg Avenue Sexy Cop Love Bug Costume

A couple of my favorite designs are the Lovebug Tutu with wings, and the mad Queen of Hearts. These will make you feel like belle of the ball and can be glammed up with one of our beautiful new diamante chokers and heels, or worn punky with a leather collar and fishnets. And of course, no dress up box would be complete without the ubiquitous naughty nurses’ uniform and we have a great selection, from pink little dresses to nasty black PVC-if nurses really looked this hot we’d all develop temperatures (groan!) So for the perfect examination we have some great tools to help with your diagnosis of the victim, ahem, patient. Snap, snap! Oooh, rubber gloves and lube for those personal examinations. We highly recommend using Pjur Aqua or Pjur Bodyglide for those hard to reach places and making sure everything is in working order. And, if you know what’s good for you the soothing, therapeutic Yes organic lubricant will have your patient healed in no time at all. Incidentally, you’ll find a great range of medical toys and equipment in-store.

We have a range of lingerie, stockings, and heels to tantalise yourself and/or your lover. We have many customers who have partaken in pole dancing classes and want to demonstrate their new found skills in the bedroom. Sequin bikinis, feather boas, opera-length gloves, and a rinding crop will have your partner panting for that private dance. Or maybe you could release your inner dominatrix – cuff or tie him down so he can’t touch you or himself and tease him till he goes wild with passion! In-store you’ll find a fine selection of crops, whips, floggers and bondage accessories to complete your kit.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, come in armed with you (or your partners’) favourite fantasy and we’ll help you find everything you need to make it a reality.