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CLAUDE Play Packs now distributed at Max Black!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Max Black and Claude have joined forces to bring free kinky play packs directly to women who play with other women. Is that you? Next time you visit Max Black you can pick one up!

Max Black is stocked with play packs which have lube, condoms, gloves, cleaning product for toys and surfaces and of course no kit would be complete without some info about safe sex, looking after yourself, your partners and your toys. Blood play packs are also available with the same contents as the above kit and also a sharps disposal bin, alcohol swabs, needle tips, cotton wool balls and of course we’d never distribute this kind of stuff without some information about how to keep yourself safe and free from blood borne viruses.

If you can’t make it in to Max Black but you’re a woman from NSW you can order your free play pack on the Claude website ( While you’re there check out the badass site which celebrates women into kink, defiance, art and sex.

Claude is pumped full of all the good stuff – music, bravery, health info, free stuff, videos, interviews and everything that sits on the edge. One more thrust and Claude would burst!

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Kissing

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Kissing. It seems like the easy bit doesn’t it? We all kinda know how to do it and some of us consider ourselves masters of it. But kissing is more than foreplay, and it’s much more than two sets of  lips coming together.

Here are our Top Ten Benefits of a kiss.

1. Those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

2. Kissing is great for self-esteem. It makes you feel appreciated and helps your state of mind.


3. Kissing burns calories, 2-3 calories a minute and can double your metabolic rate. Research claims that three passionate kisses a day (at least lasting 20 seconds each) will cause you to loose an entire extra pound! It’s time to start that kissing diet!

4. Kissing is a known stress-reliever. Passionate kissing relieves tension, reduces negative energy and produces a sense of well being, lowering your cortisol ‘stress’ hormone.

5. Kissing uses 30 facial muscles and it helps keep the facial muscles tight, preventing baggy cheeks! The tension in the muscles caused by a passionate kiss helps smooth the skin and increases the circulation.

6. Kissing is good for the heart, as it creates an adrenaline which causes your heart to pump more blood around your body. Frequent kissing has scientifically been proven to stabilize cardiovascular activity, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.

7. Those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder and blood infections.

8. During a kiss, natural antibiotics are secreted in the saliva. Also, the saliva contains a type of anesthetic that helps relieve pain.

9. Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the ‘noise’ in your mind. It increases the levels of oxytocin, an extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of peace.

10. The endorphins produced by kissing are 200 times more powerful than morphine


Inspired? Well get out there and pucker up – it’s good for you!

Eat Your Way To Better Sex – Part 2

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

No doubt that today, being Valentine’s Day, will see millions of couples step out for a luxurious, or intimate, or purely romantic dinner. So it’s the perfect day to present Part 2 of our super sex foods. (You can read part one here)

Here’s 6 more yummy foods that will boost your sex life…

7. Eat More Fruit

Did you know that men who consume at least 200 milligrams of vitamin C a day improve their sperm counts and motility? In fact Vitamin C has even been shown to be effective in reversing infertility in some men (University of Texas) in as little as 14 days.

And while you’re in the grocer don’t forget the Watermelon. It’s filled with high concentrations of the good-for-your-heart, good-for-sex phytonutrients lycopene, beta carotene, and, the big one, citrulline. Citrulline is particularly exciting for its ability to relax blood vessels, according to studies at Texas A&M University. When you eat watermelon, the citrulline is converted to the helpful amino acid arginine. Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it.

8. Red Meat & Red Wine

Alot of people are going to like this one. Italian researchers recently found that the antioxidants and alcohol in the wine may trigger the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps artery walls to relax, increasing blood flow to the genitals. Just limit yourselves to a glass or two. More alcohol than that can put a damper on sexual performance and lead to bed spins of a not-very-sexy nature. Worth noting: even teetotalers can benefit from the red grape. Dark grape juice contains antioxidant polyphenols that protect the cardiovascular system and help keep skin flexible and elastic.

Which brings us to red meat. Lean cuts are great sources of zinc, a mineral that curbs production of a hormone called prolactin, which at high levels can cause sexual dysfunction, according to Berman. Zinc is also a key muscle-building nutrient, and the high concentrations of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) in beef, studies show, may spur weight loss. Choose filet mignon or other deep red cuts with round or loin in the name, because they are the leanest.

9. Beans (a.k.a. Protein)

Protein is so important to weight maintenance that you should eat it with every meal and snack. Proteins boost metabolism a little more during digestion than any other type of food. Plus protein increases metabolism by helping to build muscle and stall the muscle loss that naturally happens as we age. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat is, so the more lean muscle on your body the better at burning calories it will be. Plus, well-toned abs and thighs are nice to look at when unadorned by clothing. So, how do you eat more protein without going overboard on eggs and meat? Beans—they’re good for the heart and your glutes. Kidneys, garbanzos, black beans, and navy beans are full of muscle-building protein.

While they may not be the best choice for a side dish if you plan on sex for dessert, building your meal plan around a foundation of beans and legumes will ultimately pay off for you sexually. Many studies show that bean eaters are leaner and healthier than people who don’t eat beans. According to one study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who eat 3/4 cup beans or legumes a day have lower blood pressure and smaller waists than people who get their protein from meat. Beans are also full of cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber. A quarter cup of red kidney beans delivers 3 grams of fiber, plus more than 6,000 disease-fighting antioxidants. Navy beans are particularly rich in potassium, which regulates blood pressure and heart contractions, something you’ll need as your heart starts racing when he does that special move that makes you melt.

10. Fresh Fish

Well, to be more specific – fatty fish. If what’s good for your heart is good for your love life, then fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna should feature regularly in your meals.

The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA found in fish help to raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal, according to sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD. Other health benefits: anti-inflammatory properties that fight blood clots and heart arrhythmias, better brain function, and protection against dementia. Studies show that omega-3s can also reduce symptoms of depression. Research from the University of Pittsburgh showed that people with high omega-3 blood levels were happier and more agreeable. Tell us that can’t help you get more sex!

Fish is one of the many healthy foods that contain the amino acid L-arginine, which stimulates the release of growth hormone among other substances and is converted into nitric oxide in the body. It’s worth repeating: nitric oxide is critical for erections and it can help women’s sexual function as well by causing blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow.

11. Oats & Grains

Did you know a bowl of Uncle Tobys’ finest is one of the few ways to boost testosterone in the bloodstream?

The male hormone plays a significant role in sex drive and orgasm strength in both men and women. Oats (as well as seeds, ginseng, nuts, dairy, and green vegetables) contain L-arginine, an amino acid that enhances the effect nitric oxide has on reducing blood vessel stiffness. L-arginine has been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, it helps relax muscles around blood vessels in the penis. When they dilate, blood flow increases so a man can maintain an erection.

Oatmeal and other whole grains like whole-grain bread, brown rice, and barley also qualify as good-for-the-heart, better-for-the-gut foods. They are slow-burning, complex carbohydrates that won’t drive your blood sugar through the roof. They keep you feeling fuller longer and provide excellent energy. Try a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries and bananas with a drizzle of honey before your next marathon sex session.

12. Oysters & Shellfish

Oysters have long held their reputation as an aphrodisiac (though that is historically attributed to their shape and visual appeal), however raw oysters do have a strong connection to sexual function.

Oysters hold more zinc than most any other food, and it is believed that this mineral may enhance libido by helping with testosterone production–higher levels of the hormone are linked to an increase in desire. Zinc is also crucial to healthy sperm production and blood circulation. While Casanova reportedly ate 50 raw oysters a day, about six will provide double the recommended daily allowance of 15 mg of zinc.

To spice things up a bit, try a few dashes of hot sauce on your raw oysters. Other good sources of zinc are shrimp, red meat, pumpkin seeds, poultry and pork, eggs, and dairy products.


No matter what you’re serving, make it healthy, yummy and sensual – and remember, food  does more than set the mood, it’s also vital to the way we want to play.

xox MaXXXie

Eat Your Way To Better Sex – Part 1

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Sexologists, cardiologists, and psychologists agree: how much you consume has a huge impact on your sexual health. Exactly what you eat is  important, too. The right foods can help us transform the way we feel, and the way we feel is central to how healthy our libido is.

So here are the 12 foods you should be getting more of if you want to get more of  ‘it’. Part 2 next week.

1. Berries, Berries & More Berries

Researchers at the University of Rochester conducted experiments on undergraduate students to see if there was any real connection between the color and sex. In one, male and female students viewed images of women on red or white backgrounds. The men found a woman’s image on red more attractive than on white, while the female students did not. In another test, men were asked to rate attractiveness of pictures of women on red, white, gray, green, or blue backgrounds. As expected, the men scored the women on red as more sexually attractive. They also said they would spend more money on the women in red than on those in the other colors.

Strawberries can be considered sexy for another reason besides their sensual color: they are high in the B vitamin folate that helps prevent birth defects, and vitamin C, a potential libido booster. Strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate anyone? Or how about the classic strawberries and whipped cream? Blueberries (and blackberries) are just as sexy. Ideal for a great morning-after breakfast in bed, so you have energy for round 2, both berries contain compounds that are thought to relax blood vessels and improve circulation for a natural Viagra-like effect.

2. Spinach & Leafy Greens

Spinach is a potent source of magnesium, which helps dilate blood vessels, according to Japanese researchers. Better blood flow to the genitals, as you’ve learned, creates greater arousal for men and women. Spinach and other green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, Swiss chard, and bok choy are also good sources of our favorite sex nutrient—folate.

Extra insurance for good reproductive health, folate may lower blood levels of a harmful substance called homocysteine. This abrasive amino acid irritates the lining of arteries and encourages plaque to adhere to it. A high level of homocysteine is a significant risk factor for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). But it appears that dietary folate is protective. In a study of 46,000 men. Harvard University researchers found that those who consumed the most folate daily were 30 percent less likely to develop PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) than men who ate the fewest folate-rich foods.

3.  Unsweetened Tea

The antioxidant catechin found in tea promotes blood flow all over the body for sex power and brainpower; it enhances memory, mood, and focus.
One particularly potent catechin, a compound called ECGC prevalent in green tea, is thought to increase fat burn. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who consumed the equivalent of three to five cups of green tea a day for 12 weeks experienced nearly a 5 percent reduction in bodyweight. Drink freshly brewed green or black tea every day-hot or iced. Bottled teas don’t offer the same benefits. And keep the sugar out of it.
Unsweetened tea is an excellent alternative to high-calorie, sugar-laden soft drinks and juices. One 12-ounce can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar in it. The western world is drinking itself into obesity! The high-fructose corn syrup in many soft drinks raises insulin levels, which can over time develop into diabetes. Studies also show that getting too much sugar lowers the body’s ability to produce endorphins. Low endorphins can lead to depression, and know that depression sucks the life out of our sex drive.

4. Seeds & Nuts

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and other nuts all contain the necessary monounsaturated fats with which your body creates cholesterol—and your sex hormones need that cholesterol to work properly. That’s something the ancient Romans didn’t know when they tossed walnuts at newlyweds for good breeding luck.
Long linked to fertility—the shell, of course, resembles a man’s cojones; the inside meat is vulvalike in form—nuts make a perfectly sexy snack. Packed with muscle-building protein and filling fiber, they are a heart-healthy, albeit calorie-dense, treat.


Over easy, hard-boiled, or scrambled, eggs aren’t the most sensual food on the menu, but it’s hard to beat them for a fit and healthy body inside and out. Eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5, which help balance hormone levels and ease stress, and are important for a healthy libido.

Calorie for calorie, eggs deliver more biologically usable protein (if you eat the yolks) than any other food, including beef. Eggs are an excellent part of a weight-loss strategy thanks to their protein and B12, a vitamin that studies have shown is necessary for breaking down fat.

One study in the International Journal of Obesity found that when overweight people ate two eggs or a bagel for breakfast 5 days a week for 8 weeks, those who ate the eggs lost 65 percent more weight (and lost it faster) than the bagel eaters.

6. Dark Chocolate

Devouring something gooey and decadent is incredibly sensual. Dark chocolate, in particular, contains a compound called phenylethylamine that releases the same endorphins triggered by sex, and increases the feelings of attraction between two people, according to research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. In fact, brain scans in a British study showed that eating chocolate causes a more intense and longer brainbuzz than kissing does. In this study researchers monitored the brains and heart rates of couples while they kissed passionately or ate chocolate. The brains of both men and women showed greater stimulation while the chocolate melted on their tongues than when their tongues were tied in a passionate kiss.

What’s the “healthiest” chocolate? The disease-fighting flavonols that make dark chocolate good for the body also cause the bitterness. To balance flavor and health benefits, try dark chocolate with 70 percent cacao, recommends Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, who directs the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at Tufts University A 2-inch square chunk, at about 100 calories, will deliver a healthy treat without messing with your weight-management efforts.


So there you have it. I’ll tell you about 6 more super foods next week, but until then remember, you can eat your way to better sex!

5 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For Mothers

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Whether your a single mum, a new mum, or one that’s been caring for years, solo-play is an essential part of your health and wellbeing, not just your sexual health either.

For any mum (new mums and mums-to-be especially) playing with toys like LELO Luna Balls or the Fun Factory Smartballs can help get ‘down there’ back to ship-shape health. By strengthening you pelvic floor muscles you make everything down there strogner, from your vaginal muscles all the way through to bladder control. Perhaps most importantly exercise can mean you have stronger, and more frequent, orgasms.

Beyond physical conditioning, sex toys and pleasure objects help us to explore our bodies, getting to know what where and how something feels good. Our pleasure as women, not mothers, is what is important – and connecting to that part of ourselves promotes a whole host of happy good things on a very real level.

So here are our 5 reasons Mothers should masturbate…

1. Stress Reduction!

Yes, masturbation really does relax you, and mothers are some of the most stressed-out people I know! A more relaxed Mom will make the whole family happier. How does that old saying go? “When Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy!”
2. More Fun For Your Partner!

It seems the more women masturbate, the more open they are to their partner’s sexual advances. At first this seems odd. If she’s taking care of her “needs” by herself, wouldn’t she want less sex? Turns out the answer is no. Now whether that’s because masturbating makes women hornier, or horny women masturbate more is for you to decide. Also, women like to have multiple orgasms…Maybe the first one she gives herself is like an appetizer, gearing her up for more action with her man.

3. It Promotes Sleep!

Mothers are notorious for being in bad moods due to lack of sleep, especially new Moms who wake up frequently to nurse or give bottles during the night. Masturbating at bed time is a perfect way to help your body wind-down from a busy day.

4. Strengthens the Pelvic Floor!

I know I already said it but – Do your Kegels, do your kegels! It’s like a mother’s mantra during and after pregnancy. Luckily, orgasms are another great way to tone up those inner muscles. This may be one of the only honestly fun kinds of exercise that exists.

5. Did I Already Say Stress Reduction?

Myths about HIV and Aids

Friday, April 1st, 2011

It’s nearly three decades since doctors identified HIV, an incurable condition that attacks the immune system. In the 1980s, HIV and Aids – the disease it leads to – were the subject of huge amounts of media attention which spread awareness of the virus. But today it seems there’s more confusion surrounding it than ever before.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) isn’t necessarily the ‘death sentence’ it was once considered. Thanks to a new range of drugs, it’s easier for carriers to keep their symptoms in check and live a relatively normal life. However, the illness continues to spread; UN Aids estimates over 33 million people across the world were living with HIV or Aids in 2008.

Estimated HIV Infections 2011 Worldwide Map

So much of this might have been preventable with the right education. In South Africa, the government’s unwillingness to recognise the link between HIV and AIDS has contributed to an epidemic. Shamefully, we’re not doing much better here in Great Britain; the number of people living in the UK with HIV has trebled since 1999. We asked Rachael King, information officer for UK charity Avert, to help us tackle some of the more common myths surrounding the virus.

HIV is something only gay people get.

Not true. “Within the UK, cases of HIV are more or less evenly spread between the gay and heterosexual communities,” says Rachael. “But in the 80s and early 90s, it was mostly the gay community driving the education campaign around HIV. They have become very knowledgeable about it, but unfortunately a lot of the rest of society still know very little.”

With modern drugs, you don’t need to worry about HIV.

Not true. “It’s such a common attitude these days, you go to a doctor(GP)they give you a quick fix and you’re on your way. HIV isn’t like that,” says Rachael.  “There’s no cure, and we’re still very far away from that. It’s easier to treat these days because the drugs have fewer side effects and there’s a move towards universal access, where people can sign up to treatment programs. But this is a privileged situation.”

You CAN catch HIV from saliva, toilet seats or discarded needles.

Not true. “This is a myth that came up in the 80s, and still lingers. To give you the medical explanation, HIV in saliva is so diluted that unless you’ve got a really bad case of bleeding gums, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to contract that way. The only ways to transmit HIV is by a transferral of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk.”

Unless you’re sharing needles, it’s unlikely you’ll catch HIV from a discarded syringe – HIV only survives for a very short time outside the human body – but beware: needles can transmit other diseases, like Hepatitis C, so stay careful.

You CAN’T contract HIV from oral sex.

Untrue – semen or vaginal fluid can carry the disease, so if you’ve not been tested, condoms are still recommended.

People with HIV look ill.

Not necessarily. “In the primary infection stage, it’s said that people can suffer from headaches and flu-like symptoms,” says Rachael. “But generally we consider HIV to be symptomless, so people don’t live in the assurance that they’re A-OK. The obvious signs of HIV manifest later, as the viral load increases,” she says. So don’t expect to be able to spot a carrier – if you expose yourself to risky situations, use a condom and get yourself checked accordingly.

If you have HIV, your child will be a carrier.

Not necessarily. “So much progress has been made in the field preventing mother-to-child transmission,” says Rachael. By taking drugs from the third trimester of pregnancy you can reduce the chance of passing the virus on to your child from 35 to just 1%.

The results of HIV tests aren’t confidential, and your employer might find out.

Not true – the results of HIV tests are kept strictly confidential. There’s no law that imposes an obligation on you to provide details about your health – although conversely, that doesn’t mean they might not ask. In Australia, there are very few employment situations where you are required to disclose your HIV status. There are also very few effective protections once disclosure has been made, despite many companies and organisations having good anti-discrimination policies and supportive work environments. Workers should think carefully however, before disclosing their HIV status, particularly if they are concerned about their privacy.

Being on the pill protects you from contracting HIV.

Untrue. “One I hear a lot, which is terrifying!” says Rachael. Of course, the pill offers no protection at all – so rubber up.


If you would like to know more about HIV and Aids, or you would like to know how you can contribute to awareness, fundraising or community support we encourage you to get in touch with ACON – Australia’s definitive HIV/Aids support organisation.

Click HERE to visit their website.

3 Popular Sex Products We Say NO To…

Friday, February 25th, 2011

They’ve been on the market so long that many people don’t know they may not be good for them – let us share with you the big 3 No-No’s!

1. KY Jelly

Ok, so it’s not the only personal lubricant out there that contains so many chemicals it resembles a public pool, but it is the most recognisable, the most marketed, the most hyped, and the most easily found.  So it leads the discussion at MaXXX Black more than any other lube on the supermarket/pharmacy shelf. So many people ask for it by name it scares us. Why is it so bad?

Old school lubricants like KY-Jelly were developed for use in the medical field, not for sexual pleasure or sexual activity. Typically it was, and is, used to lubricate instruments like scopes, thermometers and catheters prior to insertion.

The reason is gets on our NO list is because, despite thousands of reasons why they shouldn’t, Johnson and Johnson still make KY-Jelly with lots of petro-chemical ingredients,  hydroxyethylcellulose, and more importantly – glycerin.

Glycerin is a ‘sugar-alcohol’ that helps make KY taste sweeter. Yeast feeds on sugar. So if you are prone to yeast infections KY could actually make it worse.

Hydroxyethylcellulose is used as a thickener and to reduce the foaming nature of other ingredients in the product. Unfortunately more and more people are finding they are sensitive to this ingredient with reports of side effects including itching, burning, hives and swelling. It is an ingredient that should not be consumed or absorbed by women who are pregnant or nursing.

The good news is that if you haven’t experienced discomfort from mainstream lubricants than you probably aren’t allergic or hypersensitive to them. But if you want to err on the side of caution we suggest you stick to natural or glycerin and paraben free products.

2. Anal-Ease

There has always been a fascination with playing ‘back there’. Now we’re sure you know it can be an area that is very sensitive needs lots of careful foreplay for pleasurable activities. But since we humans can get carried away with our eagerness for new things we sometimes want to skip ahead a few steps and go for broke.

Problem is that can cause all sorts of pain and as a result there are lots of companies out there producing sprays, lotions and topical solutions that claim to make it “easy”.

One of the best known is Anal-Ease. Anal Ease is a lubricant (of which there are many) and spray that is marketed for anal sex and contains a numbing agent. Usually Lidocaine or Benzocaine. Sound familiar? It should. It’s usually what your dentist uses to numb you before coming at you with a drill.

Now anal sex should not be painful. If it hurts, STOP. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that whatever you’re soing isn’t the right thing. Listen to your body. Go slow, work up to penetration, add lots of lube and talk to your partner about what they are doing and what feels right (and wrong).

Numbing agents like Anal Ease literally numb your backside and therefore put you in danger of hurting yourself.  Using products like these often lead people to go farther, harder and do more than they normally would and that can cause all manner of nightmares. We won’t go into the real yucky detail but you can imagine everything with one word – tearing.

Besides exercising the area with gentle-sized toys and regular light play, plus the right lubricant, there are other alternatives to products like Anal Ease. One of the latest is Pjur Back Door Comfort Spray.

Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray was specifically developed for play from behind. The active ingredients are formulated to make the skin and tissue significantly more elastic – which means you can do things you’ve never done before and feel the full benefit of great anal play.

Lauromacrogol slightly desensitises because it helps to relax the anal sphincter for better sensations without numbing. The addition of Penthenol gives Pjur Back Door Spray it’s relaxing effect without the use of benzocaine or lidocaine. Plus it’s condom-safe!

Top Gun For Men Herbal Extracts Is Dangerous3. Herbal Viagra

These are found under the counter (and sometimes on it in plain view) in adult stores across the country. They usually claim to be a completely herbal natural supplement that will work like the major erectile drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The problem is – the are not what they claim to be.

Marketed under names like Niagra, Naturamaz, Nymphomax, Levitrax and Top Gun, they all claim some all-natural formulation that will work just like one of the major drugs. The issue we have with them is threefold:

  1. Most do not have Therapeutic Goods Administration approval – so you don’t know they have been tested for safety.
  2. They are often laced with the real thing.
  3. They contain other ingredients that for a healthy person can cause big problems.

The reason you need to go to a GP to get a presecription for erectile drugs is that they can all trigger other health issues. If you have any heart, liver or kidney issues the major drugs can be a big problem indeed. You woudn’t want a heart attack in the middle of your session now would you? There is no telling what drug or how much of it will be in the ‘herbal’ pills unlike the prescription ones which your doctor can monitor.

The other thing is that erectile drugs increase the production of Testosterone in the body. If your testosterone levels are normal then these products will spike them above average which can lead to hyper-aggression for up to 48 hours after you take the pill.

There are perfectly safe natural alternatives available at your local health food store and even in some supermarkets. These have been tested for safety and can be very effective – not just for erections but also for that happy horny feeling too. If in doubt we highly recommend talking to a naturopath about the options. There is one in every natural health food store.


Designed To Make Sex Better!

Pjur, makers of some of our favourite lubricants, have launched an all new product that is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. And we love it!

Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray was specifically developed for play from behind. The active ingredients are formulated to make the skin and tissue significantly more elastic – which means you can do things you’ve never done before and feel the full benefit of great anal play.

Lauromacrogol slightly desensitises because it helps to relax the anal sphincter for better sensations without numbing. The addition of Penthenol gives Pjur Back Door Spray it’s relaxing effect without the use of benzocaine or lidocaine. Plus it’s condom-safe!


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away? A prescription for pleasure? Is that a stethoscope in your pocket…?

The titles for this section practically wrote themselves when we read about a recent study from Duke University that found a clear correlation between a healthy sex life and looking and feeling up to six years younger. A key point of this research is that this physiological fountain of youth can be attained by having over 200 orgasms a year; truly a bit of science we can get behind!

Among the benefits to be expected from this magic number:

A bolstered immune system – sexual activity boosts your body’s amount of immunoglobin A, an enzyme that increases your body’s resilience to illnesses like colds and the flu.

An improved appearance – the same endorphins that help to boost intimacy also keep your skin supple and improve your complexion, while the act of sex itself is an excellent calorie burner!

More refreshing sleep patterns – the drop in blood pressure and the release of natural sedatives that occurs after having an orgasm can lead to sleep, and regulate your sleeping patterns.

Of course, reaching this target of 200 orgasms is not a given for everyone, but we hope you agree our LELO Pleasure Objects more than lend a hand. One way they can benefit is to help women reach what is known as the ‘orgasmic plateau’ (“I can see my orgasm from here!”), a stage of arousal where orgasm is imminent – or provide the extra oomph needed to reach the coveted climax.

So next time you feel like enjoying yourself, take extra peace of mind from the fact that the benefits go beyond pleasure, and you’re doing your health a good service as well.

Science: Proof That Carrots Make You Sexy

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Eating strongly coloured vegetables and fruit such as carrots and plums makes people more attractive, according to a new British study.

Researchers at St Andrews and Bristol universities studied the relationship between skin colour and attractiveness, and found people with a yellow skin hue were perceived as particularly healthy and attractive, the Grocer magazine reported.

They also established for the first time that yellow pigments, or carotenoids, from certain fruit and vegetables played a key role in producing yellowness in skin.

As part of the study, 40 volunteers rated 51 Scottish Caucasian faces for healthiness and attractiveness.

The results will be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour in March, the magazine said.

Ian Stephen, one of the scientists involved in the project, said the link between yellowness and carotenoids opened up new strategies for encouraging young people to eat more fruit and vegetables, especially as it took just two months of increased consumption to produce visible results.

He told the Grocer: “Telling people they might have a heart attack in 40 years’ time if they don’t eat more healthily is one thing. What we can do is say, ‘This is what you could look in a couple of months if you increased your fruit and veg intake’.”

So it turns out your parents were right to tell you to eat your carrots!  However, the jury’s still out on whether crusts will make your hair curly.

Read more: