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Stronic Eins – a whole new kind of simulation stimulation!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

German brand Fun Factory has definitely raised the bar in the toy industry with this entirely innovative never-before-seen motor technology of their Stronic series! To put it mildly, I certainly did not say nein to reviewing the Stronic Eins.

Warning-this is NOT your traditional style of vibrator. But, if you are looking to try something entirely different I definitely suggest having a play with the Pulsator!

Instead of offering traditional vibrations, the Stronic Eins delivers a fun thrusting, back and forth movement for a more realistic experience. To get technical, the motor contains solid metal which moves in a hollow body to produce deep frequency pulsating thrusts. It is a completely unique experience.

Because of the thrusting movement the toy does need to be held in place, however only lightly as you should let the toy take you on it’s personal joy-ride! As with most Fun Factory products, this toy is made from a beautiful thick and soft silicone which always feel luscious on the body. Plus it has all the perks of a deluxe toy being beautifully designed, rechargeable, water-proof, lockable and has many easy-to use stimulation modes- just scroll through using the + and – button.

With 10 different stimulation modes, the toy has a lot of different styles of fun thrusts to offer! Personally, I think that the fifth mode is the most interesting as it starts with a purring rev-up and then delivers a slow rocking thrust!

Plus I love that they have an Emergency OFF! (or as I prefer to call it the Emergency ON!)button- the ‘FUN’ button.

In terms of pleasure, the G-spot is stimulated in a different way to other vibrators as the back and forth movement against the G-spot increases your arousal and continues to build.

I always believe different toys cater to different moods, the Stronic Eins definitely serves its purpose when you’re wanting a bit more action or something a bit more dynamic out of a toy.

The main reason why this toy does not receive a 10/10 rating from me is because the slightly raised mound on the toy designed for clitoral stimulation does not really offer much in that department. I would suggest to use this toy in conjunction with another clitoral toy or if Fun Factory could add a vibrating tickler to this toy in the next generation, it would be THE toy that stole the show!

However, for a purely internal toy it is a truly fun and one-of-a-kind experience and is one that I think every girl should try once(if not more)!

I would also suggest that this toy should be used by intermediate or advanced vibrator users as it is quite different from your standard toy. For first time or beginner players, I would recommend starting with a traditional vibrator and then adding this to your collection later.

Stronic Drei and Zwei

                                                                     STRONIC ZWEI                 STRONIC DREI

As for the boys you haven’t been forgotten! The Stronic Zwei is the latest addition from Fun Factory’s Stronic series to be released-so imagine this same concept but back-door friendly.

And COMING SOON. . . is the Stronic Drei ,which is designed for those who like that extra ribbed feel whether for back-door or vaginal penetration.

Step to the side oh mighty vibrator, there’s a new toy in town. Introducing, The Pulsator.

The Stronic Eins and the Stronic Zwei are now available at Max Black.

Review: Smartballs Teneo Uno (Kegel Balls)

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

It’s no secret that MaXXX Black is a big fan of Kegel exercising (or pelvic floor muscles if you like). The results from simple exercises and toys can make big differences to a woman’s health and sexuality, and it’s impact is felt as much by their partners as by the women themselves.

So this week we’re reviewing Fun Factory‘s kegel offering – the Smartballs Teneo Uno.

Available as either a single ball, the Teneo Uno, or two balls connected, the Teneo Duo, these are slightly different in design than the original Smartballs, but they still come packaged in the Fun Factory way. The box has a clear window on the front so you can see the product, and then the back of the box has flaps that open up to reveal another clear plastic window. The insides of the flaps are printed with basic information and a product map. Inside is the Teneo Uno encased in a clear plastic clamshell, a sample of water-based lube, a small Fun Factory product catalog, and user’s instructions (printed in several different languages).

Smartballs Teneo Uno are similar to the original Smartballs in that they’re hollow with a smaller weighted ball inside that rattles around, creating subtle vibration and internal stimulation. The idea is that the PC muscles will naturally contract to keep the balls in place, so that just wearing them will help strengthen your pelvic floor, but their weight also adds some resistance, giving the user something to squeeze against.

An improvement over the original, Smartballs Teneo feature a indentation on the bottom for easy insertion. It’s a perfect fingertip-sized groove, and it makes positioning a cinch. There’s also a silicone retrieval cord attached to the bottom for hassle-free removal.

Our testers noticed distinct differences in their muscle strength in as little as 14 days. For most women, with daily use, you will start to notice changes (and they are GOOD changes) withiin a month. Interestingly, it was our testers’ partners you noticed changes in muscle strength and ‘tightness’ first.

For women who are looking at duo balls, geisha balls or kegel exercisers for the first time, the Teneo Uno is ideal. It’s lighter weight and shorter design will be easier to hold in. They’re almost totally silent and the mild vibration caused by the internal ball are subtle but still pleasurable. Combine it with your favourite clitoral vibe and you’ll have a fantastic solo play session too!

Like all of Fun Factory‘s toys Smartballs are made from 100% Phthalate-Free Silicone and are safe to use with water-based lubricants. In fact, your kegel exercises are going to be easier, more fun, and more pleasurable with a little of your favourite glycerin-free lube.

Smartballs Teneo Uno and Teneo Duo balls are available from MaXXX Black’s web-store and Newtown store from just #35.00.

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Fun Factory G4 Range Now In Store

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Everyone knows MaXXX Black is a big fan of Germany’s Fun Factory. This innovative adult products company has been leading the charge in Europe toward high-quality, beautiful and functional lifestyle objects since 1996, and we’ve been happily bringing them to Sydney-siders ever since we opened here in Newtown.

For the last couple of years the Fun Factory designers have made some notable new releases – the brilliant click’n’charge rechargeable vibrator range (that included men’s toys!); the whimsical little YOO, the DUKE men’s pleasure vibe and the award-winning DeLight (pictured, left) – to name but a few.

In fact these releases have been so well received that the company now has over a dozen mainstream design awards for their inventions, including the prestigous DesignPreis and IF awards.

The newly arrived G4 range is no exceptiion to this history of achievements. They just took out the companys fifth ‘reddot design award’.


Our first shipment arrived today, and is already being snapped up by our Fun Factory fans as we put them on the shelves.

These vibrators are seamless and ergonomic, with a convenient loop handle (the ‘loop of love’)which makes them very easy to hold, maneuvor and operate.  Each vibrator in the G4 line has five levels of steady vibration and three patterns, which is common amongst the Fun Factory vibes.

Each one is also waterproof, silicone and rechargeable. They use the same Click N Charge chargers from the previous line of recharge vibrators – this is awesome if you already have a Fun Factory click n charge toy because you can use the same charger.

So what do they feel like?

Well, where do we start? They are softer and more silky than a LELO vibe, and Fu nFactory have obviously worked hard to create toys that are not just firm, but also supple to the touch. The new generation motors in them are deep, intense and bone-shaking at high levels. It practically rumbles in your hand – imagine what it could do “down there”

Right now you’ll find these items of lust in-store:

from left:  G4 Tiger,  G4 Calla (rose & grape), and the G4 Paul & Paulina

In-Store Next Week:

G4 Big Boss & G4 Elegance

So pop on in and see these brilliant new toys.

Looks like it’s gonna be a hot winter after all.

Product News: FREE Charger Offer Extended! Get in Quick!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Fun Factory Delight - G-Spot Vibrator

Fun Factory Delight

Fun Factory Ocean - Rechargable Vibrator

Fun Factory Ocean

All through March we were giving away a FREE magnetic Click N Charge toy charger with every Fun Factory rechargeable vibrator.  That’s a saving of $20 plus the knowledge that you’ll never need batteries for your new toy!

So many people liked the offer that we’ve decided to extend the deal for a short time longer. So get in while stocks last and pick out one of the fabulous rechargeable vibes  from Fun Factory. They

are all made from sensual silicone and designed for pleasure and fun.

With lots of shapes, sizes and uses you are bound to find one to love  – from the multi award-winning Delight to the petite but powerful Ocean.

The guys have a couple of great choices here, including the ‘ferrari of men’s sex toys’, the superb twin engine Cobre Libre.  Even the very latest in Men’s pleasure – The Duke Prostate Massager – comes with a FREE charger.

If you’re ordering from us online just purchase the vibe and we’ll make sure the charger gets added to your order. Or why not pop into our Newtown Sydney store and check out the full range of Fun Factory adult products in person?!

Product Special: FREE Charger With Fun Factory Toys!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

We love Fun Factory – those German geniuses who have for may years now been creating some of the best toys and boudoir products we can get our hands on.They’ve brought us some of the most sensual and satisfying silicone toys we’ve ever had the pleasure of recommending to hundreds of happy customers.

Well, not too long ago Fun Factory introduced an all new line of rechargeable vibes and toys. This might not seem so unusual, especially since lots of manufacturers are trying to find ways of creating ranges that are more ‘green’ but Fun Factory went one step further – instead of including a charger with every product, you purchase one charger and it will charge all of your Fun Factory toys.

This is awesome because you won’t end up with a drawer full of charger if you like more than one product in a line. That means thousands of chargers that don’t need to be made, and even more that they won’t end up in landfill because you don’t need them. Add to this the fact that you won’t be throwing away batteries any more and the green credentials of rechargeable toys become abundantly clear.

Now for the month of March 2011 we are offering a very special deal – buy any Fun Factory Click N Charge toy and you’ll get a Click N Charge charger for FREE!

Just think, you’ll save $20 straight away, plus you’ll never need batteries for your vibe again! Whether it’s the men’s brilliant Cobre Libre (above), the multi award-winning Delight (right), or any one of the fab little vibes in store you’ll get the charger free – and will charge all your fun factory rechargeables.

So what are you waiting for?!

Top 10 Luxury Gifts For Her

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

We all like to get the royal treatment, and being poiled with something beautiful at Christmas is a unique and wonderful pleasure. As are our top ten picks for Women these holidays. So if you’re looking for something intimate, special and a with the “oooh” factor – these goodies will certainly do the trick. Mrs Clause should be so lucky!

1. Lelo Soraya

It’s hard not to fall in love with Soraya, the signature rabbit style vibrator from Lelo’s new Insignia range. She’s silky to the touch, thanks to her medical grade silicone exterior and she’s easy to hold with her tasteful handle.  She’s also waterproof (perfect for bath time!)  and dual stimulation? Soraya’s got it covered with her flexible clit stimulator (which sits easily in the right position) and her curved shape which allows for gorgeous G-Spot stimulation.  Rechargeable with up to 4 hours play per charge, multiple functions & settings, and a one year warranty; Soraya is the ideal luxury gift for the girl who knows style and loves it!


2. WeVibe II

A hands-free, dual stimulating, rechargeable vibrator with 9 settings which you wear during sex — sound too good to be true?  The WeVibe II has certainly revolutionised the world of couples’ toys, which isn’t a surprise considering it was designed by a real-life couple and is the winner of multiple design awards! While the larger end is perfect for clitoral stimulation, the smaller and flatter end is expertly designed to sit on the G-Spot and stay put during play time. Plenty of room for penetration and plenty of ways to explore the new sensations that the WeVibe promises you and your partner!


3. Click & Charge from Fun Factory

Fun Factory’s Click N Charge vibrators are not only fun, bright and sexy but they feel awesome, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and best of all – they’re rechargeable! Priced from just $99 (excluding charger) they’re also some of the most affordable luxury toys around. Plus you only need one charger to charge the whole range -so you can start a collection today. Made in Germany from premium silicone, these are the ecological choice.


4. Lelo Gigi

So Pretty! When it comes to G-Spot vibrators, you simply can’t overlook the luxurious and savvy GiGi. She may look small for an g-spot vibrator, but what makes GiGi so incredible is her ingenious shape and her strong, purring motor. Angled perfectly, her seductive curve and silky, flat tip are ideal for finding (and captivating) the G-Spot.  She’s also great for clitoral stimulation, so you can grip onto her and her tip will curve gently downward. She’s recharageable, made from medical grade silicone with 4 hours of battery life and plenty of modes to explore. Plus, because it’s from LELO it has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year, so there’speace of mind too.


5. OhMiBod Naughtibod Music Vibe

It’s no secret that music and play (sex?) complement each other like strawberries and cream, so the OhMiBod Naughtibod is bound to rock that special someone’s world. This fascinating toy (which is the perfect handbag size) is designed to plug into your iPod and vibrate to the music. It doesn’t matter what genre your giftee is into – it’s bound to deliver lots and lots of fun and opportunity for exploration. A perfect duet!



6. Vibratex Rabbit Habbit E

There’s a reason the Vibratex Rabbit became a household name after it was featured on Sex & the City over a decade ago, and there’s a reason why it’s still one of the most popular vibrators to date. The Rabbit Habit is soft and gentle to the touch with her premium elastomer material. Her shaft contains tumbling pearls which rotate and massage gently, while the rabbit tickler provides titillating clitoral stimulation. With two adjustable sliders which control the speed and intensity of the shaft and tickler that special someone can spend hours of fun with the Rabbit!


7. Fun Factory Share

If you’re the kind of girl that wants to share something special with your partner, the “strapless” strap on ‘Share’ double dildo by German brand Fun Factory is the perfect gift. She’s beautifully moulded into an ergonomic, balanced design which allows G-Spot stimulation for the wearer and is angled perfectly for penetration. The Share range is a popular alternative to the classic option of a harness and dildo or it could very well be the perfect addition to any toy owner, novice or expert!


8. Vibratex Mystic Wand

The Mystic Wand is powerful, easy to use, versatile and is sure to become a staple in any toy drawer. Unlike other wand style vibrators, the Mystic Wand is battery operated, so you can take her anywhere and she’s an ideal size (considering just how powerful she is!) You simply can’t go past the Mystic Wand when it comes to intense, clitoral stimulators and with three speeds and three pulsation settings she’s the ideal go-to vibrator.

Order It Today at FREE SHIPPING


9. Fun Factory Generation 2

The Fun Factory Generation 2 Semi-Realistic is an ideal mid to large sized vibrator made from beautiful silicone and offering a ribbed texture and inward curve at the tip for G-Spot stimulation. The Semi-Realistic offers multiple speeds and is also waterproof, so this versatile internal toy can be played with outside the bedroom! Versatile and offering so many different sensations, she’s sure to please even the fussiest!



10. NJOY Pure Wand

No matter how many toys they have, they won’t have anything like this. Over half a kilogram of solid hand-polished metal packaged in a beautiful satin and timber presentation box. Absolutely non-porous the wand is ideal for sensation play, exploration, sharing and pleasure. This is one of those toys that has ultimate visual appeal, both in the box and especially when you’reusing it. Njoy offers a true holiday surprise!


Remember to place your order by 18th December to ensure Christmas Delivery.

Review: Love Yourself! Massage Candles

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Ok, so we know massage is the PERFECT (Guys… PERFECT!) way to create a sensual mood, to help partners relax, and is a great technique for everything from sexual dysfunction to increasing intimacy and communication between partners.  After all, what better way to intimately become acquainted with your partner’s every inch of flesh than slathering on some oil and putting your hands to work?

It’s no wonder then that massage candles are becoming increasingly popular, and Fun Factory’s Love Yourself! products are a pretty special new range.


  • Orchid – light, sea-breeze fresh scent with maritime accents, topped up with the flowery scent of orchids and lilies.
  • Aphrodisiac – an oriental, aromatic extravaganza of sandlewood refined with mandarine, bergamot and musk.
  • Vanilla – a sweet vanilla scent refined with cinammon, white blossoms, cloves and ambergis.

How it feels:

  • Cool – without lighting the wax/balm is still fairly soft and feels less like wax and more like a luxurious lip balm for the body. It glides onto the skin and is easy to spread with just a little friction from your hands to warm it up. Using it cold can be great if you want to massage just a small area outside of the bedroom.
  • Warm – light it up, let it melt, and then gently pour the contents onto your partner’s body. Besides the obvious attraction of dripping wax, temperature and the whole sexy ritual itself – when the wax is warm it spread far more and you’ll get more than a couple of sessions from each jar.


  • It’s Fun Factory so you know the ingredients will be good. In addition to mango butter and vitamin E the wax balm is made up of Jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and olive oils to deeply enrich the skin.

Our Verdict: we love em. The texture, the light fragrances, the cute jars, and the way you can pop the silicone cap on to prevent loss of the scent and protect the candle from dust is fantastic!

Check out the whole range HERE.

Men’s Sex Toys Just Got Interesting…

Friday, July 30th, 2010

For the last few seasons we’ve heard more and more guys talk about how since women have become the main purchaser (years ago men bought for their girls) of sex toys and adult products the range of men-specific toys has gotten smaller.

NOT SO! – guys pay attention cause over the next few weeks we’re going to show you a dozen new products that not only feel awesome – they’ll change the way you look at a guy’s sex toy forever.

This Week:  COBRA LIBRE by Fun Factory

The Ferrari of Men’s Pleasure Objects

Fun Factory Men's Massager - Cobra Libre

Cobre Libre

Forget everything you thought you knew about masturbators.  Gone are the tacky sleeves, pumps and “realistic” toys that have dominated since the 70’s.  Gone are the blow-up dolls of yesteryear – they thankfully remain a bachelor party and college dorm room kind of a thing.

Instead major manufacturer Fun Factory has devoted some of their incredible engineering power to creating a signature vibrating massager for men – and it is one hell of a toy! From the moment you fire up the twin-engine motors and lube up the interior you are assured of the best ride this side of Berlin.

The interior of Cobra Libre is made from premium medical-grade silicone, and with a little water-based lubricant is slick, smooth and velvety to touch. Just inside the opening is a small bump, designed to put pressure on the most sensitive spot a guy can have – the gland just under the penis head. By stimulating this area with one of the nine different vibration modes, and the addition of great suction in the end of the toy, your man (or you) are certain to reach climax.

Cobra Libre Men's Vibrator

Cobra Libre - Side View

It sounds great, it looks hot, and it works the way it says it will.  Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

To see the official video click here:    Cobra Libre Official Commercial

MaXXX Black Goes Green

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

In an Australian adult retail first, MaXXX Black is super-proud to announce that our entire range of fabulous toys are now 100% Phthalate FREE! So what does that mean to you? Well, that means that they are hypo-allergenic, body-safe, and toxin-free – so they’re good for you, and they’re better for the environment.

We love to be different, and we love to be first, which is why we’re always hunting down the latest and greatest releases from your favourite brands. We’ve made sure that you’ll still be able to find great names like Doc Johnson, California Exotics and Seven Creations on the shelf – because everyone is coming ’round to the importance of toxic-free toys that are kind to your body and your hip pocket! Over the next few weeks you’ll see our web store get a full update with our new range, and they are all available in-store now.

So what are these nasty phthalates?  For a bit of background info, sex-toys aren’t all created equal. PVC and soft plastics (the jelly ones)  are created using toxic chemicals called Phthalates (pronounced Thal-ates). A German study in 2000 found that some widely avaliable plastic-based sex toys release up to 10 dangerous chemicals for years after their production, and studies have linked phthalates to cancer and damage to sex organs, liver, kidneys and lungs. This doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?  “The vaginal walls are extremely permeable, so you have to be careful what you put up there!” warns Jacqueline Hellyer (Biochemist and Sex Coach). And guys aren’t immune either with plenty of evidence to show that it affects their reproductive system too.

Now, whilst the US, Japan, Canada and the EU have restricted  the use of phthalates in kids toys, no such action has been taken in the area of sex toys! Greenpeace and dozens of other environmental and health agenices have called for a ban, but for now,  the best thing we can do is assure you that MaXXX Black is 100% Phthalate Free!!  

So what materials are safe? We suggest 100% medical-grade silicone, glass, metal or elastomer. Some of our well known brands include Lelo, Fun Factory, Vibratex, Jimmy Jane, Tantus, and Down Undertoys.  (And if there is an old PVC favorite you just can not part with, slip a condom over to be safe!)

Its also nice to know, that whilst looking after your body, you’re doing your thing for the environment. Better quality materials means cleaner, greener manufacturing practices with less chemicals and far fewer emmisions. Plus if you opt for a rechargable toy you’ll reduce landfill and the pollution caused by tossed batteries.  Some of the rechargeable toys include the entire Lelo range, JimmyJane Form6, and the Fun Factory Delight.

So when choosing your new BFF… (whether a purring vibrator or a handsome dildo) rest easy, because MaXXX Black has your health, and Mother Earth, in mind. Environmentally friendly indulgence has never been so easy!

As always… the pleasure is all ours. Maxxxie

Green Is Sexy



Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen let’s all put our hands (or legs) together for the newest addition to the store, the Fun Factory Ellove. This baby has the elegance to attract and the power to keep its owner in toe curling satisfaction. Made from super soft, high grade silicone and silky to the touch the Ellove will have you IN love.

Still with the ergonomic design that Fun Factory are renowned for the Ellove takes vibration to a new level with the addition of the ‘turbo booster’. What is the ‘turbo booster’ I hear you say? Well my friends it is exactly how it sounds……TURBO. The ‘turbo booster’ is a button located just near the main controls that will increase the vibration ten fold and add that extra power you have been looking for. The combination of the extremely powerful motor and its turbo function means this fabulous piece of German engineering will be a welcome addition to any bedroom. Come in and have a little peek at our new darling. You won’t be disappointed in what she has to offer!

For those who like to get technical the Ellove features:

An easy to clean silicon surface.
Curved tip to pamper the G spot.
Eight vibration levels.
Three interval programs.
100% high grade silicon.
100% waterproof.
Intense vibration shaft.

Fun Factory has done it again! Bringing us new and innovative designs with supreme functionality.

Fun Factory Ellove Turbo Vibrator