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The Gathering 2014 – the 6 workshops you shouldn’t miss

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The Gathering returns to Sydney this October with over 40 brilliant kinky workshops amongst a host of some very glamorous fetish events. With so much to choose from we thought we’d help by talking about the 6 workshops we’re recommending to customers and friends of MB. These are all suitable for beginner to intermediate players and run by some the community’s most respected and talented teachers.

If you take advantage of The Gathering’s multi-workshop pass you can attend any four of these for one low price or register for the whole weekend, go to all the workshops you can and also get access to the parties and social events!

1. Sensual Rope Connectionsrope

Presented by Mark, Aleni & Lani De Viate

There is much more to a great bondage scene than good-looking (or technical) rope work. Energy and connection begins the rope scene before the first rope is even laid against skin, and continues throughout the entire rope embrace. Learn how to transmit your energy, enforce your energy, express your dominance, and get the best from your rope partner.
Engage in a journey that includes this dynamic team sharing their thoughts and experience in the sensuality of rope and concludes with a guided meditation with a twist that defines the mindfulness needed to find your own pathway to connect with rope and partner.
Join Mark, Lani and Aleni as they delve into the erotic connection between top and bottom and learn to use your energy to leave your bottom always wanting more.

cane2. All About The Cane

Presented by Mistress Electra Amore
Mistress Electra Amore, an accomplished caning mistress who has toured the world showcasing her skills, is joining The Gathering for the first time.
“It took me years to actually pick up a cane and use one. It scared the hell out of me – they used to use it during my school years. But when I started, it morphed in my hand as if it was an old friend and each of my, even, accurate and precise strokes were all measured and delivered with a natural force”.
During this workshop you’ll explore the cane –  including the different styles, thickness’, and the ideal length for you. You’ll also learn some of the fundamental things such as cleaning, storing and maintaining them. But the most important thing you will learn is how to deliver a meaningful and accurate disciplinary stroke – with love and skill.

3. Spankingspank

Presented by Zoe Montana
Zoe Montana certainly knows a bit about spanking. She is a professional spanking mistress who has starred in much classic British spanking porn: ‘Tammy’s Shame’, ‘Punishment by Proxy’ and ‘Whipping Boy’ are just a few.
Her Spanking class was one of the top 5 classes of the 2012 Gathering in terms of popularity.
Zoe returns in 2014 to show how you can use spanking as a great addition to a scene – or a scene all of its own…

4. Fantasy Into Realityscene

Presented by Aleni De Viate
“I’ve dreamt of this. Waited so long for it to finally come true, and now….” If you are just starting out, stepping off the ledge of fantasy into the free-fall of actually playing, this class is for you.
Exploring the elements that will make your first “kink scene” a success, you’ll discover ways to make it more intimate, less intimidating, and absolutely achievable.
Be privy to the mind of a dominant who has created many successful first scenes for budding sub missives over the years, and learn what it takes to turn your fantasies into your reality.

dom5. Women On Top: Starting Your Dominance

Presented by Mistress Electra Amore
Do you have an undesirable urge to be in charge? Does the thought of taking the lead excite you? Do you have a need to exert your Dominance?
Maybe you’re not sure where to start or how to go about it, or have you taken that step and found yourself in a bit of trouble, like many others when they first start to explore their Dominant nature – regardless of their age. Well, here is your chance to step into your Dominant side.
A professional Dominatrix, Electra will be sharing her personal journey and experiences, giving tips, advice and demonstrations and empowering you to take control – where it really matters.

flog6. Percussion Play – Flogging, Caning & Paddles OMG!

Presented by Aleni Di Viate
An introduction to that part of BDSM most people first think of – the art of Corporal Punishment.  It looks mean, but it doesn’t all have to really hurt.This class covers a wide range of techniques – from how to give a sensual flogging through to heavy discipline pain play.
Aleni, one of Sydney’s finest Dominants,  talks about safety issues, topping (do-ing) techniques, how this play works for those on the receiving end and will provide you with hands on instruction. This class gives you lots of information and fun for both Do-ees and Do-ers.

So there you have it – 6 sensual, stimulating workshops we just can’t recommend strongly enough. For more info on The Gathering and the available workshops visit their website

Max Black’s School of Kink – School Starts August 5th!

Friday, August 1st, 2014

It’s common knowledge that knowledge makes sex better so it gives us the ultimate pleasure to announce that Max Black’s The School of Kink opens this August with three fabulously fetish workshops for beginners.

Partnering with the indomitable Miss Dee from Sydney’s home of BDSM Uber Services, the School of Kink will bring a variety of workshops to Max Black based purely on what guests at MB have been asking for. We’ve designed each new workshop to give you the most comprehensive, fun and interesting introduction to areas of kink that we all know and love (or want to love).

The first workshop events will be:

Introduction to Spanking : Tuesday August 5th at 7pm

Tempt & Tease : Tuesday August 12th @ 7pm

Introduction to Rope Play : Tuesday August 19th @ 7pm

Introduction to Rope Play : Wednesday August 20th @ 7pm

Click on a link to go to for all the details plus tickets.

Store News: Latex Fashion Now Available In Our E-Store

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The Rubber Room Sydney (inside MaXXX Black) has been a MASSIVE success in 2011 – and we know that’s because of how many fabulous fetish fashion fans there are here in Oz.

Originally we were only offering latex garments and accessories in our Newtown store, but with so many interstate and regional requests for another way to shop we thought we’d make some Christmas wishes come true.

With the help of our brilliant UK and Australian latex designers we will be putting our entrie collection of latex fashion online over the coming weeks. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait. We’ve already started popping dozens of your favourite latex basics online and they can purchased using our e-store RIGHT NOW!

If what you were lusting after isn’t on the pages, don’t stress, it will be very soon.

To see the new look Rubber Room pages click HERE.

Product News: Matt Bylett Designs Coming To MaXXX Black

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

We’ve been fans of Matt Bylett for years – his avant garde and sometimes futuristic vision plus his incredible skills with latex deliver some of the sexiest garments we’ve ever seen. And now Matt Bylett is designing for MaXXX Black!

That’s right, the man behind the Xena Warrior Princess costume and countless television and film commissions (including Farscape & Jim Henson!) is busy putting the final touches on several one-off garments exclusively for us!!

From this thursday (that’s the 8th of September people) MaXXX Black will have the first of these delicious latex creations in our Rubber Room.

So what does a Matt Bylett signature piece look like? Click the thumbs below to get a taste of what’s coming….

Rubber55 is here!!!!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

How Exciting!!!

The very first delivery of latex from Rubber 55 has just arrived.

We have already unpacked this gorgeous gleaming latex delivery and it has pride of place in a dedicated new section of the store.  So, do you want to know what’s in the first round?

In store RIGHT NOW there are:

  • 5 different styles of hoods (male & female)
  • 3 styles of gloves to suit both male and female
  • 4 Strap suspender belt
  • Solid Black and Semi-Transparent Black Skirts.

The second round (and the one that will complete our Rubber55 Launch Collection) is getting sent from London tomorrow. So in just a couple of weeks (quicker if Royal Mail can get it out of London despite the wedding) we will have even more latex love that will include hotpants, tops, stockings, leggings and more. Some of this is even being hand-delivered from London on the 23rd April. How Posh.

And to give you a little sneak preview, we’ve also placed another order that will include the amazing dresses and catsuits that only Rubber 55 do so well.

I know how badly you all want latex and believe me Rubber55 latex elves are working overtime to get all this happening. Remember, every Rubber 55 piece is made by hand – from the latex material’s creation through to the cutting edge work of some very talented British fashion makers (we love you Andy & Karen).

So do try to be patient with us, I promise it’ll be worth it :)

Join Us At The First Fetish Night Markets

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The Gathering 2010 is Sydney’s very first Fetish Festival with dozens of special events, parties, workshops and social opportunities for fetishists, kinksters and curious alike.

Whether you’re just discovering your kinky side, want to explore something more, or are a seasoned player who wants a new trick or two – this event is for you! It all happens next week, so jump online and have a look at the awesome run of events and then get into MaXXX Black to buy tickets to the Night Market and the UberFire Party.

Here at MB we’re gearing up BIG TIME for the Fetish Night Market. As a proud sponsor and supporter of our communities, MB will be bringing it’s best – the shiny, gorgeous sexy things that we’re known for. From the latest ropes and gadgets to the finest in toys and accessories, we’ll be putting ourselves on show – so why not come down and see how we do it when we’re out-and-about! There’ll be lots of other exhibitors too, from fetish photographers to funky streetwear, cool new fashion and alternative accessory suppliers.

The Fetish Night Market is being held on Friday 1st October at the Mercure Hotel (Central Station) from 6.30 to 11.30PM. Tickets are $10 – available at MaXXX Black or at the door on the night.

Fun: History’s Kinksters

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Since it seems like every movie star, athlete and politician is just a sex scandal waiting to happen, you could almost think that it’s not possible to be a prominent person without also having an utterly depraved sex life behind the scenes.

And looking back at some of the great people in history… well, you’ll see…


Time Magazine’s ‘Man of the Century’ is the most famous scientist in history, and perhaps you wouldn’t think that the emporer of all geekdom would be as popular with women as he was the US military but…when he wasn’t splicing atoms he was the biggest womaniser in science. Married twice (once to his cousin) he cheated on both women with at least ten others. In his defence Einstein did present his wives with a list of rules that included “expect neither intimacy nor fidelity”.


Was a child prodigy that gave us some of the greatest music of all time but behind closed doors Mozart wasn’t always writing one of his 600 masterpieces. Letters to female cousins reveal a distinctly dirty side, one that he even shared in leters with his mother (though in a more joking tone). Yes the genius who brought us Piano Concerto #24 had a penchant for penning dirty lyrics which is best summed up from his party ballad “Lick My Ass”:

Lick my ass nicely,

lick it nice and clean,

nice and clean, lick my ass.

That’s a greasy desire,

nicely buttered,

like the licking of roast meat, my daily activity.

Three will lick more than two,

come on, just try it,

and lick, lick, lick.

Everybody lick his own ass himself.


The author of Ulysses is considered the height of modern literature. But in the days before sexting, iphones and friendface Joyce and his wife would send each other dirty letters. He often shared his erotic interest in his wife’s flatulence with lines like “It is wonderful to f*!@ a farting woman when every thrust drives one out of her”.


This oscar winner and infamous mother struggled her entire life to control and maintain her perfect ‘hollywood’ image, but her off-screen shinanigans are as enduring as those eyebrows. Her film career started in the 1920’s when she danced naked in short arcade peep show films (which she tried in vain to cover up), but it was her penchant for rough ‘play’ and her indiscriminate taste for both men and women that really got people talking. Betty Davis once said that she had “slept with every star at MGM, of both sexes”. Naughty then, but today that’d probably get her a reality show on cable.


You may not know much about the man whose contribution to classical music is still being felt today, but Grainger once earned the equivalent of $3 million a year. When he passed away he left his money to the University of Melbourne, but he also donated countless photos of himself, 83 whips and a pair of his own shorts – because he was a huge fan of BDSM. Percy had an entire room of his mansion covered in mirrors so he could watch his wife dominate him, taking pictures of the whole scene. He meticulously chronicled every session. Organised AND Kinky.


When he wasn’t conquering Damascus or promoting independent Arab nations, Lawrence was pitching tents in the desert courtesy of a man named John Bruce. Lawrence would pay Bruce to whip him with a stick and then write up a detailed account of the beating. (more…)

Fun: The History of Bondage in Mass Media – Wonder Woman

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Wonder Woman was the first real female super hero to be created.  And, like the many who followed in her footsteps, she was an emancipated woman (she appeared on the cover of Ms. Magazine and was a feminist icon) who fought against the “bondage” (both real and literal) of women by patriarchy.  Unlike the strong and negative archetypes of the femmes fatales of the 30s and 40s who were sexual objects of male desire that paid for their independence often with death, Wonder Woman and her predecessors fought man’s continuing efforts to keep them enslaved.

Ah, Wonder Woman.  I can remember growing up and watching the TV show Wonder Woman and thinking how hot Linda Carter was.  Buxom, brunette, with bullet reflecting bracelets, a boomerang tiara and a skimpy swim-suit style costume, I adored her.  Unfortunately, Wonder Woman had a bad reaction to chloroform and ended up getting herself into bondage a lot.  Here’s a video from the show of her bound in chains, which she easily breaks to make her escape.

History of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was created by Dr. William Moulton Marston for DC Comics in 1941 and has been continuously published by DC Comics ever since.  She is a superherione Amazon Princess who belongs to the ancient warrior race of Amazons and Marston modeled her as a “distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to ‘a world torn by the hatred of men…’  Marston wanted to create a positive role model for girls that would serve as a counter to the high level of violence and the “blood curdling masculinity” he felt pervaded superhero stories… [in which] women were typically portrayed as helpless and in need of rescuing, or as sexy, buxom pin-ups models, often in provocative bondage poses.”—The Legacy of Wonder Woman

Among some of her amazing powers were super strength, speed, stamina, the ability to fly and she was also skilled in hand-to hand combat being an Amazon Warrior and all (obs!).  Despite her strength and wondrous powers, she did have one deadly weakness: “if her bracelets are bound together by a man, she loses her powers.  In countless stories, she is chained and bound by male villains, only to break free and triumph. The ropes and chains are symbols of patriarchy and the drama is her ability to break the shackles of male domination they symbolize. Unfortunately, most comic historians have ignored the feminist elements of the series, and focused on these elements of bondage, reducing the complexity of Marston’s Wonder Woman mythos to little more than a thinly disguised sadomasochistic sexual fantasy.”—The Legacy of Wonder Woman

One “source” suggests that her tribe was enslaved by Hercules who seduced their Queen into removing her invincibly girdle, and once rescued by Artemis, where forced to wear their metal bracelets to remind them of their enslavement to man.

Whether symbolic or not, bondage became a big theme in the pulp comics of Wonder Woman and she fueled people’s fantasies of bound damsels, as well as fantasies of Amazon women, and emancipation after suffrage.  Oddly enough, the Amazons also practiced bondage on other women on Transformation Island (a small island near the Paradise Island—Wonder Woman’s home—which served as a rehabilitation facility for reforming criminals).  There was also a dominant/submissive lesbian mythos to Wonder Woman’s character that was scarcely hidden in the island’s training methods.  Wonder Woman thus became the very epitome of the buxom damsel in distress in bondage and perpetrator of those acts on other buxom villains that Marston supposedly was trying to reform.

So Wonder Woman is an incredibly complex dichotomy who went on to inspire many similar heroines, some with super abilities and others who were super sleuths, all of whom ended up in bondage at some point.  These include Emma Peel from the Avengers, 99 from Get Smart, Charlie’s Angels, the Bionic Woman, Lois from the Adventures of Lois and Clarke, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and of course Xena: Warrior Princess, who is perhaps a modern remake of the iconic Wonder Woman character.

Do you think Wonder Woman was an emancipated character as her creator Marston had hoped, or is she only a thinly veiled reason to put “strong” women in bondage during the 40s and 50s, which may have been symbolic about American patriarchal views and attempts to control women?

Whilst we don’t know much about his private life we do know this – he felt women were the only sex that could be trusted, that men lacked some of the inherently necessary strengths women possesed, and that he lived in Polyamarous relationships for much of his life. He was also one of the men behind the Polygraph machine.

Here’s a little gallery of wonder woman images:

article originally appeared in Pop My Cherry January 2010.

Events: The Gathering 2010 BDSM Conference

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Immerse yourself in a world of fetish and kink!

Ever wanted to learn more about a fetish? Feel like there’s a kink inside that needs working out? How about just learning new skils for the bedroom and beyond? Well, The Gathering 2010 is a conference with a difference that promises all this and much more.

Over 3 days and 3 nights in October The Gathering will present over 30 classes, and workshops; parties; performances and a host of international presenters including the delectable Laura Antoniou (USA), Arisue Go (Japan) and Master Jock (NZ).

Find out more about the conference on our events page by clicking HERE.

Official Website :

GaGa Ohlala

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly reccomend watching the latest Lady GaGa film clip (which is actually alot more entertaining than the song itself). It is packed full of delicious high gloss fetish couture and some seriously fetish scenes. 

 Can you spot all the fetishes? I have counted around 15, but there are some pretty obscure ones in there.


Love Maxxxie