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Review: Tantus Realdoe Strapless Strap On

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Back in late May we brought a couple of Realdoe samples over from the states to trial. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised that they sold out within just a couple of days. The Realdoe is a fun, sexy new offering from the Feeldoe family of products – and the most natural yet.

Thankfully our new shipment has arrived which finally gives us a chance to review it….

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Realdoe is made from an all-new material. Unlike the super-slick high-gloss surface of the Feeldoe range, Realdoe has a more realistic texture – feeling like a firm blend of velvet and silk.  It’s perfectly safe, platinum-grade silicone so you can still use it with your favourite water-based lubricant. For this review we used LELO’s Personal Moisturiser, which felt wonderful against the toy as it also has a ‘realistic’ feel.In fact we highly recommend using a lubricant with Realdoe as it makes everything more sensual, fun, and easy.

It’s also big. Not huge mind you, but big. At 15″ long it’s a very long toy, but the thing to remember is that the insertable length is much smaller at only 6-6.5″ – which is just about right for most of us.  It’s 1.5″ at it’s widest and when worn the ‘wearer’ looks very impressive indeed!

Like the Feeldoes the wearer will need to find the best way to wear and use the Realdoe. It requires some control over your kegel (PC Floor) muscles – but one benefit of this toy is that over time it will certainly work out that area.  If it’s your first double dildo like this you can’t expect to be thrusting away like Casanova right out of the gate. But after some very fun practice it not only gets easier, it starts to feel natural. When it feels natural that’s when it gets good – as in good, hearty, strap on sex.

If you want to get straight to the good hearty stuff, use a harness. At least at the beginning. Otherwise try using it while lying on your back til you get used to the weight and feel.

Whether you use it on your man or your woman this is a great realistic dildo. Our testers’ partners said that after the initial play the Realdoe really did feal like a real member. It’s moulded testure and perfectly formed head help add to those sensations, especially during more vigorous play. The ridges at the base of the shaft were a nice surprise – they rub against the clitoris with each thrust – and that, combined with the super-strong vibe in the base makes it deeply pleasurable for BOTH partners.

In short, we love this new update from Tantus. It gives us something new to play with, and for our gender play fans out there this is going to be must-have.

Another MaXXX Exclusive – MaXXXie Harness

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

We are very proud to announce the arrival of another exclusive MB product – The MaXXXie Harness.

Designed by MaXXX Black and hand-made by Australian leather smiths Wild Hide, the MaXXXie is the first Australian leather harness designed to create a slimmer profile and sexier bodyline with unmatched comfort, stability and functionality. It even comes with 3 interchangeable cockrings and is suitable for all dildos, including Feeldoes and Fun Factory Shares.

Featuring 100% Australian leather, beautiful double stitch detailing and classic buckle ties, MaXXXie is already a huge hit in-store – we’ve been getting some awesome feedback from customers!

Click the link below for more information and more pics.

MaXXXie Leather Harness

TANTUS Temptation

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Tantus Silicone

MaXXX Black is adding yet another sex-toy star to our ever-expanding range of the world’s best, and this is for everyone! Tantus, makers of the world’s best quality silicone toys, will be arriving in store very soon (in the next few days!!!). We’ll be stocking all of their silky, stunning dildos and vibes as well as the sexiest plugs you’ve ever felt. I should also mention that the Feeldoe (A harnessless strap-on with in-built vibrator) will also be finding a home in-store. As always these items will be available on the website real soon.