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Living luxury leather : the allure of Petra Dos Santos

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

In an typical historic Berlin flat at the southern end of the Kreuzberg district, the atelier of Petra dos Santos makes its home. A sales floor, showroom and studio workshop all fit under one roof.

Petra Dos Santos

Petra Dos Santos

In 1998 dos Santos, a Stuttgart native, moved from Hamburg to Berlin and made her dream a reality. An exclusive leather workshop has been enriching the ‘city of creatives’ ever since. The metropolis of Berlin has become her great love. “I can no longer imagine moving my business anywhere else.”

Luckily for Australians with an appreciation for fine leather she has recently supplied Max Black in Sydney with an exclusive line of beautifully crafted accessories, including cuffs, blindfolds, collars, floggers and her famous harnesses. So popular is the line that the harnesses sold out within weeks and a new shipment is already in production.


You may ask why but it only takes a caress or scent of her materials to be quickly convinced by the exceptional quality of her work and her designs.

And while some of her clients come from the fetish and kink communities many more are fashion-conscious trendsetters who cherish truly original leatherwear. Each piece is genuinely made in Berlin from toxin-free European leathers. “I always know exactly where my leather comes from, and that obviously feels much better!” the leather expert explains.

To see what is available in store at MB now please click through to or visit us in store to feel, play and experience dos Santos for yourself.


New In Store – Villa Cancan Bustier & Bra by Maison Close

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, may your hearts ignite – tonight, you’re in for a hot show

Maison Close, that beautifully French label for all things lace and luscious, is heating things up in the final weeks of winter with the latest arrival at MB – the Villa Cancan collection.


rear view – villa cancan bra

Villa Cancan revisits the ambiance and dress code of the Paris cabaret, combining comfort with all the right moves. The softness of the transparent black fishnet plays on tantalizing trompe-l’oeils. Ensembles abandon themselves to complete  transparency.


villa cancan bustier

“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” – See more at:
“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” – See more at:

“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” says Aurelie Diallo-Moore from the label. Villa Cancan is in store at Max Black Sydney this week (online soon) with two pieces – the seductive push-up bustier pictured above, and also the Villa Cancan Push Up Bra…

villa cancan push up bra

villa cancan push up bra

Ooh la la!! There is even more Maison Close lingerie in store at Max Black every day, or you can see more Maison Close now at

Max Black has The X Factor – Dami Im wears MB Latex!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Dami Im is well and truly dominating the competition in this season’s X Factor Australia, and last Sunday night she stunned the audience with a disco classic that was turning heads – and not just because of her awesome vocals!

“You look like you were coming down a runway like you are a supermodel, you are so insanely beautiful!” gushed mentor Dannii Minogue.

TVFIX commented that ‘dressed head-to-toe in leather and latex, Dami’s dominatrix-disco queen look is just one of many stand-out sartorial choices that we’ve come to expect from the blossoming diva as she continues to push the style envelope each week.’

And where did that fabulous outfit come from? Well, X Factor stylist Heather Cairns, just happened to make a visit to our little ‘ol store and as she told TVFIX  “We went a little sexier and dressed her in latex and she just embraced the look! The latex was from Max Black in Newtown, which is the best latex in Oz, and we paired it with a bustier”.

For lovers of latex there is no other store in Sydney that offers such a huge range of Europe’s finest rubberware – from cute little skirts to fully boned corsetry, lingerie and even a full line of menswear.

We were absolutely thrilled to be involved with such a talented artist and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the competition next.

Want to see how it went down? Check out the video…



Guide: How To Spot A Latex Knock-Off

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


Another year – another bunch of latex knock-off merchants

Several new latex piracy operations have recently come to the attention of expert copycat spotter Heidi Patterson. Here she identifies the offenders and warns against firms now starting to pass themselves off as UK, European or US-based businesses.

If you’ve been following the fetishistas coverage of latex fashion piracy, you’ll already know that a number of mostly Chinese websites are pushing generally substandard garments using images and, by extension, designs that they have stolen from legitimate latex labels in the West.

So you may be interested to learn about three new latex knock-off websites that crossed our radar in the closing months of last year.

In what may be a sign of the increasing sophistication of the Far Eastern latex copycat industry, two of these operations seem to have offices in Europe, while the third misrepresents itself as a UK business.

The latter, CATSUITS-LATEX.COM, includes this invitation on its website: “Buy quality latex catsuits online from UK’s most trusted latex fetish clothing retailer, save up to 50% on the high street and free shipping worldwide.”

In fact, this site is just another variation of the Chinese site, with prices that are not that much cheaper than Libidex‘s current sale prices.

Both Chinese sites are filled with stolen images with the heads cropped off. I made them remove a shot of one of my own designs that they had stolen, but I still appear on the site in another stolen and Photoshopped image from a 2001 Latex Lair shoot. I’ve decided to leave it there for now to amuse myself.

Also stolen are a fair number of Polymorphe catalogue photos, Latexa items (Latexa says the company is not a customer in either of its guises), Vex Clothing images and possibly some from Blacklickorish Latex too.

E-mails to either site are answered by “Sarah Gan” or “Ariel”. When pressed, they admit the site is based in Hong Kong/China, but make pleas to be taken seriously, as this e-mail I received from “Ariel” shows:

I’m not sure if we have claimed that we located in the UK. I can tell you that we are really in China. I know there were too much Chinese produced poor quality products before and now.

But there are also much young people trying to change this. It needs a long time I think. But we are struggling. We do our best to offer best service for our customers.

Now we can have a talk about our products. “We are committed to using pure natural latex raw materials and making high quality latex clothing. Our raw materials from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hai’nan Island of China.”

If there’s someone says that our material contains some toxic substance, please let him show the appraisal certificate out. And in China we have lots of cheap labor, it help us offer more lower price.

I understand the people who don’t like Chinese, because there’s so much unthinkable things happened in this unthinkable land, which charged by a unthinkable government. But please believe, there’s always beautiful things. Just need you to find.

How could one fail to be moved by such a missive? In my case, the answer is: easily.

FINE2SHINE.NL is purportedly a Dutch retailer selling inexpensive latex. While all the site text is in Dutch, I’ve spotted numerous photos from other sites — including Libidex/Tall Goddess, Gaelyn & Cianfarani, and Simon O/ Jessy, as well as other photos from Jade Vixen, Darenzia, Kendra James, Apnea, Christine Kessler, Marquis, and more.

Bizarrely, in its latex shop section, the company also mixes these stolen fetish designer and model photographs with a substantial number of Second Life avatar-style computer-generated fetish characters.

All this leads me to conclude that the company is in the business of selling knock-offs made in China, or worse, nothing at all.

According to Kumimonster, whoever’s behind the company will remove copyright images when pressed. So it may be worth a visit to see if you recognise anybody you know. on the Shopping tab of the Chinese EASY2BID.COM website and you’ll be taken to, where a range of shopping options includes wedding and party dresses, martial shoes and fashion bags, along with latex dresses.

In the latex section, Easy2Bid appears to be offering garments by HMS Latex, Catalyst, Naucler, Venus Prototype, Jane Doe and Latexa, plus Katy Perry‘s famous Syren dresses — all illustrated by images from the original makers’ websites, and in many cases using the same style names.

But I can state for certain that none of the latex shown from the above-mentioned labels is authorised to appear on this site. So if you buy any of these designers’ creations from this site, you are buying knock-offs, not the original designs produced by the lawful copyright owners.

Click on the About link and you’ll learn that this is the site of the Easy2Bid marketplace, a venture launched in December 2009 by EB Global, a Danish incorporated company based in Copenhagen.

The impression given by the comprehensive and well-written About blurb (which includes a picture of Danish CEO Peter-Mikal B Hansen) is of a respectable European operation representing Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers.

But that doesn’t seem to have prevented it from going along with some less-than-respectable latex copyright theft.

Of course, a European operation representing Far Eastern suppliers might argue that the images on its website came direct from those suppliers, and that they have been used in good faith, without knowledge of their true origins or any copyright issues arising.

In which case designers will no doubt want to inform Mr Hansen of any breaches of their copyright, so that he and his Chinese associates can remove images that they do not have the right to use. And to anyone who tries this, please let us know the outcome.

STOP PRESS: A brand new sighting on my radar — the first of 2012 — is ZENTAI.24RETAIL.COM, a company presenting itself as a retailer of zentai suits and latex catsuits, dresses, corsets and accessories.

All its website latex photos have been lifted, minus tops of heads, straight from Libidex, and the garment descriptions even use the original Libidex style names!

I was quickly able to establish that Libidex is not wholesaling to this company, and though the home page advertises a Washington State phone number, the 24retail site blurb states that it is a “retail website for global which based in China”— so draw your own conclusions.

Incidentally, while this site makes the usual claims for low prices, there are quite a few examples where you can get the genuine item in the current Libidex sale cheaper than the knock-off.

Unless of course you want to gamble on Zentai’s “made-to-measure” knock-offs being better than the Libidex originals. In which case, best of luck to you.


The question comes up on latex forums with alarming regularity: “Do you know Are they legitimate? They have very nice things.”

Usually almost at first glance, the site will set off warning bells to anybody who’s shopped for latex long enough. But to newcomers with no point of reference, the clothing may appear too good to pass up.

There are three ways in which you can generally spot a knock-off or scam site. Check out the telltale signs below, and for fun, test on, latexcatfish, milanoo, or any number of eBay shop sites.

1. Office Lady Uniform
Enter the words “office lady” in the search field of the site. If it shows up, you more than likely have a Chinese knock-off site.

2. Size chart
The size chart shown below is also a dead giveaway of a Chinese knock-off operation. If you see it, you’re on a copycat’s site.

3. Heads cut off
Some websites automatically crop thumbnails so models’ heads don’t show, but when you click through to the full-size image, the whole head should be visible. If it isn’t, the image was almost certainly borrowed or stolen and the site you’ve found is a knock-off seller or scammer.

Caution: there are exceptions to rule 3, where designers purposely show garments in a “look book” style without heads — such as on Kim West’s Luxury Latex site. However, with a little practice, it becomes easy to tell the difference between a look book shot and a copycat’s crop.

AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE Heidi Patterson is a fetish commentator and regular contributor to The Fetishistas who also has her own latex line, Essential Latex.

Store News: Latex Fashion Now Available In Our E-Store

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The Rubber Room Sydney (inside MaXXX Black) has been a MASSIVE success in 2011 – and we know that’s because of how many fabulous fetish fashion fans there are here in Oz.

Originally we were only offering latex garments and accessories in our Newtown store, but with so many interstate and regional requests for another way to shop we thought we’d make some Christmas wishes come true.

With the help of our brilliant UK and Australian latex designers we will be putting our entrie collection of latex fashion online over the coming weeks. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait. We’ve already started popping dozens of your favourite latex basics online and they can purchased using our e-store RIGHT NOW!

If what you were lusting after isn’t on the pages, don’t stress, it will be very soon.

To see the new look Rubber Room pages click HERE.

LELO Sussurra Launches Exclusively At MaXXX Black

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

MaXXX Black is proud to announce the debut in Australia of the Sussurra line of luxury silk lingerie and loungewear, now exclusively retailed at our Sydney store. Up until now it has only been available in a number of selected stores worldwide including the Galleries Lafayette Berlin.

There has been much anticipation of the line coming to stores since the success of LELO’s runway shows at Sydney Fashion Exposed in mid 2011. At the time LELO was awarded ‘Best New Exhibitor’ for the range of mens and women’s garments made from the finest silks and finished with impeccable detail. You can watch the video of the show below.

The LELO Sussurra line will be the fifth luxury brand to name MaXXX Black their exclusive Australian retailer in 2011.

So what’s it all about?

This premier collection makes use of silk stripe chiffon, silk satin and silk habutai in the most desirable pieces for women and men. By using only the finest silk fabrics, LELO delivers a truly unique range of items crafted with the highest attention to quality and style.

The collection is available in-store from 6.11.11.

UPDATE: Lelo Sussurra is available to purchase online from from 1st December – so no matter where you are in Australia, we can bring Sussurra to you. Click HERE to see the whole collection.

New Latex Fashion Arrivals

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Our latest delivery from Honour Uk & Skin Two brings even more rubbery goodness to the shelves of MaXXX Black’s Rubber Room.

Our latex fashion collection has been a smash hit with Sydney-siders and thanks to all of YOU we will be expanding the range throughout summer 2011/12. To start with we have had a BIG order of new garments arrive just in time for Halloween.

In addition to all the pieces we have had in previosuly (yes, we’ve topped up the stock levels so you won’t miss out) we’ve got a whole bunch of NEW latex including three kinds of skirt, new jeans and even men’s tops PLUS a host of accessories from Matt Bylett.

Matt’s even added a few more bespoke dresses and tops for those who want something truly unique.

So if you’re thinking vixen, vamp or villain for Halloween you absolutely must check out our latex gear – after all, real vampires wear latex! At least that’s what we’ve learnt from watching True Blood.

And coming soon….

Over a dozen new styles from Honour UK and Skin Two will be touching down in the coming weeks. It will include our first pieces of very sexy latex lingerie. Stay tuned.

Product News: Matt Bylett Designs Coming To MaXXX Black

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

We’ve been fans of Matt Bylett for years – his avant garde and sometimes futuristic vision plus his incredible skills with latex deliver some of the sexiest garments we’ve ever seen. And now Matt Bylett is designing for MaXXX Black!

That’s right, the man behind the Xena Warrior Princess costume and countless television and film commissions (including Farscape & Jim Henson!) is busy putting the final touches on several one-off garments exclusively for us!!

From this thursday (that’s the 8th of September people) MaXXX Black will have the first of these delicious latex creations in our Rubber Room.

So what does a Matt Bylett signature piece look like? Click the thumbs below to get a taste of what’s coming….

New Latex Arrivals from Honour UK & Skin Two

Friday, August 5th, 2011

It’s out! The latest delivery from Honour UK and SkinTwo Clothing is now hanging in MaXXX Black’s Rubber Room – and just in time for Inquisition too!

So what’s new?

We’ve got over a dozen new styles in store for both men and women, and for the first time we have some brilliant colour latex too.

In-store you’ll find the new Night Nurse outfit as well as two fabulous dresses in Honour’s perfect latex Pink.If a dress is not waht your after check out the new boned corsets, skirts and underwear – you’re bound to find something shiny, sexy and oh so rubbery!

Also in are new men’s items – new styles of shirt, tops,  jeans and shorts – all in classic black and perfect for the parties on this weekend.

As always, the MaXXX Black Rubber Room is open 7 days 10am to Midnight.

Gallery: The Nike High Heel – For Good or Evil?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

MaXXXie loves a good fashion fix, and in searching for new trends and outfit ideas we happened to stumble across some heels with a difference – NIKE High Heels! Morphed into a sexy pair of stilettos, High Heel Nike Jordans are a line of all-star pumps that would score some major points with the fashionista set.

Now, we haven’t made up our mind about these. On one hand the unique look of every pair is awesome, but then the whole sneaker with a heel is completely out there! But we pass no judgement – they are fab purely because they are so different.

Enjoy the Gallery…..