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An Evening With Mr Angel – ‘Oh What A Night’

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Buck Angel is more than just a transman, or a film maker, or author, or motivational speaker. Mr Angel, as the MB team likes to say with no small degree of respect, is quite simply, an inspiration. His appearance here on Monday last has to be one of our favourite in-store appearances yet and he gave over 50 locals a compelling evening of film, talk, understanding and community.

The new documentary, Mr Angel, a recent winner at the Seatle Film Festival, gave us all a much deeper understanding of Buck’s life experience, particularly from the view of his family. It is rare to hear the voices of family and friends in such open and honest ways – especially when connected with such a public personality.

We highly recommend viewing of the documentary (it’s available on Netflix amongst other sources) for anyone who is transitioning and it is a virtual must-see for their closest friends and family. There are so many questions answered in unexpected and heartfelt ways.

One of the great joys of having Buck in-store is his willingness not only to share, but to talk on-on-one with our communities about his experience, and to hear the stories of others’. There were more than a few folks in the audience that have told us how important and special it was for them to connect to Buck in person. For the first time we found our audience was not just adults, but families – those who want to love and support the trans men and women in their lives. Buck managed to highlight the challenges faced by families in beautifully honest ways and it left an impression on us all.

We’d like to thank Buck, Bruce and the MB team (who worked SO hard on the day), our standing-room-only crowd and Collide Magazine for covering the event. We’ll have news soon on their Buck Angel competition.

Tickets Tickets & More Tickets

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Max is your store for tickets to some of Sydney’s FUNNEST parties and events.Tickets are available at the counter inside Max Black – we ask for cash only please for ticket sales. Don’t worry about getting to us during the day – we keep selling tickets until we close at midnight every day.

We love supporting local gigs and this week we have tickets to these awesome events:

Black and White Ball

The Black & White Ball

Join the friends, fans and members of Sydney’s world-famous Dykes on Bikes as they celebrate their annual fundraiser at Erskineville’s famous Imperial Hotel. Proudly sponsored by MB. Click through for details.


Fetish Night Markets

An innovative concept for Sydney’s BDSM Community, this is an outstanding night of socialising, networking, and of course lots of retail therapy – presented by Uber. Max Black has been a part of the event since 2010 and we can’t wait to show you our wares on the night. Click here for more.

IPE - 2014 Logo - Statement - Gag

Australian International Power Exchange Title 2014

Celebrating power exchange relationships this international competition is coming to Australia for the very first time thanks to Sydney’s very own Mistress Tokyo. If you’re a couple, pair or trio in a power exchange relationship you could be representing Australia in the USA in 2015 – so hurry up and enter! For the rest of us this is going to be a fantastic night out. Tickets on sale from the 12th – check in store or call us for more details.


Bad Dog’s BeetleMania

 Can you feel it in your accessory pulsatile organs? Got ants in your pants and ready to dance? Bad Dog’s BeetleMania is winging (and crawling, hopping, scuttling and wrasslin’) its way towards you, Sunday October 5th.


MB Summer Series – Ready To Learn Some New Tricks?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Ever since we ran our first ever workshops with ACON here in Sydney we have had constant requests to present new education events. Well, we listened. We went out there and we found some of the best therapists, authors, health professionals, organisations and individuals to create a whole new series of workshops – and the first two have already been HUGE successes!

We kicked of the Summer Series with Christina Spaccavento, a fabulous local sex therapist and relationship counsellor who came along to present Love & Desire – a workshop designed to help couples learn more about the way love and desire actually work – not just the emotional stuff, but the very physiological changes and reactions that take place. We loved having her here, and there will be much more to come from Christina very soon.

Christina ( is known for lots of work already – she can be seen on the Taboo series on National Geographic as on of the sex experts, but her name and wisdom also pop up in lots of publications (Marie Claire, Body & Soul) and even on SBS radio! So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of her next workshop here at MB – in fact, tickets are already on sale, but you’ll have to go to to get more details for now.

We also should shout to Alan Patriarca from InTouch Massage in Camperdown. Alan is widely regarded as a soft tissue specialist because his 27 (yes twenty seven!) years of professional health-care experience in multiple modalities has crafted a man of incredible care, passion and knowledge of the human body.

He was here just a couple of weeks ago with his new workshop The Power of Touch. Designed to help us understand more about the importance of touch on an everyday basis, this workshop was not only entertaining, it really opened our eyes up to how much touch can change our relationships – and not just the intimate relationships we have either.

He finished off with a fantastic one hour tutorial on massage techniques that participants are getting LOTS of use with. Sometimes knowing just a little bit more about something can totally change the way you approach it, and Alan was absolutely inspiring.

Coming up at MB we’ve got LOTS of new workshops planned. In October there will be Christina’s next workshop, and just after that we’ll be announcing workshops from The Today Show’s Nikki Goldstein and celebrated author Stacey DeMarco (‘Witch in the Bedroom’ and “the No Excuses Guide To Soul Mates”).

So, are you ready to learn something? Let us know if there’s a workshop topic you’d like to see us cover in future!


Giveaway: 2 FOR 1 Tickets to see Hysteria the movie!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Hysteria the movie is due to hit cinemas on July 12th, and if you’ve been anticipating it’s release as much as MaXXX then you’re going to LOVE our special offer in partnership with LELO.

Simply purchase any LELO vibrator at MaXXX Black (online or in-store) and you’ll receive a special 2-for-1 movie ticket to see Hysteria at a participating cinema (all major cinemas).

We’ve been waiting for this movie since we first saw the play The Next Room, on which it is based. It’s fun, it’s a little bit sexy, and it’s all based on the very real history of one of the modern world’s most enduring technologies – the vibrator!

About The Movie

Director Tanya Wexler’s new film HYSTERIA looks and feels like the classic, sumptuous Victorian period piece we’ve all come to know and love, but the heart of the film is an irreverent, hilarious and surprisingly modern story.

“We knew that we’d have to find a unique tone,” says Wexler, “Because while it might be a 19th Century story, it’s a subject that still makes us blush in 2011. The fun was in creating a kind of lush, Merchant Ivory reality on the surface, but with a hilarious, unbridled comedy running underneath it.”

Set in the 1880’s, just as a flurry of newfangled gadgets and inventions was forging the world as we now know it, the film follows the historic creation of the best-selling domestic appliance that dared not announce its true purpose: the electrical vibrator. What emerges is more than a playful comic romp; HYSTERIA is a feisty love story and a trip into hidden history, an exploration of women’s passion and a celebration of the forward-thinking spirit that has always kept human progress buzzing.

With a cast led by Academy Award® nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal (CRAZY HEART) and leading man Hugh Dancy (MY IDIOT BROTHER), the film’s Victorian past resonates with questions that still preoccupy us today – about sexual attitudes, men and women, and how to lead a truly satisfying life.

Sydney Events: You don’t want to miss these….

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Enmore Theatre near MaXXX Black will explode with sexy, cheeky, and thoroughly entertaining new shows as they kick off what looks like a HUGE summer of gigs and events.

Two of these make our pick list and we want to make sure you know all about them….

The Burlesque Ball

Friday 28th October 8pm.

The Burlesque Ball has evolved greatly since it’s debut event in 2006. This year, we see an incredible all-star lineup from the USA, Canada and Australia.

As with each year, we have stepped up our game with production, and 2011 sees a brand new overall theme – The Exotic Garden. The new theme has also allowed for a new exciting format for The Burlesque Ball, bringing together an overall story, moving picture component and our Musical Director, Omegaman is working on a brand new musical approach.

Each year they raise expectations and over-deliver an incredible show filled with some of the worlds leading Artists.

Jac Bowie produced the event after discovering although Burlesque was experiencing an underground movement, there were no events that focused on big props, expensive and ornate costumes – what you associate Burlesque to be when you think of the major international stars (Dita Von Teese, Catherine D’Lish, Sally Rand etc) and had a more formal vibe that appealed to guests of all ages and walks of life.

Lavish costume design, elaborate props and music – The Burlesque Ball is everything you want Burlesque to be. This event only showcases the high end performers.

Since it’s humble beginnings, the event has now grown into a huge Burlesque spectacular, always showcasing Australia’s leading acts and we are now internationally renown as the biggest and most sophisticated event on the Australian Burlesque calendar.


Miss Pole Dance Australia

Friday 4th November 2011

This highly prestigious event attracts professional pole dancers from all over Australia, competing for the ‘Miss Pole Dance Australia’ title. These elite athletes demonstrate what Pole Dance now represents in the field of sporting entertainment – that is – strength and agility choreographed to showcase the outstanding talent of the participants.

Spectators come from around the world to witness the Australian Championships which have played to a sellout audience for the last 6 years.


Events: DirtyQueer Magazine Issue 3 Launch Party

Friday, September 16th, 2011

It’s dark, sassy, dirty, clean, sexy, joyous, luscious, subversive and challenging. And issue 3 is gonna be HUGE!

DirtyQueer Magazine is a locally produced half-yearly publication with a core emphasis on photography and culture. Based right here in Newtown, the first two issues were big hits, with the magazine now available in almost a dozen countries.

The next issue is almost ready and to celebrate its being unleashed upon the world, the crew at DirtyQueer is throwing a fabulous launch party.

Blacklight Disco is happening at the Red Rattler Marrickville on Saturday, September 24th from 9pm

DJ’s on the night include Avra Cybelle & Annabelle Gaspar with performances by ZOO, Aaron Manhattan, Ryan Jace and more to come!

Dress To Fluoresce!

Tickets are $15 and are available by clicking HERE.


Thursday, September 15th, 2011

There’s going to be lots on offer this Summer with workshops for adults on all kinds of topics – from tantra to boudoir technique to seduction and bondage – whatever you’ve been aching to learn more about now is the time to explore!

So what’s coming up?


One of the best known sex and kink educators in the WORLD will be touching down in Sydney very soon for a tour of the East coast. Midori will be bringing a series of workshops to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and you don’t have long to secure a place in one of her upcoming workshops:


JOYSTICK SECRETS (How To Thrill Your Man)

Every woman is born with a sense of how to turn her man on, but some ladies have that little something extra, something that makes men weak at the knees. Joystick secrets takes you into a world where you learn techniques that are so simple to learn, but make so much of a difference to you – and the man you choose to please.

And knowing for certain that what you do really works is empowering, thrilling and very sexy. Why not become simply unforgettable?

An Intensive practice class for women only, it teaches you techniques with hands, mouth and more. Learn how to make him moan and writhe in unbelievable pleasure.

Joystick Secrets will definitely give you the sensual tricks to blow his mind and make the pleasure last…

When: Monday 3rd October 2011 (Long Weekend),  1.00-3.00pm (2 hours)




Reveal your inner vamp, one teasing move after another. It’s all easy to learn!

From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!). This is not some gym work-out class. It’s not a class about on-stage performance. It’s a turn-on-your-lover in the bedroom class!  This is a class for the rest of us who want to look better while wiggling out of our clothes and turn on our lovers using simple moves.

Walk away with the know-how to looking sexy & confident taking off anything. Learn floor moves, chair moves, standing moves, bed moves and some saucy sex skills tips too!  You even get the tips on the lap dance that’ll make them sizzle and rivet their attention upon you.

Only available in Sydney, Monday 3rd October, 4 – 6 pm.


SPECIAL: You can combine the Joysticks Secrets and Bedroom Body Moves for a special price of $99.



Midori will also be holding a series of kink workshops on virtually every topic! These are the perfect way to explore your kinky side and learn even more about what turns you (and the ones you love) on.

For full details of each workshop as well as ticket prices and bookings, please visit the official website by CLICKING HERE, or on the title of the workshop.


This class empowers you with better ways to understand and express your desires to find more fulfilling play and effective scene planning.

Wednesday 28th September, 7-9pm.


What you will walk away with is the knowledge to create your own scenes, deliver them with confidence, and empowers you to become the Top you want to be.

Thursday 29th September, 7-9pm


Midori can help you to figure out your bottoming style, and to use it to make your Top happy. Tops sometimes need ego strokes and aftercare, too!

Friday 30th September, 7-9pm


Dynamic Passionate Moves is a hands-on movement class using rope in an entirely innovative way… Learn to dance, stretch, seduce, power-exchange and connect at a deeper level using the rope in a whole new way.

Saturday 1st October 11am – 1pm


Here’s a class for fun-loving, wicked tops and for bottoms who enjoy a challenge.

Saturday 1st October 1.45pm – 3.45pm


Whether you’re an expert or have only taken one rope bondage class, this experience will help to make your rope play more confident, smooth and intuitive.

Saturday 1st October 4.30 – 6.30pm

MAKE EM BLUSH, MAKE EM SQUIRM (erotic humiliation play)

Are you trying to better understand this difficult subject? Have you questioned yourself on your desires or ability to make another squirm? Or have you ever secretly wanted to be put on the spot or shown how really naughty you are? Then this class is for you!

Sunday 2nd October 11am – 1pm


In this presentation Midori will discuss the different types of military vs. interrogation scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your chosen roles, and how to do it all safely. Scenes will be demonstrated right before your eyes!

Sunday 2nd October 1.45-3.45pm


Midori will share with you her secrets of the feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, practical exercises, techniques, fashion, how to discover what makes your partner weak-kneed, and more. This class is not limited to a gender, but for all who harbour the powerful woman within!

Tuesday 4th October 7 – 9pm


Improve your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class. You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type. Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse.

Wednesday 5th October 7 – 9pm

Events: Fuck Cancer: Raising The Roof For Cancer Treatment

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

MaXXX Black is proud to be a local supporter for a very special cause. This Friday, September 16, ‘Fuck Cancer’ will be raising the roof of the Imperial Hotel Erskineville to help raise some dollars for cancer treatment.

So What’s Happening On The Night?

Master of F*cking Ceremonies – The fabulous and foul mouthed Miss Lauren LaRouge! She’s been looking for the opportunity to swear at f*cking cancer and I’m happy to provide her the night to do it!

The Licks


Ed Worland & The Greens Teas


The Upskirts

Dave Hammond


  • Glitta Supernova (Burlesque)
  • Betty Grumble (Burlesque)
  • Sheena Miss Demeanour (Burlesque)
  • Cherry Lush (Burlesque)
  • Defy & Firefly (Acrobatics)
  • Lucille Spielfuchs (Burlesque)
  • Anna Felactic (Burlesque)
  • Frankie Faux (Burlesque)
  • Delilah DuMoan (Burlesque)
  • Legs 11.11 (Burlesque)
  • Talula Papoose (Burlesque)


PLUS!! Magic by Manik Jones and Live Art by Lucille Lehr!

There will be a raffle with some fantastic prizes as well as live art created by Lucille Lehr to be auctioned on the night!

This is going to be a night to remember folks so don’t bloody miss out!

This can be your good deed of 2011! Go on and earn those f*cking wings!

So what’s “Fuck Cancer” all about?

Breoni Taylor, a good friend of my close friend, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. This diagnosis occurred after being incorrectly diagnosed with irritable bowel for the previous 4 years.

Since the diagnosis she had a successful bowel rissectomy where the primary tumor was removed and so was 3/4’s of her large bowel. Unfortunately, during this operation the surgeons found a tumor on each of her ovaries.

In the doctors words, they concluded that Bre was ‘simply unlucky’ and maybe if she was to have her ovaries removed and more chemotherapy, it may stop the cancer from spreading to other places. Or perhaps it was time to ‘give up the fight’.

Bre has investigated other cancer treatments, because, believe it or not, people can and do survive cancer.

As of July, Bre is a patient at the NIIM (Australian Institute of Integrated Medicine in Burwood Rd Hawthorn and is being treated by a team which is headed up by Professor Sali (if interested, I encourage you to google Prof Sali and NIIM). Very shortly, she is about to commence some integrated cancer treatment at NIIM, but this treatment though widely used successfully in Europe for treating cancer isn’t recognized in Australia and not covered by Medicare.

The costs are around $11,000.

This fundraiser is to help raise money towards this alternative cancer treatment for Bre – she’s not ready to give up the fight and although I don’t know her well, I’ve been really inspired by her story. Life is such a precious thing and I think we are all guilty of taking it for granted sometimes. What if you were in Bre’s shoes?

EVENTS: Inquisition 19 + Black & White Ball

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Looking for something to do on the weekend og August 6th?

Want a chance to either dress up dress down, or both?

Well it’s gonna be one hell of a weekend in Sydney with two of the most popular adult party events happening on the same night!

Inquisition 19 returns this brilliant party to it’s dark and dirty roots – Fox Studio’s The Dome. With some of the hottest Dj’s, and a fetish theme for all of us to aspire to, you don’t to miss this party if you wnt a chance to strut your leather, latex, or just show off your daddy.

The Black and White Ball is the annual fundraising gala for Sydney’s world-famous Dykew On Bikes. As one of our most important queer cultural institutions and what with all the amazing things they do for all of us all year (you’d be amazed how hard DOB works to raise money for those in need), this the event that lets us support them.

MaXXX Black is a proud stockist of tickets to both events – just pop on into thestore between 10am and midnight, 7 days.

Events: Sydney, Get Ready to Party!!!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Strap yourselves in Sydney – it might be cold outside but the party season is just about to kick off, and MaXXX will have tickets to some of the best! In just the next few weeks there will be four fabulous events – it’s going to be hard to pick a favourite – so why not do them all!

Friday 8th July – Hot Kandi  “A Night In Sin City – Vegas Baby”

Hot Kandi returns for it’s 10th Party and the biggest party yet to celebrate their 2nd year of holding some of Sydney’s hottest parties. This Vegas-themed night of sin city delights will be held at a glamorous new venue too! Click the pic to see more.

Saturday 9th July – Carnal Rubber by SLPA

It’s time to put on that latex, slick on lube and get things shiny, because Carnal Rubber is coming.

Saturday July 9th SLPA are hosting the dirtiest gummi fetish night of the year. The latest installment in the Carnal party program from Sydney Leather Pride will bring together filthy fetish fashionistas, perverted performers, music from the dirtiest DJs imaginable and more latex clad sweaty hot bodies than you can imagine all in a secret CBD location.

Click the pic for more details.

Tickets  On Sale At MaXXX Black NOW

Saturday 9th July – Dykes On Bikes Black and White Ball

Sydney’s world-famous  Dykes On Bikes hold their Black and White Ball every year. It’s their major fundraiser, and MaXXX Black is delighted to be supporting them again this year. It’s a fun, B&W themed night and a perfect excuse to dress up for some worthwile partying.

Tickets will be on sale at MaXXX Black in the next few days.

Saturday 6th August – Inquisition by SLPA

You’ve all wanted it, you’ve all asked for it. You’ve all missed that dark dirty feeling inside. So we’re gonna give it to you, and give it to you hard.

SLPA are happy to announce Inquisition is going back to….. THE DOME.

With four of the hottest Dj’s from Sydney and Melbourne to get you moving, and some of the filthiest fetish acts around to leave you breathless, Inquisition 19 will be sure to warm all your special places.

Click the Pic for more info.

A party not to be missed – TICKETS ON SALE AT MB NOW!