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October Adult Workshop – The L Word – Sexuality of the Modern Queer Woman

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

It’s time for a BRAND NEW workshop – and this one is just for queer women…

This new workshop will look at the ins and outs of sex and relationships for the modern queer woman.

Presented by Sydney sex therapist Christina Spaccavento, the aim is to examine some of the big issues women in the community have constantly been asking about; female anatomy and the female sexual response cycle and orgasm, female sexual desire, communication with your partner, how to negotiate roles in same sex relationships, keeping it fun in the relationship and gender identity vs sexual orientation including coming out.

If you want learn more about your sexual and romantic relationship with your female lover, come along to an informative and interesting community event at Maxxx Black.


Learn about how to better please your lover.

Find out how to communicate better in your girl on girl relationship.

What do we mean when we talk about gender and sexuality?

Do you want to explore different types of sexual play with your partner?

Plus, a Q&A where you’re encouraged to ask Christina anything!


The Details

When: Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Time: 7PM – Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start.

Where: MaXXX Black – Level 1, 264 King Street, Newtown

Tickets: $20 (including booking fee)

Tickets are available: at the counter in-store plus you can phone us for mail orders OR CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE

About Christina

Christina is a qualified clinical Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor whose understanding, warmth and experience have made her popular with singles and couples alike from across the social spectrum.

She works with couples and individuals on a broad range of sexual and relationship issues and holds a Masters of Sexual Health from the University of Sydney, is the Acting CEO of Impotence Australia, Director of the Australasian Institute of Sexual Health medicine and Board Member of ASSERT NSW.

Christina regularly conducts sexuality workshops for health professionals and the public and has appeared on the Taboo National Geographic Documentary series as an expert therapist as well made various contributions to media such as Marie Claire, Body and Soul, Reader’s Digest and SBS radio in the areas of sexology and sexual health.

Visit Christina’s website to find out more a


Saturday, August 25th, 2012

In our opinion it’s never too late for some good sex education – and it’s even better when it’s not just about sex, but about the love and desire we all feel too – after all, it all goes together to make for a fabulous life! So we’re super-psyched to be bringing Christina Spaccavento out this week for the first of our Summer Workshops – Love & Desire: Stronger Relationships, Better Sex.

This workshop is designed for EVERYBODY – whether your in a relationship or single, whether your into boys, girls, or both – the human body is something we can all talk about. Tickets are selling fast, and we have a maximum of 50 places for this workshop. You can get you tix online or in-store.

So What’s It ALL About?…….

Ever wanted to know why libido changes?

Or how to understand your lover’s needs better?

Do you want to know more about love & desire?

This informative and practical workshop led by Christina Spaccavento –  Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor – will explain the basics of sexual desire in relationships and provide easy and accessible techniques that lovers can use to keep the fire burning within their relationships and themselves!

Plus, a Q&A where you’re encouraged to ask Christina anything!

The Details

When: Tuesday 28th August 2012

Time: 7PM – Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start.

Where: MaXXX Black – Level 1, 264 King Street, Newtown

Tickets: $20 (including booking fee)

Tickets are available: at the counter in-store, or you can phone us for mail orders OR



About Christina

Christina is a qualified Sex Therapist and Relationship Counsellor. Her understanding, warmth, humour and experience has made her popular with singles and couples alike from across the social spectrum.

Christina has made contributions to media including National Geographic, Marie Claire & Body+Soul. She works with couples & individuals on a broad range of sexual issues, and holds a Masters of Sexual Health from the University of Sydney, is the Acting CEO of Impotence Australia and is a Board Member of ASSERT NSW.



Thursday, September 15th, 2011

There’s going to be lots on offer this Summer with workshops for adults on all kinds of topics – from tantra to boudoir technique to seduction and bondage – whatever you’ve been aching to learn more about now is the time to explore!

So what’s coming up?


One of the best known sex and kink educators in the WORLD will be touching down in Sydney very soon for a tour of the East coast. Midori will be bringing a series of workshops to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and you don’t have long to secure a place in one of her upcoming workshops:


JOYSTICK SECRETS (How To Thrill Your Man)

Every woman is born with a sense of how to turn her man on, but some ladies have that little something extra, something that makes men weak at the knees. Joystick secrets takes you into a world where you learn techniques that are so simple to learn, but make so much of a difference to you – and the man you choose to please.

And knowing for certain that what you do really works is empowering, thrilling and very sexy. Why not become simply unforgettable?

An Intensive practice class for women only, it teaches you techniques with hands, mouth and more. Learn how to make him moan and writhe in unbelievable pleasure.

Joystick Secrets will definitely give you the sensual tricks to blow his mind and make the pleasure last…

When: Monday 3rd October 2011 (Long Weekend),  1.00-3.00pm (2 hours)




Reveal your inner vamp, one teasing move after another. It’s all easy to learn!

From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!). This is not some gym work-out class. It’s not a class about on-stage performance. It’s a turn-on-your-lover in the bedroom class!  This is a class for the rest of us who want to look better while wiggling out of our clothes and turn on our lovers using simple moves.

Walk away with the know-how to looking sexy & confident taking off anything. Learn floor moves, chair moves, standing moves, bed moves and some saucy sex skills tips too!  You even get the tips on the lap dance that’ll make them sizzle and rivet their attention upon you.

Only available in Sydney, Monday 3rd October, 4 – 6 pm.


SPECIAL: You can combine the Joysticks Secrets and Bedroom Body Moves for a special price of $99.



Midori will also be holding a series of kink workshops on virtually every topic! These are the perfect way to explore your kinky side and learn even more about what turns you (and the ones you love) on.

For full details of each workshop as well as ticket prices and bookings, please visit the official website by CLICKING HERE, or on the title of the workshop.


This class empowers you with better ways to understand and express your desires to find more fulfilling play and effective scene planning.

Wednesday 28th September, 7-9pm.


What you will walk away with is the knowledge to create your own scenes, deliver them with confidence, and empowers you to become the Top you want to be.

Thursday 29th September, 7-9pm


Midori can help you to figure out your bottoming style, and to use it to make your Top happy. Tops sometimes need ego strokes and aftercare, too!

Friday 30th September, 7-9pm


Dynamic Passionate Moves is a hands-on movement class using rope in an entirely innovative way… Learn to dance, stretch, seduce, power-exchange and connect at a deeper level using the rope in a whole new way.

Saturday 1st October 11am – 1pm


Here’s a class for fun-loving, wicked tops and for bottoms who enjoy a challenge.

Saturday 1st October 1.45pm – 3.45pm


Whether you’re an expert or have only taken one rope bondage class, this experience will help to make your rope play more confident, smooth and intuitive.

Saturday 1st October 4.30 – 6.30pm

MAKE EM BLUSH, MAKE EM SQUIRM (erotic humiliation play)

Are you trying to better understand this difficult subject? Have you questioned yourself on your desires or ability to make another squirm? Or have you ever secretly wanted to be put on the spot or shown how really naughty you are? Then this class is for you!

Sunday 2nd October 11am – 1pm


In this presentation Midori will discuss the different types of military vs. interrogation scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your chosen roles, and how to do it all safely. Scenes will be demonstrated right before your eyes!

Sunday 2nd October 1.45-3.45pm


Midori will share with you her secrets of the feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, practical exercises, techniques, fashion, how to discover what makes your partner weak-kneed, and more. This class is not limited to a gender, but for all who harbour the powerful woman within!

Tuesday 4th October 7 – 9pm


Improve your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class. You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type. Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse.

Wednesday 5th October 7 – 9pm

Advice: Feeling Sexy When Pregnant

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

While a mother-to-be can take great pride in her budding form, feeling sexy in it can be another matter entirely. With pregnancy one of the most sensual times in a woman’s life, its becomes a peak time to cultivate feelings of sexiness that can invite more action at a critical point in a relationship. With sexual activity during pregnancy very much predicting just how well couples will do together post-birth, staying sexy and intimate is very important to the family in the long-term. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for an expectant mum to feel like one hot mama with every trimester.

Don’t let the urge to purge define your sexy feelings over the long term.
Admittedly, sexy feelings can escape some moms in favor of good old morning sickness. While praying to the porcelain god may seem to quelch your hopes for an arduous affair with anything other than your toilet bowl, it is possible to maintain some sense of sensuality even in the pangs of nausea by focusing on the process and the feelings one at a time, breathing through them and using them as tools to get in tune with your body’s internal workings.

Decrease the severity of your morning sickness by eating plain, dry crackers and other simple, easy-to-digest foods, drinking fluids between snacks, and consuming foods and drinks with ginger root, like ginger tea or candy.

Don’t resign yourself to sarmassophobia or malaxophia – a fear of love play.
If you secretly long for sex and frequently forego the urge simply because it seems tiresome, you may want to delve a little more deeply. If you’re opting out, but still feeling deprived of intimate touch, contact and sex, failing to find out why will leave you feeling insecure isolated and worse about yourself and your sex life.

Sleep as much as your body demands.
Hormonal fluctuations and other physical and mental issues can take a toll on the hottest mammas. So get your beauty sleep!

Get yourself a bellymask.
This plaster gauze sculpture is a recreation of your pregnant torso. Available through, these heirlooms will be a powerful reminder and celebration of your role in the circle of life, and will make for a perfect gift for your newborn one day.

Go commando.
Shun panties, wear skirts, and go crotchless, especially if your vulva is all hot’n’bothered from increased blood flow to the pelvic region. This may also help keep you from chafing against the crotch of your pants or panties.

Practice Dhurga breathing.
This advanced technique can be helpful in regaining control and calm during emotionally trying times. Always remember to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself the room to cry when you really need to, but don’t get lost there. You can get sucked into the ‘poor me’ routine faster than you might imagine and that’s certainly going to do nothing for your sex life or hot mamma mode. Caving to these impulses has the potential to possibly foil some tender moments with your lover later, so it’s important to have a quick and easy way to reground and take control of yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for plowing through that tubs of Ben & Jerry’s or bag of Doritos.
Don’t forget, curvy is hot. Then work it off with an extra long session in the boudoir!

Practice sexy preggy mantras.
Feeling great about your pregnant body is probably the most important part of staying sexy during pregnancy. Celebrate the life you’re carrying, reveling in the thrill of it. Your body is a miraculous mechanism of life-giving energy blossoming into the earthy, maternal energy so magnetic that others may actually stop to do a double take.

Be patient with your third trimester sexual response.
Vaginal contractions during T3 sex are likely to be weaker, thereby lowering your sexual response cycle and making orgasm more difficult, if not impossible to attain during sex play. Complicating issues further, orgasmic uterine contractions have the potential to be discomforting and aggravating rather than pleasurable for women in T3. Be accepting of your response, and know that you’ll be back to your old sexual self in just a few weeks’ time!

Don’t give into notions that preggie isn’t sexy!
With sexual response enhanced for many, this is your time to test untried thought processes and maneuvers. Challenge yourself to think outside of the oft too-tight box into which society forces woman with child. Your ability to be sexy comes down to how YOU choose to see your pregnancy and express your sensuality – and nobody else.

Overall, be sure to maintain a healthy diet and a self-care routine, which includes exercise, massage, meditation, yoga, and pampering. This is a time when you can get in tune with your earthy nature as never before and these activities will help you to tap your core.

Finally, splurge on some outfits that help you to feel sensual and sexy. Women will often feel guilty about such purchases, but the financial costs outweigh the emotional price of not splurging.

Author: Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright PhD for bettersexnetwork.

Why & Where: The G Spot

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

It’s been called a myth (big lie), it’s been celebrated by millions, and it’s still being discovered for the first time by women all over the world. The G-Spot has the power to baffle, bewilder and more importantly, delight. Below we share the images and information that we explain to first-time customers many times every day.

Firstly, EVERY woman has a G-Spot. It’s the Urethral Sponge, and it is located inside the vagina.


Located on the front side of the vagina, about the average length from the tip of your finger to the second knuckle.

The G-Spot is a zone about 1 to 2 inches in diameter, closest to the clitoris. You’ll feel a change in the texture of the vaginal wall.


Before you start – tinkle – you’ll be much more comfortable during play. Then, start with some foreplay. Foreplay is ESSENTIAL. The sensitivity of the g-spot and clitoral arousal are closely linked, so starting with some focus on the clitoris is a great way to begin exploration.

When you feel you have reached a state of arousal through some clitoral play, then it is time to go for the g-spot. G-Spot stimulii requires a firm pressure – use a strong touch or a solid/firm sex toy.

Toys & Lube

G-Spot toys need to be firm, slightly curved and look like they can reach up like a finger in a ‘come here’ gesture. Size does not really matter – it’s the angle and pressure that is important.

Your sexploration will be much easier with the right kind of lubricant. Lube makes everything more sensual and tactile and will help increase your sensitivity and pleasure.

Why & Where: The Clitoris Explained

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Sometimes it’s the basics that get people confused. One of the major things we do here everyday at MaXXX Black is educate men and women about their bodies.  We try to give you as much information as possible about the enjoyment of sex, and a big part of that is knowing your bodies.

The information and images below are what we use many times every day, and you may be surprised to know that 95% of our first-time customers have never seen them before. Today is all about the…

1. Female Anatomy

The Clitoris

Located where the labia meet at the top of the vulva, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female genitals. It is situated beneath a thin protective fold of tissue called the clitoral hood (or prepuce). The glands here are dense with nerve endings (about

twice as many as are in the penis!) and can be incredibly sensitive to touch. Some women may even find it direct stimulation too intense without sufficient arousal (that’s foreplay).

Contrary to popular belief the clitoris doesn’t stop there. It extends down a shaft into a wishbone shape called the

Crura (picture 2). Each ‘leg’ is about 3 inches in length and lie directly beneath the labia.


When a woman becomes aroused, the clitoral shaft becomes erect and engorges with blood. Then the ligaments (corpus cavernosum) pull the clitoral head into the hood for protection. The crura then engorge and as such are possible to stimulate through penetration.

Most women find that direct stimulation to the clitoris, increasing the speed and pressure over time, is the best way to reach orgasm.

Pic 2 -The Clitoris (Internal View)

However, every body is different, so it’s very important for women to experiment with and explore their bodies.

Finding what works best for you can help you reach your sexual potential.

Vibrators & the Clitoris

Vibrating toys are an ideal way to explore and discover your clitoris and how it works for you. From gentle exploration to intense stimulation (& everything in between) a vibe can help you and your partner get to know your body and achieve better sex with deeper satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick up a good quality lubricant (NO KY) to use with your toy. It will make your play so much easier, sexier and satisfying.

Six Sizzling Summer Reads #3

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Best Sex Writing 2009: 

Edited By Rachel Kramer Bussel.
Intelligent, upbeat, and sex-positive, the pieces in Best Sex Writing 2009 offer an in-depth look at sex the way it actually happens in America today.
Gubernatorial sex scandals, rape fantasies, “Dear John” letters, teen sexuality, purity balls, the science of screwing, bathroom sex, and other topics are scrutinized by noted columnists, bloggers, and authors in pieces that are funny, informative, challenging, sexy, and serious. Edited by sex commentator and erotic author Rachel Kramer Bussel and guest judge MSNBC sex columnist Brian Alexander, this collection goes behind the headlines for a very different kind of sex ed. 

With the brain being the biggest sex organ, Best sex writing offers some food for thought. Kramer-Bussel has picked the very best compendium of essays and non fiction pieces that discuss every angle of human sexuality/popular culture. It’s a serious look at sexuality in today’s culture without being dry or overly intellectual. This isn’t one for your erotica shelf. Read it, read it again, discuss it, debate it… You could lend it to a friend to facilitate these discussions… Though we recommend not letting it out of your sight! Tell ‘em to get their own!

                                        Best sex 09

MaXXX Black & Midori @ UberLearn

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Want some techniques to help you sizzle in the bedroom? How about new tricks to keep them coming back again and again?

Well, Midori, the queen of all that is BDSM instruction is on her way to Sydney and she’ll be holding some very special classes at Uber for a limited time. Midori is one of the world’s leading sex educators, with her books and articles published worldwide. We even stock her books here. She’s so good, MaXXX Black will be there to help you with any supplies you might need.

There are 5 workshops being held in Sydney. To find out more about how to book a place check out Uber services here.

Midori Book     Midori @ MaXXX Black     Midori Japanese Bondage Book