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Lomme…The World’s Most Stylish Sleep…

Friday, July 15th, 2011

We get so caught up in all the toys and sexy things we bring into the bedroom that it occured to us we rarely talk about the most important thing in the bedroom – the bed. So when we came across this bed desine by Lomme we had to share it.

Stylish Bed Furniture from LOMME

LOMME stands for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution, and they claim to “create environments which incorporate different elements of light, colour, sound and touch – through which one can expand their senses and develop mind and brain functions”


We don’t know if that’s true, but one look at this bed and it is very clear that is would be one of the most relaxing ways to unwind and drift off. The egg-shaped design offers a refuge from the world around it, with integrated media to help keep the techie in you happy.


The form is designed to reduce the intrusion of outside noise.  A discretely built-in iPod and sound system allows the user to add relaxing sounds and music. The Lomme mattress is available with embedded massage functions that can be edited by the user. And for a little extra the bed shell encloses an antimagnetic field that blocks ambient electromagnetic waves and radiation!


Created as a result of two years research into sleep habits, problems and therapies, Lomme skilfully combines natural therapies with the cutting edge technology. Using light, sound and massage therapies, Lomme offers an environment to enhance all the senses – forming a place to rejuvenate, meditate and above all sleep.

Egg Shaped LOMME Bed

Lomme features a unique light therapy alarm clock. After you have been lulled into a deep restful sleep by the gradual fading light of a simulated sunset, waken naturally as light from the virtual sunrise plays on your skin. Want to change the mood while awake? The iphone app quickly adjusts the colour of the interior using hundreds of special soft LED lights.

Forming a protective cocoon, Lomme limits external noise to distance you from the outside world. An iPod has been invisibly installed to enable the sleeper to listen to relaxing music, sounds and guided meditations. Advice can be given on the kind of sounds recommended for waking up and falling asleep.

So what does the perfect sleep cost? Hold on to your desk chair. For the low low price of just AU$60,000 the perfect sleep can be yours.

We love it.

Gallery: Nightclub With The Wow Factor!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Urban Interiorities by Virginia Melnyk and Tiffany Dahlen

Urban Interiorities is a project by Virginia Melnyk and Tiffany Dahlen, regent graduates of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Working closely with Professor Ali Rahim, the students developed a “new approach to the night club experience” through novel modeling and rendering techniques, whereby generated surfaces—billowing, crenulated, orchid-like—exert intense visualizations of sensations.

Designed for a site situated at the buffer space between the trendy, youth-driven culture of Harajuku and the haute-couture of Omontesando, the night club merges both the youthful and luxurious into slick, mediated spaces. The club’s equally diverse program consists of an entry area, sushi restaurant, a sake bar, music lounge, and VIP rooms.

Melnyk tells us, “The project took four months to design and a myriad of changes through the development. It is not by chance that the project looks sweet like Candyland — much of our inspiration came from the sensations of taste and our perception of a visualization of these sensations. It is our hope that this project will push boundaries and leave viewers with a wider imagination of what architecture and design can be.”

The volume of the club is a milky white frame with a curious mix of areas on the interior: “sticky” and “sweet,” “pillowy,” and even “fibrous.” Movement through the club yields extremes of achingly synthetic notions of taste.

Aware of the ubiquity of swelling organic forms among students and practices alike, Melnyk and Dahlen did not stop at these heavily modeled zones. Instead, the sequence of programs is specific, provoking varying states of sensation and subsequent emotional responses as one passes through the interior spaces.

Yum, Yum, and Yum. Why can’t Australian designers be brave enough to give us spaces that are this inspiring?