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Need A Bigger Condom? Max now has the largest condom in Australia

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

For some guys finding the right size condom can be a pain (literally). While us everyday joes have lots of choices, bigger men have a hard time finding a big size condom. That’s why we’ve worked with GLYDE to bring you a 60mm extra large condom – and it’s vegan too!

Glyde is 100% Australian owned and operated, and they’ve been listening to the needs of Australian men and women for over 20 years.

Their Ultra Latex condoms are manufactured using the highest quality natural latex, with an exclusive ‘double dipping’ process that makes them super strong without making them any thicker – so they feel great and are even more reliable. In fact hey are only 65 microns thick – that’s about half as thick as a human hair!!

New GLYDE MAXI has been with us for a couple of months now so we’ve had little time to get some great feedback from our male customers who have been asking for something bigger than the standard 54mm. And while there are still some very big men out there who won’t be a fan (you’ll need more specialist help) for the majority of the large-endowed guys MAXI is going to feel a heck of a lot more comfortable.

Glyde Maxi comes in an Ultra Pack of 10 condoms, and is not only wider (60mm with a =/- of 2mm) it’s also a little longer, so it takes into account your proportions. It has a natural latex colour so it’s not too noticable and is still lubricated inside for that extra bit of comfort and pleasure.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you then get this… it’s vegan and vegetarian approved too! Glyde don’t use Casein (an animal product) in the manufacturing process, using a vegetable extract instead. So they’re safe, they’re sexy and they are 100% cruelty free to boot.

If you’d like to try Glyde Maxi, CLICK HERE to visit the product page on our website.

Designer Condoms: Chanel, Marc Jacobs Make Safe Sex Cool

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Fashion designers and major mainstream brands have made billions using sex to sell everything from sunglasses to sandals, but it seems they’ve decided to skip the innuendo and get straight down to business – the condom busines to be specific.

Over the last 12 months a bunch of major designers have created wrappers for safe-sex campaigns or launched their very own ranges of safe-sex products. The most notable being Chanel, who created the Chanel Condom in black or white.  The white version says “Keep It Classy” and the Black (for the cheekier client) says “For Use By Trendy Sluts” which must be a translation issue. Only it’s not. And a pack of 12 will set you back over $200.

Also entering the fray are Marc Jacobs and Louis Vouitton, who will market their condoms with the slogan “Inside every story, is a beautful journey”. Louis Vuitton is a major supporter of health foundations in Europe and created the condom for World Aids Day – the classic LV logo is actually stamped into the condom!

But if that wasn’t enough, there are these:

United Colors of Benetton

Alexander Wang & Jeremy Scott

KISS Condoms


christian audigier sex line ed hardy condom ChristianAudigier_Ed Hardy condom

Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy)


But these sexy little rubbers aren’t just being produced by the big brands – even cities and hotels are getting in on ‘the action’ with their own products for public and guest health and safety…

New York City

W Hotels of New York

There you have it. Know of anymore? send them into!

News: Viagra Condom On The Rise

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

When men discuss issues surrounding sex and intimacy, a good number of these individuals mention that they wish they could have firmer and longer lasting erections.  Of course, the reality is that there are many urban legends and false beliefs about erections in this day and age.  However, at least to a limited degree, a good number of men likely would benefit from a product that would enhance the firmness, size and time associated with an erection.

Sexually active men are encouraged to use condoms as a means of not only preventing pregnancy but to prevent the spread of disease.  Therefore, Futura Medical, a British condom maker, decided that perhaps it would make sense to combine a product that might enhance a man’s erection on the three levels mentioned a moment ago with a condom.  In this regard, Future Medical, in association with Durex, have developed what presently is known as the CSD500 condom.

Through the process of research and development relating to this new condom, Futura conducted a study of 108 healthy couples.  In this study, the results demonstrated that the “CSD500 condom helped men to get a firmer erection compared with a standard condom, increased penis size and made the sexual experience last longer, delivering statistically significant results.”

According to Futura in discussing the innovative condom publicly, the CSD500 “has a small amount of gel in its peak that dilates the arteries and increases blood flow to the penis.”  The effect of this gel and this process is to enhance a man’s erection – the firmness, size and time associated with an erection.

After the successful research studies involving the CSD500, Futura and Durex planned on having the condom on the market in 2008, however it is still in development with plans for Durex to launch a new version of their “Love” condoms within the next six months. It is currently undergoing final approvals by the EU.

Although the CSD500 condom has been called “The Viagra Condom” it actually is not designed for men who have erectile dysfunction. It’s designed for men who have trouble staying erect due to the lack of (sensitivity/feeling) that often accompanies wearing a condom. These condoms are lined with a vasodilating gel for the purpose of helping men maintain their erections.

Theoretically there is now one less excuse for not wearing a condom.

NEW PRODUCT: Big Richard Condoms Now In Store

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Back in November 2010 we came across a little Aussie brand called Big Richard.  They had produced the cutest, cheekiest video to promote their range of condoms. We were the first to bring you the video, and now we are the FIRST adult store in Australia to begin stocking this fun, sexy and yes, local brand of condoms!

Big Richard has merged fantastic quality products with packaging and apparel that will have you giggling away – every individual condom features a different sex position graphic being performed by their signature bunny silhouettes. We love it!

it’s wonderful to see a new brand on the market – it’s always good to have a choice when shopping for your naughty gear. But more than that Big Richard is a local brand – 100% Australian Owned – which is why we are uber-proud to be stocking them first.

So who are Big Richard? Big Richard is more than a condom brand, it’s a culture unto itself…

We’re dedicated to more sex, more fun and more mischief.

No longer must you put up with boring condom brands that look like they came from some soulless lab in Geneva. Big Richard is here to banish boring from the bedroom. We use the highest quality latex that money can buy, and our condoms exceed all Australian and international safety standards.

And when we say Big, we’re not talking about size, we’re talking about attitude. Because it’s what you do with it that counts, right?

(from the manufacturer)

Find out more about the range by visiting our website. Click HERE for the store page.

Oh, and just because we love it, here’s that video we were talking about…

(link will open a new window and take you to the MaXXX Black YouTube Channel)

The What, Where & How of Condoms

Friday, April 8th, 2011

It’s easy to get complacent about the humble condom. We are constantly surprised by how many people (of all ages) still don’t know the basics about them. So we thought we’d explain it.

The Condom: What is it?

The most common type is a latex sheath that fits onto the penis when erect, and which catches semen on ejaculation. This prevents sperm from getting into the body and also stops body fluids from mixing during any kind of intimate sexual activity. When used correctly, the (male) latex condom is 98% effective against pregnancy and STIs.

What’s on offer?

Condoms are most effective when coated in a spermicide. They are often also lubricated (to make sex more comfortable) but spermicide/lubricant free condoms are readily available, as are flavoured, coloured or textured varieties.

Here at MaXXX Black we stock everything from multi-textured condoms like Durex Pleasuremax and Four Seasons Vibrating to specialist condoms like the latex-free Ansell Manix (good for latex allergies) and even Durex Extended Play which can help delay climax for longer-lasting fun.

“Always pinch the teat at the top of the condom before rolling it over the penis”

Condoms made from polyurethane offer the same level of protection, and provide an effective alternative for latex-allergy sufferers (Ansell Manix). The female condom is also made from polyurethane. It’s a larger version of the male condom and can be fitted inside the vagina before sex. If used correctly, the female condom is 95% effective against STIs and pregnancy.

Where can I get some?

Condom availability is widespread. They can be bought in adultshops like MaXXX Black, supermarkets, chemists, pubs, bars, public toilets and petrol stations. They are also available free from family planning clinics, ACON and some young people’s centres. In every case, make sure there is a BSI kitemark or a CE mark on the packaging – this means they have been tested to a high safety standard.

How is it used?

  1. A condom should always be unrolled onto an erect penis before sex, and preferably before any kind of sexual activity. This is because during arousal the penis may release a clear liquid (called precum) which can contain semen.
  2. Always pinch the teat at the top of the condom before rolling it over the penis. This will help to be sure that you’re putting it on right (teat facing upwards) and expel any trapped air. This also reduces the risk of the condom splitting during sex.
  3. Please use a good quility waterbased lubricant sold at MaXXX Black such as Intimate Organics Hydra or Lelo personal moisturiser.  Waterbased and silicone lube is conpatabilbe.  never use an oil based lube, this breaks down latex.
  4. After sex, hold the base of the condom when withdrawing the penis to prevent it from slipping off. Dispose of it responsibly and if you’re up for any more action be sure to roll on another one fresh from its foil packet.


  • The only contraceptive that can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases, includs HIV.
  • A chance for men to take responsibility for contraception;
  • Widely available and free from some places.


  • Condoms may slip or split, especially if handled roughly or torn by sharp fingernails or jewellery;
  • Latex condoms are weakened by oil-based lubricants. Contact with body lotion, sun tan lotion, baby oil or Vaseline can quickly destroy the material and should never be used as lubricant.
  • Find ways to introduce condoms (or at least putting one on) into your play with a partner. Whether you put it on or you get your partner to, incorporating the condom into play itself helpsmake condoms sexier and more fun.

MaXXX Wants You To Play Safe This Weekend

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Heading out this weekend?

Got a party planned?

Be good to yourself and others by being prepared to play safe.  If it’s not on, it’s NOT on, but that doesn’t just mean condoms – remember dams, gloves and lots of good quality lubricant. And it’s not just about the boys, it’s for all the girls too!

We’ll be here as always with knowledgable staff who are happy to help you find the perfect combination for your play – we’ll even take you through different lubes so you find the sexiest one. Remember that using the right lubricant will help prevent condom breakage and slipping.

Plus we have the right sort of condom for every occassion with over 18 types instore.  For those using strap ons or toys condoms will be essential if you’re having a party. And don’t let that latex allergy get in the way – we have the best latex-free condoms on the shelf!

If you need more information about safe sex practices you can pop into the store for information on products or why not click onto for the latest campaigns and health info. They even have great instructions for ways to slip one on this weekend.

Play Safe.