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New Review: The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates

Friday, June 15th, 2012

There are times in my life I could look back on now and feel foolish.

And I’m not talking about those times at the pub doing obnoxious a-capella renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs whilst playing air guitar and standing on the pool table. On a school night.

I’m talking about the times I was sure I had found ‘The One’.

Silly me. Yep, six months of swanning around, blissfully declaring that I had found “My Soul Mate”…. only to wake up one morning, roll over and think, “Really? YOU? I thought YOU were my SOUL MATE?!?!” before running from the building at full speed, half-dressed, screaming in terror and wearing only one shoe.

Then there were the times of knowing, deep within, that this time I actually had found my Soul Mate, like really-really-actually-for-real-this-time. The electricity. The intense passion. The sublime spiritual connection. And at the root of all this, the certainty that the feeling was mutual.

Until I got dumped.

You know that moment when the world crumbles around you as you lie bloodied and broken, heart shattered on the floor?

Yup. We’ve all felt it at some point.

These moments of heartbreak and disillusionment send us into limbo. Some days we curse the day we fell for the soul mate myth. What a crock. “Soul mates are for gullible wimps and they’re not even real anyway,” we say. “I’m gonna be a player. I’m gonna leave a trail of broken hearts. Once I’ve eaten this entire pack of Tim Tams.”

Other days we might call our best friend and wail through the phone, “The soul mate IS SO real and my one dumped me, I’ll NEVER leave the house again!”

It becomes apparent that, in order to restore our faith in humanity, we must find another soul mate to fill the void and end the suffering.

So we go out looking for The One. We search ALL the bars. ALL the clubs. We roam the streets. Every cute shop assistant is a potential soul mate. And after quite a few uninspiring dates and at least three bit-of-a-shocker hookups, we start to get really down. “Why can’t I find my soul mate? What’s wrong with all these people? Maybe it’s just me? Why am I not good enough? Am I destined to walk this earth alone forever? I’m so ugly…”

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so – well, I read a book recently which was really helpful. It’s called The No Excuses Guide To Soul Mates by Stacey DeMarco and Jade Sky.

This book explained a lot for me. So get this – according to DeMarco and Sky, Soul Mates do exist. But not in the traditional sense. For instance, it’s not like there’s only One Perfect Match for you in your whole life and if you screw that up, well you might as well be dead. There’s more than one type of soul mate. Some are platonic, some are romantic, some are very physical, some are more spiritual. Even our teachers, family, or best friends can be a type of life-changing soul mate, and we attract them into our lives at different times depending on where we’re at – in that moment.

Something clicked for me as I read this book. I could actually look at each soul-mate-type and relate it to my own relationships and experiences. Suddenly these feelings of having found The One didn’t seem so misguided and foolish. Those people were special to me for a reason. Sure, they would be wrong for me now. But for me then, they were…the One.

DeMarco and Sky show you how to detox from a bad relationship and move on, build your personal power, break destructive patterns, and make dating FUN again. It’s a very heartwarming, empowering, and comforting book.

If you’ve ever had any kind of doubts, guilt, embarassment or bewilderment about any of your ex-“Soul Mates” – don’t beat yourself up, give this book a read. It might just give you some closure.

The No Excuses Guide To Soul Mates is always available at MaXXX Black. To view or purchase online please click HERE.

– Fae Fox

Book Review: The Human Pony by Rebecca Wilcox (nsfw)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Books are the essence of knowledge. They teach, inform, enlighten and instruct. So with that in mind i’d like to direct your attention to the beautiful written and published book “The Human Pony” By Rebecca Wilcox.

For someone who has no insight into the different worlds and cultures of the BDSM and Fetish scene, this subject can initially raise some eyebrows. However the combination of clearly written details, beautiful images and delightfully written first hand accounts from Human Equine and Their Trainers make this an informative and insightful guide into the world of Human Equine Play.

Rebecca Willcox uses her knowledge and experience as a both a Bio Equine Trainer and her involvement with Human pony play to create an understanding of the many different worlds and motivations each person has for entering pony play. She explains the unique difference in each type of human pony (for example, Show ponies will be trained in dressage and dressed elaboratly for show, whilst a Cart Pony has the stimulus of leading his/her owner’s attached cart to their desiered destination) and how each understanding of the concept “Pony Play” is unique and varied from person to person. We are given this introduction in the first chapter “What is Pony Play?” and shown what appeals to people just understanding pony play for the first time.

Chapters “Pony and Trainer Headspace” and “Equipment” goes into to detail the emotional and mental attributions to pony play, and how important safety is to both the trainer and pony. We are shown how humans can be compared to bio equine just by certain quirks they show whilst being in “Pony Headspace”..Taking on certain peronsonality qualities that can be found in specific Bio-Horse breeds. We are given information about the proper use and care of Equipment and how biological equine equipment has been adjusted and reinveted for Human Pony use. Lots of beautiful large photos give a great visual into what you would be looking for and how it is to be worn (The boots that are designed to look hoofs are amazing!)

Detailed guides follow about what it takes to train a Pony and useful techniques that are not much different from training Biological Horses. From Grooming, to tacking (saddling up) to Obstacles – Everything is covered here in a easy fluent way for even the most mystified person to comprehend.

Rebecca introduces us to her world of event planning, Having herself organised many events for the Pony Play community including ‘Fox Hunts’, where a variety of animal role players (Such as ponies and puppies) come together to recreate the age old game of Hide and Seek to new levels. This chapter gives a beautiful insight to how closeknit and fun this community and type of play can be.

“The Human Pony” is a great book for people with all levels of interest in pony play. From the most experienced Cart pulling pony to the most curious of couples, Its hard to walk past this book without glimpsing at the stunning visuals. A great read for anyone with even the slightest curiosity into the world of Human Ponies.

Like what you’ve heard? Want to know more? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HUMAN PONY at