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Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Hello Kitty Vibrators-400x400HELLO! Kitty

Sanrio’s famous Hello Kitty Vibrator was first released in 1997 as a shoulder massager. Riiiiiight.

Petite, hand-held and vibrating this toy soon became a sensation in the world of adult stores and began being featured in some pornography.

Sanrio claimed that the Hello Kitty Massager was only released to be an innocent health-care product and then pulled them from the market. It was no surprise that they immediately became a collector item on Ebay.

They weren’t re-introduced until 2007. Kittenistas world over are still purrrring in delight!


To read further, click here for the New York Times article ‘Has Hello Kitty Gone Feral?’


Tasty Treats!

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Here are a few morsels of delight for you to indulge in this Sunday. . . where two of my favourite worlds meet- sweets and vibrators of course!

Tasty Treats-Iroha Midori Macaroon

Tasty Treats - Shiri Zinn Cupcake

Tasty Treats - Iroha Yuki Marshmallow

Tasty Treats - Iroha Sakura Heart Candy


The vibrators in Image 1 – Midori Vibrator by Tenga Iroha , Image 3 – Yuki Vibrator by Tenga Iroha and Image 4 – Sakura Vibrator by Tenga Iroha are all now available at Max Black.

Stronic Eins – a whole new kind of simulation stimulation!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

German brand Fun Factory has definitely raised the bar in the toy industry with this entirely innovative never-before-seen motor technology of their Stronic series! To put it mildly, I certainly did not say nein to reviewing the Stronic Eins.

Warning-this is NOT your traditional style of vibrator. But, if you are looking to try something entirely different I definitely suggest having a play with the Pulsator!

Instead of offering traditional vibrations, the Stronic Eins delivers a fun thrusting, back and forth movement for a more realistic experience. To get technical, the motor contains solid metal which moves in a hollow body to produce deep frequency pulsating thrusts. It is a completely unique experience.

Because of the thrusting movement the toy does need to be held in place, however only lightly as you should let the toy take you on it’s personal joy-ride! As with most Fun Factory products, this toy is made from a beautiful thick and soft silicone which always feel luscious on the body. Plus it has all the perks of a deluxe toy being beautifully designed, rechargeable, water-proof, lockable and has many easy-to use stimulation modes- just scroll through using the + and – button.

With 10 different stimulation modes, the toy has a lot of different styles of fun thrusts to offer! Personally, I think that the fifth mode is the most interesting as it starts with a purring rev-up and then delivers a slow rocking thrust!

Plus I love that they have an Emergency OFF! (or as I prefer to call it the Emergency ON!)button- the ‘FUN’ button.

In terms of pleasure, the G-spot is stimulated in a different way to other vibrators as the back and forth movement against the G-spot increases your arousal and continues to build.

I always believe different toys cater to different moods, the Stronic Eins definitely serves its purpose when you’re wanting a bit more action or something a bit more dynamic out of a toy.

The main reason why this toy does not receive a 10/10 rating from me is because the slightly raised mound on the toy designed for clitoral stimulation does not really offer much in that department. I would suggest to use this toy in conjunction with another clitoral toy or if Fun Factory could add a vibrating tickler to this toy in the next generation, it would be THE toy that stole the show!

However, for a purely internal toy it is a truly fun and one-of-a-kind experience and is one that I think every girl should try once(if not more)!

I would also suggest that this toy should be used by intermediate or advanced vibrator users as it is quite different from your standard toy. For first time or beginner players, I would recommend starting with a traditional vibrator and then adding this to your collection later.

Stronic Drei and Zwei

                                                                     STRONIC ZWEI                 STRONIC DREI

As for the boys you haven’t been forgotten! The Stronic Zwei is the latest addition from Fun Factory’s Stronic series to be released-so imagine this same concept but back-door friendly.

And COMING SOON. . . is the Stronic Drei ,which is designed for those who like that extra ribbed feel whether for back-door or vaginal penetration.

Step to the side oh mighty vibrator, there’s a new toy in town. Introducing, The Pulsator.

The Stronic Eins and the Stronic Zwei are now available at Max Black.

Product News: Evolved Vibes Selection Now In Store

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

We are always on the lookout for new toys that fit three very important rules:

  1. They must be Phthalate & Toxin Free.
  2. They must have quality parts and technology.
  3. They must be fun, attractive, and easy to use, clean and store away.

With rules like that you can imagine it’s pretty difficult to find new products for our shelves that don’t fall into the ‘deluxe’ or ‘expensive’ categories. In fact, out of tens of thousands of possible products, we only stock about 800 toys in-store – the best of the best you might say.

So when Evolved started hitting Aussies shelves last year we tried out a bunch of their models and were delighted to be able to select four of them for our 2011 collection.

All are made from phthalate-free materials, have superior motors, are battery operated, come with their own storage containers  and, most importantly, they are affordable too!

So here they are….

Crupier Roulette Edition by EvolvedCROUPIER ROULETTE $90

If you’re looking for some action, then the Roulette Edition™ is the odds on favorite to deliver unique satisfaction. You’ll also be able to parlay your action with the Roulette’s flexible shaft and tip, and true multi-speed wheel controller. And while the design might look like a little much this is an easy toy to enjoy, especially with a water-based lubricant.

Honey Bunny - rabbit vibrator by EvolvedHONEY BUNNY RABBIT VIBE $75

Sweet yet powerful, stylish and functional, the True Love Edition™ blends contemporary design with classic sensuality. We love that it doesn’t have tons of modes and its more compact design  means its easier to use, clean and store away – especially since it comes with a metal storage case.

Silicone Bliss Vibrator by EvolvedSILICONE BLISS $80

Part of a new line of vibrators made for women called Fleur De Lis, Silicone Bliss is the first of the new Evolved Novelties vibes to come to MaXXX Black. It is wonderfully well-designed with graduating contours sculpted to fit the natural contours of most women. For this reason it offers additional comfort – so it’s a good first-time vibrator.

Fleur De Lis Seduction Vibrator by EvolvedFLEUR DE LIS SEDUCTION $50

This sensuously shaped slim multi-speed vibrator is made from 100% phthalalte and latex-free materials yet still offers superior texture and feel, especially when used with a good water-based iubricant. featuring 3 speeds, an easy-to-use push button control (in the base) and a waterproof case, this is a perfect vibe for pleasuring you, and your loved one.

Welcome to the world of Evolved Novelties, MaXXX Black Style!

Top 10 Luxury Gifts For Her

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

We all like to get the royal treatment, and being poiled with something beautiful at Christmas is a unique and wonderful pleasure. As are our top ten picks for Women these holidays. So if you’re looking for something intimate, special and a with the “oooh” factor – these goodies will certainly do the trick. Mrs Clause should be so lucky!

1. Lelo Soraya

It’s hard not to fall in love with Soraya, the signature rabbit style vibrator from Lelo’s new Insignia range. She’s silky to the touch, thanks to her medical grade silicone exterior and she’s easy to hold with her tasteful handle.  She’s also waterproof (perfect for bath time!)  and dual stimulation? Soraya’s got it covered with her flexible clit stimulator (which sits easily in the right position) and her curved shape which allows for gorgeous G-Spot stimulation.  Rechargeable with up to 4 hours play per charge, multiple functions & settings, and a one year warranty; Soraya is the ideal luxury gift for the girl who knows style and loves it!


2. WeVibe II

A hands-free, dual stimulating, rechargeable vibrator with 9 settings which you wear during sex — sound too good to be true?  The WeVibe II has certainly revolutionised the world of couples’ toys, which isn’t a surprise considering it was designed by a real-life couple and is the winner of multiple design awards! While the larger end is perfect for clitoral stimulation, the smaller and flatter end is expertly designed to sit on the G-Spot and stay put during play time. Plenty of room for penetration and plenty of ways to explore the new sensations that the WeVibe promises you and your partner!


3. Click & Charge from Fun Factory

Fun Factory’s Click N Charge vibrators are not only fun, bright and sexy but they feel awesome, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and best of all – they’re rechargeable! Priced from just $99 (excluding charger) they’re also some of the most affordable luxury toys around. Plus you only need one charger to charge the whole range -so you can start a collection today. Made in Germany from premium silicone, these are the ecological choice.


4. Lelo Gigi

So Pretty! When it comes to G-Spot vibrators, you simply can’t overlook the luxurious and savvy GiGi. She may look small for an g-spot vibrator, but what makes GiGi so incredible is her ingenious shape and her strong, purring motor. Angled perfectly, her seductive curve and silky, flat tip are ideal for finding (and captivating) the G-Spot.  She’s also great for clitoral stimulation, so you can grip onto her and her tip will curve gently downward. She’s recharageable, made from medical grade silicone with 4 hours of battery life and plenty of modes to explore. Plus, because it’s from LELO it has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year, so there’speace of mind too.


5. OhMiBod Naughtibod Music Vibe

It’s no secret that music and play (sex?) complement each other like strawberries and cream, so the OhMiBod Naughtibod is bound to rock that special someone’s world. This fascinating toy (which is the perfect handbag size) is designed to plug into your iPod and vibrate to the music. It doesn’t matter what genre your giftee is into – it’s bound to deliver lots and lots of fun and opportunity for exploration. A perfect duet!



6. Vibratex Rabbit Habbit E

There’s a reason the Vibratex Rabbit became a household name after it was featured on Sex & the City over a decade ago, and there’s a reason why it’s still one of the most popular vibrators to date. The Rabbit Habit is soft and gentle to the touch with her premium elastomer material. Her shaft contains tumbling pearls which rotate and massage gently, while the rabbit tickler provides titillating clitoral stimulation. With two adjustable sliders which control the speed and intensity of the shaft and tickler that special someone can spend hours of fun with the Rabbit!


7. Fun Factory Share

If you’re the kind of girl that wants to share something special with your partner, the “strapless” strap on ‘Share’ double dildo by German brand Fun Factory is the perfect gift. She’s beautifully moulded into an ergonomic, balanced design which allows G-Spot stimulation for the wearer and is angled perfectly for penetration. The Share range is a popular alternative to the classic option of a harness and dildo or it could very well be the perfect addition to any toy owner, novice or expert!


8. Vibratex Mystic Wand

The Mystic Wand is powerful, easy to use, versatile and is sure to become a staple in any toy drawer. Unlike other wand style vibrators, the Mystic Wand is battery operated, so you can take her anywhere and she’s an ideal size (considering just how powerful she is!) You simply can’t go past the Mystic Wand when it comes to intense, clitoral stimulators and with three speeds and three pulsation settings she’s the ideal go-to vibrator.

Order It Today at FREE SHIPPING


9. Fun Factory Generation 2

The Fun Factory Generation 2 Semi-Realistic is an ideal mid to large sized vibrator made from beautiful silicone and offering a ribbed texture and inward curve at the tip for G-Spot stimulation. The Semi-Realistic offers multiple speeds and is also waterproof, so this versatile internal toy can be played with outside the bedroom! Versatile and offering so many different sensations, she’s sure to please even the fussiest!



10. NJOY Pure Wand

No matter how many toys they have, they won’t have anything like this. Over half a kilogram of solid hand-polished metal packaged in a beautiful satin and timber presentation box. Absolutely non-porous the wand is ideal for sensation play, exploration, sharing and pleasure. This is one of those toys that has ultimate visual appeal, both in the box and especially when you’reusing it. Njoy offers a true holiday surprise!


Remember to place your order by 18th December to ensure Christmas Delivery.

Jacqueline Hellyer: 3 Kinds Of Sex Couples Need To Have

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I like to divide sex in a long-term relationship into three types:

Cup Of Tea Sex – simple and comforting
Sensual Sex – luscious and bonding
Spicy Sex – exciting and adventurous

Cup of Tea Sex…

is that nice snuggle under the covers, nothing unexpected, nothing wild. You know each other, you know what works, you have a satisfying time. No great fireworks, but it’s good. Like a cup of tea: simple, warm and comforting.

But a sexual diet of just Cup of Tea sex is pretty dull. And if there’s not a good connection, it will feel empty.

Sensual Sex…

is when you take the time to create a gorgeous atmosphere and take the time to enjoys each others’ bodies in a sensual and loving manner. In this way the sex becomes very connecting, very bonding, very deep. This is the essence of Tantric sex, and with practice can lead to ecstatic states of being.

Which is wonderful and wholesome, but can do with some spicing up at times.

Spicy Sex…

is when you push your boundaries and do things that you find a real turn on (if a little intimidating!). What that is will depend on you and your own desires.

Spicy Sex could be as simple as introducing a sex toy to your sexual play, or starting with a slow striptease. It could be planning a weekend away and then visiting the vineyards knowing you or your partner has no knickers on. It could be visiting a sex store and bringing home something new and unusual (now how does this bondage tape work…) It could be visiting a swingers lounge. It could be having a nude dinner party, either the two of you alone or inviting friends… The possibilities are endless.  But keep in mind that Spicy Sex doesn’t just ‘happen’, it requires your creativity and your intention.

Now, given the reality of modern lives, it’s unlikely that every sexual encounter is going to be Spicy Sex. (Apart from the time involved, it would be like eating gourmet food all the time, which can get a little wearying.) Depending on your circumstances,  Spicy Sex could be an annual weekend away,  or it could be a monthly ‘challenge’ where you take it in turns to create a “Spicy Saturday In”.

However, if you think Spicy Sex is the great aim, you’ll have trouble getting there without the Sensual Sex. Because as I’ve so often written about before, I believe that for a couple to be open enough with each other that they can be real about their desires, they have to be truly open to each other, and you need sensual connection for that. I encourage couples at least once a week, to have a sexual encounter that focuses on the sensual. Start with a bath, light candles, play music that moves your soul, spend time touching each other, hold each others’ gaze as you move slowly together in intercourse. Experience the ecstatic sensations of the valleys of sex, rather than the intense peaks. Feel the yumminess of it all. Experiment with blindfolds or restraint to heighten the sensory arousal, add sensory elements of taste, sound, touch and smell. Really lose yourselves in the experience.

So, maybe you could aim for Spicy Sex once a month, Sensual Sex once a week and Cup of Tea Sex once or twice a week. I can’t be prescriptive though. So let’s say plenty of nice Cup of Tea Sex, regular Sensual Sex, all interspersed with some Spicy Sex.

Having said that, the three categories don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A late night quickie under the covers is Cup of Tea Sex, but it can also feel very sensual if for example you light a candle by the bed and look into your partners eyes as you make love.  Or a quickie in the bathroom while your kids are having their porridge can certainly have elements of  Spice (a la naughty teenagers trying not be caught). Ideally a Sensual Sex session will be highly erotic and you can swing between the intensities of the peaks of sex and the exquisiteness of the valleys.

It’s all good! So allow for all types of sex in your life, from the simple to the spicy (whatever that is for you) and you’ll keep your sexual connection strong and your life so much more satisfying.

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality. In addition to her private clinical practice, she is the ” I’m the Sex Coach” for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines; a published author with a growing web presence and she runs the Tantric Fusion workshops.


Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Sunny skies, warm days, and cool evenings – what else could we need to inspire us to do something sexy?!

We’re celebrating the return of everything Spring with 20% these selected TANTUS Inc platinum silicone products:


Available in small, medium and large, the Silk silicone dildo range from Tantus incorporates the best materials in the world with a style unto itself. Now priced from just $32 each! (more…)

Introducing Lelo TOR…The Cary Grant of Cock Rings!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Lelo TOR – our latest and greatest from the vibrating world of cock rings.

We love cock rings.  We love cock rings that vibrate.  Want to guess how we feel about a ring that exudes elegance and style and not only vibrates, but has SIX levels of vibration?  Oh Lelo, you’ve done it again… we LOVE him!

Allow us to introduce TOR- the latest inclusion in our Lelo range, and boy have we welcomed him with open arms. With all the features of its predecessor BO, TOR is a fully rechargeable toy (another trait of Lelo- NO batteries!!) with a sleek appearance that fits nicely against the receiver, whilst being comfortable and enjoyable for the wearer. With a stretchy ring to fit men/dildos of all sizes, TOR is an easy pleasure toy to introduce and re-introduce into the bedroom time and time again.

For our ladies, jazz up your dildo/double ender/strapless strap-on with one of these babies and if your toy is silicone, you’ll have the whole thing buzzing.  Ooh la la!

So apart from all its special features, its intelligent and sophisticated construct, you want more reasons to get TOR into your hot little hands? TOR has the lifespan of approximately 10, 000 disposable cock rings and comes in the two handsome shades of black and purple.

This friends, is the Cary Grant of cock rings. 

Yours in delight,



Canadian Minister Calls for Regulation of Adult Toys

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

 In December 2009 Dr. Carolyn Bennett a Canadian Liberal Minister of Parliament sent a letter to the Minister of Health calling for tighter regulations for the adult toy industry in Canada.

Bennett Was inspired to write the letter after visiting the adult store, Red Tent Sisters. In her letter, Bennett urges for regulations against the use of BPA and phthalates (Chemicals linked to reproductive and other health issues).

We are so pleased to know that there are politicians out there who are standing up for our sexual health!

We only stock products that are 100% Phthalate free and we are proud of it! Because there is nothing sexy about nasty chemicals.

Thank you, Carolyn Bennett for taking a stand!

Here is the link to her letter:

Love Maxxxie


Are You The Next Great Sex Toy Designer?

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Sex information group The Sinclair Institute is looking for the next great adult toy. With a US$100,000 licensing deal up for grabs the insitute is hoping they’ll have an even bigger response to the competition than last year, when the comp was held for the first time. Last year’s winner, the We-Vibe, has gone on to sell tens of thousands of units. We should know – it’s one of our most popular toys.

So if you think your homemade super toy is something we could all enjoy, get onto and find out more about the competition, and as they say “Make It Work”!

Better Sex Adult Toy Design Competition