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CLAUDE Play Packs now distributed at Max Black!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Max Black and Claude have joined forces to bring free kinky play packs directly to women who play with other women. Is that you? Next time you visit Max Black you can pick one up!

Max Black is stocked with play packs which have lube, condoms, gloves, cleaning product for toys and surfaces and of course no kit would be complete without some info about safe sex, looking after yourself, your partners and your toys. Blood play packs are also available with the same contents as the above kit and also a sharps disposal bin, alcohol swabs, needle tips, cotton wool balls and of course we’d never distribute this kind of stuff without some information about how to keep yourself safe and free from blood borne viruses.

If you can’t make it in to Max Black but you’re a woman from NSW you can order your free play pack on the Claude website ( While you’re there check out the badass site which celebrates women into kink, defiance, art and sex.

Claude is pumped full of all the good stuff – music, bravery, health info, free stuff, videos, interviews and everything that sits on the edge. One more thrust and Claude would burst!

ACON’s Launch of a new GLBTI Anti-Violence Project

Friday, May 31st, 2013

ACON Anti-Violence Campaign 5-13




Bruce from Max Black attended and supported the launch of ACON’s new GLBTI Anti-Violence project today which is aimed at reducing violence within the GLBTI community by promoting places of safety and support.

Max Black is a proud to be a part of this project and will be displaying the ‘Safe Place’ signage and will be committing itself to the principles of being a proactive safe haven.


MaXXX Loves ACON – come help us support them!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

MaXXX Black has been working closely with ACON ever since we first threw open our gorgeous doors.  The Aids Council of NSW  undertakes such a huge range of community health and well-being initiatives that there is literally not enough room in this post to list them all. Needless to say their impact on Sydney is not only positive, but with our governments paralised by politics, the work they do is now essential.

That’s why we’re throwing our support behind even more of the events that help raise funds for this incredibly important organisation. And we invite you to join us for all the fun…

Richard Savvy’s Slave Auction – SUNDAY 6 MAY, OXFORD HOTEL, FROM 3PM

Join in for a social Sunday afternoon with Sydney’s coolest DJ’s in the Main Bar of The Underground, Oxford Hotel.

The show will include Burlesque by Lillian Star & Anna Falactic, rope tying, body suspensions (rope not hooks) and a few more surprises.

Welcoming all the subcultures of our subculture, The Underground will be turned into a dungeon with bondage demonstrations and dark spaces with for Slaves & Masters to do what they do.

Featuring some spunky slaves, both female and male, and terrific prizes that will be auctioned off (including Slave contracts!)

There will be a raffle as well as a key draw to undo the collar of the incredibly sexy Mitch Star – which will then allocate the bearer with the main prize.

Slave Auction is a charity fund-raiser for ACON & Sydney Leather Price Association.

ACON will receive all profits from the auctions and raffles, and SLPA will receive the door money from the cold coin donation.


Prizes include:

  • Flights and accomodation for 2 to Melbourne
  • Frosty Fruits Gay Ski week pass
  • City Gym Membership 6 months
  • 12 months grooming from The Naked Barber
  • Premier Tickets to Fat Swan including after party with the cast
  • A weeks accomodation in a mansion with pool for you and 9 friends in Byron Bay
  • Skincare package worth $400
  • SAX Fetish vouchers/clothing
  • Limited Edition Leather Absolute Bottles
  • Motorbike Pillion experience
  • Madame Rouge Clothing
  • Photos shoot with Star Shots
  • Massages
  • 4 x $50 MaXXX Black Vouchers


BINGAY at The Imperial Hotel

Every Tuesday night you’ll find the Bingay crew (the divine Tora Hymen and smashing Naomi) dolling out prizes to the lucky bingo crowd in the recently renovated cabaret room. We’ve been supporting Bingay with fresh naughty prizes every week so in addition to the usual craziness, you’ll find some MaXXX Black lovin.

Bingay is an weekly ACON fundraising event hosted by the multi DIVA award-winning drag queen, Tora Hymen. Tora’s barrel girl is the all-singing out there dyke Naomi Palmer who recently received her first DIVA award. Bingay has been running every Tuesday night from 1999. During that time, it has raised over $750,000!

Most Tuesday nights are a great mix of poofs, dykes and straight people. Many even bring their mums and aunties. But be warned, the night is a racey one!

Bingay is Tora’s take on bingo, but it has a very big twist! Expect weird rules, singalongs, penalties and hilarious stories with prizes that range from the silly and camp to great theatre tickets or restaurant vouchers. It is a night for friends to get together and have fun on a ‘school night’, that also ends by around 11pm so you can have a great night out without feeling like you can not face work the next day! Free snacks and food are served each week.

If you want to organise a birthday party, just let us know by calling David on (02) 9206 2110. We are happy to supply hats and party toys for your table at no cost. Naomi will even sing happy birthday for your friend. Holding a birthday party at Bingay is a great way to have fun and also help raise money for ACON.

If you would like to sponsor Bingay just like we do, or donate prizes, please call David on (02) 9206 2110.

Full Details of Bingay can be found at :

EVENTS: MaXXX & The Imperial Hotel Erskineville

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Many moons ago, when MaXXX Black was just emerging on King Street, and the world was pre-Obama and pre-pre-Julia, MaXXX proudly sponsored several events and gigs at the Imperial Hotel Erskineville. Then they renovated, and we renovated, and well the story gets boring until now…

MaXXX Black is set to continue our tradition of sponsoring local events and groups, and especially ACON. And it all starts THIS WEEK. From Tuesday 15th November we’ll be putting up some cheeky and sometimes delicious prizes for two of the Imperial Hotel’s most popular mid-week gigs:


Bingay is a Sydney institution and if you haven’t been to one these raucous, colourful and insanely fun nights, then you MUST GO NOW. Held every tuesday night, and several times a year as a Big Bingay (different venue), the whole shebang is hosted by Naomi Palmer & Tora Hymen. Starts at 8pm.


Come join the delightful Verushka Darling for the campest night out in town. No two weeks are ever the same when Verushka is behind the mic! Will you survive the entire song? Or Will Verushka strike the gong, kicking you off stage? Whatever happens you’ll be in the running for cash and prizes (some of which will come from MaXXX).

Hosted by the fabulous Verushka Darling, starts 9pm.


So no more excuses – Laughs, fun, drinks, and a chance to take home prizes from MaXXX Black!

Events: ACON After Dark is back – ON NEXT WEEK!!!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

What do you do when the lights go out?

‘After Dark – Lesbian sex and sexuality uncovered…’

MaXXX Black and the ACON Lesbian and Same Sex Attracted Women’s Health Health Project are bringing you an exclusive night of titillating informative fun and fantasy for women who love women!

Held in the glamorous MaXXX Black premises in Newtown, this event promises the answers to those delicate questions about sex, fantasy, play and more.

The night will include free champagne, nibbles, free party bags (including an extra special mini vibrator!), an interactive sexual health workshop, rope bondage demonstrations and your own personal guided tour through the unbeatable range of MaXXX Black goodies for women (generous discounts are available for this night only).

This event is for over 18s only and has limited places (with what’s on offer are you surprised?), so RSVPs are essential if you want to get in for this exclusive experience!

What, where, when?

What: After Dark – Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered
Where: MaXXX Black, Level 1, 264 King Street Newtown
When: Wednesday September 21st, 6:30pm to 9 pm.
Cost: FREE- entry only with RSVP
RSVP: Click here now!

More info

Contact: Annaliese Constable, Lesbian and Same-Sex Attracted Women’s Health Project Coordinator
Phone: (02) 9206 2007

Honour Awards 2011 – Nominations Now Open!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Members of NSW’s GLBT community are being urged to nominate people and organisations whose work or achievements deserve to be recognised at NSW’s annual GLBT community awards.

Now in their fifth year, the Honour Awards are an annual gala fundraising event for ACON, NSW’s and Australia’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender health and HIV/AIDS organisation.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says the Honour Awards give people in the GLBT community a valuable opportunity to pay tribute to how people and organisations are making a difference in the lives of others.

“We all hear lots of wonderful and moving stories of how people from all walks of life are helping or inspiring others in our community and that’s what we want to celebrate through the Honour Awards,” Mr Parkhill says.

“So we’re inviting community members to nominate people or organisations they feel have provided leadership or achieved outstanding success within the GLBT community or have provided excellent service or made a significant contribution to the GLBT community.

“This year we’ve also teamed up again with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association, Sydney Star Observer, Foxtel and Merivale as well as new event partner 360 Management to make the Awards a really special occasion and we thank these organisations for their generosity and support.”

Nominations can be submitted in six categories covering the business, health, education, community, legal, political, media and cultural sectors. Nominations are free and can be submitted on the Honour website ( There is also a range of gifts and prizes to be won.

This year’s awards will be presented at a gala ceremony and cocktail party at The Ivy in Sydney on Thursday 29 September. Four finalists from each category will join a host of media, entertainment and community personalities for a fabulous night of fun and festivity.

Mr Parkhill says money raised from tickets sales and a silent auction on the night will help fund ACON’s vital work in the community. “While ACON gets a significant amount of government funding, the bulk of that money is dedicated to HIV-related service delivery,” he says. “Our broader work in relation to GLBT health and wellbeing – such as alcohol and other drugs, lesbian health, anti-violence, mental health, ageing, community care and advocacy – is financed by one off grants, fundraising activities and donations.

“To keep this important work going, we rely on the generosity of people and organisations in our community. By coming along to the Honour Awards, community members, their friends and associates can celebrate the dynamic spirit of our community and, at the same time, raise money to help ACON build our community’s health and wellbeing.”

WHAT:             Honour 2010 – Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Party

WHERE:           Sun Room, The Ivy, 330 George St, Sydney

WHEN:             Thursday 29 September 2011

TIME:               7pm – 11pm

COST:              $85 per person (inc. quality wines and beers, delicious canapés and fabulous entertainment)


Myths about HIV and Aids

Friday, April 1st, 2011

It’s nearly three decades since doctors identified HIV, an incurable condition that attacks the immune system. In the 1980s, HIV and Aids – the disease it leads to – were the subject of huge amounts of media attention which spread awareness of the virus. But today it seems there’s more confusion surrounding it than ever before.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) isn’t necessarily the ‘death sentence’ it was once considered. Thanks to a new range of drugs, it’s easier for carriers to keep their symptoms in check and live a relatively normal life. However, the illness continues to spread; UN Aids estimates over 33 million people across the world were living with HIV or Aids in 2008.

Estimated HIV Infections 2011 Worldwide Map

So much of this might have been preventable with the right education. In South Africa, the government’s unwillingness to recognise the link between HIV and AIDS has contributed to an epidemic. Shamefully, we’re not doing much better here in Great Britain; the number of people living in the UK with HIV has trebled since 1999. We asked Rachael King, information officer for UK charity Avert, to help us tackle some of the more common myths surrounding the virus.

HIV is something only gay people get.

Not true. “Within the UK, cases of HIV are more or less evenly spread between the gay and heterosexual communities,” says Rachael. “But in the 80s and early 90s, it was mostly the gay community driving the education campaign around HIV. They have become very knowledgeable about it, but unfortunately a lot of the rest of society still know very little.”

With modern drugs, you don’t need to worry about HIV.

Not true. “It’s such a common attitude these days, you go to a doctor(GP)they give you a quick fix and you’re on your way. HIV isn’t like that,” says Rachael.  “There’s no cure, and we’re still very far away from that. It’s easier to treat these days because the drugs have fewer side effects and there’s a move towards universal access, where people can sign up to treatment programs. But this is a privileged situation.”

You CAN catch HIV from saliva, toilet seats or discarded needles.

Not true. “This is a myth that came up in the 80s, and still lingers. To give you the medical explanation, HIV in saliva is so diluted that unless you’ve got a really bad case of bleeding gums, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to contract that way. The only ways to transmit HIV is by a transferral of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk.”

Unless you’re sharing needles, it’s unlikely you’ll catch HIV from a discarded syringe – HIV only survives for a very short time outside the human body – but beware: needles can transmit other diseases, like Hepatitis C, so stay careful.

You CAN’T contract HIV from oral sex.

Untrue – semen or vaginal fluid can carry the disease, so if you’ve not been tested, condoms are still recommended.

People with HIV look ill.

Not necessarily. “In the primary infection stage, it’s said that people can suffer from headaches and flu-like symptoms,” says Rachael. “But generally we consider HIV to be symptomless, so people don’t live in the assurance that they’re A-OK. The obvious signs of HIV manifest later, as the viral load increases,” she says. So don’t expect to be able to spot a carrier – if you expose yourself to risky situations, use a condom and get yourself checked accordingly.

If you have HIV, your child will be a carrier.

Not necessarily. “So much progress has been made in the field preventing mother-to-child transmission,” says Rachael. By taking drugs from the third trimester of pregnancy you can reduce the chance of passing the virus on to your child from 35 to just 1%.

The results of HIV tests aren’t confidential, and your employer might find out.

Not true – the results of HIV tests are kept strictly confidential. There’s no law that imposes an obligation on you to provide details about your health – although conversely, that doesn’t mean they might not ask. In Australia, there are very few employment situations where you are required to disclose your HIV status. There are also very few effective protections once disclosure has been made, despite many companies and organisations having good anti-discrimination policies and supportive work environments. Workers should think carefully however, before disclosing their HIV status, particularly if they are concerned about their privacy.

Being on the pill protects you from contracting HIV.

Untrue. “One I hear a lot, which is terrifying!” says Rachael. Of course, the pill offers no protection at all – so rubber up.


If you would like to know more about HIV and Aids, or you would like to know how you can contribute to awareness, fundraising or community support we encourage you to get in touch with ACON – Australia’s definitive HIV/Aids support organisation.

Click HERE to visit their website.

After Dark

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered:
A joint eXXXpedition between MaXXX Black and ACON

Gorgeous girls, sex education, cupcakes and champagne anyone? I can safely say that your darling MaXXXie is not adverse to any of these, separately wonderful, but when put together…. Oh, yes! Give it to me hard, you bad girl!
The night started with all the red hot chicks from ACON and spunky MaXXX staff looking their absolute seXXXiest, readying all the essentials for the amazing night ahead of us, polishing all the glasses, making sure there were new batteries in the toys, beautifying the shop and of course checking the champagne and cup cakes for poison.
Fashionably late, oh no not these girls, fashionably early. The evening was to start a 7, but as early as 6.30 our seXXXy eager beavers were arriving ready to start their night of fun and informative sexual education.

First up there was champagne, mingling and like at any good party, checkin’ out the goods. Then the magnificent Siri from ACON began her eXXXciting interactive workshop. “Fisting!” “Growling Out!”. Gosh did we have a feisty bunch on our hands! This was an exercise where all the lovely ladies yelled out what two (or more) women could do together either on the street or in private. And those were the two first ones they came up with! Oh, you naughty girls! It must have taken about 45 mins and running out of anything else wonderfully rude to finally come to kissing and holding hands. Ha Ha, my type of girls!

Then after a little break, more champagne and some baby cupcakes, there was my favourite game, What’s in my box? Ooops, I mean What’s in the box? The group of lusty girls were broken up into small groups and given a mystery box, where they had to identify the contents and make up some scenarios where they could be used. So, what was in your box, I mean the box? I hear you say. Well, many things, some girls were left with a confused look on there faces and some were had that telltale smug grin of knowing. I sure did enjoy prancing around the room looking in all of their boxes….
A big thank you to some of the more experienced girls, who practically gave us a full demonstration on how to use what was in their mystery box. It was greatly appreciated!

The night finished as well as it started with rope bondage demonstrations, a big thank you to Mistress Jadis and submissive fleur. You are always such a hit! Oh and to the girls that got up and involved in the rope bondage, I saw everything!

Then it was our turn to do some education about the wonderful products that we have here, at your favouritest ever shop, MaXXX Black, and as a wonderful addition to the night, we launched your new favourtitest new web site. Yes that’s right, we are taking over the world wide web. So we look forward to seeing all of you either on our seductive new site, or in at the one and only MaXXX Black.

So from all of us at MaXXX Black thank you to everyone that come along, having such a gorgeous and fun bunch of women made it the eXXXciting and rewarding evening that we were all looking forward to!

Till next time, stay safe and Merry Mardi Gras….