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Wild Hide Deluxe Harness – the new video

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

It’s no secret that Max Black loves Wild Hide. This fantastic Australian leather workshop has been working with us for over 5 years now and their leather harness products are some of our all-time best sellers!

Every one of them is hand crafted by talented leathersmiths in sunny Queensland with a beautiful attention to detail that delivers soft, sensual and thoroughly practical strap on harnesses.

Want to see more? Wild Hide have been busy creating how-to videos on the Deluxe Harness (called The Wild Hide Harness at MB). It’s worth a watch if you’ve ever wanted to know how these little wonders work…

Living luxury leather : the allure of Petra Dos Santos

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

In an typical historic Berlin flat at the southern end of the Kreuzberg district, the atelier of Petra dos Santos makes its home. A sales floor, showroom and studio workshop all fit under one roof.

Petra Dos Santos

Petra Dos Santos

In 1998 dos Santos, a Stuttgart native, moved from Hamburg to Berlin and made her dream a reality. An exclusive leather workshop has been enriching the ‘city of creatives’ ever since. The metropolis of Berlin has become her great love. “I can no longer imagine moving my business anywhere else.”

Luckily for Australians with an appreciation for fine leather she has recently supplied Max Black in Sydney with an exclusive line of beautifully crafted accessories, including cuffs, blindfolds, collars, floggers and her famous harnesses. So popular is the line that the harnesses sold out within weeks and a new shipment is already in production.


You may ask why but it only takes a caress or scent of her materials to be quickly convinced by the exceptional quality of her work and her designs.

And while some of her clients come from the fetish and kink communities many more are fashion-conscious trendsetters who cherish truly original leatherwear. Each piece is genuinely made in Berlin from toxin-free European leathers. “I always know exactly where my leather comes from, and that obviously feels much better!” the leather expert explains.

To see what is available in store at MB now please click through to or visit us in store to feel, play and experience dos Santos for yourself.


New In Store – Villa Cancan Bustier & Bra by Maison Close

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, may your hearts ignite – tonight, you’re in for a hot show

Maison Close, that beautifully French label for all things lace and luscious, is heating things up in the final weeks of winter with the latest arrival at MB – the Villa Cancan collection.


rear view – villa cancan bra

Villa Cancan revisits the ambiance and dress code of the Paris cabaret, combining comfort with all the right moves. The softness of the transparent black fishnet plays on tantalizing trompe-l’oeils. Ensembles abandon themselves to complete  transparency.


villa cancan bustier

“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” – See more at:
“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” – See more at:

“The collection is for women who want to look sexy, but still sophisticated,” says Aurelie Diallo-Moore from the label. Villa Cancan is in store at Max Black Sydney this week (online soon) with two pieces – the seductive push-up bustier pictured above, and also the Villa Cancan Push Up Bra…

villa cancan push up bra

villa cancan push up bra

Ooh la la!! There is even more Maison Close lingerie in store at Max Black every day, or you can see more Maison Close now at

Last Chance to Win a We-Vibe 3!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

MB's We-Vibe 3 - RubyHere is your last chance to WIN the #1 selling couple’s vibrator the We-Vibe 3 in Ruby Red – (we hear red goes faster!).

Worn while you are making love, with a remote control, completely waterproof and rechargeable, with a travel case and valued at $199 you don’t want to miss out on this competition run by the Lucky Her website.

Simply click on the link above and tell them what is it you love most about your lover!

Offer ends soon on June 29th, so get in quick!

Win a We-Vibe 3!

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

MB's We-Vibe 3 - RubyHave you been in store at Max Black and added the We-Vibe 3 to your ever-growing naughty wish-list? Or are you looking for that something for the both of you to add some fun into the bedroom?

Well, here is your chance to win the #1 couple’s vibrator the We-Vibe 3 in Ruby Red – (we hear red goes faster!). Worn while you are making love, with a remote control, completely waterproof and rechargeable, with a travel case and valued at $199 you don’t want to miss out on this competition run by the Lucky Her website.

Simply click on the link above and tell them what is it you love most about your lover!

Offer ends on June 29th.


Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Meet Matsumoto, the Inventor of TENGA Products

“My heart was saying “I want to create something that doesn’t exist, that needs to exist, that people will enjoy.” ”

For those of you who have not already discovered TENGA, it is a premium Japanese male-oriented adult brand currently on the market. TENGA produces some of these most discreet and beautifully designed male masturbation cups and sleeves distributed now to over 40 countries.

Matsumoto, the creator of TENGA products, originally graduated from a mechanics college and started his career tuning luxury and vintage cars and later worked as a car salesman. However, he could not negate the desire to create and spent his time outside of work trolling various types of stores from DIY, car accessories to electronics stores researching products and one day stumbled into an adult store.

“I hadn’t been into one of these stores in years! I had always found sex toys to be funny so I thought I’d take a closer look. As I walked into the sex toy area though, I felt somewhat uncomfortable; “There’s something wrong here…” “

Matsumoto felt that what was so strong about products with the Made in Japan label was that there was a feeling of ‘safety’ in the quality of manufacturing, customer care and customer service following a purchase. However, he felt that this feeling of safety did not translate to adult products where often at the time the products had no company name, brand or even contact details and were usually very obscene. Something normal like masturbation only seemed to be catered to one very specific group and not to everyday person.

“I believe pleasure products were originally made to relieve human needs; people need to eat, sleep and relieve sexual urges.”

So, Matsumoto went forth starting from the bottom up to put all his efforts into creating various proto-types. Matsumoto recalls his humble beginnings when he would assimilate objects like a shampoo bottles for the SOFT TUBE cup prototype or toy hammers for what became the ROLLING HEAD cup prototype, or most of his materials would be purchased at the 100 Yen shops.  He worked tirelessly throughout the day, until the morning hours for about 1 year and half developing his product and trying to get it out in the market when he finally reached the point where his funds were running low and he was not working any other job.

Then one day he received a call from the Soft on Demand Company to pitch his products and was found. One year of product development and he had his first line of the TENGA standard Red Cup series ready for market. The original 50,000 pieces to be produced were already on reservation and he could not seem to keep up with the high demands from the second lot of production onwards. TENGA exploded and they even had an interview with “Forbes” and were published in many domestic and international magazines. This was the beginning of TENGA.

Matsumoto later went on to develop different versions such as a hard or soft cup which was inspired from the ‘“Hard”, “Medium” and “Soft” bristles varieties of toothbrushes or how beer has “Bitter” and “Light” varieties.

Matsumoto truly believed and strived towards creating an adult-toy that was well designed, well manufactured and that anyone could use. He strongly believed in creating a product that would make people happy.

“Everyone in this world regardless of background should be able to enjoy it and be happy.”

And we are thankful Matsumoto did, because TENGA is one of the hottest and classiest male adult brands on the market today!

Max Black is definitely a big fan of not only TENGA but now also Tenga Iroha their female brand!

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Jimmyjane Back at Max Black

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Jimmyjane has landed back in store at Max Black and we are very excited!

On the deluxe end of Jimmyjane we are happy to announce the arrival of the Form 2 clitoral vibrator, the Form 6 internal vibrator and the newest Hello Touch finger vibrator! Form 2 and Form 6 are so sexy, svelte and oh-so-powerful and Hello Touch is a finger vibrator of the next generation!

You can also expect all the Usual Suspects such as the ICONIC Rabbit, Bullet, Pocket and Smoothie. All sleek and white this is a range of classic vibrator styles. The ICONIC series is very well-priced and great for beginners or for someone who just wants to pick up a quick little gift.

If you are local come in store and delight your senses. Otherwise you can check it out on our website.

Perfect Fit . . .Max’s NEWEST BOYS Brand

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Max Black is truly excited to introduce an entirely NEW boys range that has serious growl, Perfect Fit – in store now! For those of you already familiar with the StreemMaster products we have stocked before, you are likely to become an instant fan.

Perfect Fit is an American brand owned by Steve Callow, who is renowned for designing the very popular StreemMaster brand of products. Moving forward from this success he put his efforts forward into this new brand so that all his truly unique designs now fall under one label.

This range has many naughty boys toys that have some very serious ‘grunt’ to them and are very well priced too! From rubber tire-inspired cock rings and ball stretchers, to fun but very rude tunnel plugs and super-soft extenders Perfect Fit has certainly shaken up the Men’s section at Max!


Stronic Eins – a whole new kind of simulation stimulation!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

German brand Fun Factory has definitely raised the bar in the toy industry with this entirely innovative never-before-seen motor technology of their Stronic series! To put it mildly, I certainly did not say nein to reviewing the Stronic Eins.

Warning-this is NOT your traditional style of vibrator. But, if you are looking to try something entirely different I definitely suggest having a play with the Pulsator!

Instead of offering traditional vibrations, the Stronic Eins delivers a fun thrusting, back and forth movement for a more realistic experience. To get technical, the motor contains solid metal which moves in a hollow body to produce deep frequency pulsating thrusts. It is a completely unique experience.

Because of the thrusting movement the toy does need to be held in place, however only lightly as you should let the toy take you on it’s personal joy-ride! As with most Fun Factory products, this toy is made from a beautiful thick and soft silicone which always feel luscious on the body. Plus it has all the perks of a deluxe toy being beautifully designed, rechargeable, water-proof, lockable and has many easy-to use stimulation modes- just scroll through using the + and – button.

With 10 different stimulation modes, the toy has a lot of different styles of fun thrusts to offer! Personally, I think that the fifth mode is the most interesting as it starts with a purring rev-up and then delivers a slow rocking thrust!

Plus I love that they have an Emergency OFF! (or as I prefer to call it the Emergency ON!)button- the ‘FUN’ button.

In terms of pleasure, the G-spot is stimulated in a different way to other vibrators as the back and forth movement against the G-spot increases your arousal and continues to build.

I always believe different toys cater to different moods, the Stronic Eins definitely serves its purpose when you’re wanting a bit more action or something a bit more dynamic out of a toy.

The main reason why this toy does not receive a 10/10 rating from me is because the slightly raised mound on the toy designed for clitoral stimulation does not really offer much in that department. I would suggest to use this toy in conjunction with another clitoral toy or if Fun Factory could add a vibrating tickler to this toy in the next generation, it would be THE toy that stole the show!

However, for a purely internal toy it is a truly fun and one-of-a-kind experience and is one that I think every girl should try once(if not more)!

I would also suggest that this toy should be used by intermediate or advanced vibrator users as it is quite different from your standard toy. For first time or beginner players, I would recommend starting with a traditional vibrator and then adding this to your collection later.

Stronic Drei and Zwei

                                                                     STRONIC ZWEI                 STRONIC DREI

As for the boys you haven’t been forgotten! The Stronic Zwei is the latest addition from Fun Factory’s Stronic series to be released-so imagine this same concept but back-door friendly.

And COMING SOON. . . is the Stronic Drei ,which is designed for those who like that extra ribbed feel whether for back-door or vaginal penetration.

Step to the side oh mighty vibrator, there’s a new toy in town. Introducing, The Pulsator.

The Stronic Eins and the Stronic Zwei are now available at Max Black.

Australia’s Sexual Stylist – The Original & The Best at Max Black

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

A Max Black Sexual Stylist session is all about creating a more confident, vibrant and happy you. Our sex lives are so important to our everyday well being, and at various stages in our lives, this part of our life can become neglected. Before you know it you may not have the confidence you once did – or perhaps you want to discover the pleasure you always heard about….

You turn to Rachel Zoe for fashion inspiration, Donna Hay for cuisine; Napoleon for makeup styling and Donatella for home décor… but what of your sex life?  Welcome to Max Black, where Australia’s first and only Sexual Stylist, Heidi Zuegn is changing the sex lives of Australian women.

She’s an expert at helping you add that special something to your sex life, and together with the team at Max Black, we’ll help you to have renewed confidence, understanding and inspiration in the bedroom. Our team has been helping women have more fulfilling and nurturing sex lives for the over 7 years, so we know how to make a difference!

It all starts by making a time for a complimentary consultation with Heidi herself. Your time with her starts in Max Black’s Velvet Lounge, a private, comfortable and soft space that was purpose built for the many workshops and special events that happen at MB through the year. Heidi will ask you what your personal goals are for your sensual life, including what you want to explore, what has interested you before and what you might want to achieve if  you’re a couple, so that she can determine what will work for you.

Heidi can then advise you on everything from basic anatomy and function (sex education 101 – sometimes so important) to which toys and romance items will help you to get toward your sex life aims. You might find yourself talking to her about enhancing self-confidence, or how diet ad exercise can affect your sex life, or even ways to create the time and space to enjoy sex with your partner.

Heidi also loves latex and burlesque fashion, and Max Black has two beautiful rooms devoted just to that. If you want to explore dressing up she takes great delight in helping you to create a look that makes you feel and look fantastic.

Together with advice on putting together a great toybox with products that will best suit you, techniques and tips for their use, and even book recommendations, having a sexual stylist session can result in a fantastic sexual makeover! And if you need referrals to workshops,  a sex therapist or other health professional, Max Black can help there too.

If you’re interested in having a complimentary sexual styling consultation with Heidi Zuegn, or organising an interview, please get in touch with us by calling 02 9557 0122 or emailing us at