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Jacqueline Hellyer: Pelvic Floor Pleasures – The Basics

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Available as a podcast: download here!

Can you use your pelvic floor to draw up energy and recharge yourself? Can you have sustained orgasms? Men, can you use your muscles to help you last longer? If not, can I suggest you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles?!…

What are The Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The pelvic floor is a band of muscle that goes from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back and to the bones of the upper thighs on either side. It’s a girdle of muscle that holds all the pelvic organs in place, with just a few holes for the various tubes to come through.

Benefits of Toned Muscles

Like any muscle, if it’s toned it’s stronger and more effective than if it’s untoned.

Since having toned pelvic floor muscles means:

  • heightened awareness of and connection to your pelvic region and genitals
  • better sexual response in terms of awareness of sensations
  • more pleasure for your partner (she can massage him, he can last longer)
  • better orgasms with greater sensation and longer length
  • continued good sex as you get older
  • her vagina won’t fall out when you’re old (yes, vaginal prolapse can happen!)

– there’s a lot to be said for toning those muscles!


How to Tone The Muscles


Locate the muscles by squeezing as though you are trying to stop urine flowing. Aim to isolate just that muscle area, so that your abdomen and buttocks stay relaxed. Keep your breathing calm and flowing.

  1. 1) Squeeze and relax rhythmically: in for half a second, relax for half a second. Do this for as long as you can, at least half a minute, but you can do it for ever if you like!
  2. 2) Squeeze, hold and relax: Squeeze the muscles, then hold them for as long as you can. A few seconds initially, then increasing up to a 20 seconds or more. Make sure your abdomen and buttock muscles are relaxed as you do this. Keep breathing evenly.

3) Squeeze in stages: Squeeze your muscles, then squeeze a little tighter, then a little more, and a little more…then just touch a more…And release!

It’s important that you don’t only focus on the squeezing in. You also need to relax out. So finish with some gentle squeezes in and pushes out, just like a wave lapping on the shore, do about 20 or so.

So practice those exercises every day whenever you think of it. Then when you’ve got the hang of it, read my next post for more advanced training and the awesome things you can do when you’ve got those muscles good and toned!


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8 pics a guy should never have on his dating profile..

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Spring is coming. It is. I know it doesn’t feel like it with all the fog, rain and chill that Sydney brings this time of year, but it is really just a few weeks away now. And that means two things… Dating & Weddings.

I’ll ignore weddings. They come after the dating bit anyhow. But guys, and I’m speaking to all men, if you want your dating profile to lead to the ‘big day’ or even just a first date – these are the 8 things we don’t want to see…….

1. Fish

I get it. You’re ‘outdoorsy’. In a country like Australia fishing is very popular, and although it’s nice and all what does a picture of you with a dead sea creature actually tell me about you?

2. Your boat, car, bike, tractor or any other motor vehicle…without you

Dude, if I want to know if you’re good looking or fun I’d rather see you riding/driving it, or better yet – fixing it. Is it a car ad? Maybe you should try finding a date on

3. More than one picture of you and your actual car

I can tell exactly how much of a douche you are by your car.  C’mon, try me.  What’s more, anyone who takes pictures with his cars is 90% guaranteed to be more of an asshole than I’ll date.  Multiple pictures moves that up to 100%.

Bad Photoshopping

4. Bad Photoshop erasing of the ex

Exes, we all have them.  It sucks, right?

Maybe you took some good pictures together, but these don’t need to be on your profile.  Lie and tell me she’s your sister.  Don’t do the world’s shittiest editing to scratch her out like some creepy stalker. Don’t physically rip the photo and scan it. Don’t black out her eyes. If you don’t have any other good photo of you, make one.

This is what you do, guys: call your buddy, your sister, your mum, anyone who is willing to take some photos. Put on your best shirt, find a nice outdoor spot and take some God damned pictures until you look good.

5. Anything that makes you look like an alcoholic

Again, we’re Australian. Our beer is cheap and there always seems to be a drink in hand when the camera comes out (or is that the other way round?).  Now, I don’t care if you like a drink when you’re out, and I’ve seen lots of fun pictures where people are having a great time, they still look conscious and they’re out on the town, but here’s a few suggestions to ensure your ‘drinkin pic’ is safe:

  • For every drinking pic, put up two without alcohol
  • Don’t post pictures while drunk
  • Don’t post any picture where you’re wearing something that helps you ingest more alcohol, faster (beer caps are out boys)
  • Only one beer in the hand at any time
  • Clear away all the empty bottles
  • Don’t take pictures of empty beer bottle collections
  • I don’t want to see what your friends did to you after you got that drunk
  • Keep your damned clothes on!

6. The ‘Abs’ Shot

Nothing says “I have no other interests” like a picture of your washboard stomach, bulging bicep or uneven pectorals.

Now that I’ve said that – if the amazing abs you’ve achieved happen to show through a shirt, or I get a peak because you posted a pic of you doing something, then that’s a different matter altogether!

7. My Mum Does My Washing

Speaking of washboards – no amount of muscle will help you get a date if I can see mounds of dirty laundry in the background.  Yes, we do look at the background, and if your room looks like a 13 year old still lives in it, you have no chance. Clean up boys, then take the picture.

8. The ‘Player” Shot

Pictures of you with other girls or guys hanging all over you do not make you look hotter.

If you were that hot, why are you so single?


Good luck fellas, and happy dating!


Giveaway: 2 FOR 1 Tickets to see Hysteria the movie!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Hysteria the movie is due to hit cinemas on July 12th, and if you’ve been anticipating it’s release as much as MaXXX then you’re going to LOVE our special offer in partnership with LELO.

Simply purchase any LELO vibrator at MaXXX Black (online or in-store) and you’ll receive a special 2-for-1 movie ticket to see Hysteria at a participating cinema (all major cinemas).

We’ve been waiting for this movie since we first saw the play The Next Room, on which it is based. It’s fun, it’s a little bit sexy, and it’s all based on the very real history of one of the modern world’s most enduring technologies – the vibrator!

About The Movie

Director Tanya Wexler’s new film HYSTERIA looks and feels like the classic, sumptuous Victorian period piece we’ve all come to know and love, but the heart of the film is an irreverent, hilarious and surprisingly modern story.

“We knew that we’d have to find a unique tone,” says Wexler, “Because while it might be a 19th Century story, it’s a subject that still makes us blush in 2011. The fun was in creating a kind of lush, Merchant Ivory reality on the surface, but with a hilarious, unbridled comedy running underneath it.”

Set in the 1880’s, just as a flurry of newfangled gadgets and inventions was forging the world as we now know it, the film follows the historic creation of the best-selling domestic appliance that dared not announce its true purpose: the electrical vibrator. What emerges is more than a playful comic romp; HYSTERIA is a feisty love story and a trip into hidden history, an exploration of women’s passion and a celebration of the forward-thinking spirit that has always kept human progress buzzing.

With a cast led by Academy Award® nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal (CRAZY HEART) and leading man Hugh Dancy (MY IDIOT BROTHER), the film’s Victorian past resonates with questions that still preoccupy us today – about sexual attitudes, men and women, and how to lead a truly satisfying life.

Hysteria Movie Vintage Vibrators on Display

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Hysteria the movie has created a buzz of a sort – a vibrating buzz at that – and it all has to do with the Vibrator. This not-so-humble device has been delighting women for well over 150 years now and thanks to books, exhibitions and films like Hysteria, interest has never been higher.

But if you want to get a look at some real antique and vintage vibrators like the ones in Hysteria then the only place in Australia you can do that is  MaXXX Black.

If you’ve ever visited our beautiful Newtown store than you may already be familiar with our exhbition Vintage Vibrations. For those of you out there who have yet to experience it, here’s a little taste of what you’ll find inside MaXXX Black  {just click on a pic to see it larger}

[nggallery id=6]

But that’s only the beginning…

There are many more examples of early vibrators in the exhibition. All up there are over a dozen vintage vibrators on display, complete with a brief history of each one.

MaXXX Black is also aquiring new pieces all the time, so there are new pieces being added to the collection regularly. Just recently we installed the ‘Woody’, a hand-operated timber vibrator made in Japan in the 1920s.

The exhibition is open from 10am to midnight, 7 days a week and is completely FREE to experience. Inside MaXXX Black – Level 1, 264 King Street, Newtown Sydney.

For more information please email us or call on 02 9557 0122.