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Seven Sexy Reasons to Welcome Winter

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Ahh, those summer nights are gone for the year. Which is a shame, because the steamy party atmosphere, warm jasmine breeze, cocktails at sunset and hot glistening skin were the perfect recipe for sexy times! Luckily, winter doesn’t need to be all ugg boots, trackies and boring. It’s actually a beautiful season to explore our sensual side. Here are some sexy reasons to welcome the winter:


1. Knee high boots. You can ditch your flip flops for a few months. Now is the time to zip into some shiny leather and strut powerfully down the footpath like the sassy femme fatale that you are.


2. Staying in on a Saturday night. It’s the weekend, it’s cold and windy, and there are no parties on. Excellent. That means you can step into your stilettos, pop the champagne and get wild – in the bedroom. Partner optional.


3. Sexy stockings. Dresses and bare legs are for girls. Women wear stockings! They’re sultry, sophisticated, and now that it’s cooler, they’re more practical.


4. Sweet lovin’ down by the fire. There’s nothing more luxurious than stretching out in front of the fireplace with your loved one. Naked. Those of us without a fireplace will light candles.


5. Hot chocolate with chilli. Warmest, tingliest drink in the world. This concoction will put devilish roses in the cheeks!


6. Faux fur coats. Ok, it’s freezing. That doesn’t mean we have to wear a polar fleece hoodie. Gross. A fur coat, however…that’s a sexy way to rug up. So touchable and strokable, and warm enough to wear nothing underneath!


7. Cuddles. Winter is the season for the perfect post coital snuggling. Bliss.


– Fae Fox

If I were a superhero…

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

People sometimes ask each other, just for funsies: “If you were a superhero/villain, what would your superpowers be?”

If you ask me, powers aren’t all that important.

When it comes to a good superhero/villain, what really matters is THE OUTFIT.

When Catwoman prowls her way into a room, do you think anyone cares that she hasn’t actually got any proper superpowers? Hell no. Everyone is thinking about how a slammin’ hot babe dressed in head-to-toe shiny latex with sharp claws and a feline hood has just walked into the joint. Miaow.

Not a day goes by that I don’t daydream of being a sweet, smokin’, superhero babe. What a life I would lead. Every day, I would get to wear shiny skin tight armour, gleaming gauntlets and bright red rocket-boots!

(Oh yeah, and um, I’d save people n’stuff…)

– Fae Fox

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New Feature on – Product Downloads!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Here at MB we’ve always tried to be more than just a shop, especially online. We love the fact we have our very own forum to be able to provide the best information about every product we sell. At the same time we try to keep things simple, and easy to use. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature on our premium products – downloadable information sheets!

Starting with the new PicoBong range we’ll be adding the download icon (pic above) to dozens of new products over the next couple of months. All you have to do is click and a PDF download will begin.

So what’s the big deal huh? You see these all the time right?

Well, because MaXXX Black works directly with manufacturers, we get the first pick on the latest products, and all the information about them. In fact, some of our products are becoming so advanced that the easiest way for us to describe all of their amazing benefits and technology is to provide a great product info PDF.

So next time you’re browsing our online store, keep an eye out for the download button. It could just make the difference between getting the right toy, and getting the perfect toy!


PROMOTION: Who wants a gift?

Friday, May 4th, 2012

The weather is getting cooler and we know more and more of you are heating things up at home, so it’s the perfect time to show you all a little love.

For a limited time only, every purchase of a LELO Sensemotion product will receive a FREE bottle of the luxuriously flavoured Intimate Organics Strawberry lubricant.

Naturally flavoured, and made with certified organic ingredients, Intimate Organics STrawberry is nothing like the weird-tasting lubes on the supermarket shelf. Plus it’s Aspartame-free (no after-taste) and 100% Paraben-free too. That means no matter who you are you should have many happy hours playing with this delicious alternative to traditonal personal moisture products.

So it was a natural choice as a special gift with purchase.

We absolutely love the LELO Sensemotion toys – the first vibrators with motion sensor remote controls. They bring tactile fun, movement and play to the bedroom and they have become a real favourite with couples shopping with us in our Newtown store.

There’s three of these remarkable little toys to choose from – all you have to do is pick a favourite:

Oh, and if you’re quick you can pick up the ODEN for just $199, a huge saving of almost $50, plus you’ll still get the free gift!

See you in-store soon!

MaXXX Loves ACON – come help us support them!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

MaXXX Black has been working closely with ACON ever since we first threw open our gorgeous doors.  The Aids Council of NSW  undertakes such a huge range of community health and well-being initiatives that there is literally not enough room in this post to list them all. Needless to say their impact on Sydney is not only positive, but with our governments paralised by politics, the work they do is now essential.

That’s why we’re throwing our support behind even more of the events that help raise funds for this incredibly important organisation. And we invite you to join us for all the fun…

Richard Savvy’s Slave Auction – SUNDAY 6 MAY, OXFORD HOTEL, FROM 3PM

Join in for a social Sunday afternoon with Sydney’s coolest DJ’s in the Main Bar of The Underground, Oxford Hotel.

The show will include Burlesque by Lillian Star & Anna Falactic, rope tying, body suspensions (rope not hooks) and a few more surprises.

Welcoming all the subcultures of our subculture, The Underground will be turned into a dungeon with bondage demonstrations and dark spaces with for Slaves & Masters to do what they do.

Featuring some spunky slaves, both female and male, and terrific prizes that will be auctioned off (including Slave contracts!)

There will be a raffle as well as a key draw to undo the collar of the incredibly sexy Mitch Star – which will then allocate the bearer with the main prize.

Slave Auction is a charity fund-raiser for ACON & Sydney Leather Price Association.

ACON will receive all profits from the auctions and raffles, and SLPA will receive the door money from the cold coin donation.


Prizes include:

  • Flights and accomodation for 2 to Melbourne
  • Frosty Fruits Gay Ski week pass
  • City Gym Membership 6 months
  • 12 months grooming from The Naked Barber
  • Premier Tickets to Fat Swan including after party with the cast
  • A weeks accomodation in a mansion with pool for you and 9 friends in Byron Bay
  • Skincare package worth $400
  • SAX Fetish vouchers/clothing
  • Limited Edition Leather Absolute Bottles
  • Motorbike Pillion experience
  • Madame Rouge Clothing
  • Photos shoot with Star Shots
  • Massages
  • 4 x $50 MaXXX Black Vouchers


BINGAY at The Imperial Hotel

Every Tuesday night you’ll find the Bingay crew (the divine Tora Hymen and smashing Naomi) dolling out prizes to the lucky bingo crowd in the recently renovated cabaret room. We’ve been supporting Bingay with fresh naughty prizes every week so in addition to the usual craziness, you’ll find some MaXXX Black lovin.

Bingay is an weekly ACON fundraising event hosted by the multi DIVA award-winning drag queen, Tora Hymen. Tora’s barrel girl is the all-singing out there dyke Naomi Palmer who recently received her first DIVA award. Bingay has been running every Tuesday night from 1999. During that time, it has raised over $750,000!

Most Tuesday nights are a great mix of poofs, dykes and straight people. Many even bring their mums and aunties. But be warned, the night is a racey one!

Bingay is Tora’s take on bingo, but it has a very big twist! Expect weird rules, singalongs, penalties and hilarious stories with prizes that range from the silly and camp to great theatre tickets or restaurant vouchers. It is a night for friends to get together and have fun on a ‘school night’, that also ends by around 11pm so you can have a great night out without feeling like you can not face work the next day! Free snacks and food are served each week.

If you want to organise a birthday party, just let us know by calling David on (02) 9206 2110. We are happy to supply hats and party toys for your table at no cost. Naomi will even sing happy birthday for your friend. Holding a birthday party at Bingay is a great way to have fun and also help raise money for ACON.

If you would like to sponsor Bingay just like we do, or donate prizes, please call David on (02) 9206 2110.

Full Details of Bingay can be found at :