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Jacqueline Hellyer: Female Bodies Are Sexual Pleasure Machines

Friday, March 9th, 2012
[DISCLAIMER: MaXXX Black recommends finding a sex therapist or counsellor that suits your needs, relationships and lifestyle. The views expressed by members of our Community Newtwork do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MaXXX Black]

The human body is a sexual pleasure machine, and the female body even more so than the male.
That may seem surprising if your concept of someone’s ‘level of sexuality’ is determined by their ‘level of libido’. We’re rather too libido-oriented in this society. The general belief is that sex is a response to feeling horny. Along with that belief comes the implicit assumption that the hornier you feel, the better sex will be.

Since women have bought into this model and believe that they should be horny before they have sex, given that women’s sexuality isn’t the ‘gagging-for-it’ type: they tend to give up, they don’t do what it takes to get in the mood, generally thinking that there’s something wrong with them (if they’ve got low self-esteem) or claiming they’re ‘normal’, declaring that ‘women don’t like sex’ and their parter is ‘sex-crazed’ (if they’re more assertive).
It’s true that women tend to have libidos like men. Women’s sexuality is not hormonally driven, it’s contextual. It depends so much on how a woman is feeling and what’s going on for, that determnes if she’s open and receptive to sex, not necessarily ‘horny’.

Once a women allows herself to get into the mood, and approaches sex in a more female-friendly way (ie not trying to be like a man) – wow, the places she can go! Because when it comes to the response side of sex (as opposed to the desire side) – well, women are far more superior then men!

Women can have orgasms that are more intense, more frequent and last longer than men’s. On top of the standard clitoral orgasm, which is similar in physiology and feel to the male ejaculatory orgasm, women can have orgasms through vaginal stimulation, g-spot (actually the urethral sponge) stimulation, AFE-spot stimulation, cervical stimulation, anal stimulation, nipple stimulation, in fact, from virtually any part of their body, and even without physical touch (either by being in the presence of a man who’s very present in his masculinity, or by bringing yourself to orgasm through breath and visualisation). Women can have multiple orgasms, wet orgasms (more commonly known by the dreadful male-centric term: female ejaculation), full body orgasms, and can stay in ecstatic states of arousal for very long periods of time.

Unfortuantely, most people don’t even realise what women’s sexual potential is. After a few decades of wondering why women are so sexual dysfunctional because they don’t function sexually like men, Western scientific research is only now starting to acknowledge that women’s sexuality is different. But it’s still way off realising just how wonderfully different women’s sexuality is.

Fortunately some people (like me!) are exploring beyond the boring limits of conventional models of sex in the West, taking on board the wisdom of older sexual traditions, such as the Tantric and Taoist, and doing a lot of personal research: I know all this is possible because I experience it.

When women realise it’s possible, they can start to experience it. When women have sexual responses like this, when they go to heaven, they take their man their with them. There is nothing a man likes more than to give his women this level of sexual pleasure. It satisfies him to his very core. It makes him feel like a Real Man. He may not be able to experience the level of feeling that she can, but he can feel fantastic for getting her there.

Female sexual response is extraordinary. It takes a while to get there, but like all good things, it takes time. The more time and attention you pay to something, generally the better the outcome.

Throw away the limiting beliefs, expand your possibilities to so much more – open yourself up to your glorious potential!

To learn more about becoming more fully into your feminine and being able to soften and open up in this way, I recommend you attend my Tantra Fusion workshops.

Or book in for private Tantra instruction and sex therapy.

Libidex Latex Has Landed + New, Bigger Rubber Room Opens!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

We’ve been talking and teasing about the arrival of our first Libidex collection for a little while now, and if you have an interest in latex fashion you have no doubt heard about it. Well, the wait is finally over with the very first shipment of Libidex hitting MaXXX Black this week. And to celebrate we’ve given the Rubber Room a big makeover!

The Rubber Room is now located in a new space, doubling the floor size and giving you even more room to enjoy the rubbery selection. Heidi and Bruce have been working very very hard to create the biggest Rubber fashion selection in Sydney, and it’s amazing!

The first Libidex shipment contains men’s tops and leggings, plus dresses, tops and skirts for women. For the first time we have metallic colours in stock, and there are new latex stockings in-store too – in CLEAR TRANSPARENT latex!!

It’s the first of many though, and the next shipment (due in just a couple of weeks) will bring an array of Libidex corsets to the shelves of MaXXX Black.

So get into the Rubber Room here at MB, and see for yourself the best collection of latex fashion in Australia. But make it quick – there are limited sizes available.

Costume Sale – Final Markdowns On NOW

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

We’re making room for even more latex, lingerie and burlesque beauty – so our costume sale has been extended and final markdowns have been made.

EVERY costume in-store is reduced to just $50!

That means you can save up to $220 OFF your next outfit – and who doesn’t love to save? It’s only while stocks last however so you need to get into the store before we run out. The costume room is open 10am to midnight, 7 days, and we’re always here to help.