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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s New Hallow’s Eve, and the creatures of the night will no doubt be descending upon Newtown.

To all those who celebrated over the weekend, and to all of you who are partying this week, we wish you a safe, naughty, funny, sexy night – whatever you get up to!

A special thanks to all the wonderful visitors who have come in to get help and goodies for their Halloween plans – we had lots of fun with you, and we will next year too!

Remember, if you still need a couple of ideas – we still have lots of costumes to choose from in-store.

xxx MaXXXie

The Sex Coach: Sensuality Feeds Sexuality

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

You might have become one of those people who have closed off from their senses, experiencing the world primarily through the mind. It’s common enough. I don’t want to downplay the importance of cerebral activity, the mental sphere is vital to engaging in life and is important in love-making too. But making love when you’re all in your head is just not on a par with making love with full sensual awareness.

Think about how you use your senses as you make love. Do you use all your senses? Do you engage with the whole of your partner’s body, or just a few bits?

As you become more sensual in your love-making, sex becomes less ‘sexual’, focused on ‘getting your rocks off’, and becomes more ‘sensual’, more loving. Although paradoxically, sensuality also feeds sexuality: the more in tune you are with your senses and the more you use them and enjoy the sensual nature of love-making, the more intensely you’ll experience sex.

You need to reawaken your senses, to re-engage with life. The sensual realm is the physical realm, but it’s a lot more than just superficial appearances. Embrace the sensual and you’ll connect with your body at a deep level and increase your energy, both of which will heighten your desire for sex and your enjoyment of it.

This shift to sensuality is doubly important when you apply it to your own body image – this is a message particularly important to women. The media brainwashes us to believe that “sexy” equals the type of body that most women only have in their youth, if even then. That’s why I advocate letting go of the “sexy” stuff and embracing the sensual. “Sexy” does have this image of a perfect, young body that’s horny and lusty and ready to go. Not the way most woman generally feels.

Now consider the concept of “sensual”. It’s softer, rounder, gentler, full of depth and warmth – rather like the bodies of women! Sex between long-term lovers is like this too, less raunchy and a whole lot more loving and gorgeous (not to imply that it can’t be incredibly raunchy too, it just doesn’t have to confirm to raunchy stereotypes). It’s the type of sex you can only have with a long-term partner, and the type of sex you can only have if you appreciate your gorgeous, sensual body.

You’re not going to absorb this message from the mass media, so you’re going to have make the mind-shift yourself. Think sensual:
– think sensual in the shower: rub soap over yourself and love the softness and the roundness;
– think sensual as you move through the day: feel your hips swaying, your breasts moving (picture how full-figured African or Latin American women move, it’s poetry);
– think sensual as your partner caresses your curves;
– think sensual as you caress your own curves when you make love.

Loving your body is a challenge for most people, men as well as women, and the challenge is harder as we age and become less like the media-generated idealised image of sexy. But if you can let go of that unrealistic ideal and embrace your body for what it is in all it’s sensuous gorgeousness, you will in fact feel sexy, naturally sexy, just as you are.

Adapted from my book “The Sex Life Survival Guide for Parents: keep your love life strong when kids come along.”

Adult Products: Beppy Sponges – New Low Price!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Beppy is a hygienic, soft, round sponge with a flexibility that allows it to conform to your body’s contours. You really will not notice it.

The sponge has a molded cup  at one end and a slight ridge on the other. As the cup envelops your cervix the tampon will remain where it is; even in times of activity or during sex!

This is a wonderful women’s health product that we are very proud to stock. Now while we haven’t yet been able to get in the multi-packs, our single-beppy packs are  have been reduced by 30% – permanently!

So from now on that Beppy confidence will cost a mere $7 each.

See you in-store soon!

NEW TOYS FROM LELO: SenseMotion Launches at MaXXX Black Adult Store

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The new range of LELO Insignia toys featuring world-first SenseMotion technology have arrived and are now available at MAXXX Black.

We are delighted to present Lyla™, Oden™ and Tiani™ – 3 wireless remote controlled couples’ massagers that boast settings never seen before in products of this kind. What they allow is for the user to control vibration speed and intensity with movements from the palm of their hand, using advanced technology similar to what you see in the Wii remote and iPhone. These fantastic new products are available to order now!

So what’s so great about SenseMotion?

No other massage products feature built-in SenseMotion™ technology, allowing users to interact with their Pleasure Object through movement alone, all via stylish wireless remote.

No other products of this kind include motors in both massager and controller, allowing users to feel the sensations their partners are experiencing up to a range of 12 meters / 39 feet.

No other remote-controlled products feature superior wireless capability alongside waterproof versatility in both massager and controller, for near limitless possibilities.

No other company offers the same level of quality assurance, after-sales service and war ranty coverage that comes standard with every LELO purchase.

No other company’s products match the new Insignia™ in terms of functionality and design – it’s as simple as that.

And what do they look like?

LYLA™ – World’s Most Advanced Egg-like Massager with Wireless Remote

Lyla™ is the premium egg – like massager in the world today, to be enjoyed externally or worn internally for a range of thrilling sensations. Featuring LELO’s pioneering SenseMotion™ technology and a wireless remote with a range of up to 12 meters/ 39 feet, powerful vibration patterns are adjusted by the controller with a simple tilt of the hand. Meanwhile a discreet motor inside the controller mirrors Lyla™’s vibrations to show what a partner is feeling. Wonderfully quiet, fully waterproof and rechargeable with a beautifully smooth silicone design, Lyla™ brings an array of untold possibilities in couples’ play

TIANI™ – World’s First Wearable Couples’ Massager with Wireless Remote

Tiani™ is a landmark creation for couples the world over; a luxurious addition to your love life that can be worn by women during intercourse or for an intimate hands-free experience. Featuring revolutionary SenseMotion™ technology with a wireless remote, a simple flick of the wrist will adjust vibration patterns at any time you choose. More than this, the waterproof silicone design and smooth flexible form brings absolute comfort to both partners – making a great experience even better, while setting a new standard for couples’ massagers in the world today.

ODEN™ – World’s Most Advanced Couples’ Ring with Wireless Remote

Oden™ is the most sophisticated couples’ ring ever made, featuring an industry-first with SenseMotion™ technology and wireless remote that allows you to change vibrations with a tilt of your hand. Delivering more intimacy and control than ever before, the unique and flexible design is coated in the smoothest silicone to bring greater comfort to the man, while the near-silent vibrations allow for intimate enjoyment by both partners. Fully waterproof and rechargeable, with motion-control settings and all the guarantees you expect from LELO – no other couples’ ring offers this kind of sensual experience.

Click on the pink links above to see the complete range on our website.

Sydney Events: You don’t want to miss these….

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Enmore Theatre near MaXXX Black will explode with sexy, cheeky, and thoroughly entertaining new shows as they kick off what looks like a HUGE summer of gigs and events.

Two of these make our pick list and we want to make sure you know all about them….

The Burlesque Ball

Friday 28th October 8pm.

The Burlesque Ball has evolved greatly since it’s debut event in 2006. This year, we see an incredible all-star lineup from the USA, Canada and Australia.

As with each year, we have stepped up our game with production, and 2011 sees a brand new overall theme – The Exotic Garden. The new theme has also allowed for a new exciting format for The Burlesque Ball, bringing together an overall story, moving picture component and our Musical Director, Omegaman is working on a brand new musical approach.

Each year they raise expectations and over-deliver an incredible show filled with some of the worlds leading Artists.

Jac Bowie produced the event after discovering although Burlesque was experiencing an underground movement, there were no events that focused on big props, expensive and ornate costumes – what you associate Burlesque to be when you think of the major international stars (Dita Von Teese, Catherine D’Lish, Sally Rand etc) and had a more formal vibe that appealed to guests of all ages and walks of life.

Lavish costume design, elaborate props and music – The Burlesque Ball is everything you want Burlesque to be. This event only showcases the high end performers.

Since it’s humble beginnings, the event has now grown into a huge Burlesque spectacular, always showcasing Australia’s leading acts and we are now internationally renown as the biggest and most sophisticated event on the Australian Burlesque calendar.


Miss Pole Dance Australia

Friday 4th November 2011

This highly prestigious event attracts professional pole dancers from all over Australia, competing for the ‘Miss Pole Dance Australia’ title. These elite athletes demonstrate what Pole Dance now represents in the field of sporting entertainment – that is – strength and agility choreographed to showcase the outstanding talent of the participants.

Spectators come from around the world to witness the Australian Championships which have played to a sellout audience for the last 6 years.


LOTL Bachelorette of the Year 2012 – Nominate Now!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

LOTL, Australia’s best-known Lesbian publication, is officially kicking off their annual state-by-state hunt for the country’s sexiest eligible lesbian, and one lucky woman will be the 2011 Bachelorette of the Year. She’ll win an amazing trip for two to the Northern Territory!

Details of what you get with the BOY Award win:

If you have a hot, single girl in mind – or if she’s you – now is the time to tell LOTL.

Remember that hot isn’t just about some fine eye candy (though they’re not opposed!), but Lotl’s BOY will be gorgeous inside and out, and proud to show the world that this is what a lesbian looks like.

To enter you need to click onto the LOTL website (click here – new window), fill out the form and remember to include two photos with your submission, one face shot and one full-body shot (we’re sure you’re gorgeous in your birthday suit, but no nudity please).

Questions?   Email

Once submissions close on January 15th, 2012 LOTL will narrow it down to the top ten bachelorettes and the LOTL readers will choose who deserves the crown of Bachelorette of the Year 2012.

Before the Janurary 15th deadline the LOTL crew will be attending events around Australia with our BOY photographer. Come by our booth and enter the competition at these events:

Stay tuned for more events to be announced.

By nominating your bachelorette you will automatically be entered for your chance to win a double pass to Sydney’s New Mardi Gras Party.

Good luck, bachelorettes!

New Latex Fashion Arrivals

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Our latest delivery from Honour Uk & Skin Two brings even more rubbery goodness to the shelves of MaXXX Black’s Rubber Room.

Our latex fashion collection has been a smash hit with Sydney-siders and thanks to all of YOU we will be expanding the range throughout summer 2011/12. To start with we have had a BIG order of new garments arrive just in time for Halloween.

In addition to all the pieces we have had in previosuly (yes, we’ve topped up the stock levels so you won’t miss out) we’ve got a whole bunch of NEW latex including three kinds of skirt, new jeans and even men’s tops PLUS a host of accessories from Matt Bylett.

Matt’s even added a few more bespoke dresses and tops for those who want something truly unique.

So if you’re thinking vixen, vamp or villain for Halloween you absolutely must check out our latex gear – after all, real vampires wear latex! At least that’s what we’ve learnt from watching True Blood.

And coming soon….

Over a dozen new styles from Honour UK and Skin Two will be touching down in the coming weeks. It will include our first pieces of very sexy latex lingerie. Stay tuned.

Halloween Costumes, Accessories & Latex @ MaXXX Black

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and if you haven’t decided how you’re gonna look on the night, now’s the perfect time to get inspired and get into MaXXX Black!

We’ve got a whole heap of new costumes from Leg Avenue, Mystery House & Starline and complete costume sets for women start at just $99!

New arrivals for Halloween include:

  • Starline Costumes
  • Baci Eyelashes
  • Nipple Pasties
  • Garters
  • Lingerie
  • New Stockings
  • Burlesque Outfits
  • Corsets
  • Matt Bylett Latex & Accessories

Fangbangers take note – the hottest trend this Halloween is the true blood vamp – our amazing latex will have you slicked up and looking like a Fangtasia regular.

As always we have a private space to try on garments and our friendly team is here to help fit the perfect look for your halloween celebrations – 10am to Midnight, 7 days.


Swiss Navy Launches NEW Lubricant – Candy Cane Flavour!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

You know the holidays are descending upon us when the very best brands start releasing their seasonal products – and 2011 is going to be a bumper year for new and interesting (andvery fun) adult products.

The first we’ve seen land in store is the all-new flavour from Swiss Navy water-based lubricants.

To celebrate the silly season they’ve introduced Candy Cane Flavour lube!

Made from the same high-quality ingredients and glycerin free this new lubricant captures the classic flavour of the peppermint candy cane and reinvents it for some sexy grown-up fun.

Get your santa costume on and grab a bottle of Swiss Navy for a yuletide you’ll never forget!

News: Signed editions of Midori books in-store!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The incredible educator, sexpert and shibari seductress Midori is in town this week for her workshops and we were blessed with a little visit from her last night.

It was lovely to see Midori here at MB but even more exciting is the fact she signed every copy of her books that we have in store!!! We have two copies of each that are signed, so you better get in quick if you want one of these limited editions.

So which books? Click on the pics to see the full description.

This coffee table book (the larger format shows Morey’s photographs at their best) provides very clear, thorough, step-by-step instructions to achieve the decorative functionality of each pose.