Advice: Feeling Sexy When Pregnant

While a mother-to-be can take great pride in her budding form, feeling sexy in it can be another matter entirely. With pregnancy one of the most sensual times in a woman’s life, its becomes a peak time to cultivate feelings of sexiness that can invite more action at a critical point in a relationship. With sexual activity during pregnancy very much predicting just how well couples will do together post-birth, staying sexy and intimate is very important to the family in the long-term. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for an expectant mum to feel like one hot mama with every trimester.

Don’t let the urge to purge define your sexy feelings over the long term.
Admittedly, sexy feelings can escape some moms in favor of good old morning sickness. While praying to the porcelain god may seem to quelch your hopes for an arduous affair with anything other than your toilet bowl, it is possible to maintain some sense of sensuality even in the pangs of nausea by focusing on the process and the feelings one at a time, breathing through them and using them as tools to get in tune with your body’s internal workings.

Decrease the severity of your morning sickness by eating plain, dry crackers and other simple, easy-to-digest foods, drinking fluids between snacks, and consuming foods and drinks with ginger root, like ginger tea or candy.

Don’t resign yourself to sarmassophobia or malaxophia – a fear of love play.
If you secretly long for sex and frequently forego the urge simply because it seems tiresome, you may want to delve a little more deeply. If you’re opting out, but still feeling deprived of intimate touch, contact and sex, failing to find out why will leave you feeling insecure isolated and worse about yourself and your sex life.

Sleep as much as your body demands.
Hormonal fluctuations and other physical and mental issues can take a toll on the hottest mammas. So get your beauty sleep!

Get yourself a bellymask.
This plaster gauze sculpture is a recreation of your pregnant torso. Available through, these heirlooms will be a powerful reminder and celebration of your role in the circle of life, and will make for a perfect gift for your newborn one day.

Go commando.
Shun panties, wear skirts, and go crotchless, especially if your vulva is all hot’n’bothered from increased blood flow to the pelvic region. This may also help keep you from chafing against the crotch of your pants or panties.

Practice Dhurga breathing.
This advanced technique can be helpful in regaining control and calm during emotionally trying times. Always remember to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself the room to cry when you really need to, but don’t get lost there. You can get sucked into the ‘poor me’ routine faster than you might imagine and that’s certainly going to do nothing for your sex life or hot mamma mode. Caving to these impulses has the potential to possibly foil some tender moments with your lover later, so it’s important to have a quick and easy way to reground and take control of yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for plowing through that tubs of Ben & Jerry’s or bag of Doritos.
Don’t forget, curvy is hot. Then work it off with an extra long session in the boudoir!

Practice sexy preggy mantras.
Feeling great about your pregnant body is probably the most important part of staying sexy during pregnancy. Celebrate the life you’re carrying, reveling in the thrill of it. Your body is a miraculous mechanism of life-giving energy blossoming into the earthy, maternal energy so magnetic that others may actually stop to do a double take.

Be patient with your third trimester sexual response.
Vaginal contractions during T3 sex are likely to be weaker, thereby lowering your sexual response cycle and making orgasm more difficult, if not impossible to attain during sex play. Complicating issues further, orgasmic uterine contractions have the potential to be discomforting and aggravating rather than pleasurable for women in T3. Be accepting of your response, and know that you’ll be back to your old sexual self in just a few weeks’ time!

Don’t give into notions that preggie isn’t sexy!
With sexual response enhanced for many, this is your time to test untried thought processes and maneuvers. Challenge yourself to think outside of the oft too-tight box into which society forces woman with child. Your ability to be sexy comes down to how YOU choose to see your pregnancy and express your sensuality – and nobody else.

Overall, be sure to maintain a healthy diet and a self-care routine, which includes exercise, massage, meditation, yoga, and pampering. This is a time when you can get in tune with your earthy nature as never before and these activities will help you to tap your core.

Finally, splurge on some outfits that help you to feel sensual and sexy. Women will often feel guilty about such purchases, but the financial costs outweigh the emotional price of not splurging.

Author: Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright PhD for bettersexnetwork.

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