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The Sex Coach: Teaching Tantra In Thailand

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

I ran a Tantra workshop last night, here on a permaculture farm in northern Thailand.

It was magical. The fact that the lights blew just as we started and we had to rely on candles added to the magic.

Twenty of us sat in a circle, alternating men and women, in the open-aired pagola which is the hub of the farm. The night was still and the candles cast a soft flickering light around the group.

To bond the group we shared yellow energy from our left ears, passing it through to the right ear of the person on our left, till the whole group was connected through our ears by this yellow energy.

We then moved into breath work. This is the basis of all energetic and spiritual work, sexual or otherwise. Bringing your breath deeper into your torso, so you’re breathing with your belly, is fundamental to linking your entire body and being able to circulate energy freely.

Then we worked our pelvic floor muscles. This girdle of muscle in our pelvis needs to be toned to keep us strong physically and to be able to move energy.

From there we practiced moving energy, circulating it around our bodies, following the Microcosmic Circuit. Using breath, the pelvic floor and an uncluttered mind, this is a powerful way to move energy around the body, keeping it charged up and vital.

Next we focused on our chakras, with a guided meditation to identify and feel them, then to breath to each using the Flute Breath.

Once everyone was breathing freely and the energy flowing internally, we did partner work. First, a fire breath kneeling a facing each other. This is the one which often gets people going into a whole body energetic orgasm. No-one overtly did this time, although one couple told me they had to stop for fear of embarrassing themselves, and a few others were clearly shaking and trembling, if without the accompanying sounds.

A calmer exercise followed, to sit cross-legged facing each other and touch each others heart chakras, and lower chakras (couples who were actually lovers touched the base chakra, pairs who weren’t touched the second chakra), circulating love energy and sexual energy.

Finally, we stood and held hands. The women circulated their love energy from their heart chakras, down their left arm and into the person on their left’s right arm; the men circulated their sexual energy from their sexual chakras up their torso and down their left arm, so that both energies merged and flowed around the circle. Then we swapped. Then we circulated both love and sexual energy within our bodies and around the circle, hands touching, then slightly apart.

I had to stop there as I was about to go into a full-blown energy orgasm – pure ecstasy!

Wonderful stuff!

As I said to the group, this is permaculture on the inside. They were there studying how to harmonise the world on the outside, this is how to harmonise themselves on the inside.

This is how we will transform the world, inside and out.

STORE NEWS: MaXXX Black Velvet Lounge Now Open!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

MaXXX Black Parties has a new home – a beautiful velvet-lined space with a glamorous feel – and it’s right here in our Newtown store!

Imagine having room enough to fit 20 of your closest friends, to look at, feel and learn about all the fun and fabulous products we have here at MB. Imagine platters of delicious mini cupcakes (from Babycakes by Renee) and glasses full of bubbles. Then imagine you had your very own MaXXX Black consultant for the whole time. Sound good? You bet it is!

MaXXX Black parties are the perfect girls’ night out and make for a fantastic Hen’s Party, Birthday or Special Occasion.

And just as we have always done – the Velvet Lounge Parties will be for Women only.

It costs nothing to host a party in the new room and we’re already taking advance bookings, so if you want this plush space soon make sure you jump onto the MB website and check out all the details on the Party page.

Photos of the Velvet Lounge will be available very soon – so stay tuned for updates.

EVENTS: Inquisition 19 @ The Dome – Tickets On Sale NOW!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Oh Yes,  Inquisition is back.  Back in The Dome that is.

Ladies and gentlemen, SLPA is heading back to their spiritual home.

You’ve all wanted it, you’ve all asked for it. You’ve all missed that dark dirty feeling inside. So we’re gonna give it to you, and give it to you hard.

SLPA are happy to announce Inquisition is going back to….. THE DOME.

With four of the hottest Dj’s from Sydney and Melbourne to get you moving, and some of the filthiest fetish acts around to leave you breathless, Inquisition 19 will be sure to warm all your special places.

All current members are entitled to two (2) tickets at members prices.

People on Disability Support Pensions are entitled to one (1) ticket at members prices, upon proof of status and identification.

Kindred tickets are available to Harbour City Bears, Dykes on Bikes and Femme Guild and interstate leather club members. All are entitled to one (1) ticket at kindred prices, upon proof of current membership.

Of course MaXXX Black is once again a ticket outlet for this must-attend event. All tickets will be available from Friday 27th of May

In Melbourne pick up your tix at Lucrezia De Sade, Manhaus and Eagle Leather from June 3rd.

Capacity will be limited as it will only be The Dome and courtyard, so don’t miss out on a ticket to Australia’s biggest Leather fetish dance party of the year, with the hottest dirtiest perverts in town.


When: 6th of August 2011
Where: The Dome (Bryon Kennedy Hall)
Time: 10pm – 6am
DJs: Matt Vaughan
Kam Shafaati
Performances: 7 Fetish installation pieces

Tickets: Member/DSP – $80 Kindred – $85 Non – members – $95
Tickets on sale in Syndey  27th of May from SAX Fetish and MaXXX Black

Tickets on sale in Melbourne 3rd of Jun from  Lucrezia De Sade, Manhaus and Eagle Leather

NEW PRODUCTS: Realistic Dildos Are Back @ MB!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

For a while there many visitors to MB thought that we had something against realistic-shaped dildos and sex toys. There were only a couple of options, and usually not flesh-coloured. Our most popular realistic toy – the Magnetic Attraction – was discontinued last year and that prompted us to go out and see if we could find some real-looking and very real-feeling toys to meet the demand.

We didn’t realise so many of you wanted them, but now we do there’s no stopping us! We’ve got 5, yes FIVE,  NEW toys to show you today – and they all fall into the “real” category. They are all in-store right now, and except for the Realdoe, you’ll find them on our web store from today too!  Enjoy…

The Realdoe

The latest innovation from Tantus has seen their world-famous Feeldoe range expand to include a realistic version that has to be seen to be believed.  The Realdoe is 100% medical-grade silicone, and feels firmer than the other toys in the Feeldoe family.

It is a strapless strap-on designed to give skin-on-skin contact without breaking continuity of action to adjust straps and buckles. The bulb is inserted vaginally and the PC muscles hold it in place as the shaft protrudes at a natural angle. The bulb also makes a great ergonomic handle for self-penetration and solo play.

As far as gender play and harnessless strap-on play is concerned – this dildo is King. Available in-store only (will be online very soon).

Tantus Hank

Hank is one of the latest silicone dildos to be released by Tantus Inc – and we are one of the first stores in Australia to stock him! This super-smooth and realistically textured piece is actually very charming.

From the neat head to the sweet little balls at the base Hank invites your touch and is not too big – so lots of different players will love bringing this out for fun.It’s even harness-compatible!

All this wrapped in that famous Tantus Platinum-Grade Silicone that is easy to care for and will last for years.

Tantus Adam

Adam is so simple it’s sexy!

With a lighter realistic texture and an amazingly real soft-feel ‘skin’ Adam is the high-end dildo realistic fans have been waiting for.  He’s seven inches long with a diameter of about an inch and a half at the widest.

We are a little bit in love with Adam. From the slick smooth shiny head to the lightly textured, velvety shaft he’s a bit of a dream.

Like all Tantus dildos Adam is made from pure silicone, and features a harness-compatible base.

Wildfire Real Man Cyberglo

Once upon a time we stocked a dildo called the Magnetic Attraction. It was super-real to touch, firm enough to play with (even in a harness) and a fantastic packing dildo because of it’s ability to fold down. Then the manufacturer stopped making it, and hundreds of disappointed people lamented the loss of a great toy.

Until Now.

Real Man Cyberglo is the Magnetic Attraction, reborn. It is the exact same toy on top, only with the addition of a suction base. It is still harness-compatible though.

Oh, and it glows in the dark.

Fleshjack Brent Everett

Our first item from the Fleshjack range (they are the ‘brother’ products to the best selling Fleshlight toys) is the Brent Everett realistic dildo.

Moulded from the international adult star himself, Brent Everett’s Fleshjack debut is one of the meatiest new toys at MaXXX Black.

A solid 8″ long and generous 1.75″ wide, this is a much firmer-feeling toy than the others, however it’s solidness and weight make it a fantastic toy for solo and hand-held play – although it will snap into a harness with the right ring.


So there you have it, or them, and if you want to know more just pop into the store, or click the title links above and you’ll be whisked off to our online store.

Book News: “The Ethical Slut” Now In-Store

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Consider yourself a ‘relationship pioneer’? Do you want more than monogamy, mortgages, and marriage? Well, The Ethical Slut may be the book that changes your life.

First published in 1997, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy (pictured left) gave the world the first ‘real’ book to deal with relationship issues from a different point of view – poyamory, open relationships, new models of partnership and so much more. It blitzed the bookseller’s lists, and before the 2nd edition was finished in 2008 it had already sold over 100,000 copies.

Here at MaXXX Black we’ve been recommending this book ever since we opened, and today, finally, the 2nd Edition paperback arrived in store!!!

For anyone who has ever dreamed of love, sex, and companionship beyond the limits of traditional monogamy, this groundbreaking guide navigates the infinite possibilities that open relationships can offer. This new edition has been heavily revised to include more communication skills, workshops, and discussions. It is far more effective in helping us to create and honour boundaries, resolve conflicts and define relationships on YOUR terms.

This is a wonderful book, and we have lots of copies in store (though expect this first shipment to go quickly). If you haven’t heard of it before, or you have been lucky enough to read the first edition, this new improved 2nd edition is a must-have!

Click the book cover to go to the product page!

The Ethical Slut: A Roadmap for Relationship Pioneers

Fun: Vivienne Westwood Penis Shoe In New Exhibit

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

LONDON – It was 1955 and Dior had just brought us the stiletto. A 14 year old Vivienne Westwood, who had already been wearing high heels for a year, bought her first pair and brought them to school, sitting them on her wooden desk for all to admire when her history teacher came in and said, “Vivienne Swire if God wanted you to walk on pins he would have supplied them.”

Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibtion 1973-2010 opened yesterday at The Ultralounge, a permanent exhibition space in the vast belly of Selfridges. Voted “Best Department Store in the World,” the class favorite figured that wasn’t a big enough feather in their hat, so the people at Selfridges will be launching “The Biggest Shoe Department in the World” next month and have chosen Dame Westwood’s fetish for shoes to whet our appetites. Supported by rubber shoe designers Melissa, some 200 of the designer’s shoes dating from 1973-2010 are displayed like fine jewelry in a chronology of footwear.

Britain’s Queen Mother of Punk has found inspiration in everything from British colonialism to the Victorian dandy to down-and-dirty S&M. The show is a knuckle-rapping reminder of the true origins of the oft-repeated pirate boot, court shoe, ‘rocking horse’ ballerina, three tongued trainer and the mighty Naomi-Campbell-tumbling-platform of ’93. “She looked like a gazelle in slow motion,” Westwood later remarked of the infamous fall. “She’s a very proud woman of course, and so when she got back stage she was so angry with me.”


Westwood brought us the first corset intended for outwear in ’87 entitled “Stature of Liberty” and named the shop she opened with hubby Malcolm McLaren “Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die” before renaming it an umincing “Sex.” The designer has been thumbing her nose at society’s rules or conventions since day one.

“I’m not one of those people who likes the ‘no make-up’ make-up look and things like that. I like artificial things and I think that’s what we are,” Westwood said once. “I think civilization is artificial you know, otherwise we would just be still living in trees.” Perhaps her partnering with a plastic shoe maker shouldn’t be such a surprise.

On display for the first time in decades will be the ‘penis shoe’.  This is the designer’s second retrospective. Her first being in 2004 at the V&A in London. But this is a way for Selfridges to help launch their new shoe rooms already being hailed as the biggest shoe rooms in the world.

Ohhh, if only we had a Selfridges here. It would certainly give Myer a run for their money.

News: Viagra Condom On The Rise

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

When men discuss issues surrounding sex and intimacy, a good number of these individuals mention that they wish they could have firmer and longer lasting erections.  Of course, the reality is that there are many urban legends and false beliefs about erections in this day and age.  However, at least to a limited degree, a good number of men likely would benefit from a product that would enhance the firmness, size and time associated with an erection.

Sexually active men are encouraged to use condoms as a means of not only preventing pregnancy but to prevent the spread of disease.  Therefore, Futura Medical, a British condom maker, decided that perhaps it would make sense to combine a product that might enhance a man’s erection on the three levels mentioned a moment ago with a condom.  In this regard, Future Medical, in association with Durex, have developed what presently is known as the CSD500 condom.

Through the process of research and development relating to this new condom, Futura conducted a study of 108 healthy couples.  In this study, the results demonstrated that the “CSD500 condom helped men to get a firmer erection compared with a standard condom, increased penis size and made the sexual experience last longer, delivering statistically significant results.”

According to Futura in discussing the innovative condom publicly, the CSD500 “has a small amount of gel in its peak that dilates the arteries and increases blood flow to the penis.”  The effect of this gel and this process is to enhance a man’s erection – the firmness, size and time associated with an erection.

After the successful research studies involving the CSD500, Futura and Durex planned on having the condom on the market in 2008, however it is still in development with plans for Durex to launch a new version of their “Love” condoms within the next six months. It is currently undergoing final approvals by the EU.

Although the CSD500 condom has been called “The Viagra Condom” it actually is not designed for men who have erectile dysfunction. It’s designed for men who have trouble staying erect due to the lack of (sensitivity/feeling) that often accompanies wearing a condom. These condoms are lined with a vasodilating gel for the purpose of helping men maintain their erections.

Theoretically there is now one less excuse for not wearing a condom.

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Fun Factory G4 Range Now In Store

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Everyone knows MaXXX Black is a big fan of Germany’s Fun Factory. This innovative adult products company has been leading the charge in Europe toward high-quality, beautiful and functional lifestyle objects since 1996, and we’ve been happily bringing them to Sydney-siders ever since we opened here in Newtown.

For the last couple of years the Fun Factory designers have made some notable new releases – the brilliant click’n’charge rechargeable vibrator range (that included men’s toys!); the whimsical little YOO, the DUKE men’s pleasure vibe and the award-winning DeLight (pictured, left) – to name but a few.

In fact these releases have been so well received that the company now has over a dozen mainstream design awards for their inventions, including the prestigous DesignPreis and IF awards.

The newly arrived G4 range is no exceptiion to this history of achievements. They just took out the companys fifth ‘reddot design award’.


Our first shipment arrived today, and is already being snapped up by our Fun Factory fans as we put them on the shelves.

These vibrators are seamless and ergonomic, with a convenient loop handle (the ‘loop of love’)which makes them very easy to hold, maneuvor and operate.  Each vibrator in the G4 line has five levels of steady vibration and three patterns, which is common amongst the Fun Factory vibes.

Each one is also waterproof, silicone and rechargeable. They use the same Click N Charge chargers from the previous line of recharge vibrators – this is awesome if you already have a Fun Factory click n charge toy because you can use the same charger.

So what do they feel like?

Well, where do we start? They are softer and more silky than a LELO vibe, and Fu nFactory have obviously worked hard to create toys that are not just firm, but also supple to the touch. The new generation motors in them are deep, intense and bone-shaking at high levels. It practically rumbles in your hand – imagine what it could do “down there”

Right now you’ll find these items of lust in-store:

from left:  G4 Tiger,  G4 Calla (rose & grape), and the G4 Paul & Paulina

In-Store Next Week:

G4 Big Boss & G4 Elegance

So pop on in and see these brilliant new toys.

Looks like it’s gonna be a hot winter after all.

Store News: Latex & Rubber Range to Expand

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Rubber lovers make a note: Although we can’t release any details yet we thought we’d let everyone know that MaXXX Black is developing a new space dedicated to latex and rubber fashion and gear.

Incorporating the successful line of Ruber 55 latex fetish fashion (it will be much expanded!) along with another very famous European latex label (we can’t give the name away just yet) the new space will offer an entire room of the world’s finest latex goodies – right here in Sydney!

In related Latex news we have a shipment of Men’s Large hoods arriving shortly along with bondage hoods, and standard hoods.

With so many more men coming to us for latex than we originally thought we will also be getting in a larger range of men’s sized articles.

So now is the perfect time to ask:  what is it you want from our latex collection?

We want to know – so tell us. Drop us an email, leave a comment here or just come in for a chat – the more we know about your needs, the more we can do about getting in the best collection.

News: Honeymoon in Space? Maybe Not.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

The near-zero gravity of Earth orbit may do serious harm to the male and female reproductive systems, the University of Kansas Medical Center biologist has discovered.

Sperm counts drop. Egg-producing ovary cells waste away.

At least that’s been the case among the laboratory and space-traveling rodents that Tash has studied.

What prolonged exposure to microgravity does to an astronaut’s fertility remains a big unknown. But Tash’s hypothesis isn’t reassuring: Long-term renders people “reproductively compromised.”

“We have a lot of tantalizing data that require more rigorous investigation,” Tash said. “It’s unfortunate that we’re discovering this just as the shuttle program is winding down.”

Tash will have an experiment with mice on board in February for one of the final space shuttle flights.

His work remains a NASA priority, but in the future he will rely on commercial and foreign spaceflights to get his animals into orbit.

“Right now, there isn’t a lot (of research) we’re looking at. Joe’s got the most interesting finding,” said Ken Souza, a space biologist working with NASA’s Ames Research Center in California.

“We’re very excited from the biological standpoint of pursuing this.”

Scientists know plenty about how impairs healing and weakens the immune system and how it causes muscles to atrophy and bones to lose calcium. And they’ve come up with some effective countermeasures like exercise for astronauts.

If exercise keeps muscles in shape, what countermeasure might astronauts use to maintain reproductive health?

Souza laughed.

“That’s a good question,” he said.

The human reproductive system remains the final frontier for biological research in space. And scientists haven’t approached it boldly.

“There’s a general unwillingness to go into that sensitive area of health,” Tash said. “It’s politically incorrect.”

But it also has been relatively unimportant to the success of spaceflights, and that may be a reason for the meager amount of research, suggested Richard Jennings, a physician and aerospace medicine expert at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

“If you get sick in space, that’s a safety of flight, life or death issue,” Jennings said. “When you prioritize what you do in science, that’s the first thing you look at. Reproduction was certainly way down the list.”

Jennings has been involved in space medicine since 1987. He hasn’t seen evidence that floating in a spacecraft affects astronauts’ fertility, or their sex lives.

On the contrary.

“We’ve had astronauts – after a two-week flight, they were able to get their spouses pregnant a day or two after landing,” Jennings said.

A 2005 study Jennings co-authored counted 17 babies born to female astronauts after they had been in space.

The astronauts had a high miscarriage rate, but women who’ve gained the seniority to go into space tend to be near the end of their child-bearing years, Jennings said.

“No matter what you do for a living, your fertility is dramatically reduced with age,” he said.

Most of Jennings’ experience has been with astronauts on short spaceflights. Longer missions may warrant more study of the reproductive system, he said.

“Maybe after 50 years it’s time to do that,” Jennings said.

Previous reproductive research done on animals in space has yielded mixed results.

Orbiting fish eggs have been successfully fertilized and hatched. Frog eggs also were fertilized in space, but the hatchlings never developed beyond the tadpole stage.

In 1979, a Russian satellite carried an experiment to see whether rats could get pregnant in space.

Five females and two males were sent into orbit in a “mating chamber,” separated by a partition.

Two days into the flight, the doors opened so that the rats could party.

The weightless rats were decidedly not party animals.

“We saw no signs of any pregnancies nor any signs the animals even copulated,” Souza said.

Whether low gravity put a damper on rat physiology or on their mating behavior couldn’t be determined.

“Unfortunately, the Russians didn’t have cameras on board,” Souza said.

Tash’s research suggests that the reproductive system is at serious risk during spaceflight.

He has studied the effects of weightlessness on earthbound male rats by using a harness to keep their hind legs elevated above the cage floor.

Scientists consider this technique a valid simulation of microgravity.

Other researchers already had found that weightlessness compromises sperm development in animals. But none had studied the animals for more than a few weeks.

Tash kept his experiment going for six weeks, a duration more like the time astronauts spend on the International Space Station.

His results were more dramatic than anything found previously: The rats’ testes shrank and their sperm counts dropped so low the rats were infertile.

Tash’s experiment with female mice that flew on the space shuttle Discovery in April showed effects that were equally devastating.

“Fifteen days of spaceflight shuts down the ovaries,” Tash said.

Tash and his KU collaborators, Viju Gupta, Lesya Holets and Katherine Roby, examined the mice shortly after they landed.

They found that ovary cells called follicles that produce eggs were dying. And genes involved with the female hormone estrogen had switched off.

“The surprising thing for us was how dramatic it was,” he said.

On the next Discovery mission, Tash will repeat the experiment. But this time, the mice will be kept alive for a week after landing to see if their reproductive systems show signs of recovering after spaceflight.

“These are exciting new findings that are really long overdue,” said April Ronca, a developmental biologist at Wake Forest University medical school who has studied gravity’s effects.

“So far, (the female reproductive system) has been an area that has been grossly understudied and needs to be looked at before we have more people spending prolonged periods in space.”

Souza, the NASA biologist, thinks Tash’s research may do more than help protect the health of astronauts; it may benefit Earthlings, as well.

Just as the rapid deterioration of bones and muscles in microgravity mimics the effects of years of aging on earth, Tash’s research may provide a model for studying how the reproductive system changes with age.

As scientists learn how reproductive hormones are affected and what genes are switched on or off, they may find ways to maintain sexual vitality or minimize the symptoms of menopause, Souza said.

Tash already is trying to extend his research to people. He’s asked NASA for data on astronauts’ sperm counts.

He’s been turned down.

“They claim privacy rules,” Tash said.

But Souza was optimistic that the agency may change its policy:

“With animal data becoming more convincing, he may be able to get the human data.”

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