Why & Where: The G Spot

It’s been called a myth (big lie), it’s been celebrated by millions, and it’s still being discovered for the first time by women all over the world. The G-Spot has the power to baffle, bewilder and more importantly, delight. Below we share the images and information that we explain to first-time customers many times every day.

Firstly, EVERY woman has a G-Spot. It’s the Urethral Sponge, and it is located inside the vagina.


Located on the front side of the vagina, about the average length from the tip of your finger to the second knuckle.

The G-Spot is a zone about 1 to 2 inches in diameter, closest to the clitoris. You’ll feel a change in the texture of the vaginal wall.


Before you start – tinkle – you’ll be much more comfortable during play. Then, start with some foreplay. Foreplay is ESSENTIAL. The sensitivity of the g-spot and clitoral arousal are closely linked, so starting with some focus on the clitoris is a great way to begin exploration.

When you feel you have reached a state of arousal through some clitoral play, then it is time to go for the g-spot. G-Spot stimulii requires a firm pressure – use a strong touch or a solid/firm sex toy.

Toys & Lube

G-Spot toys need to be firm, slightly curved and look like they can reach up like a finger in a ‘come here’ gesture. Size does not really matter – it’s the angle and pressure that is important.

Your sexploration will be much easier with the right kind of lubricant. Lube makes everything more sensual and tactile and will help increase your sensitivity and pleasure.

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