Why & Where: The Clitoris Explained

Sometimes it’s the basics that get people confused. One of the major things we do here everyday at MaXXX Black is educate men and women about their bodies.  We try to give you as much information as possible about the enjoyment of sex, and a big part of that is knowing your bodies.

The information and images below are what we use many times every day, and you may be surprised to know that 95% of our first-time customers have never seen them before. Today is all about the…

1. Female Anatomy

The Clitoris

Located where the labia meet at the top of the vulva, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female genitals. It is situated beneath a thin protective fold of tissue called the clitoral hood (or prepuce). The glands here are dense with nerve endings (about

twice as many as are in the penis!) and can be incredibly sensitive to touch. Some women may even find it direct stimulation too intense without sufficient arousal (that’s foreplay).

Contrary to popular belief the clitoris doesn’t stop there. It extends down a shaft into a wishbone shape called the

Crura (picture 2). Each ‘leg’ is about 3 inches in length and lie directly beneath the labia.


When a woman becomes aroused, the clitoral shaft becomes erect and engorges with blood. Then the ligaments (corpus cavernosum) pull the clitoral head into the hood for protection. The crura then engorge and as such are possible to stimulate through penetration.

Most women find that direct stimulation to the clitoris, increasing the speed and pressure over time, is the best way to reach orgasm.

Pic 2 -The Clitoris (Internal View)

However, every body is different, so it’s very important for women to experiment with and explore their bodies.

Finding what works best for you can help you reach your sexual potential.

Vibrators & the Clitoris

Vibrating toys are an ideal way to explore and discover your clitoris and how it works for you. From gentle exploration to intense stimulation (& everything in between) a vibe can help you and your partner get to know your body and achieve better sex with deeper satisfaction. Don’t forget to pick up a good quality lubricant (NO KY) to use with your toy. It will make your play so much easier, sexier and satisfying.

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