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Review: Fleshlight Ice

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

So you’re single, or your mate is, or your guy is travelling without you – there are literally millions of reasons why men and women all over the world have added one of the Fleshlight products to their toychests.

So what are they and what is so special about the ICE version?

The Fleshlight recreates the plush velvetine texture of a real person and with proper lubrication (water-based only) it feels like the real thing.

The actual toy is housed in a flashlight-like case that makes storage discreet and easy PLUS it makes the toy easy to grip and controls the level of suction in the toy.

The latest ICE version sees the toy and flashlight case get reproduced in clear materials, so you can see everything that happens, as it happens.

Not only is it far more visually appealing the clear packaging means it is LOTS of fun to use with a girlfriend or boyfriend as you both get a look at the action.

So How Do You Use It?

First, place the elastomer insert (the “vagina”) in hot water, until it becomes warm.  Next, place the Fleshlight back into the canister, and lubricate your penis as well as the entry and canal of the product. Finally, get to playing! You can hold it, wedge it down, prop it in between pillows or however you want!

Clean & Care?

For cleanup, simply take the  insert out of its plastic case and run hot water through it to remove any residue. Towel or air-dry (air-dry is best as it leaves no fibres) and place it back into the canister.  To make it 100% brilliant to use every time, re-powder it with cornstarch – this will restore its silky feel, as well as protect the material.

Don’t use silicone lubricants in Fleshlights as they will damage the texture of the product – and the texture is what makes these things great.


Fleshight Ice and Fleshlight Originals are great for guys who are at least 1.5 inches in girth  ‘down there’. This is because the untextured inserts are a little wider.  If you’re size is a little below the 1.5″ and you like a looser sensation these will be great but there are bumpy and super tight versions for maximu stimulation.

Use the Fleshlights as a stamina trainer.  Most guys won’t last more than a couple of minutes in this toy so it can be a great way to build up sexual tolerances and stamina.

Final Words

No doubt Fleshlight will continue to be #1 for some time.  With new releases and different versions slated for next year we are all in for some serious solo fun! It will also make for a very naughty Christmas present that’s all about him.

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Fun: Our Top 5 Halloween Looks 2010

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Look your hottest this Halloween by getting your outfit right. Even the cheesiest of traditional characters can be sexy, fun and flirty just by thinking a little outside the square.

1. Vampires

With the recent success of vampire franchises there will be millions of vamps out there this weekend – draculas, sookies and twilighters will abound. So if you want to stand out make sure you get the details right – great makeup, invest in good fake teeth (not the $2 plastic ones from the local variety store), and an outfit that makes YOU feel hot. Don’t worry about the cape and the heavy accessories – go for goth/burlesque/roackabilly chic and rock it your way.

For some great makeup tips check out TAAZ.

2. Burlesque

It’s all about burlesque at the moment. All over the world people are re-discovering the curvy sensuality, sexuality and glamour of the burlesque world. Borrow ideas from 1950’s and 60’s fashion, think corsets for girls, hot suits for boys and no matter what sex you are – the hat is all important – make it individual and glamorous.

For some great hat ideas check out Sydney designer El Cee’s Designs.

3. Latex

Latex used to sit on the very fringe of mainstream fashion but in the last few years we’ve seen more and more fashion houses, celebrities and performers choosing this slick material to make brilliant fashion from. Latex can re-invent the superhero costume, spice up your little uniform and definately make an impact.


4. Modern Fairytale

Put an adult twist on an old favourite and find a new way to explore your fairytale fantasies.  Let loose your inner Snow White, Woodsman or Rupunzel. We are very very inspired by RYO LOVE, so make sure you check her out HERE.


5. Rockabilly

The 1950’s never seem to go out of style and now is the perfect time to find your rockabilly character and hit the town.

Coregasm – Have You Been To The Gym Lately?

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Imagine yourself at the gym, sweatin’ to the oldies, when suddenly, mid-crunch, you feel that familiar tingle in your lady parts, before launching into a full-blown O. It’s called a coregasm, and the experience has been getting attention lately in women’s health magazines, which claim that certain standard exercises can bring a woman to climax. The theory about how this magical feat works is rather hazy, as there’s little research available, but the gist is that multiple reps of movements that work your core (the muscles in your abs, pelvic fl oor, hips, and back) can trigger nerve impulses in the pelvic area, bringing on a surprise petit mort.

“It’s pretty common for me, personally,” says Sarah Kellett, the creator of OmGym, a set of nylon slings for doing suspension yoga at home. Her Web site even offers instructions for an OmGym coregasm workout. Kellett has been having exercise-induced orgasms since she was 13 and has even had one while doing push-ups. She assured us that she isn’t some enchanted unicorn woman and that with lots of work and discipline, anyone can coregasm. “It’s a very, very real thing,” she says. “And it’s fantastic.”

Sexuality educator Dr. Sari Locker is a bit more skeptical. She says that while she believes the coregasm to be possible, “for the vast majority of women, this would require clitoral stimulation, not a ‘no-hands’ approach to muscular contractions.” But hey, maybe I’d be one of the special few! Never mind that my typical abdominal workout consists of sitting up in bed in the morning.

Hanging Side CrunchesArm Pull Over Straight-Leg CrunchSingle-Leg Plank

Women’s Health Magazine even provided a feature with full exercise workouts aimed at helping women achieve the elusive coregasm. These included exercies like the Single Leg Plank and Medicine Ball Blast (see pics). (Check the whole workout out here)

So, for those who can experience coregasms,  we say hats off to you, and here’s hoping it’s always a positive, pleasant, and never awkward experience. For those of us who can’t, well, as the personal trainer we spoke to so wisely said: “I can think of easier ways to have an orgasm.”

Jacqueline Hellyer: Strength In Softness, Softness In Strength

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I had an interesting few days recently, running a workshop for women, followed two days later with a seminar for men.

For me it was truly wonderful to work with a group of 16 women over two days and feel and see them come more fully into the strength and softness of their femininity, and become more sexually confident and expressive. Such gorgeous strong feminine women!

And then two days later to work with a group of 25 men for an evening of coming into the strength and softness of their masculinity, becoming more sexually confident and (according to feedback from some participants and/or their wives) more sexually expressive. Such gorgeous strong masculine men!

It really brought home to me how equal men and women are in their innate sexual energy, but how differently that energy is expressed.

Vive la difference!

We are all equal, and thank god for social changes that have given reasonable social, political, economic, etc equality between the sexes. God forbid that we should ever go back to a time when women were considered inferior to men in so many ways or that that inferiority be entrenched in society.

But equality does not mean same.

Women have proven that they can be as tough as men and can change tires and lead boardroom meetings; and men have proven they can be as tender as women and can change nappies and bake muffins. And that’s great. But please women, don’t lose what is so intrinsically and wonderfully feminine about you as a woman when you do; and please men, don’t lose what is so intrinsically and wonderfully masculine about you as a man when you do.

I’ll say it again: vive la difference!

One of my recent blog posts describes the energetics of the feminine and the masculine in more detail. The essence of it is that for the majority of the population, women are naturally soft on the outside and strong on the inside and men are naturally strong on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s this opposition and complementarity that in large part maintains the sexual tension, the ‘oomph’ factor. (In same sex relationships a different but similar dynamic is working.)

If this is lost because the man is a WIMP (weak inept mopey purposeless person) – all softness and no strength, or a SHIT (selfish hard insensitive tosser) – all hard on the outside and no entry to his internal softness; and/or if the woman is a DRIP (docile rueful ineffective person) – all softness with no inner strength, or a SHREW (stressed hard resentful emasculating woman) – with hard barriers on the outside not allowing access to her softness or her true inner strength, then you’re not going to have the kind of connection that allows for good sex, if any sex at all.

I’m not implying here that to be masculine means macho and aggressive, nor that feminine means pathetic and weak. Far from it. One of the reasons I’ve developed the concept of the 14 female sexual archetypes is to show the breadth of ways to express the feminine – from Amazon to Sex Kitten to Madonna. And the same applies to men.

I see it over and over again in my clinic and when talking and working with people all over the place – men are not being true and real as men in the bedroom, and their women want them to be; and women are not being true and real as women in the bedroom, and their men want them to be. And everyone is so confused about this! Because it’s been drilled into us, for example, that it’s bad for women to be submissive and for men to be dominant. But it’s not! Submission does not mean weak and dominance does not mean domineering. (Nor am I even implying that women should be submissive and men dominant.) So we hide from what might be real and do and act the way we feel we should. But over time that acting becomes just that, and we either can’t be bothered or else get frustrated because it isn’t real, it’s an act.

It’s actually hard to find the right words to describe what I’m talking about, because these words have become so loaded with meaning. Even the word ‘feminine’ has come to imply something weak and dependant, rather than strong and gorgeous. Which is one of the reasons why I encourage people to come to my workshops and seminars to start to feel what it’s like to be real.

I met up with one couple during the week who had done Luscious Woman and Blackbelt over the previous week and they were beaming! He said that in observing how Lachlan, my very wonderful ‘man prop’ and I interacted, he actually ‘got’ what it meant to allow his masculine energy to come out in a powerful yet softly respectful way. Already he’d found that this enabled his wife’s feminine energy to emerge without her needing to control so she could let go – and both have truly awesome sex!  Another client who had attended Luscious Woman walked into my office so transformed from her hard-edged resentment into glowing gentleness that it was all I could do not to hug her – and her husband was finding it so much easier to come into his masculine fullness because she wasn’t terrifying him! Again, great sex resulted!

This is powerful stuff.  I really admire all of you for coming on this journey of self-discovery, particularly in a part of life, sex, that is so very screwed up in our society. It’s hard and confusing, but this is fantastic work that can effect deep realisation and true expression of self, without all the barriers that constrain us in expressing who we really are, particularly in relation to our intrinsic masculinity or femininity (and we all have both).

Video: We Vibe 2 Explained

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The We-Vibe 2 has fast become one of the world’s most sought-after pleasure toys because it is still the only vibrator in the world that can actually be worn during sex.

But beyond all the hype it can be a weird looking toy for some people, and understanding how this little wonder works can be difficult just be looking at it. So we found this great video which explains the We-Vibe 2 and its features!

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Gallery: Amazing Body Art!

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Ok, so we’re a little late to pick this one – the following images are from the 2008 International Festival of Body Art.

Featuring hundreds of artists and held in a different location each year the festival attracts thousands of art lovers, body lovers, and those that love combining the two (like us!).

I think theart is fabulous, and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate our bodies – as a canvas, as a work of art. If only we could come to work like this, although it would take considerably longer to get out of the bathroom of a morning!


Jacqueline Hellyer: Why Can’t We Have A Festival Of Sex?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

I was reading the paper this morning and there was a multi-page feature on the Sydney Food Festival that’s coming up. All over the city there will be parties and workshops and markets and you name it, celebrating our love of food and the diversity of food. It’s a true gourmet’s feast, nothing gluttonous about the festival organiser’s approach, it’s about the joy and fun and the pleasure of food.

It got me thinking about how wonderful it would be if we could celebrate sexuality in the same way, really celebrate the diversity and depth and wonder of sex.

There are some celebrations of sex, one is the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which is wonderful, but obviously focused on heomosexual sexuality, and because of that it does have a certain edginess to the celebrations – all fabulous, but doesn’t cover the full spread of sexuality.  On the October long weekend there was the first ever fetish conference, The Gathering, with workshops and parties. Great stuff, but again, limited to those interested in the fetish scene.

The Tantric side of sex doesn’t have a festival as such, but there are plenty of workshops around (including my own, hint, hint).  Then there’s Sexpo, which is great, but tends to celebrate the raunchier, dare I say, sleazier side of sex. Oddly enough I just had the Sexpo PR person ring me up to ask if I wanted to be involved, so we just had a great chat about how wonderful it would be Sexpo celebrated a broader approach to sexuality.

Well, if I’m involved, maybe it will…  I mean wouldn’t it be great if there were workshops and parades in a broad range celebration of sex, that in addition to the Gay & Lesbian, Fetish, Tantric and Raunch (a la Sexpo) stuff already out there, there was in addition: “Monogamous and Loving It” “Yummy Mummies Having Yummy Sex” “Getting Older Getting Lustier” “Different Types of Orgasms and How to Have Them” “Expanding in Your Sexual Play for Committed Couples” “Incorporating Food into Sexual Play” “Heightening Sensual Pleasures” “Differently Abled People Having Differently Pleasured Sex” “Lusciousness for All”.

Wouldn’t it be great it everyone could celebrate their sexuality, no matter what it was.  Yes, I have a dream…  Maybe we are getting there, the fact that there is a growing range of sexual celebrations, and some of them are coinciding at a similar time, Spring, means that society is opening up.

There’s hope for us yet.

FUN: Kanamara Penis Festival

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Kawasaki Kanamara  Festival banners and cherry blossom, Japan

Cherry blossoms and Kanamara Festival flags in Kawasaki, Japan.

Kawasaki, a name that normally resonates ‘motorcycles’ is a town less than an hour from Tokyo by train and a place that resonates with ‘genitalia’ in early April when a local Shinto shrine or jinja holds a colourful and hilarious one day festival to pray for safe sex – the Kanamara Matsuri or ‘Festival of the Steel Penis’.

Kawasaki Festival Shrine Mikoshi , Japan

Mikoshi – portable shrines – awaiting a priestly blessing in front of the Kanamara Shrine

This spring event has been banging away for 300 years now, initiated by local prostitutes seeking protection from sexually transmitted diseases but these days supported by the whole community in a typically guilt-free Japanese celebration of genitalia, fertility and good-natured fun.

Transvestites, gays, couples, grandmothers, hawkers and of course curious gaijin [foreigners] mix together to suck on genital lollies, pose with vast whangs, buy erotic trinkets, bid for hand-carved radish dongs and drink plenty of beer under the blue skies [with luck] and white blossoms of a Japanese spring. Shrine profits go to Aids benefits.

Kawasaki Festival Mikoshi carrying, Japan

Mikoshi leaving Kanamara shrine gateway for a bounce around the underpants of Kawasaki.

Japanese people have a surprisingly relaxed attitude to the sexual business, probably not unconnected with the liberal attitude of Japan’s predominant religions, Buddhism and its Shinto variant. Philosophers say that Shame is the driving force of Japan, as opposed to Christian Guilt, so we have to assume that there is no shame attached to the attractions of a giant penis.

Kawasaki Festival Kodo band, Japan

A sensational Kodo band follows a western style rock band, and all for free.

This festival starts about 11am and becomes distinctly flaccid around sunset, weather-permitting.

The Tagata shrine [jinja] Komaki, Japan, engages in similar social intercourse to Kanamara – though with bigger equipment – at the Hounen Penis Fertility Festival, aka Chiwawa Matsuri, annually on March 15. Komaki is less than an hour by train from Nagoya.

Photo of Japanese woman sucking a lolly at Kanamara Festival, linking to Takayama Spring  Festival Pictures, Japan

A Tokyo resident experiencing oral satisfaction in Kawasaki. Next, Takayama Spring Festival.

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Post-Sex Cuddles – The Scientific Proof

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

When it comes to human reproduction, what happens immediately after mating is just as important as what leads up to it. A new survey of the behaviors of men and women after mating underscores the seemingly contradictory strategies employed by both sexes which nonetheless manage to keep the species going.

“Regardless of whether it was a long-term or short-term relationship, our study showed that females were more likely to want to engage in intimate, bonding behaviors” following the act of mating than were males,” said psychologist Susan Hughes of Albright College in Pennsylvania. Her study is being published in The Journal of Sex Research.

In the study 170 people answered an online questionnaire about their “post coital” behaviors. Of the mostly young adult participants, the researchers found that women were more likely than men to initiate and value intimacy and bonding behaviors after sex, regardless of whether it is with a long or short-term partner. Men, on the other hand, were more likely to engage in behaviors increased the likelihood of repeating the encounter.

“Females placed an overall great importance than did males on all five items measured: intimate talking, kissing, cuddling and caressing, professing their love for their partner and talking about the relationship after sex,” says Hughes. “In contrast, men placed more importance on gaining extrinsic rewards after sex.” This included drinking, smoking, eating or asking for favors.

Among the other differences were that men were more likely to initiate kissing before sex and women after, showering and other sanitary practices were more likely after short-term partners than long-term partners, and women put more stock in talking about the relationship before sex than after (while men showed no preference).

The one thing men and women felt was equally important was saying “I love you” to a long-term partner after sex.

“Males’ and females’ mating strategies can be at odds, such that males’ reproductive potential is far greater than females and he can maximize getting his genes into the next generation by having many female sexual partners,” said Hughes. “So… males may be more likely to pursue short-term mating than are females.”

It’s all part of our evolutionary legacy, Hughes explained.

“Females will often want to create a pair bond with a mate to ensure commitment and provisioning necessary for (dual) parental care,” Hughes said. “Since females have lower reproductive potential in terms of the possible number of offspring they can have, they place importance in caring and investing in the few offspring they have.”

But there is plenty of incentive for men and women bond and stay together, said Hughes.

“In our ancestral past, having both parents available for provisioning would have been especially important in helping to ensure offspring survival,” she said. So that interval after mating may be when women can secure that bond from their partner.

There is also a perfectly modern side to spending some time cuddling after sex, said psychologist David Roof of Minot State University in North Dakota.

“I look at the significance of the ‘post-coital-cuddle’ from a pragmatic standpoint,” said Roof. “Regardless of biology or socialization, it’s essential for the reassurance and bond couples need to increase trust, foster adventurousness, and maintain lasting intimacy.”

Read the original article at


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

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