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Product News: Mr Limpy Is Back!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

He’s been travelling over the Pacific Ocean for weeks now – and with dozens of pre-orders in-store we’ve all been waiting anxiously for his arrival. From today, Mr Limpy is back in store!!!!

The Mr Limpy line of soft-pack silicone dildos are many things to many people but one thing is for sure – they’re fun, they’re frisky, and they’re made from material so real you’ll find dozens fo ways to play with him – even if you just stick him down your pants!

We have two sizes in stock, both ideal for soft-packing. The small size is 3.5″ long, and the medium is 5″.

Check them out HERE.

MaXXX Tip for Mr Limpy – after cleaning return his life-like material to best by rubbing a little natural cornstarch (available at Coles) into the skin.

Join Us At The First Fetish Night Markets

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The Gathering 2010 is Sydney’s very first Fetish Festival with dozens of special events, parties, workshops and social opportunities for fetishists, kinksters and curious alike.

Whether you’re just discovering your kinky side, want to explore something more, or are a seasoned player who wants a new trick or two – this event is for you! It all happens next week, so jump online and have a look at the awesome run of events and then get into MaXXX Black to buy tickets to the Night Market and the UberFire Party.

Here at MB we’re gearing up BIG TIME for the Fetish Night Market. As a proud sponsor and supporter of our communities, MB will be bringing it’s best – the shiny, gorgeous sexy things that we’re known for. From the latest ropes and gadgets to the finest in toys and accessories, we’ll be putting ourselves on show – so why not come down and see how we do it when we’re out-and-about! There’ll be lots of other exhibitors too, from fetish photographers to funky streetwear, cool new fashion and alternative accessory suppliers.

The Fetish Night Market is being held on Friday 1st October at the Mercure Hotel (Central Station) from 6.30 to 11.30PM. Tickets are $10 – available at MaXXX Black or at the door on the night.

Google “Instant” Censorship

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Google Instant is the latest incarnation of the search engine that fills in potential responses as you type them into the Google search bar. Whilst many people think it is a great time-saving addition to the software there are just as many out there who are finding that “instant” means “instant censorship”

Somewhere inside Google HQ there is a very long list of words and terms that have been blacklisted from the new service. Internet savvies are calling it the Google Blacklist.

Give it a try – type in ‘puppy’ and watch the helpful stream of terms come up. Type ‘bitch’ and you’ll notice that nothing happens, even though the searcher could use either term to find the same thing, a site about dogs. Ok, so you can always just hit enter and find the usual search works like normal (except in China, Iran, Cuba and anywhere else Google has sold their soul).

The Google Blacklist is now at 2600 words and is growing! And it’s not just the really ‘dirty’ words they’re blocking. In an attempt to ensure that no-one is offended ever (like that will EVER happen) it blocks even the most positive of sex-related terms, including the names of sex therapists, authors, and adult stores just like us.

Google is demonstrating how information today is filtered, controlled and ultimately, suppressed. We better hope the ‘don’t be evil’ philosophy of the brand is actually happening at Google HQ.

Jacquline Hellyer: Step Out Of The Box!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

For so many people, their lives are boxes within boxes, constraints within constraints, limitations within limitations. The number of shoulds and musts and oughts and can’ts and mustnt’s are neverending.

We love our boxes. We have them around our work, our gender, our ethic grouping, our age, our relationship status, our parental status, our place of abode, our religious beliefs, our health, our appearance, our sports, our hobbies.

Then we love to categorise our personalities, whether it’s the multitude of supposedly scientific psychological tests or the alternative astrological type classifications, it’s all about putting ourselves in still more boxes.

How often do we say “I am a [insert classification]”, or limit ourselves by stating: “I’m [insert adjective] because I’m a [insert classification]”, or “I can/can’t/should/shouldn’t/must/mustn’t [insert verb] because I’m a [insert classification]”.

It’s all so limiting.

And it’s all based on fear.

And it comes through more powerfully, and more with more limits, in our sexuality than anywhere else.

I’m [insert gender] so I…… [have a high/low sex drive; like/don’t like sex]
I’m [insert age] so I…..   [have high/low interest in sex; am sexy/not sexy]
I’m spiritual/an athiest/[insert religion] so I…. [think sex is about love/reproduction/marital duty/determined by genes]
I’m married/single/divorced/in a relationship so I… [you get my drift]
I’m fat/old/ugly so I…

Now of course we can be classified, of course we have an age, an appearance, a profession, etc, it’s all the crap that’s attached to the classification that’s the problem. “I’m fat and ugly and I don’t give damn, I’m having great sex!” versus: “Well, we’ve been together a long time and we’re not as trim as we used to be so of course we can’t have good sex.”

When it comes to sex though, I see the limitations everywhere, even in the supposedly free-spirited types: the swingers who think monogomy is boring; the kinksters who think vanilla sex is dull; the tantric types who think it’s got to be about love; the free love exponents who think we’ve got to let it all hang out.

And then it’s all so black and white. You’ve got to be one gender or the other, into women or into men, monogamous or deceitful, sexually active or celibate. How about we all embrace the possibility, for those for whom it feels real, to whatever extent feels right, of gender-bending, bisexuality, ethical nonmonogomy, celibacy as sexual expression. How about we see that all types of kinks and fetishes are fun to play with, that enlightened bdsm can be as empowering and connecting as deep spiritual sex. That missionary with the lights out can be as fulfilling an experience as swinging from the chandeliers.

How about we let ourselves be ourselves.

Don’t judge others, don’t judge ourselves. Give ourselves and others the freedom to explore and play and find out who we are in all aspects of our lives.

Get out of the boxes!

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality. In addition to her private clinical practice, she is the ” I’m the Sex Coach” for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines; a published author with a growing web presence and she runs the Tantric Fusion workshops.

Fun: 20 Strangest Sex Laws

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Feature Product: Vampire Erotica

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

True Blood, Twilight, and a few hundred years of literature have proven that Vampires are an enduring legacy of pop culture. It seems we’ve never quite gotten over the erotic allure of a skin-piercing, blood-sucking hottie having his or her way with us.

So we thought we’d share some new books that deliver the vampire fantasy in a way that Anne Rice never would (even though she probably wanted too).

Daughters Of Darkness – Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Edited by Pam Keesey

There are some excellent stories here–including works by Jewelle Gomez, Kathryn Forrest, and Robbi Sommers–which, as editor Keesey points out, are hard to find elsewhere. Before Dracula, much vampire lore centered around female vampires, and Keesey highlights that tradition.  By combining the ideas of women as vampires and women as seductive lesbians, Keesey doubles the force of images that have historically crystallized society’s fear of powerful women. Perfect for curling up on stormy Spring nights.

The Sweetest Kiss – Ravishing Vampire Erotica

Edited by D.L. King

Immortal, eternally beautiful, strong, and sexy, these creatures take what they need, stealing the life force from those unlucky enough to cross their paths — or from those whose luck leads them to the most thrilling experience of their lives. Edited by noted erotica writer D. L. King, The Sweetest Kiss takes readers into shadowy alleys, dark bedrooms, and mysterious spaces to experience the mash of terror and delight that only a vampire can produce. With a mostly heterosexual focus, some storie also feature bi and queer vampires satisfying their lust in both contemporary and period settings.  These blood-drenched tales give new meaning to the term “dead sexy” and feature beautiful bloodsuckers whose desires go far beyond the red stuff.

Women Of The Bite – Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Edited by Ceclia Tan

A new collection of lesbian vampire sex collected by Cecilia Tan, an editor Susie Bright calls, “simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature.”  In Women of the Bite Cecilia Tan captures the timeless allure of lesbian vampires who seduce their way through these fifteen stories of eternal love, dark avenging angels, and the eroticism of blood lust explore the female vampire and her sisters from all angles.

Advice: 3 Techniques For Men To Last 10 Minutes Longer

Friday, September 24th, 2010

In just about every study done on men’s sexuality, more than three quarters of men wish they had greater staying power. Premature ejaculation is a recurring problem that haunts many guys who just can’t hold out long enough to bring their women to an orgasm.  Sadly, many sexual relations are strained because many men are worrying about experiencing sex with their partner to the fullest.

But the simple truth is that anyone can learn to put the brakes on premature ejaculation with some easy techniques that focus on gaining control over your mental and physical ability during sex. You don’t need to be a porn star to know all the tools in the trade in order to extend your staying power.

The three tips below will give you a great head start in boosting your threshold and will help foster the  kind of confidence in bed you know you deserve.

Achieve Lasting Endurance With Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise is not just for women. When practiced properly, it is a very powerful technique for men to vastly improve their time to climax.  Kegels are practiced to strengthen the PC muscle that is located in the pelvic wall. This is the muscle that controls ejaculation during sex.

To perform this exercise, all you need to do is to squeeze or tense this muscle, hold it for 10 to 15 seconds, and then release the tension. Practice this for 5 minutes a day. Within a week you should notice a significant improvement in your climax time. The great thing about kegel is that you can practice this simple exercise discreetly anytime, anywhere, in any position (sitting, standing, and even lying down) without anyone knowing!

Regular Kegel exercise will not only help with increasing the time and intensity of your orgasms but can improve a host of bodily functions from bladder control to the prevention of hemorrhoids.

The Sex Position Multiplier

Most guys go for the missionary position. But did you know this is the fastest and surest way for a guy to orgasm? Yes indeed!

The missionary position places undue stress on the muscles in your arms and thighs for support, and this can precipitate an early ejaculation.

If you want to last longer, try sex with your bodies lying on the sides (with her back to your front), or the partner-on-top where your partner has more control over the thrusts and momentum. These 2 positions present less friction during intercourse and less stimulation to you as a result. These 2 positions are great for a start.

The best advice is to try out various positions and find a few that will help you hold out longer. Take the opportunity to notice which positions are best for your partner too!

The Route Of Least Resistance

One of the reasons why some men climax too soon is because they move too fast too soon, and in positions that cause the greatest amount of friction (or “resistance”) during intercourse. If there is one trick to prolong your orgasm, it is simply to SLOW DOWN. This gives you some breathing space, maintain a steady momentum and let you and her experience sex in its entire splendor rather than letting the sensations rule over your head.

Also, as the head of your penis is most sensitive to stimulation, try to find positions that allow deeper penetration – the deeper you go, the less friction and consequently the less stimulation you will experience.

Unlike what many men believe, premature ejaculation is NOT for life. It can be completely reversed with the right strategies. If you are willing to put in the effort to work on it, you WILL last longer than you did before. And the more you work on it, the more “mileage” you will go in bed – for good!

As MaXXX always says – Practice Makes Perfect (and it’s fun!)

This article was adapted from Lloyd Lester’s “control” article for Dan & Jennifer.

Fashion: Kobi Levi Footwear

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Everyone knows that MaXXX LOVES shoes. Tall ones, shiney ones, some with bows on and others that shimmer – we don’t care as long as they make us feel hot. So when we spotted these two very unique pairs on the weekend, we just had to share.

Kobi Levi, a footwear designer from Jerusalem has created the most ‘adult’ pumps we may have ever seen. This freelance designer who has worked for some of fashion’s biggest names has created two new pairs – the ‘XXX’ and the “Blow”.

Levi says of his work, which has included shoes in the shape of bananas, tulips, and puppies, ” In my artistic footwear design the shoe is my canvas. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture. It is “alive”.

We won’t go into a detailed description here, just click on the pics below to see more.

Review: Vibratex Mystic Wand – It’s Magic!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Don’t let its looks fool you.

This battery-operated wonder is the little sister to the world-famous Hitachi Magic Wand and Wand A Lust, Vibratex’s Mystic Wand packs some serious power.  When holding the Wand in your hand, the first thing you notice is the intensity of it’s vibration.  It seems to resonate through the body – a feeling that the vibrations are ‘deeper’ than they usually are.  This is due to the strong low frequency of the vibrations which the body remembers even after you’ve let go.

It is operated by two push buttons, and a bright little LED indicates which of the 3 vibe and 3 pulse/surge modes you’re playing with. The bright blue light at the top of the toy makes for an awesome guide lamp when you’re playing in the dark too!  Made from phthalate-free silicone it’s softer to the touch than expected, but we’d still recommend a good quality water-based lubricant like Astroglide Natural to get the most out of it.

It’s also important to note that unlike many other toys Mystic Wand requires the use of Alkaline Batteries – its motor is strong so it needs strong batteries. But don’t worry, they come free when you get it at MaXXX Black.

Now, this is one toy that inspired some very naughty thoughts in me.  It’s an ideal toy for self-massage and some intense solo play, but the Mystic Wand offers much more than this. Close your eyes and imagine giving your loved one a sensuous full body massage finding all their yummy ticklish spots; or placing the toy behind your tongue (careful of teeth) to drive them wild; or simply cupping the wand in the palm of your hand, feeling the vibrations travel through your fingertips.  It’s one heck of a show and the finale is all up to you!

What about the boys? Many of our male customers ask about vibrating toys for men and there are very few quality items on the market. This toy is perfect for intense all over body stimulation so why not try pressing it under the scrotum or against the perineum?  The deeply penetrating vibration coupled with fellatio, self play and/or prostate stimulation will definately satisfy his cravings.

Want an encore?! The Mystic Wand G-Spot attachment enhances the design making it perfect for G-Spot or anal use and just for those steamy midnight romps, the Mystic Wand even has a purvey night light so you don’t miss a thing!

The Mystic Wand is the perfect unisex toy that just keeps on going! Half the fun lies in exploration but the satisfaction is in the play!

Love, Maxxxie!

Womans Day WTF?!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Every now and again we stumble on a commercial that makes us want to scream What The F@#K?! at the advertiser.  Now we are all for women’s confidence – heck that’s what we’re here for, but we’ve never seen a woman’s confidence put to us quite like the advertisers of a range of women’s hygiene products in Woman’s Day.

The ad appears like an article titled “How to Ask for a Raise” and goes on to explain that the number one way a woman can increase her chances is to keep ‘freshness’ down there.

We don’t know what it takes to get a job at Woman’s Day but apparently it’s more personal than a 2 page resume!