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Events: The Gathering 2010 BDSM Conference

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Immerse yourself in a world of fetish and kink!

Ever wanted to learn more about a fetish? Feel like there’s a kink inside that needs working out? How about just learning new skils for the bedroom and beyond? Well, The Gathering 2010 is a conference with a difference that promises all this and much more.

Over 3 days and 3 nights in October The Gathering will present over 30 classes, and workshops; parties; performances and a host of international presenters including the delectable Laura Antoniou (USA), Arisue Go (Japan) and Master Jock (NZ).

Find out more about the conference on our events page by clicking HERE.

Official Website :

7 Ways Technology Is Changing Sex

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Whilst new technology is quickly adapted into all areas of life, it is probably not surprising to hear that almost all human innovation ends up in the bedroom.  And while networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we interact socially, new technologies have also changed the way we engage sexually.

Hare are 7 tech-driven trends that have affected sex in this digital age…

1. New Ways For Pleasure

Recent years have seen the launch of several high-tech, multifunction sex toys, including a partners’ vibrator called the We-Vibe, which can be used by both partners at once; a virtual sex device called the RealTouch For Men, which syncs up with digital media for a more realistic experience; a sex robot named Roxxxy; and an iPod attachment called the OhMiBod, which is a vibrator that pulsates in time as the music plays.  And all of it is available for purchase at the click of a mouse.

2. New Kinds Of Sex

Courtship, sex, and love can take place in virtual worlds, like the user-created Second Life.  Individuals create custom avatars to represent themselves, then interact with other “residents” of the Second Life community.  Sex between avatars is quite common–there are even virtual sex toys for sale that Residents can purchase for their avatars.  People have been known to form deep relationships with one another via Second Life, and sex between avatars can have real world implications:  last year a woman filed for divorce after she caught her husband’s avatar engaging in sexual activity with another male avatar.

3. New Ways To Meet A Partner

In 2002,  Wired predicted that  in 20 years  looking for love online would become the norm.  Eight years later,  Internet dating sites are already anything but taboo.  eHarmony and are two popular forums for singles seeking “traditional” love, while virtual dating websites like OmniDate pair digital avatars and place them into romantic “date” settings.  Some statistics suggest that one in eight couples married in the US met via social media.

4. New Kinds Of Partners

Immobile “sex dolls” have been around since Ancient Greece, and they remain part of sex culture today–but in all new forms.  In the words of Douglas Hine, creator of Roxxxy the sex robot, “Sex only goes so far – then you want to be able to talk to the person.”  Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, sex robots like Roxxxy can sense motion and touch and even speak.  While sex robots cannot yet imitate true human movement, startlingly lifelike ‘bots called Actroids exist for non-sexual purposes and can not only speak but can gesture emphatically, the way humans do.

5. New Ways To Consume Erotica

The Internet is both an information and pornography super highway.  By some metrics, some 12% of all sites on the web are pornographic.

Adult entertainment providers like Playboy have repeatedly leveraged new tech to their advantage. In 1982, to keep pace with demand, the company launched Playboy TV, and in 1989 the magazine became the first men’s publication with a Braille edition.  For its June 2010 issue, Playboy even featured a 3D centerfold. “What would people most like to see in 3D?” asked Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. “Probably a naked lady.” Porn is also becoming more “graphic” than ever before: first came HD TV, with its high resolution images, and now, as 3D TV gains traction, adult entertainment companies are beginning to venture into 3D porn.

6. New Ways To Co-ordinate Hookups

Location-based social networking apps allow smartphone users to search and connect with people in their area.  Apps like Skout Dating: A Singles Network and PinPointsX help singles find and coordinate dates.  There are also gender-exclusive social apps, like the all-male Grindr.

7. New Ways To Have Cybersex

Cybersex,  or sex that takes place over the Internet,  is more accessible and available in far more forms than ever.  Gone are the days of AOL Chatrooms.  Today websites like ChatRoulette host live, spontaneous video chats between strangers,  some of whom engage in virtual sex acts.  Of course, there’s always sexting as a form of electronic flirtation, where partners send explicit text messages or racy photos to one another.  The much-touted FaceTime video chat feature for iPhone 4 could even bring a new level to cybersex by combining sexting, video sex and phone sex.

Know another way that technology is shaping our romantic and intimate lives? Let us know!

Review: Love Yourself! Massage Candles

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Ok, so we know massage is the PERFECT (Guys… PERFECT!) way to create a sensual mood, to help partners relax, and is a great technique for everything from sexual dysfunction to increasing intimacy and communication between partners.  After all, what better way to intimately become acquainted with your partner’s every inch of flesh than slathering on some oil and putting your hands to work?

It’s no wonder then that massage candles are becoming increasingly popular, and Fun Factory’s Love Yourself! products are a pretty special new range.


  • Orchid – light, sea-breeze fresh scent with maritime accents, topped up with the flowery scent of orchids and lilies.
  • Aphrodisiac – an oriental, aromatic extravaganza of sandlewood refined with mandarine, bergamot and musk.
  • Vanilla – a sweet vanilla scent refined with cinammon, white blossoms, cloves and ambergis.

How it feels:

  • Cool – without lighting the wax/balm is still fairly soft and feels less like wax and more like a luxurious lip balm for the body. It glides onto the skin and is easy to spread with just a little friction from your hands to warm it up. Using it cold can be great if you want to massage just a small area outside of the bedroom.
  • Warm – light it up, let it melt, and then gently pour the contents onto your partner’s body. Besides the obvious attraction of dripping wax, temperature and the whole sexy ritual itself – when the wax is warm it spread far more and you’ll get more than a couple of sessions from each jar.


  • It’s Fun Factory so you know the ingredients will be good. In addition to mango butter and vitamin E the wax balm is made up of Jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and olive oils to deeply enrich the skin.

Our Verdict: we love em. The texture, the light fragrances, the cute jars, and the way you can pop the silicone cap on to prevent loss of the scent and protect the candle from dust is fantastic!

Check out the whole range HERE.

Fun: Knitting vs Sexual Tension

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Tense?  Not sure of what to do with your hands?  Are you just a huge fan of your ‘special friend’ and want to share the love?

Why not knit your favourite toy? Artist Itselise from Santa Fe USA has developed an business built on knitting stuffed toys in the shape of your favourite adult distraction.

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to ask Nanna for those knitting lessons.

Jacqueline Hellyer: Valuing The Feminine

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

From MaXXX’s resident Sex Therapist Jacqueline Hellyer:

I believe we strongly undervalue the feminine in this society. It’s a theme I deal with over and over again. Yes, we had women’s liberation in the 70s, and that was a great thing which has led to a definite improvement in the status of women. So far so good. But…to achieve that status women had to prove that they could be like men, which they did. That’s fine, but what it did was show that women could be masculine and meet masculine values. It didn’t raise the value of the feminine. Which is why several decades on women have to be like men to succeed in society , ie embody the masculine.

Now everyone does have masculine and feminine in them, and a well-developed person will have a pretty good balance within themselves. But the essence of each is different, and if we reject one thinking the other is somehow better then we reject a major aspect of ourselves. (The new age snags are the reverse version of this.)

The essence of the feminine is to be soft on the outside and strong on the inside. In fact it’s only by being soft on the outside that your inner strength that emanate. Otherwise as a woman you’re creating a false strength on the outside, which is hard to sustain, is brittle and prevents your true strength from blossoming and showing.

So much of my work with women is essentially around this. It sounds esoteric, but once you ‘get’ it it makes such a difference at so many levels.

I want to stress that I am NOT talking about women being soft and weak and pathetic. That people think that’s what I’m talking about is just proof that our society devalues the feminine. It is strong to be soft. We need more of the feminine in this society. We need women to embrace their essential selves.

You can then express your femininity in many different ways – I’ve come up with 14 different feminine archetypes, many of them very strong (Dominatrix, Vamp, Ice Queen, Amazon). There is no limitation in how you express yourself as a woman. The important thing is that you be real and embrace the power and glory of being a woman.

Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality. In addition to her private clinical practice,  she is the ” I’m the Sex Coach” for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines; a published author with a growing web presence and she runs the Tantric Fusion workshops.

Review: Lelo TOR

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

We’ve hadTORin-store for a little while now, and since we get SO many questions about this very elegant vibrating cock ring we thought we’d go into some more detail.

TOR is by Swedish sex toy manufacturerLELOwho came up with their take of the Norse mythological Thor, God of Thunder. You don’t have to be int Greek Mythology to enjoy the roaring thundering vibrations of Tor though, as this cock ring is as luxe as it is functional.

The newest addition to the LELO Homme line, LELO Tor boasts 6 vibration modes. Like all Lelo toys, this comes packaged in a sleek black Lelo gift box and comes with the 1 year warranty and user manual. Upon opening Tor, you’ll find the ring along with a case for it to store the toy when not in use (also perfect for traveling!).

Tor is stylish, modern, and pretty sexy looking. Made of smooth black ABS plastic and body-safe TPE, gives the ring a smooth almost silicone-like feeling. The ring comes in two parts, the actual ring, which is firm yet stretchy and will stretch to accommodate a variety of dick sizes, and the top part of the ring, which is where the vibration magic happens. You simply grasp the ring in one hand, and slide the top of the ring on top until it clicks into place. Super easy to set up. On the top of the ring, on the side you’ll notice a + button, to control the vibration. You can browse through all 6 vibration settings to find what works best for you and your lover.

Here is the really cool thing though, according to LELO, the Tor has a special “sixth sense” where the toy has a microprocessor which will adapt the vibration to the user’s desires. Not to mention that the toy is rechargeable, which means no fumbling with tiny watch batteries. You can plug Tor into the wall outlet using the charging port and allow the toy to power up, at a full charge it should allow up to 2 hours of use. We had a lot of fun testing out the different vibration settings on this toy, and like most Lelo toys, I really enjoyed the deep resonating feeling from it’s vibrations.

The great thing about Tor is that when having sex with your partner, this cock ring will provide stimulation to both the man and his partner. One of the best cock ring positions seems to be girl on top, to feel the vibration of the toy against the clit. You can effectively use it in many positions though, and thats the fun of trying! Not to mention, Tor will help your man hold his erection and can help to prolong the sex by making it take longer to bring him to climax.

A lot of cock rings on the market today fall short of amazing, but with Tor, we really feel Lelo is on to something!  The added functionality of the vibration modes along with the style and design, just make it really ideal in my book. It also comes in two colors, Black and Purple.  Tor can be used as a discreet vibrator, and is small enough to travel with. This toy would be awesome for couples who are looking to prolong their sex sessions or just want to try something new in the sack. Tor is luxurious, and we can’t help but have a huge crush on it.

We think this is a toy that men and women alike will enjoy, and one that could easily be used solo or with a partner.  So there are fireworks to be made either way. Ladies, if you want some thunder during sex…call on Tor.

NEW BOOK – The G-Spot Playguide

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

We love new books – especially ones that make sex so much better.  Our latest offering, the G-SPot Playguide is a practical, easy to read workbook that helps you and your partner discover, play, and enhance your sex life through g-spot play. It even inlcudes worksheets so you can do homework that you’ll both really enjoy!

“Get the facts, the answers, everything you’ve always wanted to know about the mysterious G-Spot. Yes, it does exist! Find out what all the fuss is about! Reveal your inner sex goddess and experience the confidence and pleasure that comes with knowing your own body.”

Winner of the 2009 IPPY Award for Sexuality Books!

Check out this review:

iPhone 4 – This Changes Phone Sex Forever

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

FaceTime, the video calling feature of the just-realeased iPhone is taking off in a big way. The crystal clear screen, huge image size, and seemless video/audio streaming makes the experience far more personal, sensual and ‘real’.

The first thing that strikes you about FaceTime is that the image quality is incredible. Instead of some blurred-out cluster of pixels, your partner looks touchably real. You can see small movements and subtle expressions quickly flitting across faces. The second thing that subtly blows your mind is actually something you don’t notice: Because the screen and camera are essentially in the same place, you end up looking at your partner directly, skipping that weird sensation that you’re both staring at some point off in the distance. This leads to gazing, to intimacy, to locked eyes searching for glimmers of love, sadness, hurt or mischievous excitement. And we all know where that leads: It’s a direct flight to Gettin’ Busytown.

That’s when you start to realise another previously unrevealed truth: Size matters.

Ever bring a laptop to bed? It’s weird. It’s bulky. It dictates where you can move, and only your mood (or bed buddy) should have that privilege. But taking a phone under the covers feels normal. Not only is it considerably easier to manoeuvre, it’s wonderfully familiar, evoking many of our first memories of love. You remember whispering quietly under the covers while your parents were asleep. Talking about anything at all, just to keep the conversation going. Imagine if you had a camera back then…

And imagine if you could take that experience anywhere. FaceTime’s easy mobility makes that kind of spontaneity possible. If you’re looking for some chat love on a computer, you basically have to wait until you’re back at home or your hotel room. But if you’re packing an iPhone 4, you can call someone from a secret garden in San Francisco (I know one that picks up Wi-Fi) to show them a flower or a sunset. Or, if the garden’s empty, you can show them something naughtier. Nothing says wish you were here like that kind of call.

iPhone 4 Apple Inc

Ready to try it? Go ahead and sneak off to a quiet corner. But here are a few tips to consider before dialling.

Be playful

Call it a FaceDate. Or FaceTime sex. But don’t get too cute with the nicknames – “FaTi Sex?” Not much of a turn on.

Gather your things
Before you begin, get everything out that you might need (vibrator, lube, an old sock), so you don’t have to move out of the frame later on.

Dock it
The phone, silly! Use any standard iPhone dock that lets your phone stand, ahem, erect. Placing it on your lap could get in the way of touching or showing off the star attraction. Prop it against your nightstand or alarm clock, and you might accidentally knock it off and shatter it. And forget holding the thing; you’re gonna want to use both of your hands-unless, of course, you’re simply playing voyeur.

Light it up
You’ll need a decent source of illumination if you’re FaceTiming in the dark. Candles will do, as will a bright hallway light and an open door. Otherwise just go with regular room lighting. Just don’t open the curtains – you don’t want to be “that guy”, and passers-by don’t want in on the action either. This isn’t a square dance.

Gear up
If you live alone or have adequate privacy, you probably don’t need any accessories. But if you have housemates, children or thin walls, consider using a pair of headphones or a hands-free. Neither your partner nor your neighbours want those sounds to be broadcast. Another option is to skip the geeky headgear and turn on some mood music.

Don’t touch that dial
FaceTime sex is a totally different monster from the real-life randiness, phone love and computer copulation. Sure, IM alerts and email dings

won’t bust in and interrupt you like they can when you’re on your laptop. But incoming calls can interrupt or temporarily freeze your screen. Know what you’re going into and brace yourself against call waiting and forget about taking calls – that’s a mood killer during any type of sex.

Don’t multitask
This is FaceTime sex and that’s it – well, unless you’re both watching porn at the same time, which is totally fun. Just don’t start checking email or Facebook.

Consider multiple perspectives
Try this: Fire up the FT while simultaneously keeping your laptops linked in a passionate video embrace. In addition to the handset’s front-side view, you could a rear-view cam or a revealing profile. You could see more than one body part at a time or close-ups complimented with full-body shots. Consider it your own private porn shoot.

FaceTime sex, like in-the-flesh sex, should be fun. Make it whatever you want it to be. Dress up, play, laugh, say sexy things. Get close to your phones and look into each other’s eyes. Get ultra close so you have the fish eye effect and laugh about it. Put your genitals close to the phone and be silly (or awesome). FaceTime sex is whatever you make of it. So make it good.

Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH is a research scientist at Indiana University, a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute and author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction. She blogs at

Review: Close2You Sinfonia

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

We love toys that are simple, can be used in various positions and speeds, have that “special” feature that no other toy has, and actually satisfies.

The Sinfonia by Close2you does all of those things.  When we first saw the Sinfonia in person and held it, we were impressed with how sleek, soft, and simple it was.  That slightly bent tip really caught our eye since it adds a sleek, sexy line that is as much fun to look at as it is to play with.

So what did we think? well, firstly we were pleasantly surprised at how powerful the tip of the toy is, even on the first speed. The firm rounded tip isn’t just good on your clitoris however – the curve helps point that tip right at your G-spot too! Plus it’s small enough for light back door play too. We didn’t expect to be recommending this vibrator to men AND women, however that is exactly what we’re doing – this is a great toy to have stashed in your drawer for when your partner wants to play.

The Sinfonia’s silicone is so velvety and smooth that it feeks super silky when you use a little water-based lubricant on it. Close2You even pop a little pack of lube in there for you so you’re good to go from the moment you get it home.

Unlike many other silicone toys, each Close2You toy has been designed to offer a premium experience at a fantastic price.  Sinfonia is only $75!

All Close2you products come in wonderfully high end white packaging, a box with a drawer for the toy and a separate drawer for the accessories included. These accessories include the aformentioned lube sample bottle of their Glissando brand lube (just smaller than a travel toothpaste), a silicone cock ring, a velvet drawstring storage pouch, the appropriate batteries for the toy, and a small book of all their products. This company knows how to pamper its customers!

Fun: Erotic Furniture On Show

Friday, August 20th, 2010

A Dutch carpenters’ erotic furniture is to be exhibited at a top German art gallery. Now, we don’t like to judge, but it is important to note that one man’s erotic is another man’s  giggle.

Erotic Furniture - carved breast fruit bowl Cabinet maker Mario Philippona designed a range of stylish wooden cupboards, wardrobes and tables using the female anatomy as his inspiration.

His newest piece is a fruit bowl decorated with realistically shaped life-size wooden breasts called ‘TittyFruity’.

Other pieces include a wine-glass cupboard in the shape of a pair of large breasts (see pic), a table supported by legs moulded from a female model and a bedside drawer which opens by pressing a button in the piece’s ‘vagina’.

The video below shoes the beautiful quality of his work:

Philippona said: “The shape of a woman, her organic architecture, combined with my passion for wood inspired me to sculpt these sexy designs.”

His furniture can be seen at Amadeus Art Gallery in Berlin, or click HERE to see his website.