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Introducing Lelo TOR…The Cary Grant of Cock Rings!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Lelo TOR – our latest and greatest from the vibrating world of cock rings.

We love cock rings.  We love cock rings that vibrate.  Want to guess how we feel about a ring that exudes elegance and style and not only vibrates, but has SIX levels of vibration?  Oh Lelo, you’ve done it again… we LOVE him!

Allow us to introduce TOR- the latest inclusion in our Lelo range, and boy have we welcomed him with open arms. With all the features of its predecessor BO, TOR is a fully rechargeable toy (another trait of Lelo- NO batteries!!) with a sleek appearance that fits nicely against the receiver, whilst being comfortable and enjoyable for the wearer. With a stretchy ring to fit men/dildos of all sizes, TOR is an easy pleasure toy to introduce and re-introduce into the bedroom time and time again.

For our ladies, jazz up your dildo/double ender/strapless strap-on with one of these babies and if your toy is silicone, you’ll have the whole thing buzzing.  Ooh la la!

So apart from all its special features, its intelligent and sophisticated construct, you want more reasons to get TOR into your hot little hands? TOR has the lifespan of approximately 10, 000 disposable cock rings and comes in the two handsome shades of black and purple.

This friends, is the Cary Grant of cock rings. 

Yours in delight,