Six Sizzling Summer Reads #3

Best Sex Writing 2009: 

Edited By Rachel Kramer Bussel.
Intelligent, upbeat, and sex-positive, the pieces in Best Sex Writing 2009 offer an in-depth look at sex the way it actually happens in America today.
Gubernatorial sex scandals, rape fantasies, “Dear John” letters, teen sexuality, purity balls, the science of screwing, bathroom sex, and other topics are scrutinized by noted columnists, bloggers, and authors in pieces that are funny, informative, challenging, sexy, and serious. Edited by sex commentator and erotic author Rachel Kramer Bussel and guest judge MSNBC sex columnist Brian Alexander, this collection goes behind the headlines for a very different kind of sex ed. 

With the brain being the biggest sex organ, Best sex writing offers some food for thought. Kramer-Bussel has picked the very best compendium of essays and non fiction pieces that discuss every angle of human sexuality/popular culture. It’s a serious look at sexuality in today’s culture without being dry or overly intellectual. This isn’t one for your erotica shelf. Read it, read it again, discuss it, debate it… You could lend it to a friend to facilitate these discussions… Though we recommend not letting it out of your sight! Tell ‘em to get their own!

                                        Best sex 09

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