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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Summer is all about heat, and if you want some of that hot sweaty action to go from outside to “inside” we have just the ticket – SIX steamy reads that will transform your summer activities!


Monogamy doesn’t have to equal monotony! Get your eyes, fingers, mouth, legs and any other bits wrapped around Alison Tylers latest book that is a distinctive erotic guide for couples. She mixes 1 part how-to with an equal share of erotic storytelling to create a very steamy summer cocktail indeed! Filled with fun, practical ideas and Tyler’s own personal anecdotes and experience with monogamy this book is not the usual “do as I say, not as i do” guide, and much more a “Do as I do, and have a freaking great time!”.

Offering generous food-for-thought, Tyler delivers a practical guide, with the right balance of information & erotica, making sure you “never have the same sex twice”. Available in-store now and online here.

Never Have The Same Sex Twice

You’re going to put it where???

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Today my dearest readers I am going to try to explain, what sorts of vibrators are best for what sorts of uses. Straight up and down, hard plastic, quite possibly peach or mauve in colour and terribly noisy…. ah yes the ol’ faithful.

 Well, toys have come a long way since then, they are ergonomic, aerodynamic…. why… they’re greased lightening!! But with new shapes and technology come confusion, but never fear my little love bubbles, for Maxxie is here to point out what goes where.

 Ladies first, let’s start with the outside.

Now as I’m sure a lot of you out there are completely aware of, most women are not going to orgasm from penetration alone. If fact I might even goes as far as to say that its generally all about the clit for most women. So don’t go rushing for the veiny, vibeing cock in a box just yet, when maybe what you need is just a little hand held number. Also wonderful for use while with your partner, as they will not be getting in the way and can be used either on yourself or on your loved one. The Lelo Nea and Lily are absolutely amazing external toys, extremely sleek and discreet design.  These little lovelies are some of the most stylish vibes we’ve ever seen, and with five different pulsation modes they’re lots of fun.  Another favourite external vibe is the Fun Factory LayaSpot, which is bigger than the Lelo I have just mentioned, but a bigger toy is going to mean more surface area covered…… this toy again is a very discreet design and has the wonderful benefit of having different pulsating funcitons for the times when a constant vibe is just too much.

Some other excellent external vibrators to check out, the handy Micro Strap-on Butterfly, which is a vibrating butterfly that has straps that go around your legs and waist and stays put, sensational during play. But I cannot resist telling you about my new lover the Starburst Waterproof Titan, a pocket rocket style vibe that has the most amazing attachments to alternate the stimulation that you get from your toy. Oh yeah!  This little beauty is completely waterproof and doesn’t loose any of it’s power when submerged.

So as I’m sure we all know there are some toys out there that pretty much command how they have to be used such as the always popular rabbit vibrators, they have the internal bit (the bit that generally looks like a doodle) and the external bit (that generally looks like a bunny). The shaft is used internally and the bunny tickler is put on the outside of your vagina to stimulate your clitoris and the rest. Your only real choice here is whether you are going to hold it or prop it up on a pillow just in front of you.  The Vibratex Rock Your World ,  we agree, it’s not the prettiest vibrator, but it totally rocks!!! The tickler is shaped like a butterfly so it covers maximum surface area so you get maximum stimulation and with a motor in it it’s incredibly powerful.  The shaft has a motor in the head so it sends down the vibrations.  So that ads up to a whole lotta fun!! Most toys do not neccessarly only have to be used in one spot, in fact some of my favourite external toys are actually deigned to be g-spot vibrators. 

The ultimate vibrator would have to be the Lelo Gigi.  In case you haven’t noticed, all us girls here  at MaXXX are in love with Lelo, and with good reason.  These item’s of perfection are all rechargeable, extremely quiet, and have the most beautiful, deep throb it’ll just knock your socks off.  Now ladies , we love the Gigi‘s curved top.  When you use this on the outside, it seems to push the vibrations through you.  And when you pop it inside to hit your G Spot, holy cow, it’s like you’ve just gone to heaven and back.  Just thinking about it makes me blush, oh dear!!  So we hope that anwers some of the questions you’ve been thinking about.  As always, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have when you pop into our Newtown store,  love always,  Maxxxie   xxx

Reasons to have sex….

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, here are some reasons to be having great sex …as if you need them!

 1. Work off those mars bars without hitting the gym.  One 30 minute roll in the sack burns about 840kj.

2. Get more zzzzs.  Getting a sensual massage followed by some dancing between the sheets releases sleep-inducing endorphins so you snooze soundly.

3.Because the clitoris is the only organ whose sole function is pleasure…and it’s a shame to let that go to waste!!