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MaXXX Rocks Sexpo Sydney

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Thousands of sexy Sydney-siders visited Sexpo this year, and we’d like to thank everyone who came by to visit our stand in the RHI. To the many, many, many wonderful people who became MaXXX Black customers, and also to existing friends who dropped in to say ‘hi’ we say thank you for your support and well wishes, and we know you’re loving your new toys, books, LELO vibes, and good advice.

Sexpo was a wonderful way to introduce MaXXX to the world, and the reaction from Sydney was beyond expectation. Mobbed by thousands of women and couples we were proud to stand by LELO and show everyone what adult stores can really be like! We got to show off the amazing Vibratex ‘Sex and the City’ rabbit vibrators, Tantus silicone products, Yes organic lubricant, and the amazing Womanzone gel to an expectant and appreciative crowd, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves doing it. Even superstar Belladonna couldn’t help but stop in to check us out!

Our very special thanks go out to all of the MaXXX Black family for being there and being fabulous, and also to the LELO team for sharing the fun and hard work with us. Check out the photos to catch a glimpse of what was on offer.

Sexpo Stand 2008 1 Sexpo Sydney 2008 2 MaXXX Black Team Sexpo Sydney Sexpo 3 Sydney Sexpo 4Sydney Sexpo 5

Long Live The Vibrator – 7 Secrets of Success

Monday, August 18th, 2008

So now that you own the toy of your dreams you’re going to take care of it, right? Here are just a few tips from the loving crew at MaXXX Black to keep you and your loved one (your vibrator) living happily ever after.

1: Don’t Over Use I know it sounds really silly, but, give it a break every half hour or so. Most vibrators are made with small motors, to give us small toys, but they can overheat with prolonged use. So if you have a long play ahead of you lay a few choices out to alternate with. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

2: Don’t be Power Greedy Heavy Duty batteries are generally the way to go. Most toys will burn out if you are using alkaline or rechargeable batteries, this is due to their higher power and heat. The cheapies from the dollar shop are my faves.

3: Take Your Time Please take the batteries out when your not using your vibrators, for two very good reasons. Firstly, if there are no batteries in your toy it won’t turn on at an inappropriate moment. Secondly, it reduces your chance of the batteries leaking & corroding the inside of your toy, which will definitely signal the end of its life. Plus, your batteries will last much longer.

4: Slippery Stuff Now this is one that all of us have been caught out with, thinking that we were all above the law. DO NOT use silicone lubricants with silicone vibrators or cyberskin toys. It will break down the surface texture of your toy and you will be left with an ugly unusable dildo. Only use water based lubricants with these types of toys, and with the wonderful range of water based lubes that we have now you have no excuse.

5: R.E.S.P.E.C.T... Treat your toys with the dignity that they deserve. Use your vibes in the way it was made to be used, if its made for stimulation use it as such, if it is made for spanking, then go right ahead. Don’t pull on the cords, don’t drop them from heights, don’t tighten the caps to tightly and buy them candy and roses whenever possible.

6: Rub-a-dub-dub Clean your toy before first use and preferably after each use with warm soapy water or alternately you can get toys cleaners that just need to be sprayed on. But if sharing your toys, always pop a condom on.

7: Periscope DownMany toys are now made to be waterproof. It’s not terribly technical, but there is a little rubber ring placed where the two parts of the vibe join, thus creating a seal making your toy waterproof. If this ring cracks or snaps you no longer have a waterproof toy. So keep an eye on it and if you see any damage you now have a land loving toy on your hands.

Yours always, MaXXXie.

Tingly, Sexy, Bliss-WomanZone

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

womanzone feminine pleasure gel

Remember that tingling all over orgasm that had your toes curling in ultimate bliss? WomanZone an all natural orgasm enhancer, it will help give you stronger, and multiple, orgasms…Yipee!!!!!!!!! Apply before toy play or being intimate and enjoy a more intense orgasm. We recommend this product for every woman, think of it as a daily vitamin shot for your clitoris! This is especially helpful to women that are pre-orgasmic (haven’t achieved orgasm yet) and menopausal women. We’ve had lots of postive customer feedback, reporting easier arousal, increased pleasurable sensations and mindblowing orgasms. Click here to check it out on our fabulous website!