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The History of the Vibrator: A story of an hysterical woman and her saviour.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Vibrators came about in the 1800s when a British physician got fed up of having cramped and sore hand muscles at the end of a hard days work. Therapeutic massage or valvular massage first began around 500 B.C as a way of ridding women of mysterious illnesses. During the 19th century is was taken up as a treatment for the commonly diagnosed hysteria. Hysteria is a medical diagnosis that is no longer recognised by modern medical authorities. The symptoms of the dreaded hysteria included faintness, nervousness, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, muscle spasms, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, erotic fantasies, tendency to cause trouble and the best one yet, moisture inside the vagina. Treatment for hysteria was to bring the woman to “paroxysm” or as we know it today, orgasm.

Unfortunately up until the 20th century women were believed to be incapable of sexual desire and pleasure. The ‘ideal’ woman would only engage in sex to reproduce, as it was thought serve no other purpose for her. And as I’m sure you can all imagine that left the ladies with more than a touch of sexual frustration or should we say hysteria. Relief through paroxysm was never thought to be an orgasm as women were not capable of sexual feelings, let alone the possibility to reach sexual climax.

Treatment proved to be very profitable as these hysteric women needed (and/ or wanted) this treatment regularly, but it could take hours to reach paroxysm/orgasm and doing so by hand was tedious exhausting work. The technique of vaginal massage or pelvic massage, stimulation of the G-Spot, was also very hard for the physicians to master.

Necessity being the mother of all invention, entrepreneurial physicians began giving their hands a rest and mechanizing the process. Many different designs came about including Hydrotherapy, quite simply shooting water at the woman’s genitals. It worked, but was extremely messy and expensive.

Antique Water Vibe

In the 1880’s a British physician invented the first electric vibrator, a cumbersome device that was a permanent fixture in a physicians office. This was a huge breakthrough as it allowed women to reach paroxysm in less than ten minutes and the dear doctors hands were overworked no more.

Physician’s Vibrator

When electricity became available for home use in the late 19th century everything became some much easier in many ways. Women became avid consumers of electrical appliances. First was the sewing machine, then the fan, the tea kettle, the toaster and would you believe it, the vibrator. Yes, that’s right, the humble vibrator beat the electric vacuum, iron and frying pan into our homes, by at least 10 years.

The electric vibrator was an instant hit. They produced paroxysm quickly, reliably, as often as you could possibly want and without having to leave your home. Woman’s magazines widely advertised these vibrators with claims such as “Relieves all suffering” and “Cures Disease”. These machines were so popular that by 1917 there were more vibrators than toasters in American homes. However in the 1920’s vibrators began to appear in erotic films and photography which made “respectable” women abandon their much loved vibrators.

Antique Vibrator 2

The ads disappeared from major women’s publications until the 1950’s when they came back as “massagers” rather than vibrators. They were not only disguised in their names but also in what shapes and forms they took on; hairbrushes, back scratchers and even some that were designed to fit onto your vacuum. They stayed advertised like this until the 1970’s when pioneers like Betty Dodson helped us realise what we were capable of. She introduced us to the Hitatchi Magic Wand (one of the best “massages” around), got us masturbating again and gave us our orgasm rather than the ‘medical’ paroxysm.

Betty Dobson

Today any self respecting women owns or will own one of these magnificent devices and sees it as being in charge of her own sexuality rather than having to wait for anyone to deliver it to her.

As a woman I have found some of this information upsetting as so many women before us went through life not knowing what absolute pleasure they were allowed to have through sex, be it by themselves or with a partner. So come on girls, lets do it for everyone that has missed out….. Oh… and we should thank our doctors dear overused digits.

V.I.P Women’s Night

Friday, March 21st, 2008

After Dark Banner

MaXXX Black holds special events from time to time called ‘MaXXX Black….After Dark’ This is a women’s, invitation only, VIP shopping event. In the next few days we will be establishing a mailing list you can join to be invited to the nights. It’s a fabulous way to experience all the best things that MaXXX has to offer. We know that a lot of women find the prospect of walking into and adult shop intimidating, a bit scary, and you just don’t know what you’ll find at the top of the staircase. MaXXX Black is as far removed from the ‘traditional’ adult store (dirty, sleazy) as you can possibly imagine. We have established a clean, bright, modern space with the best range of products sourced from around the world.

O.K, so now you know a little more about the store, I’ll now let you know about the Night. You will be greeted at the entrance by our butler, Alex. Alex will check for your name, give you a flyer for in store happenings about the night and invite you up the stairs. A glass of champagne will be awaiting, along with nibbles throughout the night. Make sure you keep you eye out for the baby cupcakes. Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how good these little tasties are!! Poppy, our tarot card reader, will be giving mini readings all night, so make sure you get on the list early. She’s very, very popular. Jade, massage therapist, will be giving little massages and information on how touch can build connection in relationships. Laura, professional makeup artist, has a wealth of knowledge about makeup hints and tips and you can even ask her to give you a make over! And now for Mistress Servalan….Australia’s best Dominatrix. Mistress Servalan gently introduces you to the world of B&D. Now, don’t be nervous about meeting her, she is an amazing and intelligent woman. She will help with questions on why (and why not) when and how! She will even show you how to properly tie someone up, or, as we’ve found much to our surprise, many ladies actually volunteer to be tied up by the end of the night!! This is purely for your research purposes of course 😉

And now for the really fun part…toys!!!! This is the opportunity to see the latest and greatest toys we’ve hunted down. On previous V.I.P nights we’ve launched deluxe world famous brands such as LELO of Sweden, Vibratex of Sex and the City fame and, of course, our ever expanding range of erotic literature and ‘how to’ books. So what will you be surprised with next time?…you’ll have to wait and see. Maxxxie Blaxxxie, Miss Max, Maxwell (the only boy allowed on the night) and myself of course (Maxeralla) will be here to look after you, answer those question you’ve been busting to ask, and to show you all the wonderful products that made just for our pleasure! Don’t forget that discounts are available for purchases made on the night, yay!! What better way to shop for your first, or twenty-first as the case maybe with some of you, vibrator. So don’t forget to have fun, chat to other women, learn something about yourself and have a laugh. Love, Maxeralla xx


Major Announcement-Lelo

Thursday, March 20th, 2008


Ladies, we’re buzzing with excitement here this morning at MaXXX!! Our friends at LELO have just confirmed that we will be having instore the luxurious YVA GOLD and YVA SILVER pleasure objects. These will be the first and ONLY ones to be in Australia. The Yva’s will be here in the next two weeks so stay tuned for more news…Love, Maxarella

DELIGHT Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award!

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008


One of our very favourite products, Fun Factory’s fantastic Delight, has been awarded the 2007 Red Dot Award for Design – Leisure Category. Red Dot is one of the most sought-after design awards in the world, receiving over 7,000 submissions from 60 countries! the international “red dot design award” ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world.

The award is a huge seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business. Previous receipients have included such renowned companies as LG Electronics, adidas, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Philips, Siemens and Sony. Fun Factory’s win makes The Delight the first pleasure object to ever be awarded by the Red Dot jury, and it just makes us even prouder to know it’s right here. When we promise to only stock the best, we’re not kidding!

Red Dot Award

A Different Kind Of Easter Rabbit…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008


Easter is upon us. Think chocolate, shiny wrappers, and of course, a big easter rabbit. Only, why does it have to be foil-wrapped eggs and a big fluffy imaginary friend? Not that I have anything against those things, after all, I like my myths with a side of sugar as much as the next boy. It’s just that after the family obligations have been met, I like to spoil my partner with an Easter present that will make her melt.

Such as giving her a fabulous Rabbit vibe, like the Rabbit Habit E or Rabbit Pearl by Vibratex, her favourite lube, and a bottle of mouth-watering chocolate massage oil. You’ll have an easter gift she’ll want to devour right there and then!

Oh, and if you’re thinking of something for your man, why not have a little chocolatey fun with our chocolate penis mould kit (available in-store), or give him one the brilliant egg-shaped wireless vibrating cockrings – he’ll never look at an Easter egg the same way!

Whatever you do this weekend, make it magical, safe, and have fun!

Happy Easter Everybody! Love, Maxwell.

MaXXXie’s Tips & Secrets

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

A Beginner’s Guide To Strap-On Sex: Part 3

Well, well, well… you’re a lucky bunch aren’t you? I normally don’t share my tips and secrets with just anyone. But…I feel, like, there is this connection between us…yep… I really like you. So… alright I’ll tell ya.

There are many ways to ‘jazz up’ strap-on sex, for the strapper as well as the lucky strapee on the receiving end.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of couples (both girl-girl and especially boy-girl) that want to get into, develop, and have mega-fun with strap-ons. And who could blame them?! But where do you go for the best information, especially if you’re starting out?

For the ultimate hints and tips there are whole books dedicated to the subject. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Strap On Sex by Fairy Butch, and for bend-over-boyfriend style (an industry term for those in the know), The Adventerous Couples Guide to Strap On Sex by Violet Blue is highly recommended.

My favourite little secret is to grab a little bullet vibe such as the super slim Micro Tingler, or for a cord free vibe the RO-88mm Ammunition For Love and pop it between your toy and your harness or yourself (depending on what type of harness you’re using) to make the whole kit and everyone feel the buzz.

Or what about a vibrating cockring, my favourite being the Penthouse Couples Collection, either facing your partner to vibe them, or, what about turning it around and upside down (inside your harness) to vibe on you, you greedy lil’ devil.

Oh… what about popping some Fun Factory Smartballs in you (if you’re the strapper) and they will rattle, roll, and gently vibe inside you while thrusting. very nice…

And for the anally adventurous, what about popping a vibrating plug in whilst you use your harness. The Slimline Unisex Plug is a great hands free anal vibe, or even the Wireless Vibrating Buttplug, again hands free, but your partner could have the wireless control. What a lot of fun you could have with that!

Don’t forget the lube!

Okay, so that’s all my little secrets and tips that I’m willing to part with, for now, but keep checking back for there is always more to learn my sweet lovelies.

Just Arrived…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Fun Factory Smartballs are back in stock, and we now have the latest colour – pistachio and raspberry – totally delicious! This colour option replaces the old black and silver option from 2007, and it matches the pistachio layaspot perfectly!

Also in today is the re-invented Magnum Stub from Fun Factory. Magnum is still as strong and soft as ever, but it now has the fantastic SmartStub ergonomic base, so while it’s sturdy in a harness, it can also suction onto flat surfaces, and fits comfortably into your hand. Check it out!

And for the boys… After a huge rush on the amazing Rude Boy, we have restocked and have plenty more ready to play. So get one before they run out. Again.

Keep Playin’, Maxwell.

Love Is Very Deep, But Sex Only Has To Go A Few Inches…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

A beginner’s guide to strap on sex. Part 2: Toys

Now that you have the right harness you are going to need the perfect toy/cock/piece/dildo what ever you want to call it, to go in it. And sizing, my dears, is a very personal thing. What I like maybe very different to what you like and what you like may also be very different to what your partner is going to like. Conversation is the key here. You are going to have to have an honest chat about both your wants. Size? Well there is size and then there is size (it works so much better with the hand movements). You need to work out what length and what width you are after. With length you have a bit more room for error because you don’t have to use all the length, and when you have the toy in your harness you are going to lose a little length anyway but with width there isn’t really much you can do about it short of shaving your toy down. But let’s not start on that. Then you have your next choice to make whether you want your toys to be realistic or not, everyone again has their own stance on if you are going to bring a or another doodle into your bedroom/kitchen/front yard. There are varying types of realism in the toys ranging from a freshly cut looking one such as the monster Falcon Super Cocks and the always popular Magnetic Attractions, then you have your semi realistic, which might have a little penis shape to them but are far from skin coloured like the luscious new Vibratex Silky (I love these) and the D.Vice Mister and Boss and to ones that are so removed from the real thing that the thought wouldn’t even cross your mind, like my absolute favourite, that looks like a melting ice cream Fun Factory Stubs Wave, yum yum! If you are just starting out with penetrative play I suggest starting small-ish and as always, using lots of lube, especially if you are playing anally. Toys like the D.Vice Siren / Babe and Toa and from Fun Factory Bandito, are really good starts. They are made from medical grade silicone, which, by the way, is hypo-allergenic, come in lovely colours, are really smooth and always an absolute joy to play with. But as I have told you before and ill tell you again, LOTS of water based lube, such as Swiss Navy or Pjur Aqua and coming soon the world’s best organic lubricant called Yes. If you are after a non realistic that is on the larger side Giantess has proved to be rather popular, and for super size semi real satisfaction Dvice Sire is sure to please.Make sure you check out part III of this blog where I will put all my tips and secrets to make harness play just a bit more exciting.

How Will We Harness This Energy? A beginner’s guide to strap-on sex: Part 1

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Now finding the right harness is something that can leave even the more experienced of us confused and frustrated at the best of times. So it must seem so very daunting to the gorgeous boys and girls looking for their first ‘rig’.

There are a couple of different categories that harnesses can fall into. There are the ones that come in a kit with your harness and dildo included, and the then ones that you get the harness and dildo separately so you can customise it perfectly to suit your needs.

Let us start with the kit ones; these are a very good idea if you’re not sure if you are going to be a harness king or queen for the rest of your life. Probably, with the kit and a bottle of lube you will still get some change from $100. And generally they are really fun toys. The Radiant Gems G-Spotter is a really fun sexy one. They come in interesting colours, some vibrate, some are soft and jelly like, some more ridged. But they are not necessarily the longest lasting and you don’t get very much size variation in them. So I think you should see these us a jumping off point, lets say testing the water to see if harness sex is for you.

Once you have decided that harness sex is for you and/or your beginner model has bitten the dust, it is time to move up in the world to our second kind of harnesses and toys. These are made from more durable and longer lasting materials. Some of the harnesses in this range are made from durable soft leather and have very sleek, seXXXy designs D.vice Groover or D.vice hipster. Then you have your more sturdy designs like the Wild Hide deluxe harness which will last a lifetime. These are very sexy harnesses and are probably the most user friendly and functional strap-ons that I have ever come across. One of the many benefits of these types of harnesses is that they come in varying sizes from skinny minny to voluptuous/husky.

My favourite feature is the ability to change the rings (that hold the toy down to your harness) to allow for different size toys. This is extremely beneficial if you and your partner have varying ideas on what the perfect size is.

Now, to wearing it. There are two styles, the ‘jock’ which has a belt around your waist and two straps that wrap around your legs and then join back to the belt, then you have the ‘G-string’, which as I’m sure you can work out, has a strap jammed up your bum. We do recommend jockey style cause getting a wedgie whist you’re in the throes of passion is not much fun.

I will get into toys in part 2, with my pearls of wisdom on what sorts of sizes there are, what sorts of materials and other such informative info that I am so well versed in.

Then in part 3 I will spill some of my well kept tips and secrets that will make strap-on sex that much more fun, if that could be humanly possible (it is)!

So keep your eyes and legs open for my coming blogs.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

MaXXXarella is beside herself with the arrival of a treasure trove of diamonte chokers and bracelets. Perfect to top off your fabulous costume or fetish outift. Pop into the store to check out the full collection, you’ll be bling bling blinging all the way home! Speaking of diamontes, our diamond silk vibes are a brilliant bit of bedroom bling that’s not to be missed.

Love, MaXXXarella.